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More photos from Saturday's bike giveaway by WFNZ at H-D of Charlotte online now!



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Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free


July 21: Luke & Logan Benefit Ride, Lumberton, NC

August 18: Big Pot Fun Run, Lincolnton, NC

August 25: CMOU Riding for Relief, Concord, NC

August 25: Special Olympics Ride, Caldwell County, NC

Sept 15: Families Helping Families Poker Run, Columbia, SC


Stealth's Custom Corner: Smoke Out XIII


NC Legislative Affairs with Blastoff: 4th Annual Helmet Law Protest Ride


Loose Talk with Jon



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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of July 2-9, 2012

Monday 97 iso t-storms, Tuesday 94 pm t-storms, Wednesday 93 scattered t-storms, Thursday 92 iso t-storms, Friday 91 iso t-storms, Saturday 92 iso t-storms, Sunday 95 iso t-storms, Monday 95 scattered t-storms (as per on Monday 7/2/12)





Sturgis Dreamin'

To Trailer or Not to Trailer? - that is one question...

Ride group or solo? - now, that is another consideration!

A few weeks back I had a guy write who's looking for riding partners to Sturgis this year. He's been before; trailering bikes with a buddy who is unable to help out this year. So this year he's decided to RIDE OUT and would really prefer to do so alongside others. Anyone else looking for a riding partner to the big August rally?

Last week I asked who is going to Sturgis and I heard back from a couple of you. Our friend Jane wrote that she and her husband Greg are going for their first time and, in the interest of time and energy, are choosing to trailer their bikes. As she said, "we would rather enoy the time riding once we get there rather than wearing our butts out on the way." And that's just it - it's pretty much a personal choice whether to haul your bikes or not. I've been once, back in '04, and we chose to trailer our bikes. We just didn't have the time to take our time like we'd have liked to. I had just started riding myself and even though I was pretty sure I wasn't ready to hit the unknown roads on my bike, I took her nevertheless and she sat in the campground mostly while I passengered with my man. Still, it was a trip to remember for so many reasons, not the least of which was taking Bessie with us!....

(Footloose and Bessie)


I'd love to have enough time on my hands to take a week to leisurely ride out, a week to play in the Sturgis area, and another week to take my time returning home! Yes, all in a dream.....

Here are a couple emails I received from readers planning their trips to Sturgis - 2012 and 2013 too! ....

Hey Fancy, myself and 2 friends will be leaving Columbia, SC on Aug 3rd. Will be stopping in Milwaukee to see the museum, up through North Dakota then down to Sturgis. Be in Sturgis 3-4 days. Already have our camping reservations and tickets to see Lynard Skynard at Glencoe. Leave Sturgis riding to Kansas City, St. Louis then back to Columbia. Be gone 10 days. This will be my 3rd trip out. We're riding all the way. Last time I went it was 4,320 miles. Had a ball and what a trip. I ride a 2010 Electra Glide Classic. First 2 times was on a Deuce. Ride Safe, Mike


I'm know to some as "Hair." Had a ton of it 30 years ago when I was a young man in Germany, riding around Europe with my local club made up of American and Canadian GIs, veterans and local Germans. That was a special time in the 80s and some lasting friendships were made. It seems we get together too frequently now, either in Germany or here in the states. Two years ago we assembled to say a final goodbye to one of our members, and many of our older American and German members committed to meet in Sturgis 2013. While still a year away, that time is nearing, and things are looking good for a good group of our older members from various parts of the country and our orginal starting base in Heidelberg Germany to converge in Sturgis 2013 for about the 4th time in 30 years. Some will not be able to come as they have other committments in Afghanistan and in the Merchant Marine. Here's what we looked like in Heidelberg Germany in 1984...

That's me, "Hair," the best looking one in the picture!


Are you planning a trip to Sturgis? What ya got in your plans?

Write me and share your story - or advice - or perhaps you want a riding partner like our reader Fred. In any event, give me a shout! I'd also love to share some of your photos and stories from past Sturgis rallies and riding joy.....



... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!



This one is a ways off but it gives us all a chance to get it on our calendars early!









Next week I am excited to introduce you to some new writers - both from South Carolina - for The Carolina Rider Scene so keep your eyes open for a column from a techy-rider-guy and a ride story and photos from an SC adventurer!


It's a great Monday - a chilly mid-90's after a sizzling weekend where a/c was the preferred air of choice and the thermometer pegged hard over 100. Looks like this week we're back to more reasonable Summer riding conditions - hot but not killer hot. Enjoy and stay hydrated!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Look for many more great photos from Smoke Out XIII in our GALLERY now!




Come Ride for Freedom!

Speaking of the 4th of July, the Gastonia CBA puts on a "Freedom Ride," the Helmet Law Protest Ride, annually on Independence Day. (see Blastoff's column and flyer above for more details.) The Carolina Rider will be going along to capture the moments in the camera and we'll tell you about it next week. However, if you are so inclined, how about joining us? Wednesday at noon in Gastonia. And please, come over and say hi!!

 HOT Event @ Harley-Davidson of Charlotte

It was HOT this weekend and we had an event at H-D of Charlotte whereWFNZ-AM gave away a very COOL Harley. That's something that doesn't happen every day and I hear that that they are hoping to do it again next year so we will keep you informed. By the way, you can see the pictures in the GALLERY now.

Who won the bike? Joe Karpinski is the happy new owner of the Dyna Custom. Our congrats to Joe and may you have many safe happy miles of fun on your new ride!

Here's Joe on his new ride with Brittany from WFNZ

Joe, who took the new bike home today shared the following with FancyFree in a brief phone chat this afternoon ... "I'm not usually the winner when it comes to prizes so yes, this was a big surprise. And this was a reverse raffle and that just made the surprise even more great. I bought my other bike, an '07 Springer Softail, at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte where I won this one. People have asked if I am going to sell either bike and I thought I might sell the prize one but now I'm thinking I'll keep it. I really like the way my Springer is so I have never done any customizing with it so now with this bike I have a chance for something different. It's not my first Superglide. I had one in the early 80's but that one made me spend all my time and money on it fixing it; this will be a whole new experience. And this is really great timing. I had already taken this week off for vacation and now I have the whole week off to play with the bike. In fact, I have some errands to do right now and then I'm going to take it for a ride this evening!"


Highway Bill Nears Completion

The Motorcycle Riders Foundation reports that an agreement has been reached on the much anticipated Highway legislation. The Conference Report has been agreed upon and is expected to be on the floor of the House and Senate for a vote Friday, June 29th.

The reauthorization of surface transportation programs through fiscal 2014 is expected to cost roughly $120 billion, $11 billion more than the $109 billion Senate-passed legislation that would have run only until the end of fiscal 2013.
The 600 page bill comes just in the nick of time, as the latest extension expires at the end of the month.
Unfortunately, due to technical germaneness issues, the language of NR 904 did not make it into this bill. Not for lack of effort on our part, that is for sure. We will continue to advance HR 904 on its own. It already has 51 cosponsors as of press time.

What did make it into the bill is very positive for motorcyclists. First, the bill has no mention of the word "helmet", whatsoever. Second, the grant program that sends money to the States for motorcycle safety has been extended. This time it is not a specific dollar amount but a percentage of each State's federal safety dollars that must be spent on motorcycle safety. The best part is that the money can only be spent on rider education and awareness campaigns. None of this money can be spent on roadside checkpoints or helmet law campaigns - just simple education and awareness. The stuff we know that works.

The House and Senate are likely to vote on this bill as early as Friday, June 29th. Call your elected officials and ask them to vote this bill out favorably.You can reach the US Capitol switch board at 202-224-3121.



Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte






SkyLine Inn



Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D
















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