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(pic from Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee, July 25-26, 2015)

July 28 Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Quece Announces Retirement

BIG RIDE 2 Rides Out!

Boda: The History of the CBA - part 1

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 29 - August 4, 2015

Wednesday 92h & 40% rain, Thursday 93h & 30% rain, Friday 94h & clear, Saturday 94h & clear, Sunday 90h & 60% rain, Monday 90h & 50% rain, Tuesday 91h & clear (as per on 07/28/15)


Bruce Dills and Jenny Floyd win TCR Tuffs

They answered the questions from the July 7th edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine and won! Thanks to Bruce and Jenny for reading .. and for playing along. Your TCR Tuffs will be in the mail shortly.

Celebrity News

I had fun with some of our TCR celebrities at this past weekend's Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee. Shaggy was of course there to lead his 3rd Annual Kamikaze Bike Show. More about that later ... but while he was around, I got to ride on the back of Kingshit! Shaggy took me down to Bantom Chef and back to The BIG RIDE 2. It was a short ride but just thought I'd brag a bit about "rubbing elbows with celebrities" such as the Shag man and his famous bike, Kingshit.


And the celebrity fun didn't stop. We were graced not just with Bub (who everyone anywhere around Chesnee seems to know even if he really "ain't from around here,") .. but with 2 more of the Carolina Pro Riders who are so famously-known from Bub's stories. Charlie showed up just when Bub had announced he was going home and that led to Bub staying around to show Charlie around and, of course, grab a bite to eat. Then a couple hours later, Charlie and Bub hopped on their bikes and waved goodbye like the true celebs they are as they rode away down Chesnee's main street ... only to roll back up within less than 15 minutes with a third bike in procession. It was Mickey! All three of the original CPR's hanging at The BIG RIDE. Talk about a celebrity-filled day!

(In the photo from Left to Right: Mickey, Bub, and Charlie - 2 of them in their new Carolina Pro Riders shirts)


Kleenex Alert!

Back in my twenties, my then-husband, Paul, banned me from watching animal movies. You know, the Ol Yeller heart-wrenching kind that may take several boxes of Kleenex to get through for a tender-hearted animal-lover like me. They tear me up. Doesn't matter whether they're animated or real images, I am done for. Some of them haunt me for days and I can't shake the sad storyline no matter how hard I try.

And I know I'm not alone .. and I know it's not just us gals whose hearts are easily bruised, whose sensitivity to animals is higher than most. I've met you menfolk who will get torn up by an animal tale too!

And so I'm issuing a KLEENEX ALERT regarding the next story in this week's Magazine. First time I read through it myself I could barely finish reading due to the tears blinding me. And it's possible there was a monsoon flooding down my face when I started putting it all together for this week's edition. Sweet Quece. We've been so honored to have you in our cyber-pages! As Shaggy's been heard to say, "What other rider mag has a dog writin' for it?!" We are special because of you, you ol biker bitch!

May you continue to enjoy the wind in your fur as you move through this world,

May you feel the thrill of the ride for as long as you can,

May you know you've been noticed as you've zoomed & wiggled past us all,

And may you enjoy all the great memories you've created for all the days of your life!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

I am officially retired.    I didn’t even see it coming! Literally.  I am totally blind, losing my hearing, and well, just getting older….I will be 15 at the end of this year.  Yes, after 6+ great years of riding and over 60,000 miles including Sturgis of 2012….I planned on Retiring after Sturgis of 2015   75th Anniversary.    But life doesn’t always go the way you plan it.  I have had an incredible life for a dog.  I want to thank all of you who have read and shared adventures with me.   It has been an honor to call you friends!

            I have a new little brother named “Deuce”.   Mom said it is because I will always be Number One….but I think it has something to do with her bike too!

I don’t know if Deuce is a “writer” or not, but he is a natural “rider”.   As soon as he was adopted from HS Cabarrus Animal Rescue at 10 weeks, Mom and Dad had him in my old carrier while I demonstrated in my Saddleman carrier.  I have mentored him over the past 8 weeks and he has already put over 4,000 miles in his riding repertoire.
He will now take over the infamous Saddleman carrier in my place and share his stories with me (and hopefully you) when he comes home from a great ride and adventure!

I have to be honest… I wasn’t very fond of him at first.  Kind of a pain in my tail.  Puppy attitude, along with his Jack Russell / Chihuahua mix (Jack-Chi)….was a recipe for CRAZY!   Mom had her hands full….this mutt is a hundred miles per hour!  But he loves the ride.  We stopped at one overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway that was a huge hill that you could climb  (well, I got carried).   That stupid dog ran up it and then rolled down it, over and over again….I thought we would never catch him!  Mom was sweatin’ bullets, and she looked a little pissed especially when he ran off  the trail and made her chase him through the tall grass and weeds….but she still laughed at his chaos.  Even I admit he is kinda cute.

If you see Deuce you will discover he is extremely friendly, you might get licked, and he loves to fetch balls.  (He probably misses his!)  Sorry, Biker Bitch talk! 

He has passed his Obedience class and he is taking Agility courses. Deuce has been socializing with children and adults to prepare for his Therapy Course.   I remind everyone ….if you ride with your pet and you are going to carry it in public places, make sure that your pet is “friendly”.  People walk right up to the bike and start “petting”.  It isn’t fair to the pet or the people if your pet can’t handle the attention.

I also want to encourage “Rescue” pets.   Mom had several “Rescue” sights on her facebook, and watched for almost 3 years to find the perfect “personality breed” for her next riding companion. It takes a special dog to fill my paws!  A big thanks to HS Cabarrus Animal Rescue for all they do!  They knew what Mom was looking for!

Right now HS Cabarrus Animal Rescue  has a two-wheeled companion named Miss Scooter!   Please check out their facebook and website and visit Miss Scooter’s page

To Jon and Jan Pendleton, The Carolina,  I couldn’t have picked a better place to have my stories published!  Thank you for all the opportunities you have given me, and all the events I have been able to attend because of your great kindness.

This is the best online biker magazine EVER!

All My Love,  Quece  xoxoxo

History of the Concerned Bikers Association

In the early 70's the director of the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, Joan Claybrook, decided that motorcycles should be banned from the highways because of the inherent danger of their use. Accordingly, she developed a "10 year" plan to remove them from the road. The following is an excerpt from a letter she sent to the AMA concerning Rider Education.

"We believe that the training can and should be presented in such a way that it does not entice people to ride motorcycles who would not ride if the courses were not available. Motorcycle driver training will have little or no effect on total accidents, injuries, and deaths, if such courses substantially increase the number of novice riders. For these reasons we do not believe that motorcycle rider education courses should be required or part of the curriculum in high schools." Easyrider 1979.
NHTSA, with the help of the American Medical Association and the Insurance Institute, began a very well planned lobbying effort to pass extremely restrictive regulations concerning motorcycles. Ms. Claybrook and her minions knew that banning motorcycles outright would not be very popular, but that increased regulations and the enforcement of them would cause potential riders to give up motorcycles as too much hassle. Soon the use of motorcycles would dwindle till they could be banned completely.

Unlike today, where we can enjoy our sport or lifestyle without major interference from law enforcement, then, it was a different matter. If you were a "biker", almost every ride carried the real potential of being stopped and having your license and registration checked.

Seat height, mufflers, handlebar heights, motor numbers checked and recorded, rearview mirrors, license tag mounting, headlight on, number of foot pegs, and the MANDATORY helmet were regulations which were used to interrupt and delay an otherwise peaceful ride.

A small group of rough looking motorcycle riders began meeting in city parks in Charlotte, NC in 1970 united by their concerns about the eroding of their freedom by the State and Federal bureaucracies.  This core group officially founded the Concerned Bikers Association in the spring of led by a diverse group of bikers including Slim Baucom, Dale Luckey, the McLeod brothers, Bob Monaco, Rick Nail, Bob Trimnal and several others.

Shortly after the election of officers, Claude “Boda” Chavis drafted a Constitution for the Concerned Bikers Association of North Carolina.  It was based on the constitution of a military fraternity that he had joined in college – the Society of the Scabbard and Blade.  This short original constitution was eventually expanded under the guidance of Viki O’Keefe.

This group later expanded into various chapters with Charlotte as the original founding or Mother Chapter of CBA. Twice a year, the Charlotte Chapter hosts the 'Original Swap Meet and Bike Show", which is the oldest and largest on the East Coast, now held at the Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC. The Spring Swap Meet is always on the 4th weekend in March and the Fall Swap Meet is always on the 2nd weekend of November.

The CBA also host the annual Toys for Tots Ride in support of the United States Marine Corps, which is one of the largest toy rides in the area. It is held on the 1st Sunday of December. The CBA also participates in many other charity rides, benefits, and community activities, along with steady activity in Raleigh, lobbying for fair and just rights for Motorcyclists. We also sponsor and teach The Motorcycle Safety Awareness program to North Carolina Drivers Education students.

At about the same time that the CBA was organizing, Lou Kimzey and Keith Ball of Easyrider Magazine, a biker lifestyle monthly out of California began to publish lists of these laws and the news related to them in their magazine.
NOTE:  The Concerned Bikers Association actually predates ABATE.  Several years after its founding, the CBA aligned with ABATE and became the Concerned Bikers Association/ABATE of North Carolina.

EASYRIDERS magazine editor, Lou Kimzey, made a plea in issue #3, October 1971, for bikers to come together to fight impending restrictions by joining a new national organization called the National Custom Cycle Organization, but because of a conflict with the acronym the name was changed in February 1972 to A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments (ABATE). EASYRIDERS began granting state charters around 1974, and Keith Ball was the original national coordinator (Keith was for many years the editor of EASYRIDERS.)


A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

was the original acronym and it stood for just what it says.

We define Totalitarian Enactments as, laws established without the consent or consideration of the people. The Boston Tea Party was prompted by a totalitarian act perpetrated upon the colonists by King George. The Rally cry against King George, Taxation without representation, still serves as a shining example of the philosophical foundation of our organization.

CBA continues to pursue that time-honored tradition... “don't make laws about us, without seeking our involvement.” To that end, we remain actively involved in our government. An important part of being involved is having an established message, and organized activities to help share that message with our lawmakers. Individual CBA chapters have organized Constituent Teams that conduct lobbying trips to Raleigh. These teams speak with their local elected officials and share our concerns and desires.  Much of CBA’s success can be attributed to the activities of these teams, and to the efforts of individual members maintaining awareness of the issues and contacting their legislators.

After a couple of years, the folks at EASYRIDER realized that a national organization was next to impossible to form while publishing a new magazine and they gave the rights to the name to anyone in individual states who wanted to carry on at a state level.

In 1973, a nationwide mandatory helmet law was proposed in Washington and defeated because it was viewed as a States right issue. The AMA was instrumental in that fight.

NHTSA then convinced the feds to withhold federal highway funds from states that didn't pass mandatory helmet laws. 47 states passed these laws and the fight for freedom was on.

(That's me, Claude “Boda” Chavis, back in the 70's parked next to Lake Norman, NC)

The past 44 years have been a hard fought battle but there has been time for a lot of partying and riding.  Not to tell any big secrets, along the way I got a nickname – Boda.  Before that I was Claude W. Chavis, Jr., aka Bear, Biggy, Heavy, and other nicknames that aren’t so nice and some that are known only to my family and oldest friends.  See my Introduction for this and a couple other stories.



We had a fine time in Chesnee this past weekend. Good to see those of you who came by The BIG RIDE 2 ... and so good to have the a/c in the bus to escape the July heat every once and awhile!

Coming up in a couple weeks is the Summer Maggie Valley Rally. You know, that's the first anniversary of our original bus's fire. As evidenced by my buddy Ben's lack of awareness of last year's disaster, not everyone knows that The BIG RIDE 2 is #2 because #1 burned to the ground last August. It may be a good story to tell ... but it's not something I wish to go through again .. and I'm sure glad the new bus came along when it did so we can still make it out to see you all at events!

See you in Maggie Valley August 14-16!

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