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July 16th Edition

(See more photos of Brittany, Ms July in our Carolina Beauties GALLERY!)


In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

The Ride that Reid Created! - 3rd Annual Pointe to The Children's Home

A Challenge by the Blue Ridge Shrine Club


Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with FancyFree

Golden Opportunities: Another Adventure in the NC Mountains

From Sandhills Mike: Wing Ding 35

Introducing Coverage for Greenville-Spartanburg: From the G-S on an H-D

From a Woman Rider's Perspective: Who is Sandy Reece?

Introducing Uncle Roy Yelverton


Loose Talk with Jon


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Event Report:

3rd Annual Pointe to the Children's Home Ride

by Reid Biggers

My name is Reid Biggers and I created this ride, June 22, The Third Annual Pointe to the Children's Home Ride three years ago when we had some of the children from the Baptist Children's Home at our church to give us their testimony about their lives and how they come out of a  troubled life to graduating high school to going on to college because of the way the children's home have raised them and them accepting God in their lives. Every year it is a different story from a different child that makes me keep wanting to do this ride to help.

This year, we all gathered at the church (Crosspointe  Baptist,) about 7:30am  to start setting up. It didn't take long for myself and some of the other volenteers to polish off the first dozen doughnuts we had, but still plenty left for everyone. Before we could get finished setting up, a few bikes started rolling in and I kept looking up the road for more every time I heard that familiar sound. That sound kept coming slowly till we had 64 bikes total. (Which the first year we only had about 25 so I thought it was a good turn out, but I'm still hoping for 100 next year.)

This was a police-escorted ride to Thomasville provided by the Cabarrus County Sheriff's Office and they do a FANTASTIC job getting us there safely. Of course I was the lead bike with my wife Alicia riding with me. What we thought was going to be a scorching hot day turned out to be cloudy and we thought it was going to rain on us before we could even leave. Well the rain held out and it turned into a nice cool ride all the way, and by cool I'm not just talking about the weather. As I said at the beginning of our story, this was a police-escorted ride and not many people get to experience riding up front behind the patrol bike. But as we pulled into Thomasville the officer motioned me to pull up beside of him to ask me exactly where to turn so how cool is it to be riding my bike downtown Thomasville beside of a police bike, streets full of people and traffic, and I reach out and get a fist bump from the officer (PRICELESS!)

(That's me with my goatee blowin' in the wind and my wife on the back!)

When we arrived, other volunteers from our church were there and had already set up tables and chairs so when we got inside the building the riders had several lines to chose from to get the lunch provided by Troutmans BBQ in Concord. About halfway through the meal we had one of the young men there. Keith give us his testimony about his troubled life to accepting God and living as a Christion now. As I was walking through the gymnasiom talking to a few people, I ran into a couple there on the ride and after a little while come to find out the lady named Amy came from a home of domestic violence and was a foster child who spent several years being raised at the Baptist Childrens Home herself. So I asked and she agreed to get up in front of everyone and told us her story. Wow what a blessing to see where she came from to who she is today. Thank You, Amy!!!!!

Shortly after that we started the prizes that I think everyone enjoyed. We had meals to Olive Garden, IHOP, Harley T-shirts and hats, gloves, Tickets to Carowinds, and much more. Also every year I get kidded about having  the neverending Hampton Inn metal water bottle. That's ok, I think it went pretty well.

So, that's our story and why it means so much to me to be able to help these children every year. We have already talked about some changes for next year and hope we can get a better turn out. It is something that is very dear to me and I'm sure if more people met and heard these children's life stories they would feel the same way.

Thanks so much to The Carolina Rider, to everyone from Crosspointe Baptist Church, to all the sponsors that provided us with everything, to The Baptist Children's Home, and a special Thank You to all the riders that participated. Without all of you this event couldn't happen.



Blue Ridge Shrine Club

Challenges you to RIDE over 1000 in 24!

In 2008, Blue Ridge Shrine Club member Todd Trivette came up with an idea for a unique fund raiser. Having a love for riding motorcycles, he started the Marathon 4 Miracles Charity Ride. While most riding enthusiasts are familiar with the poker runs you see all the time, this event was created to be a bit more, shall we say, challenging....

The premise was simple: Ride a route encompassing over 1,000 miles and do it in less than 24 hours. Donors were solicited before the ride to make contributions and that first year over $3,700 was raised!

The first year, Trivette and Noble Lyman Williams were the riders and endured terrible weather but because of the strong outpouring of support from the donors it was decided to make this an annual event.

 In 2009, Noble Brent Higgins joined Trivette and Williams in the fun and the trio have to date, through the kindness and generosity of donors, raised over $42,000.

The 6th annual ride is scheduled for June 23rd and donations are being sought now through August 15th

If you would like to support these three in their endeavors, please make your check payable to:   
Shriners Hospital for Children
and mail to :  Blue Ridge Shrine Club
PO Box 1504
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 16-23, 2013

Tuesday 90 p-cloudy, Wednesday 92 pm t-storms, Thursday 90 iso t-storms, Friday 90 p-cloudy, Saturday 92 p-cloudy, Sunday 84 scattered t-storms, Monday 83 iso t-storms, Tuesday 81 scattered t-storms (as per on Tuesday 07/16/13)


Don't forget the "THE"

As a part of Golden's tale today he talks about getting slightly off course because a roadsign was missing. Our newest columnist, Henry "Lester" Donald has entitled his ride story "Getting Lost has Never Been More Fun." Yep, when it comes to riding a motorcycle, sometimes we're happy to make a wrong turn or two as part of our adventures; but mostly we're all pretty dependent on directions - be they GPS or paper map or corner-store-good-ol'-boy directions. Most times, we all want to know where we're going ...

And so it is with finding things online, right? You gotta give the computer the right directions or you'll end up somewhere you might not wanna be. I guess it's the editor in me, but I feel a need to remind us all that there's a critical directional requirement for finding our publications. We are THE Carolina Rider. You've gotta type in all three words to get to our site. It's a picky detail but it makes a difference; and so, when you're sharing our link with your friends and folks you meet on the ride (as I know you will!,) make sure to not forget the THE!

Back to our new columnist.... He's Henry "Lester" Donald from Greer, SC and he responded to our call for "Regional Reps" for The Carolina Rider. He enjoys our publications but wants to see more from his area of The Carolinas so he is going to make sure that the motorcycling activities and riders of the Greenville-Spartanburg Area are better covered here in our weekly ezine and on So glad to have his quietly enthusiastic spirit as a part of our ever-growing team of bike loving Carolina riders who help us be THE Carolina Rider!

Our Sandhills Mike is still working to represent the areas in and outward from Fayetteville/Fort Bragg but he recently took a trip across the Carolinas to cover the Wing Ding in Greenville, SC. We're happy to bring that story to you as well as a PHOTO GALLERY from Mike of that big Gold Wing convention. Thanks for getting around and bringing it back to us all, Mike!

Sandy's been part of our little family of creative contributors since I met her when she was actively involved in the NC Motor Maids. I told her today (and mean it sincerely) that I am so glad I asked her to write something for us initially about Motor Maids and then from a woman rider's perspective. She not only wrote a couple things to help cover the Motor Maids convention last year but jumped on board to be a monthly columnist! Sandy is one whose enthusiasm for riding comes through as you read her writings. Today she took on a special subject: herself! She shares who she is personally and as a rider. It's great to get to know her even better and I know you'll appreciate her story.

And Sandy's not the only one telling you their own story today. We have another new writer joining in THE Carolina Rider fun and today he's giving you a taste of who he is with a little intro then next week you get your first story installment from this biker writer. Some of you know him from Riders' Roost, some of you may have read his books. Uncle Roy is a character writer and quite a character himself and we're very excited to bring his unique creations to our pages! "Unk" told me recently that we need to understand that his writings are different than anything else we have and he wanted to make sure we are ok with that. Ok? Are you kidding? We're looking for different as we continue to create a distinctively diverse publication! Welcome to THE Carolina Rider, Uncle Roy! .. and to all of the varied characters you'll be introducing us to along the road! Go on, if you dare, and check out the introduction to Uncle Roy below and watch for the first story installment next week......


Your TCR Writers & Reps

to be @ Antique Bikes on Main

in Chesnee!

While The BIG RIDE Bus is parked on Main Street in Chesnee on Sunday July 28th, some of your favorite writers and reps of The Carolina Rider will be on hand to say howdy so come on down! If, as they say, "The Good Lord's Willin' and the Creek Don't Rise," the following should be hanging out at The Bus off and on throughout the day for Antique Bikes on Main: PoniPrincess, Shaggy, and Golden who are all from South Carolina. Watch The Carolina Rider Scene for more details about this special event and, - even tho (as you'll see in Golden's column below,) it's highly possible the creek MIGHT just rise since everyone's rain gages are overflowing - there will probably be some other writers and reps who show up!

The Carolina Rider will be in Chesnee Sunday, July 28th beginning at 7am!


So next year is the 5th anniversary of THE Carolina Rider because we went online in August of 2009 and we've come a long way, have a ton more we want to create, and we're still enjoying the journey! I've got some initial ideas in the back of my brain about our 5-year anniversary but for now I'm just reminiscing and rejoicing.

As I look over this edition of The Carolina Rider Scene and think back to our recent past editions, I'm pretty impressed with the variety and depth of writings we're receiving. Our focus as a publication is to be a voice for the people who ride - to share YOUR stories, tell who you are and what you're about, what you dig and what cranks your throttles. It's great fun and we're happy to be involved with some absolutely good writers, good Sponsors, good readers, and really good people! Yep, we've always been it, but we now really need to shout it to the winds, we are THE Carolina Rider ... and we mean THE!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


Another Adventure in the North Carolina Mountains

Mickey hasn't been on the last couple of rides The Codgers have taken, but today he's ready to ride. His wife Jeannie had knee surgery and he's been taking care of her, but today she told him to ride with the fellows. We met for breakfast at Mr. Waffle in Gaffney where we ran into Dale and Bruce who had done some renovation at my home and Nina who is the wife of a rider friend of mine. Her husband Duran is a dragster. He used to ride on the street with me, but his Ninja is so worked over he only drag races with it now. So we had a nice meal and visited with some friends too. Also seen Doug Goodenough and his son. Doug is one of the Tuesday nite bike riders.

We talked about where we would ride for the day. Couple of weeks ago Charley and I rode US 276 up to the Blue Ridge and then west to NC 215 to come back down the mountain. It had been a couple of years since we'd ridden 215 as it had been freshly asphalted and was covered with the gravel DOT puts on top. Not good for motorsickles! But now - wow - smooth as a baby's butt. Charley and I had remarked that we wanted Mickey to experience the road. Today's forecast called for late afternoon showers - perfect! That would give us time to ride highway 11 over to US 276, ride up the mountain to Brevard NC, hop on US 64 over to 215. Ride it up the mountains to the Blue Ridge where we would head east to US 74A over to Lake Lure and down 9 to Straw Berry Hill. What a plan! We're ready to go! But you know what happens to plans....

The ride going west on 11 was nice and riding on 276 is always great and especially on a weekday as the traffic mostly consisted of us. Coming into Brevard we kept an eye peeled for US 64 - where is that road? Should be right here. Finally seen a sign after going all the way through town, 64 east. East? we wanta go west. Turned around and rode back through town again and there was 64 west, uuuuummmm, how did we miss that? Easy, there was no sign on 276 showing 64 west. Guess the Brevard merchants want you to cruise through town twice.

So after cruising through Brevard and admiring the views we were going west on 64. In a few miles 215 comes into sight. Now we're going to really ride!! We thought ... seems like a lot of rain had fallen the night before and 215 was pretty wet. Water running across the road in many places and although the sun was shining and dried the pavement there are a lot of trees overhanging the road where the "sun didn't shine" so it was still very wet. Oh well, we'll enjoy the scenery and have a good ride on the Blue Ridge. Opps, we're in the clouds and wet roads again! But you know any day you can ride is a good day, right? We were in rain several times and in one shower a large cruiser approached us, the couple were in rain gear and had on shorty helmets. The passenger had long flowing tresses and they were flowing in the wind and rain. Mickey said, "I guess she’s having a bad hair day."

As we got closer to Asheville the car, bicycle, and foot traffic increased. So we putted along "near" the speed limit and relaxed. But I'll tell you the tunnels were a thrill. It's kinda foggy and spitting rain at times and all of a sudden you're in darkness!! You're franticly looking for bicycles and trying to stay in the middle of your lane as many are curved. And the road looked like it was covered in grease! Good cardio exercise, I guess. We were within 5 or 6 miles on 74A and we came upon a SUV plodding along at 30-35 mph. Now I know the speed limit is 45 mph on the Blue Ridge, but this is ridiculous. I think maybe they are flat land tourists and the mountain road has them scared. I get a little closer and see the license plate is SC. I tell Mickey and Charley I don't know what's wrong with them. Charley says that seeing as how they are from SC, they're probably looking for pot holes!!! That gets a good laugh from Mickey and me. We finally got around them [won't tell you how] and soon made the turn onto 74A. Now on through Lake Lure and down to Straw Berry Hill where we all had a strawberry sundae and celebrated another nice ride in the mountains of North Carolina.

Saturday morning my good friend Tom Cantrell called and said him and his brother Jim were going to ride over to Sandy Run Cycles to get their bikes inspected. He asked if I'd like to meet them there and ride. Don't have to ask me twice to ride! Sure I said, how about the weather as the sky was gray and low. Tom said the forecast was for 10% rain until 1PM and 30% after. Sounds good to me. But just in case, I donned my waterproof riding jacket. Rode up to Sandy Run and after the inspection was over off we went.

Although the pavement was dry there was enough moisture in the air that droplets of water would form on my face shield and run off and then as we rode through Spindale NC it started to sprinkle. Looks like that 10% caught up with us. We rode on over to Pea Ridge road and observed a lot of debris. Leaves, branches, twigs, etc. and trees that had fallen and been moved off the road. In several places where the road cut through a bank, the soil had slid onto the highway in large chunks. A lot of red mud at driveways and gravel, so we maintained a sedate pace and kept out eyes peeled. And that 10% just followed along with us. It didn't really matter though as the day was warm, the light rain was warm and we had on raingear.

We turned on Coxe road and seen the same thing, but had to be very careful as Coxe is very twisty. Tom turned onto John Watson road, stopped and told Jim and me that we'll run this road over to Highway 9 and see if we could find Straw Berry hill from there. OK, off we go. Tom is doing a fine job of dodging the mud, gravel and tree debris in the road, he rounds a right hand curve and I see his brake light flash on, and when I get to him I can see why he stopped: The road disappears into brown swirling water! Jim takes our picture as we pose beside the overflowing stream. A guy on the opposite bank hollers over to us and Tom replies that we're trying to get to the other side. This guy looks around and says, "You are on the other side!" Can't argue with that. We turn around and, as this is Tom's neck of the woods, he guides us over to Straw Berry Hill where Jim is so happy to have finished the ride in one piece he buys ice cream for all. WOW! whata guy.


WING DING 35 in Greenville, SC

  (3-6 July 2013)

  If you have never been to a major gathering of like-minded people with a common love for riding, you should really put that on your to do list. I have been to Myrtle Beach bike weeks both before and after the city's recent disdain for the event and there is little comparison to the intensity of a WING DING.

I was only able to spend one day at the five day event but I must say I was impressed with its organization. The event was based around the convention center with vendors both inside and outside the venue. The event is open to anyone on day pass ( $22 per day.) GWRRA members paid a different fee depending on how long they were there and who they are in the organization. In the convention hall there were classes of all kinds ranging from Motorcycle safety for seasoned riders to riding with new or inexperienced riders, how to plan events, Road captain, the list goes on.

The main hall at the convention was filled with vendors to cover all aspects of motorcycling concerns. "BLING" is well represented by big chrome accessories and numerous LED light manufactures and local installers. I feel the main theme of the vendors and greatest  products of note were Trikes, Trailers, and seat manufactures. It is no secert that a Gold Wing is know for its comfort on touring, commuting or the weekend ride. Couple that with an aging ridership, most of which "have been there done that" (just ask them,) and you get all 4 major Trike makers and most of the trailer makers and they had some beauties. California sidecars, Mototrike and Hannigan all had demo units on hand and despite the rain there was a short wait to try one out. Harley Davidson and Honda both had there complete lines on hand for demo.

I spoke to Neil Dyck from Waterloo Ontario Canada about his unusual trailer (looks like a milk tanker truck!) He told with some shyness how it came to be and the numerous times he has been to the "WING DING." Neil represents many of the people I spoke to about this event and the organization of it. They all come back year after year to see old friends and make new ones.

WING DING - It's a lot of like-minded people who share a common love for riding!

Look in our PHOTO GALLERY for more shots from Wing Ding 35

Sandhills Mike


Getting lost has never been more fun ....

I started out this morning determined to see several HD dealers that I had never seen before. I was riding for the CHDDA Ride for Life Tour. It's not like I need an excuse to ride, but it helps when there is a purpose to the ride. This ride is for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. If you have never heard of the ride, check with your local HD dealer. It is for a great cause not to mention a great reason to ride. lol

Anyway, starting out, the weather was questionable at best, it looked like it could rain at any minute. Cloudy one minute, sunshine the next minute. I hit a lot of back roads, saw a lot of beautiful scenery. I hit the Rock Hill, Charlotte, Concord, and Salisbury HD dealers. I checked my phone before leaving Salisbury, and I thought, "Winston Salem is just right up the road. As best as I can remember that dealership is right on the side of the interstate." After checking my phone, it was confirmed, Winston Salem was only 36 miles away. So I headed out, and since I knew where the dealership was, there was no need for the GPS. Well, I was moving right along when I saw an exit for Asheboro NC, and at that point I realized that I had missed the dealership. I pulled off the road and decided to check GPS (finally) and I found that I had gone 35 miles past the dealer. I put in the dealer address and away I went, only to later realize that I had not only never been to this dealer before, but I had never even seen the dealership before. As a lot of you already know, it is not on the side of I-85. It ain't even close to I-85. Oh well, I have never been the brightest bulb in the pack. As I said earlier, getting lost has never been more fun.

Anyway, I left Smokin' Harley and went to Statesville HD and from there back home. Six dealerships in one day! The weather in NC was perfect all day,  just as soon as I got inside of SC the bottom fell out. I pulled under a bridge, suited up and headed to Greer. All total 435 miles.

Don't be afraid to get lost in the Carolinas. They are truly beautiful. But keep the GPS handy just in case! lol



Hello CAROLINA Readers! From Sandy Reece

For about a year now, you have been reading blurbs and stories submitted by me. So, who is "me?" I will take some time to give some background on my motorcycling life in general...



There is nothing "general" about riding a motorcycle!


Having a great childhood growing up with the woods and trails as your escape from reality into an imaginary world of make-believe ... we rode the trails like we were traveling the world. Each pasture or wooded area was another world to enter and explore. The daredevil in me came out when time came to cross the wide section of the creek or scale the tallest hill. Most of this riding was done on my Honda SL-70. I wish I still had that motorcycle! Thirty-plus years ago... It was considered an adventure to leave the house after chores were done. A trail ride over to your friend's house could last all day or until you had just enough gas to get back home. Most of those childhood adventure trails were consumed by Interstate 85 between Lexington and Thomasville. Ahhh, the memories ...


What makes motorcycling so much fun? Maybe it's the ability to climb on your iron-horse, hit the start button, pull out of yourdriveway, and head out for a destination unknown. It could be a commute to work to clear your mind before the stress of the day begins. Or maybe better yet, a weekend meeting point for friends to gather and plan the day's ride through wonderful back country roads. Let's start from home in Winston Salem and head over to Walkertown and Walnut Cove to catch Hwy 66 (no, not THAT Hwy 66 - I wish!) and ride into the mountains near Danbury (Hanging Rock State Park area) wind your way around the curves to Hwy 89 and Hwy 268. We might ride over towards Pilot Mountain or Brown Mountain area. While riding this area, you are hugging the Virginia State line so go on over and check out the Blue Ridge Parkway. All these routes you never have to hit the interstate highway! Curves? Plenty! You might stop to take a break to chat and grab a snack. Then the day ride ends where friends part ways on the road - waving in the wind, "until next time!"

Photography is my side hobby. As I'm riding down a nice country road, I am constantly taking in all the sights to find my next photography shot. As I have said in previous articles, the Bucket List is growing - not only for motorcycle rides but for photography opportunities too.

I Believe in Safety First!

In most of my articles you will read some form of a safety tip or experience. Safety is an important factor in my motorcycling life. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, and a friend to some very special people. I always kiss my husband "good-bye" and say to him before every trip "I’ll be home soon." If I practice what I preach, there should be no problem returning home safe and sound. However, I cannot control that one driver that might not see me. So I will continue to do my part and help them "SEE" me.

I Support Charitable Causes & Community

Participating in charity events and fundraisers are very appealing to me. It gives several opportunities to meet other riders, raise money for a cause, and just have fun! I have participated in many events for charity - those close to the heart are Ride for Kids, Marla’s Ride (Relay for Life Cancer Awareness,) and Ranger Lady's "Serve the Forgotten." Over the years, I have been a member of GWRRA, Southern Cruisers, and Motor Maids. Nowadays, I am membership-free of club politics and enjoy riding the roads with my pals for a stress-free and FUN day with lots of laughter.

I've had a LOT of Bikes!

My motorcycle of choice? Gosh, I have owned so many different brands including Hondas, Triumph, BMW, and Kawasaki. My current ride of choice is the 2012 Victory Hard Ball - all flat black. His name? Batman! He has been my favorite so far. My motto has always been buy the motorcycle that suits you best, fits you best, handles the best, and makes you happy. No matter the brand name or cost.

Time to roll up the keyboard and scan the maps for the next adventure ...
May your next ride be an adventure into a wonderful world all on your own by two (maybe three) wheels!

My favorite Carolina ride is all numbers: Hwy 8, Hwy 66, Hwy 89, Hwy 268, Hwy 601, etc, ...




WHO th’ ‘eF is UNCLE ROY?

That would be me ...

Many of you readers know me personally; many of you have no idea who I am. To those who have read and enjoyed my 'Shovelhead Red' biker fiction novels, and to my friends, most of whom I met as patrons of Riders' Roost Motorcycle Resort, I'm known as 'Uncle' Roy.

My three brothers and I conceived, named, planned, and then BUILT Riders' Roost Motorcycle Resort that opened in 1990. I managed and operated the 'Roost' as it's come to be called, for the next nineteen years, during which time I was lucky enough to meet and host a LOT of bikers - from literally every corner of the rock - who told me a LOT of biker stories; some of which sounded at least plausible, if not necessarily true. And yes, some were alcohol-inspired; what's NEW? Stories of course, need to be told. Ergo, I write.

I am sixty-seven years into life. I have been a motorcycle fanatic for most of those years. I learned to ride at age eleven, and have owned a motorcycle for all but four of the following fifty-six years. I won't bore ya'll with a litany of my past road-trips, or how many 'bike weeks' I've attended; bar-fights I've been in (Total-0), or how I kill with the chicks. (I DON'T)

BUT; when we talkin' motorcycle  miles, and the 'biker culture,' my life has allowed me to do a LOT of what I like to do BEST! So when you read a biker story of mine, whether you enjoy it or not, you'll know it came from the lifestyle. I'm very pleased at the opportunity to scribble a piece now and then for The CAROLINA RIDER readers. I'll try my best not to disappoint....

Uncle Roy

Wednesday (tomorrow) and next Thursday (July 25)

Lots going on with me and around THE Carolina Rider. As for me, I went to Florida last week to get my MSF up-date and will be going to Maggie Valley next week to get more MSF up-dates. Looks as if I'm about to be educated beyond my intelligence!! Kidding ... but there is nothing funny about people staying safe on bikes and I believe we control our own destiny with our training so I'm glad to be trained and to help train those of you who want to get out on the road on two wheels.

Wednesday we will have The BIG RIDE Bus at Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord. They are having a full blown beauty contest with lots of bikinis and we will be giving away a trip to Skyline Village Inn to some lucky person at the event.... so what's not to love in all that?!

MVPs, is a great place to go on Thursday nights for bike night, is our destination Next Thursday night. So put it on your schedule and come join us. Remember, if you wear one of our t-shirts, I'll buy you a beer (or equivalent beverage or choice!)

We end up July with some fun at Chesnee's Antique Bikes on Main event on July 28th and we hope you come by The BIG RIDE and say howdy to me, FancyFree, and some of our contributing writers.

Till then folks...


















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