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(photo by Mike Lopeman from Antique Bikes on Main)

August 2nd Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Teaser: Antique Bikes on Main

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Rebel Randi: Road Journal Entry #2

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 3-9, 2016

Wednesday 85h & 60% scattered t-storms, Thursday 84h & 60% scattered t-storms, Friday 86h & 60% scattered t-storms, Saturday 95h & p-cloudy, Sunday 92h & p-cloudy, Monday 90h & 60% afternoon t-storms, Tuesday 89h & 60% scattered t-storms (as per on 8/02/16)


Over the weekend, a rider began a conversation about perhaps taking on the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge. Concerns about funding and regulations were chewed on by the little group aboad The BIG RIDE 2 Bus ... and then a big clincher came up: "But they say you have to ride an American-made bike to ride in it. What if that's not my style?" Good question and really important concern for a rider who's dedicated to his bike!

The discussion rounded the corner. Maybe Hoka Hey isn't the challenge this rider should investigate. He'd love to win the money but the REAL reason he wants to run it is deeper, more personal. He wants the personal challenge of going out there "under the gun," so to speak, and prove to himself that he's got the steel that he believes he does. "Ok, so why not just go ride on your own?," came the query? "Money," said the potential wanderer. He had hopes of some kind of supporter-backing for the organized Hoka Hey.

How Might you Challenge Yourself as a Rider?

And so I ask you, sisters and brothers, what challenges have you taken on as a rider? And, if you too wanted the extreme challenge that Hoka Hey presents, what would you choose? Are there other organized challenges to consider or is it best to go it alone?

Clearly, like Rebel Randi below and our long-distance rider Gary and countless others who have written for The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine over the years, there are TONS of ways to go about this thing. We'd like to hear what you think and maybe pass on some wisdom to this rider who is hearing a call from way down the road.


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Our Sandhills Mike and Shaggy too joined our crew in Chesnee, SC this past weekend for the annual Antique Bikes on Main. It was a scorcher but crowds were way bigger on Saturday than they have ever been and some grand ole rides were displayed up and down Main Street with proud owners close by to share a tale or two!

More to come (including photos by Shaggy and Mike) from this annual hometown event that celebrates vintage bikes on one end of town while enjoying a traditional ferris-wheel-and-funnel-cakes fair at the other end.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an on-the-road series by Rebel Randi. We introduced her in the July 12th edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine. Just as her journey is uncharted and filled with unknowns, what will come in this column is yet to be seen by her or the rest of us. She is setting out with intention - to reconnect with her deeper self, to let go of the roles she has played so far, and to recreate who and where she will be. What better way to do that than to shed possessions and responsibilities and give in to a two-wheeled ride of transformation?

Lane Splitting and Filtering

Here's what I shared last week:

Apparently the National Highway Safety Committee is considering endorsing lane splitting and filtering for motorcycles. Lane splitting is passing between two cars on the highway at a speed no greater than 15mph greater than the cars are going. Filtering is when a motorcycle is allowed to go between rows of stopped cars and filter to the head of the line, be it a stop sign or traffic light.

I asked for feedback & here's what one reader said:

David P wrote: "Jon, Maybe someone has to explain it to me better but I just don't understand why the NHSC would think this is a good idea and endorse it.  It's just not a safe practice in my mind.  I see it happen and typically cringe each time just hoping the rider makes it through and doesn't get squashed, his bike dinged up or worse.  For me I would never try it because my bike is too big and I care about it, me and my passenger too much to risk it.  You just can't control what the cage drivers are going to do and because of that, split or filter at your own risk."

So, What do you think?

Should these changes be made? Why or why not?

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