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August 12th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

COMING EVENT FOCUS: Walkin Roll Activities League

POST-EVENT REPORT: Comporium Pioneers support Emergency Services Ride

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Antique Bikes on Main - Photos by Rich Hubbard

Shaggy- Kamikaze Event Report

Whirleygig The Drone - Chesnee's ABOM video

Loose Talk with Jon

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Coming Event Focus:

Post-Event Report:

Emergency Services Ride - Rock Hill, SC

By Leon Yard

It was a typical beautiful South Carolina morning on July 26th. What a day for an event ---it was Sunny/Cloudy/ Hot /Muggy and even Foggy prior to Kickstands up.  Set up preparations began at the” before the chickens get up time” of 7AM and hot food was ready by 9:30AM.  The Comporium Pioneers were ready, willing and able to Support Local First Responders and this Charity Event.

Local EMS, FIREFIGHTERS and POLICE OFICERS joined efforts to raise money for three local charities: The Wayne T Patrick Hospice House, SAFE KIDS YORK COUNTY and the Special Olympics. All monies raised from registration, 50/50 and donations would be split equally between the three groups.

Firefighters recommended the Wayne T. Patrick Hospice House while EMS and POLICE recommended SAFE KIDS YORK COUNTY and the Special Olympics respectively. These charities were near and dear to all Participants/ Supporters and Sponsors.

There was a Special Ride shirt and window sticker designed for the event. The parking lot filled up early with Emergency Vehicles that work together daily. Each charity had a representative on site and the following groups assisted with traffic and vendor presence: Oakdale Fire Department, Lesslie Fire Department, Piedmont Medical, Carolinas Healthcare, Interstate Towing, Fire and Iron Motorcycle Club and local Patriot Guard Representative Harvey Mayhill.

A warning shout was given at 10:45AM for the “last potty call” since the ride was escorted, 71 miles in length and no scheduled stops. Kickstands were up at 11:00AM and as the bikes left Cox’s parking lot, Representative Harvey Mayhill saluted all bikers as they left. The scenario was much like the Marine Saluting Veteran’s on bikes in Washington, DC that has circulated around the world on You Tube.

Bikers returned to Cox’s to eat Hamburgers and Hot Dogs around 12:30 before Calling it a Day. The event ended by 2PM.
A special Thanks goes out to our wo0rkers, supporters and sponsors for backing this event. Community/ Sponsor Support will determine the future of this event.




The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 12-19, 2014

Tuesday 87 pm t-storms, Wednesday 85 sunny, Thursday 85 sunny, Friday 85 m-sunny, Saturday 87 m-sunny, Sunday 90 m-sunny, Monday 91 iso t-storms, Tuesday 89 pm t-storms (as per on 8/12/14)

Greetings all! This week's focus is on the Antique Bikes on Main weekend of Chesnee, SC. Thanks to The Carolina Rider's new "Whirlygig The Drone," for a video documentary, our Shaggy for an article about his Kamikaze portion of the event, and to Rich Hubbard for some fabulous photos catching the essence of what's seen and felt there.

LOOK! Our beloved and "Golden" Bub showed out like Mr. Hollywood amidst the bikes of Kamikaze 2014, by the way. A pair of videographers snatched him up to talk about his love of riding and the antique bike show.


Next week: look for news from Quece, our 4-legged contributor who's back again on 4 wheels (we've missed hearing from you lately!,) as well as some thoughts on Sturgis by The Tarheel Tornado as he stirs up plans for next year's big anniversary rally. We'll also have a historical account of CARL (the CArolina Rider Logo!) as we continue to celebrate our 5th birthday during the month of The Carolina Rider's birth.

In case you missed a week, here are columns from some recent editions. Click on the DATE to get to that week.

July 29th:

  • Lester reports on Bike Nites at Sue's Wings & Things
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August 5th:

  • Brother Bear reports on the Woodlawn Baggers Bike Show
  • We introduce The Carolina Rider's newest team member, "Whirlygig the Drone!"

Off to Maggie Valley for a rally in a couple days so I'll keep this brief as we head out to spruce upThe BIG RIDE, put finishing touches on the birthday cake, nab a case of champagne, and ready the poodles...!

See ya in the mountains!

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Many thanks to Rich Hubbard for sharing some of his photos from Antique Bikes on Main 2014!

Shall we ring the bell for ROUND 3?

You know that annoying little voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you NOT to do something? Yeah, me either. All of my thoughts and actions are dictated by two specific manners of thought; stupidity and paranoia.

Now harken back to the last six or so months of me running around trying to organize KAMIKAZE. Did it make any sense? No. was the actual organizing a pain in the ass? Yes. Would I turn around and do it all again? Waaaaay ahead of ya Mack.

I’m not gonna say it went off without a hitch; bare in mind I organized this. What I will say is that it went a lot better than last year, we had to eighty-six the bike wash and the games but hell I don’t think it affected anything.  But for those that were expecting that I apologize, the game area quickly became a parking lot and despite my calls to every strip club in the area I couldn’t find the girls at the last minute. I would’ve gladly got out there and washed your bike for you but I forgot my bikini.

 Jap only vs. ALL Metric? I think from now on were going to go with all metric. I hate to take away from the Jap faithful but adding British makes to this year’s event really added a different crowd and interest to the whole deal. Before the show I was walking around trying to drum up some more interest from the typical Saturday A.B.O.M. crowd, and you should have seen the look of excitement on the faces of the Sandy Run Cycles guys when I mentioned a metrics only show. I believe actually they were the first entries; carting over a handful of vintage triumphs and BSA bikes. I appreciate that guys - you were a big help. But did it stop there? Nah, we’re just getting going, ...

We introduced Whirleygig The Drone in last week's edition. A new member of The Carolina Rider's team, Whirleygig's first official gig was at Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee. Click on the following link to check out Whirleygig's coverage "from on high!"



Weather in Maggie Valley for this weekend

(according to

FRIDAY = 73 partly cloudy

SATURDAY = 74 partly cloudy

SUNDAY = 74 partly cloudy

So the weekend looks like something we're all gonna love and we'll be in Maggie Valley. Ride up or over or down or whatever you need to do to get there! The weather should be the best it's been in awhile. Highs in the 70's and NO RAIN called for!.

Sonny's got a great event planned. The BIG Ride Bus will be there and I will be flying Whirleygig The Drone to capture all the happenings at the events. The Shriners will be there serving cold beer.... and we'll be celebrating our 5th birthday.

Sounds like a party!!

Hey, did you know that Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord have moved their bike nites to THURSDAY? After years on Wednesdays, they're trying to get the word out and the bikes in. Go check em out!





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