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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of August 15-22, 2011

Monday 85 m-sunny, Tuesday 88 m-sunny, Wednesday 88 m-sunny, Thursday 87 p-cloudy, Friday 88 scattered tstorms, Saturday 90 scattered tstorms, Sunday 89 pm-tstorms , Monday 90 scattered tstorms (as per on Monday 8/15/11)





Still Singing the Same Song....

I am continuing to put a plea out for ALL associations of riders to list your group in The Carolina Rider Club Room. Still under creation, The Club Room needs more submissions to go online. Haven't heard about it? Here's a little reminder AND a spotlight today on a local riding club.....

Why List Your Group in The Club Room? is an online magazine reaching out to all NC/SC riders. The website currently gets 1.3million hits per month & the free mini-mag, "The Carolina Rider Scene" goes out to over 20,000 subscribers weekly.  These numbers continue to grow & the magazine's reach broadens. is a publication of Satisfaction Marketing whose aim is to help individual & small business dreams become reality through professional guidance, creative genius, & enthusiastic support.

The Club Room provides a valuable online page for your motorcycle-related community groups to:

  1. To help interested riders support your group and its activities and mission
  2. Share periodic reports, articles, stories, photos, & announcements for The Carolina Rider community to enjoy & connect
  3. To have a widely-viewed online presence within a respected and growth-focused publication


Get YOUR GROUP in The Carolina Rider CLUB ROOM!




Group Spotlight:

The Queen City Aces

There are as many kinds of motorcycle-loving-groups as there are motorcycle lovers:

  • Associations of riders who put out a call to get together periodically to ride (from once a week to once a year!) and that's it; casual, ride-focused, loosely-structured.
  • Fully fleshed-out organizations with legal documents and officers, meeting minutes and dues all marching to the same beat of a mission statement and charter.
  • Membership-required clubs with social and community intentions.
  • Gatherings of folks who are into bikes of certain styles or years or uses or colors or .....

And, of course, that's just "the tip of the front fender" in the variety of ways motorcycle enthusiasts unite over the love of the vehicle, the ride, and the sharing of a lifestyle.....

This past week I had the joy to hang out with some of the Queen City Aces. Their version of a riding club wears goggles! These riders are into cafe racers - the bikes and styles of the Rockers and Ton-ups of 1950-1970's Europe. The Queen City Aces (QCA) came together in the last couple of years formally organizing in March 2010. A members-only social-ride group, the QCA promotes and supports the cafe racer world of motorbikes and has regular rides to retro/Euro bike nites around the Queen City as well as longer rides to vintage bike events such as the Bull City Rumble held in Durham, NC over Labor Day weekend. I met some of the guys who showed up for the SoMoto Bike Night in Fort Mill, SC. Eddie, Roy, Asjah, Joey, Xeng, Brett, and the others had traveled from their homes in Charlotte, Stanley County, Lake Tillery, Matthews, Huntersville, and more of The Greater Charlotte Area to share their love of the cafe racer ride. Dave, the owner of grapevine Wine Shop in Baxter Village, who started SoMoto Bike Night last year bringing a unique culture to his already happening establishment in Fort Mill, explained to me that he smashed together the words "Southern" and "Moto" (a Brit-centric word for motorcycles and motorcycle racing) to create the term SoMoto. Baxter Village and its Main-Street-Somewhere-feel make for a cool setting for a bike nite. Vintage bikes snuggled up to the curbs, easy to walk to food and drink options without the hustle and hassle of big city frenzy.


"The QCA is a brotherhood of close-knit individuals who are passionate about riding, wrenching and preserving the Rocker way of life." (Excerpt of QCA mission statement)


Eddie invited me to come meet the QCA. I first heard from Eddie over a year ago after he produced a video documentary, Cafe Moto Subculture Movement, starring the QCA members themselves and which you can view along with other QCA vids on their website. He's pretty passionate about his bike, (pictured above) his lifestyle, and the diverse group of cafe racers he rides with. "We're a very ecclectic group of people. Several of us are artists and musicians. A couple of us are military guys. We come from all over and have different lives but we're all into these bikes," explained Eddie as a couple more retro-look riders pulled up, some sputtering a bit to make it to their stop, some zooming in smoothly. "These bikes do have their quirks. There's lots of oil spilled and wrench-turning. You gotta be into working with it or this isn't the life for you," furthered Roy. Later that evening about a half hour after Joey had taken off, Asjah jumped up and headed out the door explaining that he'd just received an SOS from Joey who was pulled over somewhere toward Charlotte. "I gotta go help him out," announced Asjah. "No, man, tell him (to do this) and (do that) then lean it over to one side then the other side then (something) and (something) and he should be ok," directed Brett. I've been there. I know. I know. Want me to tell him?" (Note: everything in parenthesis is me saying I couldn't keep up with all he told him to do! Brett knew his stuff but I can't begin to repeat what he told Joey to do....)

As Brett explained to Joey how to get his ride back on the road, some of the guys talked about riding..... They get it. The whole "Zen" thing of The Ride - something more than a bike or a rider - the feeling of being without thought or to dive deep into thought - the place to go to churn over a decision or renew personal commitments - a space of timelessness and spaciousness. These riders dig their cool vintage bikes - no doubt - but they jam on that special vibe that riding offers...




North Carolina HOG Rally

This Week!

"I have been a HOG member for 10 years and it's because of the social aspect - the friends I have made! I will be at the rally this week and encourage everyone to come on up to Hickory this week!" Steve H.

THIS WEEK is the annual North Carolina HOG Rally and it's being held in Hickory, NC this year. The Carolina Rider and The Big Ride will be there with bells on! Harley Owners Groups (HOG) are strong organizations that mean a great deal to our communities. From what I have seen through the years, these are strong groups of devoted riders who love owning and riding Harley-Davidsons and who create some exciting adventures together! I will never stop being impressed by the numbers of miles these folks put on their bikes and the success of most any event they get involved with. As I said - strong, devoted membership!

One of those devoted HOG Members, Warren M., shared the following with me in a phone interview today: "Being a Harley Owner means FREEDOM ... FUN ... BROTHERHOOD. Owning a Harley is more than the mystique. It's what the brand represents - the glue that holds the family together! I bought my H-D in January of 2002 and didn't immediately join the HOG group. It took me a year or so but once I was in, I have realized it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me. I "was volunteered" to be Activity Director and served that position for 2 years then was voted Assistant Director and served as AD for 2 more years then was Director for 2 other years and Past Director for a year. Those 7 years give me a little credibility when I say that the Harley Owners Group is a valuable organization and I urge everyone to look for one to join in their area!"

Check out what's happening in Hickory and come up at least to tell me howdy!!! Seriously, these rallies usually offer a wide-variety of entertainment and people and bikes to see and enjoy. Here's even more encouragement from Doug Mc, this year's NC rally organizer:

THE HOGS ARE COMING - the NC State HOG rally August 18-20 is geared up and ready to go in Hickory, NC. The family-oriented rally gives Harley Owners an opportunity to enjoy their motorcycles and fellow riders in a festival style atmosphere for a weekend. Events include: Olympic Bike Games, poker and wine walks, musical entertainment, lots of vendors, and of course led
rides all over the Hickory area. With over 700 HOG members pre-registered from as far away as NY and TX - this rally called "High Flyin' in Hickory" is ready to be an event that will be talked about for quite a while. The premier activity is the opportunity for the attendee to ride their HARLEY on the Hickory Airport Runway (just short of take off speed) - in addition getting their picture on their bike in front of the last F-14 tomcat - and be able to visit the Air Museum also at the airport.

The City of Hickory, CVB, Mayor Rudy Wright, have all been instrumental in making this a great venue.


Thanks to the QCA and HOG members who helped give me words today.....

Thanks to everyone who lives their passions. I am grateful for the energy you create around you and the ways you change the world with your enthusiasm, creativity, personal exploration, and sense of adventure!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Too Hot to Ride

It's been a busy couple of weeks. Weather is a little hot to ride so I'm catching up on my "office" work.

This week I get to go to the the NC State HOG Rally and cool my heels. I get to sit on 'The BIG Ride" with my feet up and drink an adult beverage, all the while Mrs. Footloose will be waiting on me hand and foot...... Uhh-huh, right..., in some other universe maybe! No, about the only part of the above statement that's true is the part about being at the HOG Rally. We will be there for 3 days - meeting people, shaking hands and giving away cool free stuff. Look for our bus, The Big Ride and be sure to stop in and say hello, you never know when I might be in the mood to give away t-shirts...or maybe a night away!


My Video of the Week




Hey everyone ... check out what the Gaston CBA is up to......

Gabby from the Gaston County CBA is trying to raise some money for a good cause. As her name might imply, it's kinda tough to get her to be quiet so silencing Gabby for an hour is nothing short of a miracle. So stop by Gastonia Hooters this Wednesday night and help Gabby out!



Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






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