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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of July 25-August 1, 2011

Monday 93 scattered tstorms, Tuesday 90 iso-tstorms, Wednesday 93 p-cloudy, Thursday 94 p-cloudy, Friday 94 m-sunny, Saturday 95 p-cloudy , Sunday 92 scattered t-storms , Monday 90 scattered tstorms (as per on Monday 7/25/11)


It's Bikini Contest Time Again!


Here's what you missed last month ... and what you won't wanna miss this month ...






Busy Hot Weekend

Did you get out and ride this past weekend? Everywhere I was, folks were talking about it being way too hot to ride .. yet both Saturday and Sunday's events I participated in were well attended.....

There was a steady stream of bikes in and out of Mad Dog Custom Cycles Saturday as the Lorussos and their extended family showed appreciation to their customers. Coolers emptied as heat-stressed riders rode in and guzzeld the cold beer and iced-down bottles of water. Hot dog buns were naturally sun-warmed before being filled and consumed. And The Wiggle Wagons, sang Heaven in Your Eyes (and many other WW originals) while sweat ran into their own eyes. Hot Day. Good day.

Sunday's ride for Mark Bearden and Family was also very well-supported despite the hellish temps. and riders who found their way to the end of the ride all appeared pretty happy to be a part the afternoon and joining the evening fun at Coyote Joe's. From what I hear, a generous amount of financial support was gathered thru the event and the Beardens expressed their deep appreciation for all involved.

Waiting to get out of the Heat @ Coyote Joes Sunday afternoon...

Gee, what's that in the background? Could it be The Carolina Rider bus The Big Ride???!

Check out photos from Sunday's Bearden ride in our GALLERY now...... you might see someone you know!



Our Readers Share....

Terry Snyder, Founder of Operation North State based in Winston-Salem, NC sent in the following flyer. He's hoping to garner support for this worthy charity that sends gift boxes filled with NC products/goodies to deployed troupes from NC. Their need is for ....

  • Riders to attend the event
  • Rider groups to
  • NC Products to go in the boxes
  • Auction Items to help raise money to support the gift box effort


Put the date on your calendar, support them in any way you can, and check out their website for more info....



Bill "Blastoff" S. sent in this great little story and Jim C. sent in the accompanying photos. Many Thanks guys!

..... We're hoping to hear more about biker rights from Blastoff soon ......

You'll find the full thing online so you can finish reading! ......

The 3rd Annual Independence Day

Helmet Law Protest Ride

July 4th, 2011 started out hot and stayed hot all day. However, the heat was not sufficient to keep the CBA/ABATE of NC members off the road. We met at the Roses shopping center parking lot, as scheduled, beginning at 12:00. By the time we rolled out at 1:00 for our 3rd Annual 4th of July Independence Day Helmet Law Protest Ride, we had approximately 67 motorcycles in our group that included members of Gaston, Lincoln, Cleveland and Cabarrus/Rowan CBA Chapters. Some wore helmets, most did not. We planned to ride through four Gaston County munincipalities. We made it through Belmont, the first city on our route. As we were sitting at the stop sign in Cramerton, in front of their town hall and police department, a rider came up to let us know some of the bikes at the rear of the pack had been pulled over in Belmont. We immediately made a u-turn and headed back to Belmont. Sure enough, there they were, right in the middle of downtown Belmont. We found parking spaces and went over to the police car and let the officer know we would ALL be wanting a ticket....

CLICK HERE to continue reading....



Still looking for Riding Groups!

Hey ya'll! ... I'm still waiting on info from a number of riding groups who expressed interest in being in our Club Room group listings .. and hoping to hear from many many more rider organizations who have yet to connect with me.

No, The Club Room is not online yet for a number of reasons....part of them technical as we are working on new site updates and want to ensure that The Club Room is part of those rather than handled under old designs ... and also because we are waiting on you!

Why List Your Group in The Club Room? is an online magazine reaching out to all NC/SC riders. The website currently gets 1.3million hits per month & the free mini-mag, "The Carolina Rider Scene" goes out to over 20,000 subscribers weekly.  These numbers continue to grow & the magazine's reach broadens. is a publication of Satisfaction Marketing whose aim is to help individual & small business dreams become reality through professional guidance, creative genius, & enthusiastic support.

The Club Room provides a valuable online page for your motorcycle-related community groups to:

  1. To help interested riders support your group and its activities and mission
  2. Share periodic reports, articles, stories, photos, & announcements for The Carolina Rider community to enjoy & connect
  3. To have a widely-viewed online presence within a respected and growth-focused publication


I know time gets away from us and it's hard to get around to all that's possible in a day's time. Our "Group Submission Form" is pretty simple and should help you easily share the info you need to get out. We'll do most of the work to create your online presence and we believe you'll be most proud of what we offer you and the community.

Please take time today to either

Thanks much!

We're 3 weeks away from the NC HOG Rally and The Carolina Rider is looking forward to invading Hickory with all the other HOG members, vendors, and fun folks. Is the rally on your calendar? Over 5000 riders are expected!

Be well. Be cool. Be happy,

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Rider Friendships

I enjoyed myself this weekend. Even in the heat, I was happy to see so many biker friends out and about. Like any guy, I love my bike. It's something I'm proud of and have a lot of fun with. But it has given me something more than just what's obvious. I have met some truly wonderful people, shared numerous on-and-off-the road adventures with folks, and made so many good and true friends who ride. No other facet of my life has given me so many genuine friendships than from the motorcycle world.

Some of you I only see occasionally and some I get to hang out with more often. Still, there's generally a handshake, a hug, a story or two to swap and several cold beers to share. It was good to see my Fishhead brothers and sisters at Coyote Joe's on Sunday. I had fun being with all the folks who came out to both events on Saturday and Sunday. I enjoyed meeting some new people who I am sure I'll be glad to add to my friend lists!

And so as I was enjoying Mad Dog's event on Saturday and greeting more and more folks, I was saddened to learn of the loss of one who I counted among my friends. I didn't see him often but it didn't matter. It was always a joy to be greeted by his warmth. I will miss him.

Thanks to JB (see his thoughts below) for letting me know and for providing this link to Jr's obit. Ride free, brother. It was an honor. Richard "Jr" William's Obituary.

We learned today that Jr's daughter has started www.CHANGE.ORG and a petition for motorcycle awareness. Check it out and show your support for all riders....

From JB:

To The Friends and Family of those who know what I'm talking about.
I know Junior
We know Jesus 
And We will ride together again!
Love, Honor and Respect to Wendy, the Family and The Brotherhood.
"JB" aka "Gilligan" 

Here are a couple other condolences we found:

From Phil and Teresa P: From the time we met at the Charlotte HOG Club 15 years back and through the Outlaws, we rode hard from Chicago to Key West, Sturgis to Boston, the Blue Ridge, the Dragons Tail and what seemed like every back road in Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia. From the hot plains of Kansas to Beal Street, we had a were one special guy. We are truly going to miss you man. RIP Junior. Love ya

From Don and Pat D: Our condolences Wendy,we are truly sorry for your loss. We met Jr. a little under nine years ago and he was our friend at hello. Jr. was a kind and a true friend to all who were lucky enough to know him. There is no doubt he will be riding free and glad in heaven. Next time we hear a thunderstorm we should listen very closely it might not be thunder at all but Jr. and his brothers on the other side doing a ride by to check on all of us. Love and miss ya man.



Collage of friends old and new who showed up at the end of Sunday's poker run for Mark Bearden and Family...

More photos from Sunday in our GALLERY



My Video of the Week

"Almost" ....



Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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