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Photo by Footloose Fotos .... working toward a 2013 hot girls/hot bikes calendar!



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Lil' Weather


Free Thinking with Fancy Free



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Stealth's Custom Corner: Black Betty


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of July 30- August 6, 2012

Monday 86 t-showers, Tuesday 81 scattered t-storms, Wednesday 85 scattered t-storms, Thursday 84 iso t-storms, Friday 85 scattered t-storms, Saturday 86 m-sunny, Sunday 86 p-cloudy, Monday 86 p-cloudy (as per on Monday 8/06/12)






I sat in a coffee house with a friend this weekend dreaming big dreams. She's been aiming at her star-of-a-dream for as long as I've known her; some twenty-something years. Youth and money and tragic life challenges have slowed down her progress but she's now close to dream realization, that amazing time when one's personal gifts and intentions fuel something special and new. The owner of the place stopped by our table and shared how she dreamed up her own business; the efforts put into renovating an old house to create a welcoming space folks want to spend time in and enjoy her fine food and beverage creations too. My friend's 15 year old daughter talked about her own near- and far-reaching teenage dreams. A guy who'd been seated on a cushy chair in the corner got up and started singing; a wide smile and velvet voice shared with everyone present. He walked around and gave out tickets to a performance he's to be giving in town giving wings to his own musical dream.

Ah, dreams. Delicious to savor. Kind of like making plans for an exciting roadtrip - considering the idea that you just might could take that trip, the first glimpses of the roadmap and where it might take you, turning over and over possible visions and plans in your mind, having that "too excited to sleep" night before kickstands-up!

As we continue to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of The Carolina Rider, I want to recognize the dream that got us here today and honor just a tiny few of its offshoots. Kind of like looking back over some snapshots of our journey ......

  • The initial dream was to share our own love of riding ... and our own love of The Carolinas ... giving birth to the website, to our NC/SC logo (CARL) design, and to our connection with all of you!


  • The Carolina started as an empty website, an empty calendar, empty galleries, empty archives and today is filled with articles and reviews, bursting with images, brimming with events on our calendar, and extending its ever-growing achives of this weekly e-Magazine!


  • The BIG RIDE Bus joined our team in 2011 and has enjoyed its display at several dozen area events including a couple gigs at The Charlotte Convention Center!


  • The Carolina Rider has joined forces as marketing partner with a number of not-for-profit events including Toy Runs, HOG Rallies, and Carolina charitable rides and runs.


  • This weekly e-Magazine, The Carolina Rider Scene, which came along as a child of the big dream, first published in February of 2010, just 6 months after the website went online; and has become the "in-your-pocket" go-to resource for riders across the states.


  • The e-Magazine has grown from 3,000 to 56,000 subscribers since its inaugural run. The website has gone from 10,000hits/month to 3.75million hits/month since it hit the the internet.



READERVILLE Has Moved to a New Location

To Better Serve You and Your Not-for-Profit Motorcycle Events!

I've made a change today. READERVILLE has outgrown its place in my own column and now resides below on its own. In the years since our dream began, our Inboxes have become quite filled with requests for help promoting events. It is our joy and privalege to do so.

For-profit businesses are the backbone of our publications and their advertising dollars make it possible for you to receive what we do FOR FREE and so we call our advertisers SPONSORS. To show your appreciation to them, and to connect with their valuable products and services, please click on their links in the column to the right.

Not-for-profit businesses, groups, and individual efforts are part of who is helped by our Sponsors' support. They make The Carolina Rider and The Carolina Rider Scene and The BIG RIDE Bus and all that we do possible! Their advertising dollars, including the monies they pay for their event flyers to be published (as the ones at the top of this e-Mag are,) make it possible for you to publish your not-for-profit event flyers free.

So, as a part of READERVILLE, I have added some information there to help you know what it's all about and how we can help you as well as what we need from you in order to continue publishing your not-for-profit charitable and educational motorcycle event info. Please take time to read the READERVILLE header below and please email me for additional information on how we can help you and your event! It is an honor to be here for you......


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Rhonda H sent in this info ...

We are having a poker run for a local Matthews police officer,Tommy Jordan. Tommy and his wife Brenda lost their daughter in April of 2012 after a year and half battle with a double lung transplant ....




Peake Fowler (an event sponsor below) is one of the Sponsors of The Carolina Rider - give 'em some good support!







Black Betty (bam-a-lam!)

"Black Betty is one bad girl! The sinister black treatment is everywhere and it makes for one mean look, most people black out the lower fork legs but Black Betty's fork tubes got the black treatment and this is a bad ass look." (Stealth)


Don't tell Christy that a girl's bike is supposed to be pink. Her 2008 Nightster is a long ways from pink! I ran into Christy and Black Betty at a local bike night at Mac's. I really dig the all-black look of this bike. It seems nowadays that "Black is the NEW CHROME!" ...Whatever that means...?

Now, before we get into that age-old argument that "Sportsters are for girls," think about this: why is Harley's racing program based around Sportsters? ... Because they are the hot rods of Harley's line-up. I had a '79 and I loved that bike. And don't tell Christy her bike is just for girls. In a way, I did that when I met her. I told her I needed a girl's bike to shoot and she quickly told me it WAS NOT A GIRLS BIKE! I re-phrased what I had said and told her I needed a female rider's bike to shoot, and after we got that straight everything was good.

It seems everyone thinks that all black bikes are something new when in fact we used black before we could afford chrome. I had an '82 FXR Shovelhead that I blacked the engine and tranny out and at the time my buddies thought I was nuts. Maybe I was ahead of my time? Anyway back to Christy and Black Betty...

Black Betty is one bad girl! The sinister black treatment is everywhere and it makes for one mean look. Most people black out the lower fork legs but Black Betty's fork tubes got the black treatment and this is a bad ass look. The Nightster's engine came with a lot of gray bead blast on the engine covers. The engine was removed from the frame and cases and covers got a dose of the black.

Christy was not satisfied with the way the speedo on the Nightster looked, so she installed one from a 48 Sportster that sits between the 8" Gimp Ape Hangers. The Arlen Ness mirrors mounted upside down flow with the bars. Black Betty sports a saddlebag from Lick's Cycles and it blends perfectly with the bike. Christy takes a lot of pride in her bike as she should. Black Betty is as clean as a whistle and as sharp as a knife! Black Betty can hold her own at any bike night; she is dark, sinister and has a lot of attitude.

I had fun meeting Christy and Black Betty. By the way someone mentioned to me that "BLACK IS THE NEW PINK?" ... WHAT?!

There're more photos in the online version of this story .. check it out!







It's August and It's HOT!!

The photo at the top is hot too, right? I'm enjoying photographing hot girls and hot bikes in some really cool locations. And am truly appreciative of the folks who are allowing me to use their garages, bars, pastures, barns, and other great spots for these shoots as we put together a HOT calendar for 2013. Still booking talent and locations so holler if you want to get on board!

Be sure to check out the charity riding this weekend. Some are listed in Readerville above and there's always much more on the EVENTS CALENDAR. This weekend, there's one sponsored by our Sponsor H-D of Charlotte in Matthews, NC helping out one of Matthews finest officers.

And did you see where you can win tickets to see Toby Keith? Answer the questions and send me an email QUICKLY and be ready on the next two Mondays as we are giving them away for three weeks. The questions change each week - don't be late, we will only be choosing the first 2 of you who get the questions right!

Need an excuse to ride to the Outer Banks? Make the trip with The Carolina Rider! We are taking The BIG RIDE Bus to the NC State HOG rally. It's a long bus trip and a wonderful destination and we would love some company. September 26th, 27th and 29th ....

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D



Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte





SkyLine Inn


















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