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August 5th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Brother Bear Reports: Woodlawn Baggers Bike Show

A New TCR Team Member: Whirlygig the Drone!

Loose Talk with Jon

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Bike Nite Music this week in Charlotte-area Macs:

Pluto for Planet @ Southend @ 7 on Wed

Hannah Thomas @ Lake Norman @ 6 on Th

Angel Incident @ Steele Creek @ 7 on Th





The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 5-12, 2014

Tuesday 88 p-cloudy, Wednesday 91 m-sunny, Thursday 89 m-sunny , Friday 82 scattered storms, Saturday 79 scattered storms, Sunday 80 scattered t-storms, Monday 83 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 84 t-storms (as per on 8/5/14)

If you're not locked up, come have some

Champagne 'n Cake to Celebrate!

If you don't have anything else going on next weekend (Aug 15-17,) you may as well get on your bikes and ride to Maggie Valley and come see us. We've chosen to have a bit of a party at The BIG RIDE Bus while we're hanging out at the "Hot Rods & Hawgs" Maggie Valley Summer Rally put on by Sonny Productions. Surely you saw this in Footloose's column last week as well as in the flyer below ... but I'm making sure you know that we do indeed look forward to making merry with as many of our subscribers as possible.

You who take time to read this weekly magazine ... even if you don't read it every week! ... are why we're here. We enjoy getting to know all of you and creating a special publication to communicate what's going on and who's riding around NC and SC. While most often our "bus visits" are brief as you stop by to enter another TCR drawing for prizes, we're going to have a little more going on than usual for our "Birthday Party." There will be Champagne and Cake to consume and Corn Hole to play as well as another game or two around the bus ... and, of course, some writers who contribute to The Carolina Rider plan to drop by at some point over the weekend.

Maggie's open arms ...

While enjoying our time at Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee a couple weekends ago, I invited a passerby to enter a drawing for a night's stay at Maggie Valley Inn. "Maggie Valley,!" he exploded gruffly, "Things didn't go too well for me last time I was there. Sure thing I won't be going back!," he grumbled, grabbing a TCR helmet sticker from our table of giveaways anyway and kept going. As he and his close pack of buddies strode away, we could hear them saying, "Isn't Maggie Valley where you got locked up?"

So here's the thing: if you've been imprisoned somewhere, we don't expect you to be happy to hear about an offer we have for you. But we're hoping that scene was one in a million and that most of you will surely love what Maggie has to offer! If you haven't been to Maggie Valley, here's what you can look forward to:

A genuinely biker-welcoming town that goes out of their way to encourage motorcycle traffic and tourists. As you know, there have been some touristy areas that have made it difficult at times for riders to enjoy themselves (i.e., Lake Lure a couple years back and Myrtle Beach in their continuing struggles,) and Maggie Valley is not one of them. Hotels, restaurants, shops, and other businesses know that you are their bread and butter and they work to make a place that riders can drop into easily.

Smack in the middle of great riding country, Maggie Valley can be the place to stay while you branch out on rides in all directions or it can be all you need as you wander the main drag and explore food and fun from one end of Soco Road to the other. There have been lots of motorcycle rallies and events at their Festival Grounds over the years. Currently, Sonny Productions is working hard to make a Spring and Summer rally happen there and this is the second one of 2014, the Summer Rally. Unfortunately the Spring Rally had a glitch in it when at the last minute there was no beer allowed served. However, this coming Summer Rally next weekend will be fully stocked with cold ones. So if the weather's good, this event will be bigger and better than Spring tried to be.

Join us if you can!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

At this time of my life, I thought I had covered just about every bike event that I could think of covering until now. Saturday morning on July twenty-six I headed to the Buffalo Grill downtown Greenwood to cover the First Annual Woodlawn Baggers Bike Show. Like a good little journalist I did my research on what a motorcycle with a big wheel on the front is, why it would be called a Bagger. The only reason I could find out why it was called a Bagger was because it had two big saddle bags.           

Over the years I have covered events that Bub Lollis put on to help raise money for the Whitten Center in Clinton, South Carolina. I have never had the chance to meet his son James Lollis until I covered the Twenty-fifth Annual Bub Lollis Whitten Center Run. The Greenwood Motorcycle Club and bikers of the community wanted to keep the ride going in memorial and to honor Bub Lollis. James asked me to come and cover their bike show on Main Street in Greenwood.

I was still in the dark about who was putting on the bike show other than James Lollis was the promoter. I knew any charity event that James would put on there would be a good turn out. The bikers in the area always supported James and his father's charity events. This was not a charity event ... this was for their business, Woodlawn Cycle....



It's true ... we have a flying contributor who'll be showing up at all events now and may see the top of your head as well as the far horizon. This amazing creature is in Jon's hands ... and up in the sky ... and ready for action up and down Main Streets and rallies and wherever fate and Footloose may take it. Pretty cool deal. Keep your eyes out 'cause Whirlygig is out and about!

Thanks to Bub for these shots while in Chesnee! And next week you get to see Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee from Whirlygig's viewpoint!

We'd like to welcome Ride Now Powersports and Concord Indian as new and returning Sponsors to The Carolina Rider. Yes, Ride Now now carries Indians at their Concord location and they're having Concord Indian grand opening in October so stay tuned for more info on that.

Ride Now also carries many other lines of new and used motorcycles as well as ATV's, side-by-sides, and jet skiis. Stop by Ride Now and be sure to tell em you saw it in The Carolina Rider.

Next week, look for the drone video of Antique Bikes on Main that we're putting finishing touches on now!





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