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August 20th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

The Club Room: The Expendables

Sandy Reece: If these ROADS could talk!

Ridin' Along with Uncle Roy: Another Reno Slade Adventure!

Ride Safe: Get Grass Clippings out of the Roads!

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 20-27, 2013

Tuesday 81 showers , Wednesday 82 scattered t-storms, Thursday 86 iso t-storms, Friday 87 p-cloudy, Saturday 82 p-cloudy, Sunday 81 m-cloudy, Monday 82 p-cloudy, Tuesday 83 m-sunny (as per on Tuesday 08/20/13)




As far as I'm concerned, EVERYONE is creative. Creativity comes out in so many different expressions and you have your own unique way with yours. Could be in your own particular line of work or in the hobby you have at home, could be the way you tell stories or how you cook. You might make music, you might paint walls, you might dig in the dirt, you might work on cars. Perhaps you're a creative problem-solver or maybe it shows in the way you ride your bike, could be you are a writer or a potter or you might be a parent or a friend who shares yourself with others. Whatever way it is for you... I'm betting your creativity comes out! Creativity is the true expression of who we really are - the genuine "realness" we share - the beauty we speak and see and live!

Some of us are also kinda "artsy" and that's another kind of creative. I have been called that and, yes, I do have a way with words sometimes and I like to design the world around me ... but I can't figure out how to express myself in drawings or paintings. That's someone else's thing....

And so, I'm putting out a call for folks who DO have a way with drawing/painting. We'd love someone to give us a hand with ILLUSTRATING some of the creative works that come to The Carolina Rider. So, if you like to draw cartoons or paint beautiful scenes, give me a holler. It'd help if you are into bikes and have a knack for drawing motorcycles and the world around them....


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The Expendables MC NC Chapter

Who are we?

We are the Expendables Motorcycle Club, North Carolina Chapter. We are based out of Wadesboro, NC, and our National Chapter is located in Hermitage, TN. We also have a chapter in Havelock, NC which is headed up by our member Hulk. We have over 36 State Chapters nationwide and 1 Chapter in Canada.


We are a motorcycle club made up of true friendship, respect, and brotherhood. We are our Great Nation's sons who have answered the call to duty in a time of tragedy. We are expendable risking our own lives fighting for a greater purpose. To save lives, enforcing laws, and protecting our Country's freedom.


We are comprised of federal, state, and local police, military, fire, EMS and corrections - both current and former - who have served their respective departments honorably. We share a love for riding and do so skillfully and confidently. We enjoy the freedom of the open road.

After looking into several clubs, the decision was made to create a club that would better suit our ideals. We believe that family and work come first, club second, and we wanted a club that would promote camaraderie and loyalty between all law enforcement, military, fire, EMS, and other service personnel.

We are a family oriented club. We are not territorial. We wear our bottom rockers to signify the state we call home. We respect your rights and freedoms and expect the same of ours. We ride in remembrance of the honor and sacrifice of our brothers who gave their lives to help others in support of this Great Nation.

Our center patch design is that of 3 skulls representing the three main branches that make up the club: police, military, and fire. Our colors are blue and tan. The color blue represents vigilance, perseverance, justice, truth, and loyalty. The color tan is for the sand that has been a part of everyday life for thousands of soldiers serving in the middle east since the events of 9/11.


We are currently and actively seeking new members to join our Chapter. Membership requirements are simple. You must be a current or retired law enforcement official, EMS, military, fire, corrections, or other means of public safety are welcome. We do not have a motorcycle requirement, all we ask is that your motorcycle be capable of interstate speeds. If this sounds like something that might interest you, we would love to hear from you.

Please visit for more information, or email Big Daddy, State President at For the Havelock Chapter contact, Hulk, Havelock Chapter president at

Contact person for updates, photos, and newsy-stories: Kimberly Smith, aka Lady Angel, NC Chapter Public Relations,, 704-219-0053



If These Roads Could Talk!

You've always heard the phrase "If These Walls Could Talk" when you stare at an aging home or dwelling. Who lived here or what happened to the owners to cause such neglect to a beautiful structure? Let's take that phrase on the motorcycle and ask ourselves "if the roads could talk ... where would it lead us?"

So, take a ride with me as I recall some rides of choice. My riding companion S-AM and I rode out one Sunday afternoon for a nice afternoon journey around the county roads. We decided to ride and locate the Rockford General Store off Hwy 601 and Hwy 67 without a GPS or a map to lead us to the store. We tried to locate the store from memory (previous rides) and were unsuccessful. So we continue down some nice back roads. After we found our way back to a main road we recognized and continued home defeated, but we were never lost. The saying goes, "If you have fuel - you are not lost!" Once I got home and looked at my trusty map I missed ONE turn to the General Store. We were actually riding all around it but never took the "right" turn in the direction of the store. Oh well, next time! In the meantime while riding around the area, we would arrive at a stop sign so I looked to my riding companion and say "OK, which way now?" She would reply "Let's go right or that looks like a nice road." All the while, the roads were saying to us, "Hey lady, turn here! - the store is down on the left!" ...



Reno's "Hat Trick"

Another Reno Slade Adventure

   I was excited as I snapped shut my phone; at last, work was in the offing. My admittedly tenuous occupation as a free-lance comedian, un-paid philosopher, and professional sidekick, had seen better days. In fact, I was nearly down to my "philosopher" wages; so - uncharacteristically for me - work was welcome. Sadly, I suffer from a rare and crippling genetic disorder called; A.D.D. "AMBITION DEFECIT DISORDER," which rendered me lazy from birth. The shrink I went to said I'm "chronically" lazy. I'm like, "Oh, chronic' y'say? Well, there ya go." Over the years, well-meaning, but misguided people have suggested that I might get a job. But, I can't in good conscience take a job that I don't want - which covers most of 'em - away from someone who desperately wants a job. I mean, is it right for me to interfere with another person trying to earn an honest living? I've even been so adamant about this that I applied for "welfare" and "food stamps," just so I wouldn't be tempted to take a job rightfully intended for someone else. To my dismay, my altruism went unappreciated, and I was denied both these benefits. Selfish bastards!

So, as you can see, when the prospect of working puts me in a good mood; you know I'm badly bent. Even better, the gig was in West Virginia. Happily, this translated as an opportunity to ride the best part of the Blue Ridge Parkway, and get paid to do it! ...



Tim S. wrote in ...

I am the legislative coordinator for the CBA/ABATE of Cleveland County. Our goal is to educate people to look out for motorcyclists while driving. Another way is not cutting grass into the roadway. 1) It's against the law. 2) It is extremely dangerous for bikers. Especially of late with all the rain we've had. The grass has gotten so high that when you cut it into the road, I've seen it cover the entire roadway. Add a little moisture and that spells disaster for a biker, and given the right situation, a motorist as well. I would appreciate it if you could do a PSA article on this subject. It could very well save mine or my brother biker's life.

Feel free to contact me or any member of CBA if you were to want any information.

NC General Assembly Chapter 136 Transportation Article 7 Miscellaneous.

Provision 136-90 obstructing highways or roads - if any person shall willfully obstruct any highway or road shall be guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor.

136-91 Placing injurious obstructions in road - no person shall throw any substance or any injurious obstruction in or upon any highway or public vehicular area. Any person violating the provisions of this section shall be guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor - this also means grass.


This Weekend is Red White & Brew Time!

This weekend is the time for the long awaited Red, White and Brew at H-D of Charlotte. The event is sponsored by Budwiser and they will be giving away a H-D motorcycle. I'm looking at a photo of it - it's a hot "red metal flake" Street Bob that's going to make someone VERY happy. The smiles from past years are always big!

As always The Carolina Rider will be there having fun and spreading joy. Stop by The BIG RIDE and say hello to FancyFree and myself and enjoy a cold adult beverage on us!














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