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August 26th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Quece: Ready to Ride (again) in STYLE!

The Tarheel Tornado: Plan ahead for Big Sturgis Anniversary!

Lester: Maggie Valley Summer Rally

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 26-September 2, 2014

Tuesday 86 sunny, Wednesday 89 sunny, Thursday 93 sunny, Friday 96 sunny, Saturday 93 m-sunny, Sunday 92 pm t-storms, Monday 96 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 94 pm t-storms (as per on 8/26/14)

(... or helmet!)

In this week's TCR Scene, we welcome back Quesadilla whose woofs have been missed in these pages lately while her "ride" was under re-do. She growls and howls about all the cool changes and how she's now doggy STYLIN' in her new back seat. Great to hear ... but you know, some might question Quece commenting on her mom having "short little legs and short little thumbs" when our fearless four-legger can't boast much abour her own leg length and how can she even begin to talk about thumbs?!

On the other side of the coin and continent, The Tarheel Tornado prompts us all to get crackin' cause the 75th Anniversary of the Sturgis Rally is just next year. He cautions us that if we don't make plans NOW, we may be eatin' the exhaust fom his tailpipes as well as from those of the other 750,000 riders expected at this special event! With some "this land is your land" kind of photos from his past Sturgis riding, The Tarheel Tornado entices us to join him when he again takes on a great big road trip!

Lester enjoyed a day ride with friends a couple weeks back to join The Carolina Rider crew at the BIG RIDE in Maggie Valley.. But, as you all know by now, there was no bus at which to hang out and chat with passersby ... and the TCR crew had little to do but keep each other's chins up. Still, Lester and his friends made it a great day in their ride from Greenville-Spartanburg ... and with photos and his usual easygoing writing, he shares his day with us all!

Last Week's Edition

If you missed last week's edition of this weekly rag, you might wanna take a peek at the coverage of the devastating bus fire. The "obituary" for The BIG RIDE is just our lightly humored way of explaining and dealing with lost stuff and fun memories. We're all good. Just had the wind knocked out of our sails for a bit. Thanks to all for well wishes and caring support!

Coming up!

Coming soon you'll hear from ...

  • Sandy as she shares an event report from Cameron's Ride
  • Bub who asks the question "Where are you?"
  • Ron whose bike is still under the weather
  • Quece who took in a bike nite at Concord Quaker Steak & Lube
  • Brother Bear's coverage of a memorial benefit for Robert Timmerman

No Magazine Next Week

Next week while the nation takes a holiday from its labor, The Carolina Rider has decided to take a break too. No weekly magazine will make its way to your Inbox next week but we sincerely wish you all a happy Labor Day. Rest from your labors and ride safe and joyfully!

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So Mom has been waiting and waiting.  She ordered  a Corbin Seat that got messed up in shipping….what should have been 4 weeks took over 8.  She ordered these awesome “Arson” rims and rotors from Extreme Machine again timeline of 4 to 6 weeks….and they would ship one at a time….again taking over 8 weeks.  The bike itself had a lot of “clean up” work done on it.  It is a 2001 Deuce and those “lucky 13” years of wear and tear…had taken their toll.  It was time ... When Mom purchased the bike back in 2007 it had 3500 miles on it, and at the first of this summer, Mom took the picture of the odometer with 80,000 miles on it!

Mom has had lots of mechanics over the past 7 years some good, some not. From Harley-Davidson Mechanics at the dealerships to private “self taught,” to MMI Grads.  Simple work like lamps in the turn signals and changing tires, to switching from chain drive to S & S Cams. Dad has even done the oil changes when times are tight.   She sees the arguments on the internet praising one shop over the other.  Bottom line.  Just like soda, she thinks there is a fit for everyone, every need, every budget, every bike.  Don’t Settle!

She once was told the Deuce was not a good fit for her. Which is interesting, because I ride with her all the time, and her turning skills, stops and starts, are all amazing.  I am not jerked around, or thrown about.  She is very cautious and she knows that every time she ignites the engine there will be risk involved the minute she leaves the driveway.   I love riding with Mom.  Yeah, maybe the Deuce wasn’t conducive for her height or her reach….so instead of saying it isn’t a good fit….she made it work.  She loves that bike!

Now, with all that said, whew!  NOW the bike has a new “mother trucking” horn on it! (and you know Mom had to bling it!)  A better reach rear brake lever, new footboards for her small feet and reach.  Extended reach turn signals for her short little thumbs.  When reading reviews on line…


Sturgis 75th!

You may think it is early to be thinking about Sturgis for next year, but keep in mind 2015 will be the 75th Anniversary. I believe that will mean bigger than normal crowds competing for the same housing and that can mean higher prices and shortages. With crowds reaching upwards of 500,000 people for previous years, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect 750,000 for 2015. I already know for a fact some housing is already booked and unavailable, so if you think you want to go,

... you should be planning NOW!


Iron Butt

I took my first trip to the Sturgis Bike Rally back in 2012, and I doubled up and made it an Iron Butt Association Challenge ride going out as well. I did the Saddle Sore, and the Bun Burner rides in conjunction with each other. The Saddle Sore is 1000 miles in 24 hours and the Bun Burner is 1500 miles in 36 hours. These are the shortest rides the Association certifies, and it gets harder from there, so if you dare, give it a shot! The last time I checked, the 48 in 10, less than 100 people have completed that ride. I am planning on giving that a try in the near future, but that requires some substantial planning that I have not completed yet. I’ll keep you posted on that one. In case you don’t know what a 48 in 10 is, that is a ride that you have to enter, and have evidence you did enter, into all the lower 48 states and complete that in 10 days. The shortest routes are all around 8000 miles, so you can see the difficulty on that one, just from the mileage and time.

The ride to Sturgis was hard and long. The trip from Rutherford County is about 1725 to Belle Fourche where I was staying, and full of obstacles. West of Saint Louis I could see 2 major storms coming toward ...

We Rode to the Maggie Valley Summer Rally

Hello all, we had a great time this past Saturday riding with friends. We were riding up to Maggie Valley to the HotRods & Hawgs summer rally at the Maggie Valley Fairgrounds.  I had spoke to a few people about the ride a few weeks ago, so I thought I would touch base with them Friday night to finalize plans.  As it turned out the group had dwindled to two couples. Steve & Deb and Me and Mrs. Lester. (lol)

Friday night, I phone Steve and he says I have contacted a couple of friends about the ride, and I told him, the more the merrier. We decided where to meet and at what time.  One of more popular area meeting places, Hwy. 11 & Hwy.14.  We meet at the station across from The Junction. There are always several (sometimes many) other bikes mulling around. We had decided to Kick Stands Up at 9:00.

Trickle Charge it

I go out after the phone to the garage to check out the two bikes, just to make certain everything is ok. I get out to the garage and I take a few minutes to make certain that I have everything I need on my bike. I had ridden it 2 days already last week, so I didn’t spend a great deal of time on it, but the more I look at it, the dirtier it looks.  I realize that I haven’t washed it is a while,  so I start cleaning it up.  I spent way too much time cleaning it up, so I started cleaning on Mrs. Lester’s bike. After being satisfied that they were touched up somewhat, I fired up the big bike. It sounds good. I shut it down and went back over to Mrs. Lester’s bike. I like the way it sounds, so I reach down and turn the key and hit the starter on it. Click click click. Crap! The battery is dead. I realize that it hasn’t been ridden in a few weeks. I hunt around and find my trickle charger. I hook it up and check my phone. It’s late, so I go back to the house and go to bed.

Saturday morning, I get up early cause I now have to put Jen’s bike back together after charging the battery all night. I go back to the garage, and click click click. Still nothing!  I start looking for my jump box. I can’t find it anywhere.  I call my oldest son to see if he might have borrowed it. It’s so early, I wake him up. I apologized for waking him up, and he didn’t have a clue where the jump box is. I decided then and there that Mrs. Lester was riding with me. This is something she very seldom does. 99% of the time she rides here own bike. Not today.  We ride out and fuel up and head to the meeting point....

Happy Labor Day!

Hi folks, as we pass our 5th birthday this year, we've just begun to notice that we have taken few days off in the past 5+ years. And so, as a gift to ourselves, we have decided to begin to honor more holidays than just Christmas and New Years. That means there won't be a TCR Scene published next week as we observe the Labor Day holiday. Everyone needs time off from their labors! We'll also be taking off the week of Thanksgiving and we'll let you know what holidays there will be from publication for next year.

The events over the past couple weeks have given FancyFree and I a hankering to BE what our names say for the holiday .... foot loose and fancy free!

Hope you have a good couple weeks.






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