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July 21 Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

TCR Welcomes a New Columnist

BIG RIDE 2 Rides Out!

Gary's selling some GEAR

Win a TCR Tuff!

Bub: A Sunday Ride

Loose Talk with Jon


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 21-28, 2015

Wednesday 94h & p-cloudy, Thursday 91h & p-cloudy, Friday 92h & p-cloudy, Saturday 93h & clear, Sunday 93h & clear, Monday 93h & 50% rain, Tuesday 94h & p-cloudy (as per on 07/21/15)


We've enjoyed receiving some emails lately from folks who are hitting the road for some BIG RIDES. Here're just a couple we should be hearing more from shortly....

David Pfaehler's BIG RIDE:

David leaves July 30th for his BIG RIDE. He's traveling on a 2010 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited through VA, to his daughters in Philly then to Washington DC down through the Outerbanks of NC back to Columbia SC with his girlfriend. He says, "I'm making a trip diary and stringing some of my narrative together for an article for The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine along with some appropriate pics." David also plans to give us a shout before he leaves to share any further plans and he says it's "Gonna be a fun wild adventure!" We're happy to be included in it.


Gary Sharp's BIG RIDE:

Gary Sharp left Saturday, 7/18 for a 12,890-mile, 30-day road trip by motorcycle through the 48 lower continental states and Alaska, camping out in Wyoming and Montana, plus a week-long visit to the 75th Sturgis Rally. He says: "I will be using my SPOT Personal Tracker so you can track me during the first part of the adventure and then track my return including camping out, visiting Sturgis, and traveling home.  I will also be posting daily journals on my blog and I will be Tweeting photos and other spontaneous updates throughout the 30 days from my @AmJourney handle using the #IBA48Plus and #BikerHaiku hashtags.  Yes, I will be composing and Tweeting haiku while on my road trip, hopefully a haiku for each of the 49 states that I visit plus others as my mood moves me."

Check out American Journey for more about Gary's ride.


> Do you have plans for a BIG RIDE soon?<

Please do share with the readers of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine!

We welcome today a new contributor to The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine. His name is C. W. Chavis but folks call him "Boda." He'll tell you why ... plus a ton of info about the ride he's been on for over 40 years as a founder of the CBA, a photographer of biker nostalgia, and a contributor to various magazines and newspapers as well as a historical study of the Pee Dee Indians. You'll love his photos and this first story will surely bring up many other great mental images and memories. Welcome Boda! We're awfully glad to have you as part of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Let me Introduce myself

I'm C.W. “Boda” Chavis

The nickname Boda came courtesy of Concerned Bikers Associate (CBA) member, Dale Earnhart.  Several of us were meeting at my place for a planning session.  This was in the 1970’s when marijuana was just pot.  Most of it would be consider dirt weed by today’s standards.  As the evening progressed, we did drink a little (possibly a lot) of beer and whiskey.  At some point in the evening, I went into my freezer and pulled out a bag of pot to share.

Because it was such poor quality, I had frozen the pot with a sliced apple in the bag to help it mellow out and keep it fresh.  When Dale saw that, he almost died laughing.  That night, he started calling me "Boda."  It wasn’t until a week or so later that he confessed that Boda stood for Big Old Dumb Ass.  The name has stuck for 40 years although only a handful of people knew its meaning.

(yep, that's me and Brooke Shields in Fayetteville, NC ... a few years ago)

Of course, it was only fair, since a few weeks earlier; I had started calling him "Chump."  A group of us from the CBA was camping at Lake Lure in the mountains of North Carolina for a bike weekend.  After a day of celebration, Dale forgot to put his feet down when we stopped at a couple of red lights.  Wound up with him and his bike on their sides in the middle of the street – therefore the Chump.

That is also the weekend I almost shot the preacher...

We had gotten to the town Lake Lure early on Saturday and set up our camp beside the lake just off Buffalo Shoals Road east of town.  After everything was set up, we proceeded to spend the day in the area around Asheville and Chimney Rock.
I was riding an old BSA Thunderbolt 650cc dressed in blue jeans, a tee-shirt, and a cut off blue jean vest with a black bandana on my bald head – the height of fashion.  After several hours of drinking and partying, I was cold and wanted to call it a night.  I rode back to the lake to our camp – only, it wasn’t there.  Everything was gone.

At first, I thought I had the wrong place but I recognized a small shed we had passed coming into the camp.  After a few minutes, I rode back into Lake Lure to see if I could find the others – but the town was empty.  Everything was closed and no one was on the street.  I thought about things and wondered if the police had arrested everyone, so I went to the Police Station – the doors were open but no one was there.  Next, I tried the Fire Department and once again, it was open but no one was there.  I was really starting to get freaked out.

After wandering around for a while, I went back to the Police Station and called them on their own phone.  The Sheriff in the next county answered the phone.  He said that there was probably a fire or emergency someplace and the firemen and police were there.

Not knowing what to do, I rode back to the lake and pulled up just off the road behind the little shed under a rhododendron bush.  Wrapping myself in my vest I went to sleep on the ground with my pistol in my hand, wondering if I was in The Twilight Zone.

Early Sunday morning, I was awakened from a deep sleep by the sounds of trumpets and saw a figure dressed in black looming over me.   I instinctively stuck my gun in his face.  As my eyes cleared, I saw a clerical collar.  I had almost shot the preacher; it turned out that the shed held a public address system and chairs for a small lakeside church service in the summers.

After apologizing to the Reverend, I went back to the Police Station, and found that camping was forbidden on that part of the lake.  The police had moved my friends and my tent.  I had ridden past them several times the night before; they were tucked under a couple of buildings along Highway 64.  The buildings were on stilts so that the entrances were at street level with the back overhanging a narrow beach along a small creek that runs parallel to the highway.

I have another 40 years of stories to share with you in the future.

  Don’t worry, I don’t remember enough names to incriminate anyone else – but I do have photographic evidence that I will be sharing!

I am a charter life member of the Concerned Bikers Association of North Carolina.  I drafted the original constitution of the CBA.  As a member of the CBA in the early 1970’s, I began submitting photographs and stories to motorcycle and tattoo magazines to promote awareness of motorcycle rights.  This led to a Master Photographer certification and press credentials from Easyriders, Outlaw Biker, and other magazines. Over the decades, I have taken thousands of photographs across the state and the country.

I am a retired nuclear quality control inspector and technical trainer with an extensive background in computers, nuclear power and technology.  While traveling the country, working in nuclear power plant construction, I was active in motorcycle rights fights in Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Washington state, and Washington, D.C.

Working with the Undertakers Motorcycle Club of the Tri-cities of Washington, I started ABATE of Washington in 1981.  I organized and sponsored the first Tri-Cities ABATE Spring Bike Show and Swap Meet held in Pasco, WA in April 1982.  After returning to North Carolina in 1983, I continued working with magazine such as Dixie Riders, Easyriders, Outlaw Biker, and Tattoo.


My photographs and articles have been published regularly in magazines and newspapers over the past 40 years.  I am the author of an ethno history of the Pee Dee Indians of the Carolinas titled “Hiding in Plain Sight:  the Pee Dee Indians after Contact.”

I'm selling some of my gear ...

I'm selling some of my motorcycle gear that no longer fits my riding criteria (as I've been explaining in my articles on safety gear.) Some of it's brand new, some of it is lightly used. I am hoping that I can donate some of the money to the organizations that I support. The prices below reflect that - you can either pay me the full price directly or you can write a check to your favorite charity or club and pay me the remaining price. I've worked out a formula for each option below.

If you have any questions or want to purchase anything, EMAIL ME!

Couple of weeks ago I was riding over to Spartanburg Cycle Center to pick up a part for my new (to me) Kawasaki Versys.  As I rode down US221, another rider pulled up alongside. We stopped at a light and talked - yelled - thru our helmets.  Told him I was going to Spartanburg Cycle and he replied that maybe he’d see me there.  Got my part and was preparing to leave when he pulled up. He was riding a new Honda CTX 700.  We talked bikes and he invited me to join him and a couple of others on a Sunday ride.  Sure I said, handed him a “The Carolina Rider” card and said call or email me.  He called on Saturday afternoon and said they were meeting at the gas station at the intersection of highways 11 and 9, 1:30 Sunday.  Sunday at 1:15 I’m there and no other bikes.  Oh, by the way, this station sells non-ethanol regular and premium gas!  It’s 1:30 and here comes Chuck on his CTX, pulls off his helmet and here comes 2 other bikes, Dean on his bought new 1998 Honda Super Hawk and Chucky on his Honda Shadow. Uuuuummm, I’m thinking, a cruiser bike, guess we’ll not be riding in the mountains.

Intros are made and Dean says the plan is to ride NC 80 from Marion to the Blue Ridge and that Chucky will lead.  Uuummmm, I’m thinking again (that’s twice today,) Chucky leads so he won’t get left behind.  Sure glad I kept that thought to myself!  Off we go and Chucky leads us on some roads that I haven’t traveled before, AND I’m working to keep up with him! At one point Dean points at a house on the left, (I thought.) I look and it is nice then back to front and suddenly Chuck, whom I had been following, is suddenly very close!  Clamp down on those brakes!  The front wheel howls and the back does a dance as it locks up and then releases!  Just ahead around a curve is Chucky almost stopped and a bunch of buzzards taking wing.  Whew, close.  At Marion NC we pick up route 70 over to NC 80 and the real fun begins.  Along the way we pass Blind Kenny and his photo spot, turn around and visit with him and wife awhile, then on to the Blue Ridge and past.  We stop at a gas station on 80 just past the Blue Ridge. Get a soda and talk about the ride so far. I tell them about the buzzards and that I now know Dean wasn’t pointing, it was a warning. And I tell them about how birds seem attracted to me, more than once I’ve had to really slam on the brakes to avoid buzzards having a snack in the road and a couple of times have had a wingtip brush my helmet, along with me rearranging the feathers on numerous smaller birds.  I confess to Chucky about me doubting his riding on the mountain roads and ask him if he has been dragging his foot peg feelers.  Nope, he says, cruisers don’t have feelers and the pegs/floor boards are too far forward.  So he uses his shoes and shows me the soles of his riding boots: The outside of the heels are worn down! That’s what he uses for feelers!

They say they’re going to ride over to 19 and go into Spruce Pine. I ask if they ever rode 80 past 19?  No, they hadn’t and I tell them it is just as good as the section we’re on and maybe better.  And it intersects NC 226 where we can ride back into Marion.  So off we ride and they liked it as I knew they would.  After arriving back in Marion, we stop for gas and they say they’re going to ride 70 over to Old Fort. I say I’m going to stay on 226 down to Bostic Sunshine Hwy and on home. Enjoyed the ride and had hoped to ride with them next Sunday … but I didn’t as I’m here on the computer putting this down.

Good guys and they would almost be eligible to be CPRs, they ride more than 10 k miles a year, they ride 80 like it should be ridden but … they’re too young.  Gotta be retired to be a CPR!

This weekend

... we'll be in Chesnee hanging with all the cool old bikes and cooler folks who attend the annual Antique Bikes on Main. It's their 10th year and while it's ALWAYS hotter'n hell, it's a good time. Shaggy's got his Kamikaze happenin' just behind The BIG RIDE 2 so come by Saturday for that and come back Sunday for more.

Need a Ride Destination?

There are so many places to ride. My buddy and I went riding into the hills this past weekend and wound our way through Wilkesboro into Lake Lure and then for some dinner, drinks, and cigars in Asheville overnight. It was a good hot ride and we both needed the getaway.

If you're looking for a gread ride on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend, I've got a suggestion! I'm helping to put on a Craft Beer Tasting on the shores of Lake Wylie. If you don't know where that is, it's at the border of North and South Carolina on Highway 49. There's good riding around the lake and some cooling off you can do under the shade of the trees and tents not to mention a few quality brews. I do a lot of riding in the area where this event will be and I highly recommend some riding down into South Carolina (or up through SC if you're further South) in York and Gaston Counties.

In any event, check out this event. We'll have The BIG RIDE 2 there and hope to see you too!

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