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September 3rd Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Motor Maids Corner: Road to The Sisters by Krissa Drentlaw

Golden Opportunities: (The Search for) A Long & Winding Road

Paul Pics: 2013 Red White & Brew Photo Collage

Uncle Roy: "Choices"

Introducing a writer from Montana: "Talk's" 36-hour Sturgis Ride

Shaggy: Fight!

PoniPrincess: CPCC partners with TCR!

Loose Talk with Jon


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This Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive ....

This Above Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive

Event Report: Trojan Pride Ride

by Melissa Meeks

The event was WONDERFUL!!!!.... Better than expected!!!!!

We had 53 riders and raised $500 for the school. (Northwestern High School, Rock Hill, SC.) We had riders from all areas of the community who were there for one reason: To raise funds for education!!

We began our ride at NWHS, rode thru York,SC to Kings Mountain State Park where we stopped for drinks and socializing. We then went thru Clover and returned back to the school. At the school, Marc Hanna, "DJ PACO," was playing some tunes while Michael and Jackie Poole were cooking on the grill. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, gave out many door prizes and had a wonderful rider donate his winnings from the 50/50 back to the school.

Yes, it was a wonderful day! We are hoping to do another ride in the Spring.

(a group shot from The Trojan Pride Ride, Rock Hill, SC)


This weekend ...

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 3-10, 2013

Tuesday 88 m-sunny, Wednesday 86 m-sunny, Thursday 88 p-cloudy, Friday 83 p-cloudy, Saturday 83 p-cloudy, Sunday 87 sunny, Monday 87 p-cloudy, Tuesday 83 p-cloudy (as per on 09/4/13)



When is "Riding Season?"

I hope you enjoyed a restful holiday weekend! The weather was kinda like Summer, huh? Strange thing to come along after all this un-Summeryness we've been enjoying for months!

With us moving quickly toward what most of us think as Fall once the calendar flips to September, last week I posed the question, "when do you consider riding season to be in The Carolinas?" A good handful of you responded! If you didn't get your thoughts in and still want to, feel free to write me and I'll publish your ten cents next week.

Answer #1

Remember Mike on a Bike? He wrote about his cross-country trip sometime back. If you missed it, check it out online now! Anyway, Mike on a Bike responded to my question with this answer:

"Wow, living in Seneca, SC, I'd have to say riding season is pretty much year round. Yes, if it's forty degrees outside, I might stay out of the mountains but, if you're dressed properly, forty's not too bad for an hour ride. The air is crisp and sharp in your lungs and on a bright winter day, it doesn't get any better!

When I lived in New York, you knew who the REAL riders were because they were the nuts out on Sunday squeezing in a ride as long as there was no ice on the roads. I'd get home, frozen, and would "lie" to my wife saying "oh, it wasn't too bad!" as she handed me double Jack Daniels, neat!"

Answer #2

Bob S. answered with a full article in response! It starts here and continues online .... "Here in the Carolinas, we are fortunate that we can ride pretty much year round. Even in January and February you can usually find a few days warm enough for riding. The old adage about the weather around here is true. If you don’t like it, wait around a bit; it will surely change. At least we don’t have to deal with winters like my good buddy who lives in Cleveland, OH. He’s the proud owner of a beautiful blue Road King Classic, and if he’s lucky, his riding season lasts until early November. Then the King is put in storage on a battery tender until April. He’s always whining about not getting to ride for four months. I can’t say that I blame him. Winters up north can be brutal.

As I’ve gotten, ahem, older, I just can’t ride in extreme temps anymore. I don’t like riding in cold weather with my teeth chattering, feeling like a human popsicle. Sitting in traffic, straddling a large, air cooled v-twin in 90 degree heat—sweat trickling down into my nether regions—isn’t my idea of fun, either."

Answer #3

And Galen said ...

"When is Riding Season in The Carolinas? Any day that ends in a y!"


Thanks for answering guys!


Let us know how this week's ezine "click over" worked for you. Tell us how it did or didn't work. As Footloose says, YOU'RE what it's all about!


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Welcome to a new corner of The Carolina Rider Scene! This is a place to find out what's up with the Motor Maids of our states ... what they're riding, where they're riding, the bonds they share, and the happenings among them. A long-historied organization of women who love riding and are proud of their two-wheeled accomplishments, Motor Maids carries on the vision of long-ago women who said "I can ride my own!" and did ... and more and more still do!

(photo above is Mount Washington view from Dee Wright Observatory, Willamette National Forest)

On a beautiful day in late June the 8,200 mile adventure crossing the continent of North America to attend the Annual Motor Maids, Inc. Convention began. Leaving Summerville, SC in route to Bend Oregon the trip would include time with family, friends, and the Sisters.

There are many roads that motorcycle riders travel in crossing the United States and Canada but I must say that one of my most memorable times on the road to Convention 2013 was spent taking in the beauty of nature's architecture along Oregon Route 242 (Old McKenzie Highway.)

The road will provide a few turns, switch backs and wonderful photo opportunities along with a history lesson and perspective on just what a presence a mountain can have from 27 miles in the distance.

It was a wonderful ride with stops at Belknap Crater, the Dee Wright Observatory in the Willamette National Forest to view Mt. Washington and along route 126 to capture a picture with the "Sisters," - Faith, Hope and Charity, the original names given to the mountains now known as South Sister, Middle Sister and North Sister.

(Belknap Crater, Oregon 242, Old McKenzie Highway)

The Motor Maids are a wonderful group of ladies from backgrounds as diverse as the frontiers they have traveled to unite once a year since 1940 (with exception of 1942 and 43 during WWII.) The American Motorcycle Association Charter # 509 was issued to the club in 1941. The founding premise of the Motor Maids was and is to unite women motorcyclists in promoting motorcycle interest.

Informal meetings and get-togethers are held at various national and district events throughout the year. If you're a lady rider and have an interest in learning more about the organization please visit and contact a District Director in your area.

(Highway 20 on the way to Bend Oregon, Three Sisters and Broken Top)



That's what we were searching for on Thurs Aug 15th. A new one, that is. I had been playing with Map Quest and thought I'd found such in north NC near West Jefferson. Map Quest has a program that allows you to download way points or routes to Garmin GPS. But a note to alert you: just because you find the perfect road or route that is not necessarily what the GPS will put you on.

I had set our route to start near Spruce Pine NC on hwy 194 and the GPS did a fine job of directing us there. Not that we needed it, but I wanted the GPS to be on track for the route. Zumo told me that the route had started and to continue, which we did. A few miles on where 194 turns away from US 19E it told me to turn around. I told Mickey and Charley what Zumo was trying to do. So we pulled over and looked at what it wanted us to do ... back to the start point!! I turned off the route and reentered it. Still the same. We are familiar with the area and knew we wanted to go to West Jefferson NC where we would find our new road. That ~@%# thing kept instructing to turn around even after we arrived at W Jefferson. I had really looked at the route while planning it on Map Quest so knew generally where to go. ( .... no remarks now .... )

Backing up the story a little ....




by Uncle Roy Yelverton

When the gods of Spring awaken, and knuckle the sleep from their eyes;
A biker longs for the wind-song, and the high, hard, summer skies.
Garage kept steel horses, grow anxious to taste the wind,
As if they knew of horizons to pursue, down a highway that never ends.

My scoot was packed for the long ride; the road-trip call was strong
For wind and wheels, and wings of steel; I was eager to be gone.
As the engine warmed, I was spacin', my mind many miles away;
I didn't see her come to the stoop; didn't hear what she had to say.

There she stood in the doorway; there were tears in her eyes.
I looked at her, and wondered why.
But I didn't know this was the last time she'd tell me goodbye.

She said; "we had our times, and they were good.
I know you tried to do the best you could;
I’m sorry for not being brave enough to tell you till now."

She said; "I'm tired of being second best.
Tired of failing every test
That I have to pass to be number one in your life."

"I know you can't change what you are,
There's so many roads, and they run so far.
When that Harley calls, you can't say no to the wind."

"Then like rolling thunder, you'll be gone;
While I'll be here, and all alone,
Never knowing when; or even if, I'll see you again."

I heeled down the kickstand, I held her tight.
My eyes too were brimming.
I knew she was right.
I wondered; am I cursed, or blessed, to
Be what I am?

She said; "Don't come back for your things,
I'll leave them over at your sister Jean's.
There's somebody else; and he don't even own a bike."

I suppose I should start by offering a little background information. I feel pretty blessed. I've been to Sturgis many times; the first time was 1986 and then attended every year until about 2003, then missed a few years, then went back again in 2012 and this year. In all these early years until the break about 2003 I rode my 1980 FXE. I could probably tell Sturgis stories for hours. I bought an 09 Road King a few years back and decided to go again last year - still got the shovel.

It didn't take me long after starting in 86 to realize that riding all day was much more enjoyable when I've gotten a good nights rest. So I started taking a bed - or I should say a camper. After not going for a number of years, last year in 2012 my Bro MT in Sioux Falls, SD wanted to go again. We're the founding members of TBDMC (- a story for another time.) By this time I now have a motor home for my bed. Last year we went early/first weekend, stayed at a campground south of Deadwood and headed home by Monday.

It was sounding as if MT wasn't going to make it this year and the campground we stayed at last year had been sold so I would be looking for a different place. I've been rained and hailed on pretty good a few times during past rallies so I had kinda been watching the weather and wasn't sure about going. By the first of the week I was getting anxious ...

Ding Ding Ding!!!

MMA Fight @ H-D of Charlotte September 7th

Don't lie ... you love watching a good fight. From the school yard to the bars anytime you hear someone yell "FIGHT!!!" your first instinct is "move, I wanna see!" I'm no different. I once lost $100 on two squirrels fighting over an acorn. But with cold weather coming and quarreling rodents to bet on being scarce, you need real entertainment right? Well, ladies and gentlemen ...


(I always wanted to say that!)

(some of the bad ass fighters & promoter, Paul Booe)

Yes dear readers, H-D of Charlotte (for some reason or another located in Matthews) will be bringing you a black-tooth-grin-filled-night less than two weeks from the time of this writing. September the 7th curious onlookers and innocent bystanders will be treated to an evening of BBB: bikes, babes, and brawls. This outdoor blast is to not something to be missed for those who enjoy the gladiatorial arts and it'll be awhile before you have a chance to see this card again. Not only will this fight be the return ofCharlotte's own Pro fighter Kevin Forant, it will also be the Pro debut of another Queen City native and former Fight Lab champion Tony Tan.

Now let me ask: with that much action do you really wanna spend that Saturday night taking the ol' lady to see another romantic comedy?

Here's The Card ...

Forant vs Odom (main event) ... Tan vs Calderon ... DiBernardo vs Fierle ... and many more...!

This event is brought to you by Paul Booe, owner/ head instructor/Fighter manager of Hayastan-IMB, the friendly staff of Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, Bell's Barber Shop, and, of course all of us here at

Who knows, you might see my boney ass in the ultra-ultra feather weight class, it'll never happen but you're still liable to catch me and several of the staff out and about as well as a few of the fighters that will be chording with their fans. On a side note, I'd show up if I was you because I met a few of these guys and I wouldn't want that lot pissed at me for missing their gig. ... Just sayin'!

See ya there folks.


A New Partnership!

Central Piedmont Community College Joins The Carolina Rider


I have always professsed to be an eternal student. I love learning and every year at this time that urge gets sparked again. Just like FancyFree mentioned about a week ago the pull of pens and notebooks and text books and book bags and new clothes is overwhelming. Whereas I didn't continue official studies past receiving my baccelaureate, according to my parents I should have. Now looking back that is so true. When I graduated from Berry College in 1985 I wanted a break from schools. I wanted to get out there and be a "real" person with a "real" job and be all grown up and stuff. Probably a lot of you were in a similar place. Yes, we became "real" people with jobs, but the grown up part just hasn't taken hold yet.

Sound familiar? Well let this coinsidence in life be your official invitation to explore your desire. Now don't give me those lame bullshit excuses of why you can't go back to school or even take in a few lectures in the areas of your passion. It takes as much energy to think of an excuse as it does to think of a solution. Quit wallering in your "victim" mentality and let's go BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

And I have found the perfect place to get started. Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte. They have campuses all over the Charlotte area and programs for the fresh out of highschool and the "I-wish-I-could-go-back" more mature crowd (of which a lot of us qualify for!) ....

All for You

You'll see that this week, we're offering a new way of accessing The Carolina Rider Scene ezine. There might be even more variations as we test out the very best way to get you your weekly publication. Technology is never a sit-down, stay-there kind of thing. It's always shuffling and shifting, growing and moving toward the next thing.

You're still getting the same quality and production, just a new way of getting to it that might just suit your Inbox better, and make it more accessible to you. Or, it might not be the best alternative for you, but rest assured we'll keep reaching for more.

It's all about you - you are our reader, subscriber, and purpose for being.

Thanks for reading! Now get out and ride...













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