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August 27th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Event Report by Lester: Red White & Brew 2013

Ron Lofts: Hot Weather Riding

Shaggy: Fight!

PoniPrincess: HOG Ride for Catawba Valley Children's Advocacy Center

Loose Talk with Jon


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This Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive ....

This Above Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive







The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of August 27 - September 3, 2013

Tuesday 89 p-cloudy, Wednesday 88 m-cloudy, Thursday 88 am showers, Friday 86 p-cloudy, Saturday 87 iso t-storms, Sunday 86 iso t-storms, Monday 87 scattered t-storms, Tuesday 84 sunny (as per on Tuesday 08/27/13)



Riding into Fall

We live in the future a LOT. At the moment we're setting up The Carolina Rider crew's schedule of Toy Run involvement that's still months away and we're making plans for the Easyriders show that's after the first of the new year. Still, as I sit here right now, it amazes me that we're on the verge of September. Seems like we just turned the page to August and here we are with "back to school" sales on every corner and that long-time inner sense that I'm supposed to be buying new pencils and notebooks whenever this time of year comes around. September?! How the hell did we get here? Seriously, with the "mild" Summer temps we've enjoyed, I'm not even sure that this season should be considering its completion!

Nevertheless, here we are and this weekend many of us get a holiday to honor the work we get to do in our lives, ... or, perhaps better said, the TIME OFF we get to celebrate LABOR day! Labor Day signifies a closing of the carefree season's doors - pools close, boats get put in storage, school bells ringing, - yet when you're a motorcycle rider, you get to be carefree ALL-YEAR-LONG! Mmmm-hmmmm. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! We're a fortunate bunch to enjoy this sense of freedom that comes from setting out cageless on adventure after adventure. So go ahead, let the seasons change because we're ready for new air, fresh winds, different scenery!

Here's a Question

When do you consider "Riding Season" in The Carolinas?

Write me and let me know what you think!


It was a true pleasure to share some time at The BIG RIDE with our The Carolina Rider writers Lester and Shaggy this past Saturday at the Red White and Brew event in Matthews. Thanks for riding up from the SouthWest parts, guys and for sharing about our publications with passersby. We had a generous flow of folks stop by the Bus to chat and sign up for their chance to win this weekend's giveaway. Who won?

Kati Leonard is the WINNER of a night for two at SKYLINE VILLAGE INN!

Congrats, Kati!


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Event Report: Red White & Brew 2013

"Man it was a nice day! I was glad I made the ride from Greenville, SC to the show in Matthews, NC."



This event was an annual event that was held at the legendary Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. It was sponsored by none other than Harley-Davidson of Charlotte & Budweiser among others. The International Bikini Team was there showing more skin than a Victoria's Secret catalogue. If you missed it, I hate it for you. They were the cream of the crop!

The tunes were compliments of the Route 66 Band. Food provided by TGIFridays. There was a brand new 2013 Harley Davidson Street Bob given away as well. The bike show was the largest ever. With dozens of sweet looking rides. From tricked out Sportys to full Customs. The classes were broken down by the different styles of the bikes. There were even a few bikes from across the big pond in the show. There were hundreds of bikes on the premises that were deserving to be in the show, but you guys will have to wait until next year for your shot.

There were several other vendors out there selling their goods, along with a bargain tent from H-D of Charlotte.  WRFX 99.7, 96.9 The Kat, and New Rock 106.5 were all there in full force, promoting themselves. Budweiser was there supplier ample amounts of adult beverages.

The weather was perfect, especially with all the rain that we have had lately. Man it was nice, I was glad I made the ride from Greenville SC to the show.

There was an estimated 3000+ people there and all were having the time of their lives. Everyone enjoyed the 3 rounds of the Bikini Show, as it was one of the best I have ever seen. The girls first came out in their halter tops and Daisy Dukes, then the Bikinis next. If they didn't get your heart pumping, you may want to see your doctor! They were walking around taking photos all over the place. They drew a crowd wherever they were. If I had to pick a winner in the Bikini contest, I would be broke. They all were winners, not a loser in the bunch! I'd give them all first place trophys. ...

(more info and photos online now!)




Last weekend we took a short ride over to Aiken SC to meet our daughter there on some business from Black Mountain, NC. From our place we take Hwy 4 through Neeses, then over to Springfield. Springfield is the home of the oldest Flea Market and starts early, around 6 a.m. and winds down around 10 or so. Also you may have heard of Springfield as the home of the Governor's Frog Jumping Championship, but also known for the town police that waits for unsuspecting travelers (no he didn't get me, this time.) So if you go through, please watch the speed limit signs, even a couple miles over will get you a visit to the town hall and lighten your wallet.

Anyway, we traveled on through Springfield and over some very scenic countryside. This becomes horse country with many stables and farms along the way. As you get closer to Aiken the landscape changes from the flat low country to rolling hills and as you come over a rise you see wonderful vista's out across the hills. Along the way we passed some bicyclists and we both commented on the heat and the hills they had yet to go.

We met our daughter and had lunch at the Aiken brewery and had a wonderful sandwich. As we were leaving the bicyclists were there, and it turned out to be the Chief of Public Safety from Orangeburg and friends that had ridden their bikes the 40+ miles from Orangeburg. While I can't vouch for the local brewed beer, the Chief can and said the beer was cold and it was so hot he may just have two since someone else was driving back to Orangeburg.

As we headed back to Cope, we checked the thermometer that said 97, which is hot, even at 60 mph. I was reminded of some of the issues in riding in the summer heat. Dehydration! It can sneak up on you, especially riding. I usually try to drink a bottle of water whenever I stop in the summer. It is surprising how much fluid you lose. Your body is very efficient and when riding along at 60 mph you don't notice that you are perspiring and the wind is drying you, making you feel somewhat cooler, but losing fluid. I was reading in the last HOG magazine about a ride in Baha and losing a friend to dehydration and heat stroke during the ride. We planned to stop in Neeses or Norway on the way back and when we got there suggested to my wife to get a bottle of water. She agreed saying that she had developed a headache - an early sign of dehydration. We both felt better after downing a bottle of water. We only had about 12 miles to home, but needed to get some water.

So just as a reminder, drink plenty of water when riding in the summer. Beer and soda won't hydrate the body and keep your mind sharp like water or the sports drinks do.

Ding Ding Ding!!!

MMA Fight @ H-D of Charlotte September 7th

Don't lie ... you love watching a good fight. From the school yard to the bars anytime you hear someone yell "FIGHT!!!" your first instinct is "move, I wanna see!" I'm no different. I once lost $100 on two squirrels fighting over an acorn.

But with cold weather coming and quarreling rodents to bet on being scarce, you need real entertainment right? Well, ladies and gentlemen ...



(I always wanted to say that!)

Yes dear readers, H-D of Charlotte (for some reason or another located in Matthews) will be bringing you a black-tooth-grin-filled-night less than two weeks from the time of this writing. September the 7th curious onlookers and innocent bystanders will be treated to an evening of BBB: bikes, babes, and brawls. This outdoor blast is to not something to be missed for those who enjoy the gladiatorial arts and it'll be awhile before you have a chance to see this card again. Not only will this fight be the return of Charlotte's own Pro fighter Kevin Forant, it will also be the Pro debut of another Queen City native and former Fight Lab champion Tony Tan.

Now let me ask: with that much action do you really wanna spend that Saturday night taking the ol' lady to see another romantic comedy?

Here's The Card:

Forant vs Odom (main event)

Tan vs Calderon

DiBernardo vs Fierle

and many more...!

This event is brought to you by Paul Booe, owner/ head instructor/Fighter manager of Hayastan-IMB, the friendly staff of Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, Bell's Barber Shop, and, of course all of us here at

Who knows, you might see my boney ass in the ultra-ultra feather weight class, it'll never happen but you're still liable to catch me and several of the staff out and about as well as a few of the fighters that will be chording with their fans. On a side note, I'd show up if I was you because I met a few of these guys and I wouldn't want that lot pissed at me for missing their gig. ... Just sayin'!

See ya there folks.


HOG Ride to support

Catawba Valley Children's Advocacy & Protection Center

I think most every biker has at least a small, but maybe larger, soft spot in his/her heart for children. Maybe we still feel like one, maybe we still want to be one when we grow up, maybe we never could shed that skin. Being a kid can be fun as we experience new things every day; inquisitively hitting a bee hive with a stick, rigging up a harness so your dog can pull you on your skateboard so fast you think you can fly, or like me, you wonder what will happen when you stick a bobby pin in the electrical socket (yes, I've done that.)

In these kinds of times it can be intensely rewarding and tremendously educational to be a kid. But there are those children who never get to play in a creek, or draw awful renderings of the neighbors on the sidewalk with chalk, or sit in a daze with a friend in front of a video game. No, there are those children who have to hide in bushes to get away from drunken abusive parents, those who try to stay at someone’s house until dinner so they might get a meal, or those whose only companion is the rats scurrying across their beds at night.

Paints a pretty bleak picture of the reality of some children’s lives, huh? But most unfortunately it is all too true. Thank goodness we have bikers who champion these lost souls of which we may have even been one ourselves. Loving bikers who go to the toy runs in the fall and muscular distrophy benefit rides in the summer, and most especially the Catawba Valley HOG poker run being held Saturday, September 21 in Hickory, NC....

Good Times at H-D of Charlotte

(see more fun photos from Saturday's event in our GALLERY)

I enjoyed seeing lots of familiar faces this past Saturday at the Red White and Brew at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte. Some of you I know from teaching you at Rider's Edge or CPCC, some of you through the magazine, a few of you are marketing clients, some of you are riding buddies, and some of you just keep showing up in my life and that's pretty cool. It's a small world. I keep sensing that every time I'm around a big group. If we reach too far, we're all connected.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Don't ever hesitate to. I really enjoy hanging out with you, shaking your hand, getting reacquainted with you. And if you ever have questions or needs, give me a shout.

Toy Runs

As a matter of fact, it's getting to be about time for Toy Runs isn't it? If you've got one in the planning, no matter where you are in The Carolinas, please contact us now and let's see how we can make your holiday ride the best one yet!

Saturday's Bike Winner

I hear the winner of the Budweiser bike from Saturday's RWB has signed up for his FREE Rider's Edge class offered by Harley-Davidson of Charlotte and which I will be teaching. That's cool. I look forward to being your teacher, Chad!














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