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July 29th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Event Report by Lester: Another Bike Nite @ Sue's

Orangeburg Ron: How do you say "Lancaster?"

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 29-August 5, 2014

Tuesday 82 p-cloudy, Wednesday 86 m-sunny, Thursday 85 p-cloudy, Friday 76 scattered storms, Saturday 84 scattered storms, Sunday 83 scattered t-storms, Monday 84 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 87 scattered storms (as per on 7/29/14)

"They ain't from around here"

... as we native Carolinians say when one of our most-welcome transplants miss-pronounces an easily misspoken town name. Sometimes it's "Saa-liss-berry" they say differently ... when clearly Salisbury is "Sahls-berry" to us! Or it might be "Ruh-ther-ford-ton" they utter when we all know it's one less syllable than that! "Ruth-fuh-ten" we who are from around here quickly plow through Rutherfordton's name softening the middle consonants like wrinkles in a bedsheet.

Now, truth be told, we have no business telling anyone how to mangle our vocabulary any more than we do ourselves. We have both Byoo-fert and Boh-fert in the Carolinas ... Beaufort, SC is "Byoo-fert" and Beaufort, NC is "Boh-fert." Who made those decisions?! And, furthermore, I, a Carolina born 'n bred gal, am very likely to miss-pronounce Worchester, MA and Boerne, TX so I encourage us all to ask a native before we name it and get someone's feathers ruffled.

Orangeburg Ron shares today that he and his bride, Marcia, who hail from Michigan but now claim SC as home, that they ran into the "Lancaster" controversy while on a ride in the upstate recently. (The debate over how to pronounce it, that is. There's also the long-running debate over where President Andrew Jackson was born and both NC and SC claim him because it was somewhere at the border and near or right in Lancaster.) As Ron says, Lancaster is "pronounced as close to one syllable as possible!"

Anyway, ..... Where're ya'll from?

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Hello all, I want to report on a little local bike night in my area ....

Bike night at Sue’s Wing’s and Things every other Thursday night.  If you are in the area you definitely do not want to miss this one. I have reported on this one before but I have to report that it is getting bigger and better every time.

Last time I went, I rode down alone. This time I went with friends. That’s right, Chester and Daryl and I went to Sue’s. This was Chester & Daryl’s first time to Sue’s & it wasn’t hard to convince Daryl to go, I just told him how much I liked the food.  He was sold! Chester just wanted to get away with friends.  That suited me fine. It has been a rough month at the J-O-B.

So, we head down, it is only about 30 miles away so with traffic being what it is on I-85, it took about 45 minutes to get there. As I had reported before, Sue’s has one lot just for motorcycles and the other for cages. We get there at about 6:45 so there is plenty of room in both lots. We are meeting up with another friend from the Anderson area. We meet up with Clay after we park and go inside....


Saturday we headed out to Lancaster (that is pronounced as close to all one syllable as possible instead of Lan_caster in two syllables as Marcia found out during the day).  She had read an article in the SC Natural Resources magazine about the Center and the pottery of the Catawba Native Americans in the area.  They had a neat picture of an owl, which she really likes, so we decided to ride up and check out the Center.

We headed out 601 through St. Mathews and some of the largest peanut and cotton fields around.  They covered both sides of the road nearly as far as you could see and went on for some distance.  They were not as big as the wheat fields of the Midwest in Kansas and such, but for around here they were large.  Lots of peanut butter this fall. 

The day was nice.  It was not too hot, in the upper 70’s low 80’s was all it got to for the day and mostly overcast, but no rain.  We headed up 601 to meet up with 521 and take that into Lancaster.  When we crossed I-20 we stopped for gas and a short break, bottle of water and Reeses Cup.  Marcia was concerned that I knew where I was going and she asked a man if he was from the area and asked if we were on the right road to Lan_caster.  He paused for a moment and said, Oh, you mean Lancaster.  Yes, just follow this and you will run into 521 and ...

We're gonna Party at the Rally -

Champagne & Cake for you too!

As you've read and heard, we're going to be back in Maggie Valley in just a couple weeks for Sonny Productions' Summer Rally.

The dates are August 15-17

We'd like to invite you to take a ride to the mountains ... or, if you are in that area anyway, to come on over ... and not only stop by the Festival Grounds for the Hot Rods and HAWGS event, (as this rally is called,) but to come by The BIG RIDE Bus and have some champagne and cake to celebrate our 5th Birthday!

The Carolina Rider went online in August of 2009 and what wonderful people we have met and connections we have made in the past 5 years! What terrific experiences and fun we're having as we reach further and further outward into our home states with your warm welcomes! Those who are contributing to this weekly magazine continue to blow our minds with their generous sharing and talents and, as I was telling a not-for-profit group recently, our growing base of advertising Sponsors make it possible for us to give to our communities with free ads for nonprofit events. We're proud to have made it through some chancey economic times, some unexpected ugly treatment by some nasty people along the way, and all the challenges that grip any start-up business .. and we're still happy and kickin' it!

Please come celebrate with us. We appreciate you and we want you to know that......

Happy Birthday to us!





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