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June 24th Edition

In This Issue:

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Join us at The BIG RIDE Bus!

Golden: Riding Around Cool

ENTER NOW: Name "the Codgers" Contest!

A Maggie Valley Photo Focus

Who won the BBQ Festival Package?!

Loose Talk with Jon

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Charlotte Area Macs This Week:

  • Smilin Dogs at 7 in Southend for Wednesday bike night

  • Below the Belt at 6pm in Lake Norman for Thursday bike night

  • Early Ray at 7pm in Steele Creek for Thursday bike night


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of June 24-July 1, 2014

Tuesday 84 scattered storms, Wednesday 90 pm t-storms, Thursday 92 p-cloudy, Friday 95 sunny, Saturday 93 scattered t-storms, Sunday 90 scattered t-storms, Monday 93 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 96 pm t-storms (as per on 6/24/14)

Smoke Out Time!

Every year I blow my horn about my most favorite motorcycle event and it's that time again ... honk honk!

Words seem to fall short of an adequate desciption of Smoke Out. Talking with folks at recent events, I keep finding myself using words like "edgy" and "unique" to describe the feel of the weekend.Words like "colorful" and "artsy" come out as well as "adult" and "crazy party" too. My descriptions do bring up the bikes saying that this event has more "rat rods" and "garage built" and "artistic" bikes, that you can ride your bike on the dragway, that folks are riding all kinds of 2 & 3-wheeled contraptions all over the place. As I said, words fail me. Photos do better ....

Spring Rally Photo Contest Winner

Next Week we announce the winners of the Spring Rally Photo Contest. Entries ended a couple weeks back and our committee has been considering results. Be on the lookout for the winning photo!

Big Turnout for a new Blessing of the Bikes in Charlotte

Following up on last week's article, Vincent Esposito reports there were 104 bikes at St Matthews Catholic Church this past Sunday for what they're calling Charlotte's First Annual Blessing of the Bikes. Good turnout!


T-Shirt Winner!

Laura Young wins the t-shirt for guessing the closest to how many "obstacles" were in The Tarheel Tornado's path to Myrtle Beach Bike Week. Here's what the Tornado reports as his own count:

(1) Threat of bad weather windy & cold, (2) Abbreviated walkthrough caused possible overlook of problem,
(3)   Awning failure, (4) 5 hours behind schedule, (5) 3 months in the shop for repairs,
(6) 120 volt system not working, (7) Loss of a doe, (8) 3rd doe having health concerns,
(9) Loss of 3rd doe kid, (10) Generator not working, (11) Delay in leaving first time,
(12) Had to return as soon as we got started, (13) Damage to bike, (14) Acting like a a$%&^#,
(15) Fudging on riding again, (16)  Heavy traffic going down the second time,
(17) Day late getting there, (18) Late getting there on Friday/no chance to ride that day,
(19) Left my wallet, (20) No souvenirs, (21) Had to borrow money to have lunch
(22) Worried about not having my license, (23) Learned too much French

Not sure what we're talking about here? Read The Tarheel Tornado's story online now. And, by the way, I don't know firsthand but I'm guessing that he might have known a phrase or two of French prior to this whole episode. What do you think?


Go rest up ... you'll need some extra energy for Smoke Out!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: Bub might have been talking about cool-as-in-temperature but it seems to me that his photo below leans a bit toward the other definition of the word ... cooooool!

Riding Around Cool

.... That’s what Mickey and I ended up doing on our weekly ride last week. I wanted to ride on NC 215 with my new [ to me ] Honda V4 800cc Interceptor. We left Gaffney early Wed morn on Highway 11 over to SC 178 which becomes NC 215.  First thing we noticed was that the Honda’s windshield allowed too much buffeting and therefore put a lot of wind noise into my mic and Mickey was barley able to hear me over the noise. Guess I gotta put a call into Madstad Enginering about a windshield for the VFR. Which I did the next day. They made the windshield system for my Yamaha FZ1 which I loved.  He turned down the volume on his head set which gave him some comfort. We ran 215 up to where it crosses US 276 and headed back south. Just before 276 enters S. Carolina we turned left onto Reasonover Lake Rd which goes through Dupont State Forest  and becomes the Green River Road.  After riding up the Greenville watershed road into Saluda NC we rode down Holbert Cove road to Highway 9 which most know as the Lake Lure Rd. From 9 we found our way over to Forest City and the Forest City Diner----yum.

As I’m sure you are aware the weather has turned to HOT! and even riding cycles can be uncomfortable when the thermometer is in the 90s. Our plan was to ride in the lowlands in the morning when it was cool and be in the mountains when the temp starts to climb. So we left Gaffney early and were climbing into the mountains by 9 or 9:30. Then we rode the mountain roads until early afternoon when we arrived at Forest City. So we maximized our time in cooler temps before we had to come off the mountain. And that will probably be our plan until Fall...


Click on any of the photo collages below to head over to our online GALLERY and see more photos from Maggie Valley and Wheels Through Time ....


Here we come.....

Taking the bus to Rockingham to get set up for Smoke Out Thursday morning (in order to be ready for gates opening Friday at noon!) Yes, I'll be back for fun and frivolity at the Smoke Out. See you there?

Speaking of fun and frivolity, check out the ad for Skyline Village Inn below. They have something new. They are renting dual sports for your off road fun. Now that sounds like a lot of fun. Riding your bike to Skyline Village Inn spending the night and the jumpin' on a dual sport to go riding on some moutain trails!! Check it out ....




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