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August 13th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

PoniPrincess: Welcome Home! - A Patriot Guard Ride

Ron Lofts: Orangeburg Cycles

Sandy Reece: Ride for Angels

Golden "Bub" Carper: Honda CB 1100 Review

Ridin' Along with Uncle Roy: How it is

Blastoff: NC Legislative Affairs

Hogs for Haiti - The Return!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 13-20, 2013

Tuesday 87 scattered t-storms , Wednesday 80 m-cloudy, Thursday 77 showers, Friday 75 few showers, Saturday 71 showers, Sunday 72 showers, Monday 78 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 82 iso t-storms (as per on Tuesday 08/13/13)


No More Words

Other than a sincere "I'm sorry" for not giving you up-to-date weather in last week's ezine, I have few words to add to today's edition. Thanks to our generous creative contributors, there's little more I need add to make this an exceptional publication!

I hope you've been paying attention and noticed that we're shifting the format here and encouraging you to click over to the full website to read the entire story in most columns and articles. This is helping get our publications out quicker to you and that's important to us ... and to many of you from what we hear. So, when you see the banner telling you to read on, please click it to continue then come back to your ezine for more and more!

Since, as I said, I have few words left to add, I'll close with this quote from one of my favorite (and very ancient) poets:

"No more words from my mouth.
I didn’t come here to wag my chin,
I came here to chew on sugar-cane."

(Rumi, born 1207)


Thanks PoniPrincess, Ron, Sandy, Bub, Unk, Blastoff, and Ken

for all of the delicious "sugar cane!"

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

The last several times that Frog and I have had the chance to get out and ride, we have always gone somewhere I wanted to go or to a ride that I was interested in. This past weekend we did a ride that was centered on a group he is committed to. (See? I do let others play in my sand box!)

Frog is a member of MANY clubs and organizations but the one that he is most passionate about unfortunately he has the least time for. His Patriot Guard. He became a member of this group several years ago as it was forming chapters in the area. Frog was never in the military but his father was in WWII as an infantry man. He was in the wave of men hitting the ground in Nagasaki just after the bomb. I guess the military wasn't real aware of what radiation does to a person or they just considered it a part of war, but Frog's father passed away when he was just nine years old of a form of cancer that is ironically tied to overdoses of radiation. I won't go into the politics of that because my point is that Frog still loves his military, he loves his service men and women, and he loves his country despite her shortcomings at times. Becoming a member of the Patriot Guard is a natural extension of who he is and what he stands for.

Frog received the email a few days ago announcing one of Rock Hill's own would be coming home for a short visit. These emails from the Patriot Guard come most every day sometimes 3 and 4 in a row announcing the return of a member of our forces. Most of the requests are to stand guard for the family as they bury their beloved. This particular request was on a happier note of sorts. Spc. Michael Gerald Millwood would be in town to spend some time with his family before returning to Walter Reed in two weeks. The Patriot Guard was being asked to escort Michael from his in-laws home in Inman, SC to a welcome home party at his parent's house in Rock Hill, SC. Since this was not a typical short notice ride and would be what they consider a 'happy ride' and was blessedly on a weekend, he said we would attend...


(EDITORIAL NOTE: Ron, who as you know lives in Orangeburg, is encouraging those of us who are in the Charlotte area to come on down to his neck of the woods! He's giving us a route and destination and lots of good visual encouragement to head his direction. For those of you who aren't around the Queen City, we suggest you figure out your own ride to Orangeburg and check out his truly cool find down in Mid-SC!)

If you are looking for a good ride one day from Charlotte, head out Highway 21. This is a very scenic ride through the countryside, at least until you get down around Blythewood and I-77. Then jump on 77 for a short ride to I-26 and head down toward Orangeburg until exit 119 when it crosses again with 21. 21 will bring you all the way into Orangeburg. Follow 21 until you get to 301 (Hardees, Shell, Kia dealer on the corner) and take a right to Orangeburg Cycle. Stop in and see Bill Furr and his son Armon. Bill and Armon are world champion drag racers with over a decade of championships between them and even world championships from racing around Europe in the 90's...

Hospice of Davidson County  "Ride for Angels"

On July 20th, 2013 approximately 297 motorcycles lined-up at Denton Farm Park for the 6th Annual Ride for Angels.  Over 500 people (riders, volunteers, guests, emergency personnel, and spectators) were gathered together to help raise funds for Hospice of Davidson County.

(EDITORIAL NOTE: More photos and info from this charity ride report ONLINE NOW!)



"What year is your bike?" ... "You sure did a great restoration. I had one just like that in the 70s."

Just a couple of  comments I gotten about my new CB 1100.  And the looks and comments I get when I tell them it's a 2013 model! ... Priceless!

I guess you can tell I'm impressed by my new bike. Even more that I expected. I test rode it at Shelby Honda and said I'd take it. In my life time I've had bikes from A to Z, [AJS to Zundapp.] And except for maybe one other I never "fell" like I did for the CB. You know when you're inspecting something and everything seems "right?" That's the way this Honda felt to me. The saddle is low, the handlebars are where my arms feel right, the engine is smooth and strong, suspension is on the spot, shifting is smooth and quick, my passenger is comfortable and while the engine will quickly get you up to way beyond what the law tells us is right, the brakes will haul you down to nothing in about the same amount of time. ...


How it is

By: Uncle Roy Yelverton

Headlights danced in th’ parkin’ lot, rumbling pipes sang mellow and sweet.
Harleys were backed in side by each, all up and down th’ street.
Th’ scooter joint was jumpin’, with bikers three deep to th’ bar.
A skinny dude in a three-man band was wailin’ out some wild guitar.

Now I ain’t taw’n ‘bout no fern bar for RUBS; in this dive, th’ bros were for real.
Most had paid dues of bullshit an’ abuse, and had mixed their blood with asphalt and steel.
They wore doo-rags, leather hats, and myriad tats; Levis, and leather vests.
Patches and pins, and hopeful grins, for th’ bad-ass biker bitches with big bubble breasts.

A mossy-back old biker, with a lifetime fulla cool
Watched a young-blood dude, who was ackin’ a fool.
In life, and experience, their gap was so wide
You couldn't cover it in less than a three day ride.....

(EDITORIAL NOTE: this poem continues online so please ....)

Motorcycle Safety Bill Passed

(but more action still needs to be taken!)

Not much happening in Raleigh. We did get our Motorcycle Safety Bill passed that enhances fines and penalties for cagers who violate a motorcyclists right of way and even higher penalties if the violation causes personal injury or property damage. That was a major piece of our political agenda for CBA/ABATE of NC this session. Unfortunately, as usual, our helmet law repeal bill has not fared so well. Check out this article from the American Motorcycle Association and stay connected with your local CBA/ABATE for more action on motorcyclists' issues ... better yet, get involved!




We made it!

A little banged up, a little tired, a whole lot inspired!

We weren't sure what to expect when we took off from Tilley's Harley Davidson in Salisbury, NC on June 27th at 7 am with our wives and a few friends cheering us out of the parking lot. What we found was a lifetime of memories, a beautiful country that has diversity in topography and people, and many generous hearts that helped us raise $20,000+ for the kids at Lifeline Christian Mission's new Children's Home under construction in Grand Goave Haiti. For details, please check out our website at

Four men rode the full 8,950 "official" miles (with many friends riding along the way,) paying our own way, to raise money so that 100% of giving would go to the kids. The thought that kept us motivated: "Take a ride, Help a kid."...


To the hills

I'm heading up to the North Carolina mountains this weekend to visit some clients, help out a business associate, and pop by Sonny's Maggie Valley Rally. What are you up to?

The weather forecast doesn't look the greatest but it's always hit or miss this time of year and this year, in particular, we're leaving our rides in the garage a whole lot more than usual. For me, my bike's still in the shop so I'm looking forward to showcasing its new paint job (which includes The Carolina Rider logo!) once it finally makes it home. That's when you'll see me out come hell or high waters...

In the meantime, enjoy the ride for me and all our brothers and sisters who can't ride - for whatever reason.














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