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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Gaston County 4th of July Helmet Law Protest Ride

Read about ... A Challenge by the Blue Ridge Shrine Club


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree


Ponderings with Poni: Bike Nite at Mac's Speed Shop


Riding the Sandhills: Soldiers United Charity Run


Loose Talk with Jon


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Blue Ridge Shrine Club

Challenges you to RIDE over 1000 in 24!

In 2008, Blue Ridge Shrine Club member Todd Trivette came up with an idea for a unique fund raiser. Having a love for riding motorcycles, he started the Marathon 4 Miracles Charity Ride. While most riding enthusiasts are familiar with the poker runs you see all the time, this event was created to be a bit more, shall we say, challenging....

The premise was simple: Ride a route encompassing over 1,000 miles and do it in less than 24 hours. Donors were solicited before the ride to make contributions and that first year over $3,700 was raised!

The first year, Trivette and Noble Lyman Williams were the riders and endured terrible weather but because of the strong outpouring of support from the donors it was decided to make this an annual event.

 In 2009, Noble Brent Higgins joined Trivette and Williams in the fun and the trio have to date, through the kindness and generosity of donors, raised over $42,000.

The 6th annual ride is scheduled for June 23rd and donations are being sought now through August 15th

If you would like to support these three in their endeavors, please make your check payable to:   
Shriners Hospital for Children
and mail to :  Blue Ridge Shrine Club
PO Box 1504
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of June 25-July 2, 2013

Tuesday 90 pm storms, Wednesday 89 scattered t-storms, Thursday 88 scattered t-storms, Friday 87 scattered t-storms, Saturday 85 scattered t-storms, Sunday 83 iso t-storms, Monday 82 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 81scattered t-storms (as per on Tuesday 06/25/13)


4th of July "Free Ride!"

As you see in this column occasionally, I throw out some suggestions for places to go and things to do; activities that are generally free or in the cheap-thrill category. Just ideas that might make for a good ride.

With Independence Day racing up on us quickly (as in NEXT WEEK, believe it or not!,) here's a small list of holiday festivities in the North and South of The Carolinas so you can begin your planning ...

South Carolina

Mountain Rest, SC - HILLBILLY DAY! - called the longest running festival in SC!

Garden City, SC - BOAT PARADE & FIREWORKS - decorated boats & color in the sky!

Gilbert, SC - LEXINGTON COUNTY PEACH FESTIVAL - peach ice cream, peach cobbler, peach slush, peach parfaits, peach zip, peach berry split, peach sundaes, peach tea, peach almond delights, fresh peaches + fireworks & activities!

Spartanburg, SC - RED WHITE & BOOM - live music & SC's largest fireworks finale!

Greenville, SC - WELLS FARGO RED WHITE & BLUE CELEBRATION - Greenville Symphony + food & fireworks!

North Carolina

Todd, NC - ELKLAND ART CENTER'S LIBERTY PARADE - environmental & artsy themes with a costumed parade with large puppets

Jonesville, NC - FREEDOM FLOAT! - 3-hr guided float (bring or rent a canoe) down the Yadkin followed by food & music. You'll have to pull yourself away to travel a few miles to nearby fireworks ... but you'll wanna!

Raleigh, NC - THE WORKS - downtown Raleigh 4th celebration with fireworks, of course + bands starting at 4pm!

Fontana Dam, NC - INDEPENDENCE CELEBRATIONS- Fontana Dam Village does it for a full week & it's right there at The Dragon!

Wilmington, NC - 17TH ANNUAL BATTLESHIP BLAST - choreographed fireworks over The Battleship North Carolina!

Manteo, NC - ISLAND FARM - INDEPENDENCE DAY 1850 - musket fire & the reading of The Declaration of Independence!


Funny Story

I received a great email last week from a reader whose name I'll keep to myself for now. It was SUCH a perfect example of why we are looking for reps in all areas of SC and NC and I'm hoping it's leading to some valuable results! Here are a few bits from it:

At 10:27 pm LR wrote: "Been following you folks and what you write for awhile now. Mostly, love it. My only complaint/criticism is that it seems to be heavily weighted toward North Carolina and northern South Carolina. How about us folks from the Low Country? The area from Columbia to Charleston and on down through Beaufort all the way to Savannah is loaded with bikers. The weather is pretty good here year-round and we seldom miss a weekend in which at least some of us don't saddle-up and put a couple hundred miles on the odometer."

Now THAT'S the kind of passion we like to hear! Understand: it is our intention to REPRESENT YOU so we need you to REPRESENT US where you are - as you get the word out about The Carolina Rider in your neck of the woods, we share what's going on in your area through your stories, photos, event reports, ride journals, destination reviews, and whatever turns your rider spirit on! That's what this call to action is all about ....

What happened with LR's email?

As you can see above, the first email came in at 10:27pm. The cool things is that a second email came in at 10:37pm saying "Oops! Right after I sent you an e-mail complaining about the lack of coverage in the Carolina low country, I read your piece requesting editorial I have egg all over my face!" LR went on to say he's going to get some content together right away. It appears we have a Regional Rep from the SC Low Country (...and that perhaps soon I can let you in on who wrote these good example emails.) Great news! Now what about you?


Such a great time this past weekend at Smoke Out 14! Good vibes! Kick-ass bikes! Funky, friendly folks! The Carolina Rider crew enjoyed our time with you and can't wait for next year!

Ride around the thunder storms and have a great week!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


The Carolina Rider Crew Hangs out at Mac’s Speed Shop

When I began my various duties as contributing writer for The Carolina Rider, I adamantly told the editor I would not be the one to do Bike Nights. Just wasn't gonna happen. I'm not a stand-in-the-parking-lot-baby-get-me-a-beer kinda chick. (you'da never guessed, huh?!) But on this one particular evening I just wanted to get out on my bike. I had been in my office most of the day, the air outside was low in humidity, and Frog was coming home early. All he needed to hear was, "Baby, get your boots on!" as I met him at the door with my helmet already on. We were outta here!

I had received the schedule for the Bike Nights where The Carolina Rider was going to appear earlier in the week. I got brave and set our course for Mac's Speed Shop's Steele Creek location. My peeps would be there and Frog had an old friend in the area we could meet up with. The stars were lining up for a wonderful evening.

I needed fuel so we stopped at our favorite petrol place. Usually Frog pulls up to the pump first and I sidle up close beside. Well I did just like usual and shut the engine off, took my fuel cap off, put the cap in my "safe spot" (Lord, I hate dropping that thing, getting it dirty, and having to chase it halfway across the parking lot dodging people with their Cheezie-Poofs and Jack-Me-Up drinks!,) and sat waiting for him to pass me the hose. I was lost in my thoughts gazing at some new construction across the highway when I noticed Frog in this weird position hovering over his big Street Glide. He was kinda perched on his seat digging around with something on his fuel tank latch. He then reaches for his huge folding knife and resumes digging at his tank. "What are you doing?," I asked. He answered, "My key won't open the fuel tank anymore so I'm doing it with my knife." He did throw in a few colorful expletives and there was one cutting glance in my direction so I hushed and let him take a 5-inch blade to a Screaming Eagle Street Glide. His bike, his choice.

He did get the latch opened and we succeeded re-fueling and getting on our way. We were going to take a scenic route to Mac's wiggling a little east of Rock Hill and looping around to the Steele Creek area. I'm not from around here so I have no idea what road we were on. It didn't matter; I was on my bike with my best buddy. The weather was so wonderful and even chilly at some of the blasting speeds we were at. We arrived at the restaurant to a full parking lot but still plenty of secure biker parking close to the outdoor seating area. (How did they know we were coming?!) We quickly found a member of The Carolina Rider crew, ordered a bucket of brew and settled into some outdoor bar seating with lots of soon-to-be-friends fellow bikers. The band, Early Ray, hadn't cranked up just yet so we talked bikes, parties attended recently, and a little BS (ok, a lot of BS!) Laughter bubbled up rampantly as the beer bucket emptied and was refilled. We were joined by good friends of The Carolina Rider, Pat Tynan and his beautiful wife Renee. About 30 minutes later we ran into Hollywood and shot the shit with him for a while. What a cool dude! The Fishheads made a welcome appearance as well. See? When you hang with The Carolina Rider fun just shows up!

As Early Ray got the music flowing we moved to a larger table to accommodate food and all the friends that kept stopping by. The band played great country and rock songs and had a fun raport with the growing crowd. At one point there was the deafening sound of tires barking in the parking lot. All ears shot up like a dog pound at feeding time. Then everyone saw the reason for the ruckus: a beautiful white Mercedes sedan was making his exit; and what an exit it was! Loud cheers erupted thoughout the patio and a few beers raised in salute.

BBQ seems to be the favorite at Mac's Speed Shopso we joined in and ordered plates of shredded pork, sliced pork, chunked pork, hot wings, and I even stuck to my healthy side and got a veggie burger (it was awesome!) The evening had such an easy feeling that we stayed out way past my bedtime and emptied more beer buckets, laughed harder, listened to great music, and told wilder tales. Hey, we're bikers, what else do we do best?!

The next time you see that The Carolina Rider crew will be out at a bike night, - and there are several coming up THIS WEEK! - be sure to join us. We love hearing from you and it will be a jam up good time, I promise. We are the heartbeat of the Carolinas bike community and plan on keeping it thumping!! Oh yeah, I've changed my mind about bike nights. I'll be there!!


Check out where The Carolina Rider is headed next:



On Saturday, 15 June 2013, the Soldiers United motorcycle club conducted a charity run in support of Paralyzed Veterans of America's wheelchair Olympic campaign. Director Ronald D. Richardson was on hand to explain the program and promote awareness of the number of wheelchair bound veterans and what his charity does and does not do to support them and the wheelchair Olympics. Mr Richardson has been involved with the program since 2006, but the program has been around for over 30 years. This program started with approximately 60 veterans and now has an outreach of over 600 just in the Mid-Atlantic region stretching from Alexandria Va, to West Virgina, and south to the northern parts of South Carolina. For more information about this charity and how you can help checkout their website.

  Although the run was scheduled to start 1000 am we didn't actually leave the Walmart parking lot until 1020am. The road captain gave a detailed safety briefing pointing out that this was not a police escorted ride and to pay attention to traffic lights and road conditions. We rolled out of the Walmart parking lot on Raeford Rd (US401) and proceeded to Wayside Rd onto Ft Bragg military reservation and Plank Rd, to the motorcycle graveyard and 211. Right (north) on 211 into Aberdeen making a "button-hook" onto US 1 headed south to "The Rock."

Just past Rockingham raceway thru the town of Rockingham we made our way onto US 74 (soon to be an interstate) East heading to Laurinburg. The group got a little stretched out as the lead Road Kings were able to stretch there legs (if you know what I mean.) Just short of Laurinburg we caught county road 144 and made our way over to Wagram turning left onto US15/501 north. From Wagram it's a short run to Radford and US 401. Then Rockfish city park not far from were we started where burgers and dogs were waiting for all the riders.


Soldiers United wanted to especially acknowledge and thank all the independents and other club members who participated in this run to thank the veterans and there families for their sacrifice and service.



Had a Blast at Smoke Out 14!

The BIG RIDE Bus was set up just down from the main stage this year at Smoke Out 14 in Rockingham, NC. The event is growing with more varied activities throughout the day and the stuff that Smoke Out's known for all night long! Actually, there's a lot of that stuff that wanders around all day long as well.... Check out the PHOTO GALLERY online now and expect lots of skin - some of it painted, some of it not...

We had a great time enjoying the sights and sounds, the creative rides and interesting people. Thanks for coming by and meeting us and congrats to Edge and his busy crews who made this a truly exceptional event! My straw hat's off to ya, Edge. You rocked The Rock ... again!

We'll be out for some bike nites and one bike day this week. If the weather's willing, come see us at Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord tomorrow night, at Boneyard Tavern in Monroe Friday night, and up in Sherrills Ford at Horsefeathers Roadhouse for their Bike Day on Sunday afternoon. No bus - traveling light - but I'll still buy you a beer if you wear one of our shirts!





























































































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