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July 30th Edition


In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Shag's Rant: Kamakazi 2013

Ridin' Along with Uncle Roy: The Cruel Mistress, a poem

I Survived Rider's Edge & Now I'm gonna Ride! by Brian Wudkwych

Ron Lofts: Riders of our Past, Rides of our Present

PoniPrincess: It was HOT in Chesnee!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of July 30 - August 6, 2013

Tuesday 85 p-cloudy, Wednesday 78 scattered t-storms, Thursday 85 scattered t-storms, Friday 86 p-cloudy, Saturday 87 p-cloudy, Sunday 84 scattered t-storms, Monday 84 p-cloudy, Tuesday 84 m-cloudy (as per on Tuesday 07/30/13)



: delight or elation arising from some act, possession, or relationship

Sunday was another day that caught me grinning inside. I was surrounded by DELIGHT and there was truly magic afoot! The "feet" belonged to three of our regular creative contributors who showed up in Chesnee, SC to hang out awhile at The BIG RIDE with Footloose and me. I've been enjoying the sweet growth of our co-creations most especially this year, watching in my out-of-body loft as new faces and perspectives continue to come forth to join our team; some frequent contributors, some just popping in once or twice or for occasional offerings. Are you aware that currently we have 11 regular writers for The Carolina Rider? I just counted 'em ... EEE-leven!

The BIG RIDE sat on Main Street for the annual antique bike event and while the day was scorching hot, the crowd at the Bus was cool-as-can-be: Golden "Bub" Carper, "Shaggy" Peeler, and PoniPrincess hung out together for a bit with Footloose and I proudly hosting their exchange. Shaggy was shagging out stories while burning down Camels; The Princess was waving like the royalty she is, beaming at passersby with a welcoming "hi!" despite the heatstroke she thought she might suffer any minute; and our Golden boy Bub seemed just as pleased as he could be to be part of the team, wearing his TCR t and trying to hand out his TCR business cards left and right.

DEE-light. PRIDE. Yep, that about says it. I was so proud to be there to represent the publication that I love and to watch it growing, filled with the life and laughter of such unique and varied writer-riders' talents. Thanks for coming to Chesnee, guys - and thanks for coming along on this amazing ride of The Carolina Rider!


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Kamakazi 2013

Will there be a 2014? ... it's up to YOU!

Well, well, well, look what I pulled out of my ass, a bike show. And once you get past the smell it really wasn't all that bad. I'll be honest with everyone here, I really didn't see this happening, but what a shock we got when the sun rose on Palmetto Cycle Center on June 8th. I was even more shocked to see that the first man through the gate was none other than Golden "Bub" Carper (of fame) on his shiny new Honda cb1100. I gotta say, I was awestruck by this machine. I believe Bub sensed this as he very casually handed me the keys and said "take it up the road and back." If ever you get the chance to take one of these bikes for a spin, do it!!!!!! This thing looks like it came straight out of '69 and runs like a scalded dog. Honestly, I hope this is where the market is going and all the other manufacturers (Harley included) take a cue from this. Bub I want to thank you for that opportunity.

Bub was the first but he surely wasn't the last. One by one turned to two by two and eventually we had a sizeable crowd on our hands. The Japanese big three (Honda, Kawasaki, and Yamaha) were well represented, even threw in a Triumph for shits and giggles. Attendees rolled in, hung out, and lived it up. Among the average Joe's and curios by passers; the show even attracted some upstate "rally royalty" such as Dennis Harris of Chesnee Classic Cycles and "Otis" of Steel Khaos. But what set it off for me was the fifteen or twenty loyal readers of approaching me and telling me how much fun they were having ....


The Cruel Mistress

by Uncle Roy Yelverton

From your cage you've watched the wild ones; those who ride the iron.

They sound so loud, they go so fast, their clothing all aflutter.
Fearlessly they lean and glide, slicing the wind like a knife through butter.

Your fascination is undeniable; you think; "could that ever be me?"
They laugh a lot, they party a lot, they seem so goddam FREE!
You imagine wind-kisses, and distant roads; and ponder how that life might be.

I know, I know, it's hard to resist. (We make it look that way.)
But be warned, road rookies; as with all things good, in the end there's a price to pay.
For you, my Brethren and Sistren, I have wisdom to send your way.

Now, you don't owe me nuthin'; You won't get no bill;
Y'see, I just caught me a righteous buzz, an' I got a lil' time ta kill.
Now I ain't nobody's Momma, Ah-ite?  I'm just try'na do my part.
You think you "wannabe" a biker?  I'm jus' sayin; read on before you start....

You should know the Road is a cruel mistress; and she shares her slaves with none.
She will seduce you, and reduce you, to a worshiper of fun.
She will make you scorn the creature comforts, of bed, and home, and wife.
She will claim your body, and steal your soul; in exchange she gives you life.

And beware! The magic warns you not; it creeps, like a thief in the night.
You will hurt someone who loves you, and never make it right.
The ride becomes your lover, the long road your best friend.
Your life an empty wasteland, 'till you make the wheels to spin.

At first of course you'll fight it, you'll try to pretend.
But you go on that first road-trip, and then you go again.
Now things you thought were important, seem trivial and small.
Back home you have a number; out there, you have it all!
Hooked on the moment, you are drinking from the fountain
That is flowing like a river, running down a mountain.

  Should it come to pass that you bow your head
And go humbly into her arms.
She will make you swear to be faithful,
Even though she may do you harm.

And loneliness will be your shadow.
No doubt that price you'll pay.
The mirror looks out at a selfish man,
You know he'll stay that way.

You think; "I'll find someone who rides, a woman who loves the life."

But your gut says "even the best of them may morph into a 'wife.' "
In your heart, you'll know she's right. Hell, she's got a life too.
Then you remember that your scooter never tells you what to do.

Your motorsickle becomes your salvation, be it Jap, or Hun, or Hog.
You'll give a machine more love and care than you did your boyhood dog.
And you will be a wanderer, on an endless, pointless quest.
To some a hapless vagabond; cursed; to some an untamed spirit; blest.

One day you hear a honking sound above, wild geese are flying north.
Springtime slips in soft and balmy, blooms and blossoms, blazing forth.
A temptress wind whispers of roads ahead, and adventures yet to be.
And if they be false prophesies; at least you'll still be free.


I wasn't born into a family of motorcycle royalty. In fact, neither my mother nor my father knew the first thing about motorcycles. However, after my parents divorced, my mother married a man who lived and breathed Harley motorcycles. I wasn't initially attracted to the idea of a motorcycle, but through the years I found my interest in them continually grow. In fact it grew to the point that I felt the urge to take an old Honda CL 350 off of my grandfather. I wanted to ride and I wanted to ride fast.
I recognized the immediate dangers of having and owning a motorcycle, that's why I felt the need to receive proper instruction from trained and experienced riders. In comes the Rider's Edge program offered by Harley Davidson of Charlotte ...



This is a picture of my wife's grandfather. The back of the picture says "Archie 1916 Harley Davidson." I don't know if that means it is a 1916 Harley Davidson or the picture was taken in 1916. Someone that knows more about antique bikes may be able to tell what year the bike is. I've always known him as Grandpa Rumsey in our community. He was born in 1889 so he would be about 18 or 19 in this picture if it was taken in 1918 which looks to be about right. He was an adventurer and certainly fit the mold of going his own way as we think of the biking community of today ...



No Rain, Just Late Summer Sun for Chesnee’s Antique Bikes on Main

I know I told you about the event a couple of weeks ago and I hope you heard me loud and clear and made the effort to show up. Chesnee Antique Bikes on Main was AWESOME!! I mean really cool (even though, true to its heritage, it was boldly hot!) ... undeniably. Did you go? Did you see all the bikes that are 35 years old and OLDER riding in? Was that not the BEST? Did you stop off at Chesnee Classic Cycle and talk with Dennis Harris, one of the founding partners? Having been a professional motorcycle racer for years and now owning his repair shop that guy knows everything about bikes and throwing a party for bikers!

Frog and I woke up early to a very moderate temperature and were thrilled that even though the sky was gray and very overcast there was nothing showing on radar and the chance of rain had even been REDUCED a little. (How many times has a biker checked a weather website on the weekends this year?!) Woo hoo! We would be able to take the gentle but very long-way journey from Rock Hill, past McConnells, through Adamsburg and into Union, down some other country roads and right onto the Main Street of Chesnee, SC. Any other day that would have been a fun but non-eventful ride. Today was different in so many ways....



That's Right...

Did you see the offer from Skyline Village up top? My friends Mike and Lynn Thrift are always looking for ways to draw us all to their historic mountain inn and this one's worth taking note of: it's what they call a BOGO I hear - buy one get one free - and if you'd like to ride some pretty country, you might want to set up a couple nights at their place along the way. Skyline Village Inn is right at the Blue Ridge Parkway in beautiful country. Go check 'em out online and you'll see! Then make a reservation and, as the ad says, tell 'em The Carolina Rider sent ya!

I had a great time in Chesnee on Sunday. Glad the rain held off that day. I hear some of you made the ride there on Saturday only to get drenched. It's been happening a lot. Anyway, thanks for coming by the Bus. For those who just signed up for our publication over the weekend, welcome! We hope you'll find what you need here - and we ask that you let us know what's going on where you live and ride. Write FancyFree. She'd love to hear from you.

Next Wednesday we're hoping for good weather so we can finally make it to a bike nite free and clear. It's on our calendars to be at Mac's on South Boulevard. Remember to wear your TCR shirt and I'll buy you that adult beverage I've been telling you about.

















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