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July 23rd Edition


In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Ridin' Along with Uncle Roy: CandyAces in The Wind!

Ride Story by Bob Stone: Two-Wheeled Therapy

PoniPrincess: To the Beach for a Burger!

Loose Talk with Jon


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Check out THIS WEEKEND in Maggie Valley! ....





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 23-30, 2013

Tuesday 88 p-cloudy, Wednesday 91 p-cloudy, Thursday 78 iso t-storms, Friday 83 p-cloudy, Saturday 82 p-cloudy, Sunday 80 scattered t-storms, Monday 82 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 83 scattered t-storms (as per on Tuesday 07/23/13)


See ya on Main Street!

As we've shared for several weeks, we're taking The BIG RIDE to Chesnee this coming Sunday for their annual Antique Bikes on Main. PoniPrincess had the chance to talk with the event's creators and that article (which you saw here a couple weeks back) is online now. In fact, starting this week, all future columns, stories, reviews, articles, and photo journals will be found on on the same day we publish. In the past, some were, some weren't. You'll notice today that we're publishing lead-ins rather than full content and we're hoping this will speed up delivery which has slowed down in recent months due to our greatly increasing subscriber list. We're making a few other system revisions over the rest of the year to improve what we provide and we hope to always stay on top of doing things the very best we can with what we've got!

Back to Main Street.... We're happy that The BIG RIDE will be graced with the presence of some wonderfully creative minds this Sunday ... a nice mix of some of The Carolina Rider's South Carolina writers will be on hand to chat with you throughout our day in Chesnee. PoniPrincess, Shaggy, Golden, and The Carolina Rider's newest contributor, Henry aka "Lester" Donald, will be hanging out at the bus off and on so do please come by. You are always welcome and we all look forward to our time at events with you!

Chesnee is a cool little town. It's always jumped out at me that there's a Harley's Dress Shop and a Davidson's Department Store there ... or there used to be. Are they still around? In any event, look for curbside rows of vintage bikes, alleyways of vendors, and a generally festive hometown spirit at Antiques on Main this weekend!

The Bus will roll in early ... 7am I'm told. I'm not a coffee drinker but Footloose is so if anyone's around to bring him a cup, we'd all sure appreciate it! I and my two standard poodles will be doing our best to keep him happily awake on our early-morning-bumpy-school-bus ride to Chesnee. See ya there!


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CandyAces in the Wind

by Uncle Roy Yelverton

It was a bright and shiny day. A perfect day for the CandyAces motorcycle gang. Those road dogs were doin' what they do best; watching pavement - in the rear view mirrors of their hogs. Fittingly, this gang of marauders was led by their swashbuckling president; 'LardAce.' Sitting behind him, riding 'bitch,' was a nerdy, twerpy looking little dude wearing huge, black rimmed, glasses, and known as 'SmartAce,' who served as 'Lard's' V.P. Their riding arrangement was highly helpful to the Prez, as 'SmartAce,' from his back seat vantage point, could assist with the more involved aspects of riding the Hog. For example; 'Smart' kept a running dialogue with 'Lard' - as the beloved Prez. was affectionately called by his bros - to this effect: "OK, left hand clutch, left foot shift. Twist right hand downward, go faster. Feet 'up' when we're moving, feet 'down' when we stop." And so forth. Following behind 'Lard' and 'Smart' - as we shall abbreviate their names, for the sake of brevity, (what else?) - was the club treasurer, 'TightAce.' 'Tight' was ...


Sometimes, the pressures of life get you down. One minute, you are cruising along without a care in the world; the next minute, life lands a right hook to the jaw. Already stressed at work with deadlines and a new product launch, my wife called with the news that her father passed away. It wasn't unexpected - he was 85-years-old, and in declining health. Regardless of the circumstances, I don't think anyone is ever prepared for the death of a loved one. My wife was at his side when he died, and I am grateful he was able to spend his final days at home surrounded by his immediate family.

My father-in-law and I always got along wonderfully, but we were as different as night and day. Politically, he leaned a bit to the left; my views tend to be more skewed to the right. He was a die-hard Ford man; I like Chevys. His drink of choice was Coke while I'm a devout Pepsi fan. But there are two things we always agreed on: our love for his red headed, freckled face baby daughter (my bride of 34 years) and Harley-Davidsons ....

To the Beach for a Burger and Fries

Frog had been promising me that we would go on a long ride soon. Soon as the rain stopped, soon as he finished his extra jobs, soon as the workers were done with the house, soon as .. well, you get my drift. Finally it looked like 'soon as' was approaching. The usual question came up: "Where do you want to ride to?" "Any place we can get a cheeseburger," I replied, knowing he would be less likely to turn down a chance to get one of his favorite meals. Just like any good training, I am more likely to get what I want when I use the reward system.

Saturday was looking to be the best day for riding without hitting much rain. Late Friday night I got the nod ... we would be leaving at 8:30 in the morning bound for Murrells Inlet for a cheeseburger! ...



Rain, Rain go away, little Johnny wants to play!

Are you tired of the rain? If it's not raining all day, it jumps up just about the time we start pulling out our bikes. All of the bike night places are complaining that business is way off and from my view point I'm tired of watching TV on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights when I can be out riding with our friends.

We keep trying to get to some bike nites, even had a schedule all set. And if the rain will stay away, The Carolina Rider will be at MVP's this Thursday night, 7/25. Please come join us ... and remember if you are wearing a Carolina Rider T-shirt I'll buy you a drink!

How about that TOP PIC this week? Trudy, one of our spokesmodels was caught on camera at the Smoke Out on the back of this bike. Nice wheelie, way to go Trudy!

















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