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July 22nd Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Paul Pics: Smoke Out 2014 Photos

Loose Talk with Jon

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... and while at the rally:


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 22-29, 2014

Tuesday 83 scattered storms, Wednesday 89 scattered storms, Thursday 88 scattered storms, Friday 86 p-cloudy, Saturday 91 p-cloudy, Sunday 91 scattered t-storms, Monday 87 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 86 p-cloudy (as per on 7/22/14)

Rain, be damned!

While the rains have been falling here like Noah's floods, a bunch of adventuresome riders have embarked on a great venture leaving Key West heading to Homer Alaska. It's the Hoka Hey Race of 2014 that began July 20th. Some years back some folks shared their Hoka Hey experience with us. Mickey's story can be found in our article online HERE. Anyone out there riding in it or know anyone who is? Write me! In the meantime, I want to wish all Hoka Hey riders a SAFE and JOYFUL journey and I have no doubt there will be many amazing memories made.

Our Orangeburg Ron wanted me to share that he plans to join the Orangeburg STAR riding group riding to Chesnee for the Antique Bikes on Main this weekend "that is," he says, "if my bike is running, yes it hit a snag, well didn’t really hit anything but the oil pump gear disintegrated and has scored the shaft so we are trying to decide between replacing the crank or trying to just put a new gear on." We're keeping our fingers crossed for Ron's bike and look forward to welcoming the STAR riders from Orangeburg at The BIG RIDE Bus in Chesnee.

We're also keeping our fingers crossed for dry roads (and less rain in general) for weekend riding....


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Paul shares: "I don't know what more to say about Smoke Out other than it's just FUN!!!! In particular, I love the originality of bikes and people's attire and the realness of everyone. There's a lot of authenticity expressed by the laid back people who show up for this event and I like that plus they're all having a lot of fun and that can't be beat! I went out into the campground this time and was really blown away by the community that's built for the weekend. I'd really like to camp out myself sometime since there seems to be lots of fun to be had!"

As a photographer, I like being able to meet and get to know people. Next time you're at an event where The Carolina Rider is, look for me and tell me your story!

I hope you enjoy these shots from Smoke Out 2014. Look for LOTS more in our GALLERY now ...




We've Been Around.....

 Next week we will be starting out 6th year as a publication. WOW that's a long time. We are now reaching over 75,000 reader weekly. That's weekly. Our advertisers are growing every month and we are helping out as many charities as we can.

So, thank you North and South Carolina for 5 really good years!





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