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August 25th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Shaggy & Bub: Scenes from this year's Kamikaze/ABOM

BIG RIDE 2 Rides Out!

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Orangeburg Ron: A New Bike!

Loose Talk with Jon

What's ahead in Maggie Valley? ....

August 29 - 30, 42nd Annual Fall Regional Shelby/Mustang & Ford Meet

September 5 - 6, Maggie Valley Labor Day Weekend Craft Show

September 11 - 13, Thunder in the Smokies Fall

September 19 - 20, VWs in the Valley – Volkswagon Car Show & Swap Meet

September 25 – 27, Maggie Valley Fall Swap Meet & Cart Show and Moonshine Valley F-100’s All Ford Truck Show

October 2 - 3, Maggie Valley Oktoberfest

October 8 - 10, Maggie Valley October Quilt Show

October 17 - 18, Maggie Valley Fall Arts & Crafts Festival

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 25-September 1, 2015

Wednesday 88h & clear, Thursday 88h & clear, Friday 88h & clear, Saturday 88h & clear, Sunday 89h & p-cloudy, Monday 89h & 60% rain, Tuesday 90h & 40% rain (as per on 08/25/15)

Beautiful Riding Weather!

Check out that forecast above - 88 and clear for several days in a row. Mmm, one of those times of year when folks will be playing hookie from work to get in some weekday rides!

Just reading Ron's column today makes me wanna sneak off (and not publish this magazine so I can get a ride in!) In fact, most of Ron and Marcia's rides inspire me. I dig the countrysides and olden-days wreckage they find out there on the backroads. This week, Ron's got news - news that means Marcia will be more comfortable and they'll probably be riding even more (if that's even possible for those two enthusiastic riders!)

And speaking of devoted riders, Shaggy and Bub band together for today's column to share their views from the events back in July. It just takes a little longer for them to get their work done because they both love the road so much..

May you also enjoy the road and all you find out there this week...

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Kamikaze 3

by Shaggy

Kamikaze number three. Shit; three years already? I thought for sure we were done after the first one when my ex and my sister decided to slug it out. Maybe I need to bring that back as an attraction, ... can’t be banned from somewhere twice after all!

This year we had more than a few less exhilarating hang-ups but it was still pretty funny....

No parking and a sun-burned Bub

Last year we had an easier time securing a spot for The BIG RIDE Bus because the garage it was parked in front of was owned by some friends of mine. I made a few deals and greased a few palms and the lot was ours for the weekend. This year, the garage was closed and a new plan was needed. Sadly this was the best I had. I pulled into the lot at daybreak and had a few friends bring their bikes up to block the entrances.  Tommy, Squid, Glen, and Stevie, thank you guys for that. I really appreciate it.

Once the help set up the barricade, they all dispersed to walk around and see what was around to look at and I just stood there, ... and stood there, ..... and stood there. If you ever hear anyone joke that Antique Bikes on Main is always held on the hottest day of the year, fucking believe them!!! If it wasn’t for the nice man from the local A.B.A.T.E. chapter across the street running me bottles of water, Jon and Fancy probably would’ve pulled up to find nothing but a puddle-of-Shaggy with a few Camel stumps floating in it.

hen I see Bub pull into the lot and weave his way through the barricades like he already expected them to be there. Now as much as I love talking to Bub, I had only one thing to say to him when he pulled in: “Here’s a twenty, go get snow cones.” It's hotter than two hells, the sun is beating down like a flame thrower, I’m standing in a parking lot wearing almost all black. Shaggy didn’t think that shit through.  Heat be damned - we had a bigger problem on our hands: people saw the barricade, but more importantly, they saw the space behind it and thought parking. So me and Bub had to spend a few hours trying to explain to everyone that this was a reserved area and deal with the ass hats that wanted to be hateful about it. (most of those were riding Harleys by the way.)

"We regret to inform you that Kamikaze will be slightly delayed; our Editor was involved in a drug-related shooting"

While standing in this outdoor furnace and shooing away would-be parking lot occupiers, Bub and I finally started to wonder where the hell The Bus was. After a few calls went unanswered, Jon finally called back and informed me that they were leaving the E.R. after Jan stepped on a really gnarly rusty nail and requiring a tetnus shot. They apologized profusely and I tried my best to tell them there was no need and just to take care of Fancy and we’d hold the spot. It wasn’t long after that that they pulled in and we started setting up. Fancy started joking that she’d been "shot," referring to the tetnus shot she received. Thus, the "drug-related-shooting" joke was born ... that I will inevitably run straight into the ground!

And then there was The Show Itself!

We didn’t do as well this year as we have in years past. With A.B.O.M. growing every year and more and more attractions being added, you can’t blame anyone for wanting to see as much as they can and not stand still to see if they won something or not. Shit, at this show it’s too hot to stand anywhere too long. When it came time to hand out the trophies, we had just enough bikes to evenly disperse them. We didn’t have a shit ton of late model stockers but what we did have was a really fucking unique lineup of bikes you probably won’t see anywhere else. The moto-rickshaw and Suzuki rotary for example.  Before I list the bikes and the winning categories, I would first like to take a moment to apologize to the owners for not getting your names for this article. I fucked up and I apologize, if you guys will email me with your names, your bikes, and the best verbal thrashing you can dish out, I promise I will print a correction to this.

Best Vintage: The Honda Cub in an absolutely exceptional stock state. With the original Honda tool bag on the back bone and an official Honda “milk crate” on the back. This bike is Concourse-worthy.

Best Cruiser: Ok, so it’s a UJM instead of a cruiser, but damnit I’ll allow it! This thing was too cool not to get mentioned. The Suzuki Rotary, 1979 I believe.

Best Sport: It never fails. Since year one when it comes time for judging we always only have one sport bike, and it’s always a Kawasaki Ninja. At least this one had some battle scars on it. I approve.

Editor’s Choice: Fancy picked it but I think we all knew this bike was taking away something. It had to. The only time I’ve ever seen anything like the “Pilipino Taksi” was in an old Bruce Lee movie. The Honda cm400 with fully enclosed side car. To the owner: if you ever get to feeling generous, please contact me. I want to drive this thing!!!

That was the show. With the lack of crowd we had this year, I’m considering moving kamikaze next year. I’m in talks with a dealership at this time to try to make Kamikaze a standalone event again. If it goes, it goes. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Either way, thanks to everyone who came out, I’ll try to make a better go of it next year.

Bub Reflects

Bub shares his refletions of both Kamikaze and Antique Bikes on Main with these photos ...


A new bike!

Well, a good writer shouldn’t give away the ending in the beginning, but that is how this story ends.  On Tuesday, I had a meeting up in Seneca, which is about 165 miles from Orangeburg.  Even with 60% rain, I decided taking the bike was a good idea.  I just had new brakes and rear tire and fuel filters for around $700, so everything should be good.  Just a chance of rain and I have a rain suit.  The ride did start out well, overcast and I had a route of all backroads up to Anderson.  I went over to Neeses and picked up 389, which is a great road.  It was smooth – didn’t have all those heat bumps where the pavement has buckled and nearly breaks your neck if you are unprepared.  It was all agricultural and has all those wonderful country smells, of cut hay, ripening cotton (can just start to smell the cotton as the blossoms are out in the fields) and corn being picked/cut. There is the occasional chicken house and dairy farm, but that is country life at its best.   It really was a good ride and I was enjoying the countryside.  The weather wasn’t hot, yet, and I was just cruisin...

From 389 I picked up Hwy 3 outside of Perry and then 39 in Wagener.  In Manetta 39 combines with 23 and it was the worst road.  All kinds of heat buckles in the road that jar you when you hit them and can’t find a spot to miss them.  Fortunately I was only on that road a few miles to Ridge Spring and I happened to see 39 branch off to the right and was glad to get off 23.  The road smoothed out again and was good. Up through Greenwood and a short stop for some water and stretch and back on the road.  Well, to move along, I got to Anderson ok and everything seemed fine and was at a light and took off and the bike quit.  I coasted into a vacant lot and tried the starter, no luck.  So in looking at the HOG book, I saw that I was very close to the Anderson H-D dealer and called them and they came to get me. Marcia was in Columbia all day and I couldn't reach her, so she couldn’t come get me.  Very frustrating and this bike has left me/us on the side of the road TOO MANY times.  I had never had a bike (and I started riding in 1963 and have had a bike since then) leave me on the road until this one and it was becoming too much of a habit.  The bike is 10 years old and nearly 80,000 miles, but still, we’ve put a lot into repairs and replacement on the bike. We’ve put a new engine, replaced the crankshaft, bearings, rings and valves even on the new engine.  Marcia had already lost confidence in going somewhere on it.  I was able to call some work colleagues up that way and let them know I wouldn’t make the meeting and may need a ride home.

After a few hours, the mechanic said it was the fuel pump, and of course they didn’t have one but could get one in a couple of days.  It only had 35 lbs. of pressure and was supposed to have between 55 and 60.  Question is, could I make it home if I kept the tank full??  Probably not was the answer.  So another call to arrange a ride home and it is now late in the afternoon.  After going back and forth I made the decision to just go ahead and buy a new one (I may have mortgaged our retirement future, but it will work out.)  I had been kind of looking at the Road Glide and reading literature and reviews about it.  It just so happened that Timm’s Harley Davidson of Anderson had a couple there. So as the rains came pouring down about 5:45, I’m pulling out of Anderson HD on a 2015 Road Glide.  They were a little surprised that I would ride out on a new bike in the rain, but I didn’t see much choice.  It does ride nice and the name fits ... it ‘glides’ over the road.  Everything is electronic, even the accelerator.  It is all H-D says it is; and I’m hoping is more reliable than the old Dyna Wide Glide.  It is a different riding experience and style altogether.  I’m trying to get used to it.  It is probably more of a psychological shift for me than any physical shift.  I’ve always had a sport bike either a HD sportster or similar Yamaha Virago and the Dyna Wide Glide was the first move away from those and that isn’t much of a move.  The bike ran great going home, even though it was rain nearly all the way.  I took the expressway home via 385 to 26 and 321 back to Neeses and home.

Since I didn’t have the title with me I had to run the title back up to Timm’s Harley Davidson of Anderson on Friday.  Marcia and I retraced my route from Tuesday and were now able to get some pictures since I had the photographer on the back.  We left around 8:30 in the morning and got home around 6:30 that evening.  A 10-hour day, with some stops and stretches along the way and about 390 miles.

Marcia got some neat pictures of going, going, gone on some corn fields.  And the bike ran great.  It was a really great ride.  We went through some small towns and communities that I had never heard of, like Perry and Donalds and Jackson Hole.  We stopped in Donalds at an Antique shop on the way up and then in Saluda 7-11 for a break and soda.  We got to Anderson around noon and stopped at the Creekside BBQ for lunch.  We figured it must be fairly good when we saw the H-D mechanics there for lunch as well.  On the way home we stopped outside of Manetta, where 23 and 39 meet at a small shop to check out some pottery in the window.  We couldn’t tell if it was a place selling cars or antiques, but it was a little of both and whatever else he could sell.  We did learn about the area and the Creek Indian massacre of 1790 where apparently the Indians were tired of the local settlers stealing their children and selling them off into slavery and massacred the locals – at least according to the local historian.

We stopped for some pictures at the Pine Grove School and then, in passing, Marcia was able to get some pictures of this neat tree along the road.

Well, we can ride in peace and not worry – hopefully – about breaking down. Don’t we all just hate to be or see someone stranded on the side of the road?!  But it was nice to know I had a number of people to call upon to help out and had some volunteers to come get me if I needed it.

It will be a week tomorrow and we are ready for the 1000 mile oil change!

Just another adventure in biking but as usual at the end of the day it was a great day and a great ride and great company!

Just ride,


P.S., The rest of the story happened tonight when I was trying to go home and somehow triggered the security system and couldn't get it undone.  The bike is so technical I can't get it to start.  After about 30 minutes of messing with it, lights flashing and i got it to start.   But I couldn't get the light to stop flashing.  So that is when I called Thunder Tower HD and it appears that in my pushing of buttons I turned on the 4 way flashers and had to turn the kill switch off and the ignition on and then turn the flashers off.  Finally after about 45 minutes and many laughs from my staff, all of whom had to walk by to 'see' my new bike, flashers and all, I was able to head home.

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