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July 15th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Orangeburg Ron: Skyline Village Inn & The Snake!

Bub: Rough Roads & Great Views

Brother Bear: Event Report on Burton Center Run

Loose Talk with Jon

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... and while at the rally:



The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 15-22, 2014

Tuesday 91 pm t-storms, Wednesday 86 m-sunny, Thursday 87 p-cloudy, Friday 87 iso t-storms, Saturday 84 t-storms, Sunday 82 scattered t-storms, Monday 86 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 90 t-storms (as per on 7/15/14)

Chesnee Time a'comin!

I don't know much about the town other than the one stoplight I pass through when heading from my neck of the woods to the mountains ... and that there's an old school bike shop there a dress shops with the name of Harley and a department store with the name of Davidson (altho I'm not sure if they're still in biz,) ... and that this little town has an annual shindig that's all about motor-sickels!

Next weekend is the tenth year of the event conjured up by Dennis Harris of Chesnee Classic Cycle and local artist Clint Button and sponsored by the City of Chesnee,SC and Northeast Area Council of the Spartanburg Chamber of Commerce. It's a multi-layered happening:

Saturday July 26 and Sunday July 27 there's SWAP MEET stuff layed out down Main Street sidestreets

Saturday July 26 there's also the annual Prayer Ride that ends with music and fellowship for the evening

Sunday July 27 is the BIG DAY when Main Street is lined with all types of old bikes for ANTIQUE BIKES ON MAIN which includes an old-style meet with varied vendors and displays including The Carolina Rider BIG RIDE Bus!

And Kamikaze too!

Also on Saturday July 26 .... you DO NOT want to forget that our Shaggy is bravely holding a 2nd year of his new event designed to bring out folks who honor and cherish Eurpeon and Asian bikes. This event is blessed by Dennis Harris and friends who've generously offered Main Street space. Shaggy invites you to roll yours to Chesnee and play some bike games, get a trophy (if you earn one, of course,) and meet up with other riders of like minds. Kamikaze is 12-4pm on Main Street in Chesnee and The BIG RIDE will be kicking out some tunes in support of our Shag!

It's that time of the year when we take more than one minute to consider whether we want to face the heat of riding. It's hot. That's just what it is. But we still gotta stay connected and there's fun to be had so get out and join us on Main Street! We've got free TCR Tuffs for the first dozen folks who come see us at The Bus...

 (click above to purchase your TCR "buff")

And here's a video about "mulit-functional headwear" .... WATCH VIDEO


You'll probably want to throw your Tuff in some ice water before you rock it as a headband-cooler in the scorch of late July.

As I put the finishing touches on today's edition, I am noticing the room around me is a glowing lime-green. Huh? Oh, I get it ... it's green because of my bright green envy of all the rides told about by our columnists this week! And it's glowing because I'm glowing with pride and true appreciation for the tremendous work done by these devoted writers. They play and then they work to share their play with all of us! Many thanks to all of you who write and all who read....

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Skyline Village Inn and Cavern Tavern Hosts, Lynn and Mike Thrift, greeted us on Friday.  And as you can see from the picture below, The Carolina Rider goes everywhere - even the top of the mountain!


We had made a reservation at The Skyline Village Inn earlier – and I recommend that since there was only one room left when we arrived and a couple on a Victory bike grabbed that. They had been riding all day in and out of the rain on the parkway and up from Atlanta so they grabbed the last room and it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon.  We saw other cars and bikes come and go during the early evening, but they had to be turned away.   And wow,what a view we had.

We had a great view from our room.    The Inn is situated right on the edge of the ridge overlooking the valley.  We had a great hamburger for dinner (Marcia had asked when she called if they hand made them or they were stamped and frozen and he said of course only handmade – which is only what she prefers). And he had made a pecan pie that was still warm when he brought it out.  They only cook for guests of the Inn. We had a wonderful clean room, and did I say we had a great view.  We sat out on the terrace and read until dark and then retreated to our room.  We slept great and woke to ...

Since I last wrote it seems like a lot of dirt has come my way---dirt roads that is. Almost makes me want to buy another motorcycle!

The Codgers, (and I do so hope we can find a new name ... Join the contest and help us out! SEE BELOW,) have been on several new roads since last month and re-rode a couple of favorites. Mickey and I rode on NC 215 a few weeks ago and a fine one it is. Sure keeps your neck joints loose as you swivel your head to line up the next curve.

215 crosses NC 276 near Canton NC so we turned south there and rode that beautiful road to Reasonover Rd which is just north of the NC/ SC state line. This road will take you through the DuPont State Forest to SC 25 and on to either Greenville or Saluda.  This road is hard packed dirt that any bike can handle, but just before entering the forest preserve a road goes off to the left which will take you to Pinnacle Mtn.

We had been on that road last Spring coming from the other end. Two ladies flagged us down and warned us that the road became a muddy quagmire just a few miles on. So being the adventures types and liking a good challenge----we turned around, challenges yes, mud no. But it has been very dry and Mickey and I thought it would be a good ride. Up the road we go ...

The riders of Greenwood County and the riders from the surrounding counties met at the Burton Center just off of Highway 221& 72 on June 7th . The purpose of the run is to raise funds to purchase wheelchairs and accessible equipment for Burton Center. The staff has a saying “Wheels for Wheels” ... to me it meant that motorcycle wheels is turning to help to replace wheelchair wheels.

The purpose of the poker run is to help provide funding to purchase wheelchairs and accessible equipment for people with disabilities and special needs (autism, intellectual disabilities, head injuries, spinal cord injuries and related disabilities) Burton Center serve over fifteen hundred people and with a staff of four hundred fifty personnel in Abbeville, Edgefield, Greenwood, Lexington, McCormick and Saluda counties.

Little before nine am you could hear the rumble of motorcycles in the distance heading to the staging area. Registration was ...


An August Rally ...

Come GET COOL in Maggie Valley

 Sonny Productions is gearing up for a cool mini ralley in Maggie Valley in mid-August. The date is August 15, 16, and 17. It's going to be HOT here so why not head to the hills. Come on! Plan on joining us in the coolness of the mountains.

And even cooler is that the Shriners will be earning money for their cause by selling ICE COLD BEER at the rally! (and for those who were with us at the Spring rally, this is a most welcome addition!)

 So put it on your calendar ... ride up and see The Carolina Rider folks and hang out awhile.




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