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OCC Coming to Charlotte!

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Jane's "For the Bling of It"

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of August 22-29, 2011

Monday 91 am-clouds, Tuesday 86 m-sunny, Wednesday 86 m-sunny, Thursday 88 p-cloudy, Friday 86 iso-tstorms, Saturday 77 scattered tstorms, Sunday 82 scattered tstorms , Monday 88 m-sunny (as per on Monday 8/22/11)






Make New Friends & Keep the Old

... So goes the kindergarten song still bouncing around in my head after several decades....

... And so goes the wonderful world of riding!

The Carolina Rider crew, Footloose, and I were planted with The Big Ride bus smack in the midst of this year's NC HOG Rally from last Wednesday thru Saturday and we had the great chance to see friends we've known and new meets too. Rally attendance was low in Hickory and rain storms curtailed hours of fun on 3 days but none of that hurt our spirit of fun or stopped us from greeting and chatting with friends who came by The Big Ride!


Something that stood out for me this year was how many folks were from outside of The Carolinas. Just as Jane mentions in her column below, I too ran into out of state folks - from Tennessee, Kentucky, Texas, Florida, Virginia, West Virginia, and several other states hundreds of miles from here. There was a couple who just recently moved to Florida from Nevada and came up here for the NC rally because they like the area. Another guy said he was from Memphis and came simply because he heard he could ride on the airport runway in Hickory. "I heard there was gonna be a ride down a runway so I came just for that and I'm back on the road tomorrow!" grinned the enthusiastic Memphis HOG member whose name I didn't grab. A guy from Tennessee taught me about something I didn't know about a ride in my own state.... "The Snake." I'm certain you know about it but somehow I've missed hearing about that twisty ride that rivals The Dragon and Diamondback too. It's US 421 from Boone to Bristol. I checked it out and found a very enticing website. Thanks for the tip! Sorry, I missed your name too but enjoyed chatting......

I generally like to get names of folks I meet but sometimes my mind can't hold much more information...or I forget to ask in the hustle of bodies moving past our promotional table. When I ask a name I often remember it later. Don't I, Jim? Met him a month or so ago at Mad Dog Custom Cycles Open House and when he breezed by The Big Ride at the HOG Rally, I surprised him and myself by recalling his name pretty quickly.

See the folks at the very top of today's mini-mag? That's Tom and Janet, an effervescent couple who I very much enjoyed meeting. They rode down from Hometown, West Virginia. (Janet says it's just like Mayberry.) There was quite a bunch of WV riders who generally head down this way for the NC rally. I sure enjoyed meeting you 2 as well as so many others who stopped by to say hello, ask some questions, and register for prizes.

Oh and speaking of prizes.... DRUM ROLL, puh-leeze!!!

We've got Winners! ...

Winner of A Night at Maggie Valley Inn and 2 tickets to The Wheels Through Time Museum:

Kevin Kimbrell

Also winning the same Maggie Valley prize package (one night at Maggie Valley Inn and two tickets to the museum):

Dave Squire

And winner of a pair of tickets to the Orange County Choppers Show at Bojangles Arena in Charlotte, NC on Oct. 22:

Bruce Dills



Readers Share . . .

I've had a number of folks sending in event info over the past couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing!


The info to this first event came from Mel M. who, as he reminded me in last week's email, I met at the Keith Larson Ride for Kids this year. Yes, Mel, I remember talking to you about this and very much appreciate you getting the info in to us....even at this late date!

Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the US

Ride for Kids

August 28th - Asheville, NC

More info can be found HERE

One of 40 or so rides around the country each year.

The national headquarters of the Foundation is in Asheville. They are a 501(C)3 and have been around for over 30 years with their charity rides that fund groundbreaking research at Duke U, and several other facilities. Keith Larson and Jack Parks of Matthews Fun Machines are riding in this. We're going up on Saturday because the ride starts pretty early at the Biltmore Square Mall



Brad C. sent this in...

THIS SATURDAY - a charity event for a fallen biker:

Memorial Ride and Raffle for Mary Jo Cooley

Saturday August 27th





September 16th

Hometown Heroes 10th Annual Road Tour

Hometown Heroes 10th annual Road Tour tell all your riding friends. Enjoy this morning meet the kids and accompany two local kids via police escort as they return to school. Arrive with a full tank of gas in your motorcycle go to the schools in the procession and at our 1st gas stop in Wadesboro we will fill your tank. This leg of the tour will be approximately 80 to 100 miles. Hope to give away lots of money to the kids and their families and honor those who we have helped for the last 10 years.

Starts at the Texas Roadhouse 10450 East Independence Boulevard Matthews, NC 28105

8am - should be on the way to the schools by 10am

Police Escorted
Free ride no cost
Free Food
Free Gas if you go to Wadesboro with us

This will be our biggest and best yet with lots of surprises








October 8-10

     Easterlings Landing Hartsville S.C.
   Admission 20 dollars includes Saturday dinner
    RV hook-ups first come first serve 50 dollars
    Live entertainment, wet t-shirt contest, bike games
   swimming, fishing boat rides

Take 151 north of Hartsville take a right on old camden go 1 mile take left on new market go 1 mile and follow signs 1 more mile



In closing, a very important note to all you NC and SC folks I had the fun of hanging out with at the NC HOG Rally: please, please know that you too were a joy to meet and greet! Didn't want you to feel slighted just 'cause I was going on and on about all the non-Carolinians I ran into. You KNOW I'm a Carolina gal and you are my roots, my homies, my blood and kin!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Hogs and Rain and Bare Breasts Oh My!

What a weekend!

Of course I have to start off with the HOG Rally in Hickory. Greg dropped a few hundred bucks in Blue Ridge Harley Davidson and I enjoyed a steak at Iron Thunder. That was the beginning. Hung out with the famous "Big Ride" bus of The Carolina Rider ... which by the way, was very well stocked! Said hello to Andie and Jason Taylor, "The Litigator," visited "Jude's Tent" and a few other vendors. Then the clouds got darker and darker so we headed back to the bikes which were parked under the overhang of Blue Ridge HD. It was too late - the rain was crashing down in sheets along with thunder and lightening. Decided then it was a good time to visit the participants of the HOG Rally. Would you believe the first people we meet are from Texas and the next couple from Richmond, VA?! Why? These folks came to the HOG Rally to see what NC has to offer. So keep in mind shops, vendors, bars, and restaurants: it's more than just your backyard that you are impressing!

Needless to say, in our hurry to get to the HOG Rally after work that day, we had no rain gear. I know that I am not going to melt. Finally, when it was just raining, not storming, we say goodnight and ride home in the rain.

Next morning, 8 am: we pack our rain gear, and get an early start! We have fallen in love with a ride that takes us to Lake Watauga - one of the cleanest lakes I've ever seen. We wave at a lot of Brothers and Sisters on bikes along the way. Then as we headed into Virginia along the Helton River we stop for a breather and enjoy the view. There are those damn clouds again ... Rain gear on! After almost 300 miles, 11 hours of riding, hitting rain three different times, and putting rain gear on twice, (we decided to just get wet the third time!) It was refreshing to stop off at the First Turn in Denver NC and catch some Jello Wrestling! Place was packed with bikers who participated in a Charity Poker run for Cowboy Mike.

Sunday morning, 8:20am: I am informed the weather channel has given us the "all clear" and so by 9am, Here We Go Again! ... this time heading down 74A winding through the mountains to Heavenly Hoggs Bar and Grill. That's right - Sunday breakfast buffet for $8.99. It included fresh made to order omelets, the best cheesy hash brown casserole EVER, and a view of Lake Lure and Chimney Rock all from our balcony top table!

With our bellies full and sunshine still ahead, of course we need to go check out the Topless Protest in Asheville. Yes, you heard it ... chicks arguing for the right to BARE BREASTS! Wasn't tough getting Greg to go to this event. Seems that they argue the point of men can go topless but women can't. Brings awareness that at least in Asheville (I don't know about State-wide,) there is a glitch in the law that says you just can't show genitalia from the waistline down. So cops and crowd present, the group stood in a fountain in the center of the park "Topless" ... and men in contrast were wearing the uncomfortable bras of their counterparts!

October will mark the three year anniversary that I bought "Orange Crush," my Deuce, with only 6200 miles on it. This weekend was an example of why today, I watched the odometer turn over 47,000 miles and we still had 100 miles to go before we got home! Hope your weekend was eventful. Ride safe & check out the pics in the GALLERY!





Did she say Breasts?!

Yes Jane did ... and the Asheville rally was the talk of the HOG rally on Saturday. Lots of discussion and envisioning going on.... And I can answer the question sort of posed by Jane above - what about the rest of NC? Yes, what I understand - and what is stated in an article from the Asheville Citizen Times - is that it is NOT illegal to bare breasts in public in North Carolina. So my question is why don't I see more? You know I just wanna see more....

We've put photos Jane took in our GALLERY. Hope you'll be delighted and won't be undone with us for doing so and just suggest you sidestep them if they aren't your cup of T. (all puns intended!)

Jane also wrote a little something about the last bash of the season by Lee's Performance. As you've watched, she's been keeping up with all those guys have been up to at the Mooresville Dragway this year. Check out what's up in her online article!

Made my way out to Easy Eddies last week and enjoyed some time at their bike nite. Good to see some folks I don't always get to see except when I'm over that way. Grabbed a few photos and you can see them now posted in our GALLERY.

The GALLERY also has photos from this past weekend's NC State HOG Rally.


My Video of the Week will return next week... taking a little breather!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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