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Red White & Brew Celebration at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte!

OCC Coming to Charlotte!

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of August 8-15, 2011

Monday 95 p-cloudy, Tuesday 95 p-cloudy, Wednesday 93 m-sunny, Thursday 89 am clouds, Friday 86 sunny, Saturday 87 scattered tstorms, Sunday 89 iso- tstorms , Monday 87 m-sunny (as per on Monday 8/08/11)





Survey Says!

Wow what great responses I received from my survey quickie last week. Check out what some of you said......



My harley is a dark blue. Harley Davidson calls it luxury blue. Black and a dark red would also be good. I would not use white,yellow,purple,or pink. My helmet is dark grey but black would also be good. My leathers are black, no logos.


Hey, chrome's a color too. And I like lots of it. Sorry, no pics of my girl "Betty," Black and Chrome 98 Heritage. NO PINK! NO TAN LEATHER! If ya like it, fine by me. Just don't work for this ole dude....


BIKES - muted orange, gold , greens
T-shirts - white , neutral , black [ until they come up with something darker]
Bandanna - multi color ........ Leather - black



Anything with a red and black color combo is prefer for me!!!! I do how ever appreciate all the colors of the



Before you go on to Bob's Answers below, take a break and click on Richard Dawson's Family Feud photo and watch a funny segment from an old FF episode.....



Fancy, Regarding the color I would paint my bike, that's an interesting question. I've owned metrics and Harley-Davidsons and, with one exception, every one of them has been black. Both of my current Harleys are black, but I once owned a white Sportster--which now belongs to my youngest son. So even though it's a bit tough to keep clean, I prefer black.

I think the model and style of bike has a lot to do with what color looks best. It seems as if most metric bikes--and I'm talking cruisers--are either black, gray or silver. Harley has introduced some very bright and vibrant colors over the past few years on some models (I think they have a very bright green called Dragonfly). To each his own, but I don't think I could live with a bright blue or green. I have a riding buddy who has a gorgeous Road King Custom in a very bright blue. To me, it looks like a big gumball. But he likes it, which is all that matters.

A Road Glide in either yellow or orange always catches my eye, but I'm not sure an Electra Glide would look as nice in those bright hues. I'm not a fan of red, either, but on a Street Glide or Road King, it looks pretty sweet. The Softail Deluxe looks good in just about any color, especially in two-tone--and I love the old school cream and turquoise on that bike. Bright yellow on a Honda Gold Wing seems to fit that bike perfectly, too.

Not to be sexist, but I do think some colors are more feminine than others. Obviously pink, and maybe purple...but then again, I once saw a chopper painted in a wild two-tone purple and I loved it. Go figure. I've heard some guys say that white is a chick color, but my old Sporty was white and I got a lot of compliments on that bike.

As far as apparel, I pretty much stay with darker colors. Probably like most guys, I have about ten black t-shirts that I ride in. I also have some dark green, burgundy and one orange tee. My helmet and leather jacket are black, too...see a pattern here? I do have a black and orange Harley jacket for days when it's too hot for leather, but it's more of a "burnt" orange.

Needless to say, color choices are subjective. Maybe the colors we choose for our bikes and apparel are a reflection of our personalities. My buddy with the bright blue Road King is more outgoing and extroverted. When he rides, he always dons a brightly colored bandana and wears orange or white t-shirts. I can always spot him in a crowd. I don't like drawing attention to myself, so I prefer muted tones, which matches my demeanor. Either way, ride and wear what you like. After all, freedom to choose is what being an American is all about! Thanks for reading!



Still looking for Riding Groups!

Hey ya'll! ... I'm still waiting on info from a number of riding groups who expressed interest in being in our Club Room group listings .. and hoping to hear from many many more rider organizations who have yet to connect with me.

No, The Club Room is not online yet for a number of reasons....part of them technical as we are working on new site updates and want to ensure that The Club Room is part of those rather than handled under old designs ... and also because we are waiting on you!

Why List Your Group in The Club Room? is an online magazine reaching out to all NC/SC riders. The website currently gets 1.3million hits per month & the free mini-mag, "The Carolina Rider Scene" goes out to over 20,000 subscribers weekly.  These numbers continue to grow & the magazine's reach broadens. is a publication of Satisfaction Marketing whose aim is to help individual & small business dreams become reality through professional guidance, creative genius, & enthusiastic support.

The Club Room provides a valuable online page for your motorcycle-related community groups to:

  1. To help interested riders support your group and its activities and mission
  2. Share periodic reports, articles, stories, photos, & announcements for The Carolina Rider community to enjoy & connect
  3. To have a widely-viewed online presence within a respected and growth-focused publication


I know time gets away from us and it's hard to get around to all that's possible in a day's time. Our "Group Submission Form" is pretty simple and should help you easily share the info you need to get out. We'll do most of the work to create your online presence and we believe you'll be most proud of what we offer you and the community.

Please take time today to either

Thanks much!

Readers Respond

Thanks, Chappy, for sending in the following recap and photos from a recent event!

Been to or going to a motorcyle event in The Carolinas? Be a Carolina Rider Event Reporter and share your experience with our readers! Ask me for an EVENT REPORT form.


Event Report by "Chappy" Kevin Pitts:

1st Annual Backpacks for Kids 2011

Ride & Event

July 23, 2011, 10am ride


Ride Started in Staples Parking Lot in Lincolnton, NC and involved a 50+ mile ride through 4 counties and 2 states ending up at a retreat area near Crowder's Mountain in Gaston County. Ride went through Kings Mountain National Park just inside the edge of SC and through some nice back country two-lane roads where even though the mercury was climbing to well over 90, the shade on some of those back roads was a welcome relief from the heat. There was music by Damascus Road and 3:16 Band upon arrival at the retreat area. The bands were rockin' it out and loud and proud.

Organizers included Mount-up Motorcycle Ministry, CMA Cpt #539 Ambassadors for Christ, Carolina Faith Riders GRACE Cpt, 3:16 Band, Damascus Band

Event benefitted less fortunate kids in Gaston and Lincoln counties. Riders brought backpacks filled with school supplies.

Besides the hundreds of school supplies that were gathered for the kids, riders had the chance to win some prizes. KathyLynn from Expertez in Lincolnton won the raffle for the ladies Leather Jacket. Gabby from the Gaston CBA won the DOT certified helmet.


Remember, you too can share your experience at events in your area! Ask me for an EVENT REPORT form.



I saved this one for last ... because it speaks to me and my ride ... because there's another bright, passionate color-lover out there in the world!!

Mel: Hey, you won't remember me but I met you guys at Keith Larson's last ride. I'm big and bald and have a white goatee. Anyway, I LOVE the color of your Yamaha V-Star! I love purples and magentas, etc. My V-Star 1100 Custom is candy apple red. All my previous bikes back to 1957 were mostly black, but I fell in love when I saw this bike on the showroom floor.

So happy to hear from you, Mel!

Honestly thrilled to hear from all of you this week and always.....

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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No Question Today

... Simply a Caring Plea to all Riders ...

To all my friends & to those who I look forward to meeting and calling friends:



I represent and have represented many of you and most of you do not carry enough insurance. If you ride a bike, the likelihood of a collision and the likelihood of serious injuries goes up compared to being in a car.

Now, if you are at fault, the coverage is not going to do much for you and your injuries; but most of the time you are NOT at fault.

Here is what happens: Another person driving a car does not see you and they hit you. That at-fault car driver (who is often not injured) has a minimum North Carolina Liability policy of 30k ... or if you are lucky, 50k. Many folks typically have a 50k policy for liability/underinsured motorist coverage. So, the max you are going to recover is 50k and the value of your claim is typically worth 100k or more.

I have many motorcycle injury cases right now where getting the policy is easy because it is not enough money ... the trick is negotiating medical expenses so you end up with your bills paid and still have some cash in your pocket.  If you had a 100k/200k policy, you would have a minimum of 100k to collect when that car insured with 30k or 50k hits you.

Help yourself (and your lawyer) ... get more coverage!

Stay vertical,








Several things....

Seems like a couple of months ago I said "It's Hot." Well things haven't cooled off yet but sooner or later it will, I promise. In fact the weather report this week shows a little cool-down coming.

In this week's Gator Bites Jason talks about having enough coverage and I agree whole-heartedly. Not only more coverage but also be sure you have Under and Un-insured coverage. A good friend of mine was hit from behind about a year ago and somehow he did not have under-insured coverage and the lady only had $25,000 in coverage. Did not even pay for his bike. Protect yourself, call your insurance agent today and make sure you are protected just in case someone with no or very little coverage  hits you.


My Video of the Week

Have you seen this minivan mom before? ....



Last but certainly not least.....before I forget, don't you forget to go check out the photos of Quaker Steak and Lube's July Bikini Contest in our GALLERY!

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton





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