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THIS SATURDAY - Charlotte Firefighters Annual Ride!

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of September 6-12, 2011

Tuesday 81 showers, Wednesday 81 m-sunny, Thursday 82 sunny, Friday 84 p-cloudy, Saturday 85 m-sunny, Sunday 81 iso tstorms , Monday 82 iso-tstorms (as per on Monday 9/6/11)






Free Ride

The mountain is high, the valley is low .. and you're confused 'bout which way to go. So I flew in to give you a hand and lead you into the promised land.

So come on and take a free ride ... come on and take it by my side. Come on and take a free ride!

All over the country, I'm seeing the same.... nobody's winning at this kind of game. We gotta do better, it's time to begin. You know all the answers must come from within.

So come on and take a free ride yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.....!

(Excerpts from "Free Ride" by Edgar Winter Band)


So it's time for a little FREE RIDE - the listing of free things to do around The Carolinas (and yes, mostly the Greater Charlotte area) that I send out periodically. Think of these tiny treats as your belated Labor Day gifts!

TONIGHT 9/6 - FREE BEER tasting, "Beer Ed" at Growlers Pourhouse in NoDa Charlotte

TODAY & thru Sat, 9/6-9/10 - FREE BREAKFAST at Chick-fil-a with online coupon

Thru 9/9 - FREE PIZZA from Mellow Mushroom with online coupon

Wed & Th this week 9/7-8 - MORE FREE BEER tasting at Common Market in Charlotte

Tues & Wed this week, 9/6-7 - FREE WINE tasting at Common Market in Charlotte too

This Thurs, 9/8 - FREE BBQ LUNCH including live music @ Well's Fargo Plaza in downtown Charlotte for first 300 who show up for this introduction to the upcoming BBQ & Blues event

This Fri, 9/9 - FREE BLUES 6:30-8pm at Gaston Co. Museum

Saturdays - FREE MOUNTAIN MUSIC! at The Depot in Bryson City, NC

9/24 - FREE AIRPLANE RIDES! at Wings over Edenton Airport Day

9/23-24 - FREE-SPIRITED FUN! at The Okra Strutt in Irmo, SC


Readers Respond


I hear on good authority that The Masons of Stanley, NC have a Porker Run scheduled for September 24th. No, that wasn't a's a PORKer Run instead of a poker run. The stops are for FOOD. And I hear it's not little food either....there's BIG FOOD to be had on one of these runs! Each stop is something different and I understand you better be prepared to eat up. I can't find anything current online about it but I did find a mention of a past Porker they had that looks pretty similar to this one so you can check that out and hit their "contact us" for info if you like.

It all begins at 11am on September 24th at The Woodshed in Stanley, NC ...' least that's what my DMV examiner told me last week when I went for my license renewal. Examiner Sawyer said he'd be there and that it was so much food the last time he did the run he had to skip the ice cream dessert!



Duke Energy 5th Annual Poker Run for United Way

October 1, 2011


Don T. wrote us about an upcoming ride sponsored by Duke Energy in support of The United Way:

"Oconee Nuclear Station’s 5th annual United Way Poker Run is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st,
with Registration from 10-12. The past four years this event has netted approximately $25,000 for United Way! While the economy is still recovering the needs continue to outpace the available resources. Our local United Ways are receiving fewer donations while their client base increases. We would appreciate any assistance you can give us this year by donating funds and/or items for door prizes, etc., during the “Biker Round-up”/final destination. We expect 100 (+) bikes, with several traveling from the Charlotte and Rock Hill areas to participate."



Any Outer Banks ideas out there in Reader Land??

Sorry, Dave, we didn't get any answers to your question from last week....

" My wife and I are planning a road trip down the coast and along the Outer Banks the 2nd week of September. Any sights, great roads or other suggestions would be greatly appreciated."

But we did hear from Teresa who asked for the same help ...

"We are also planning a trip to the Outer Banks around the 1st wk of October. Could you also pass along the info to us, best routes, campgrounds, must sees?"

Assuming that Dave and his wife are already on their way to OB, perhaps we can still help out a sister rider. Does anyone have any help for Teresa...and anyone else who might be interested in riding around the upper coastal area of NC? How 'bout you guys who live around there? Got any suggestions for your favorite stomping grounds?



More from BFBF

We're happy to announce that Bikers for Bikers has a PHOTO GALLERY forming online. Within the next few weeks they will be moved into The Club Room along with other groups but until then you can take a little peek at what they've been up to from their rally and a recent trip to VA.

While you're online, read their story about being involved in a benefit at Shenandoah H-D in Staunton, VA.

Thanks for sharing, BFBF!




BH from Charleston, SC sent in the flyer below. The event is looking for additional sponsors and vendors. Click on flyer to connect with BH.





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So we're past Labor Day....and the old rule was you can't wear white and beach house rentals go way down after that holiday passes .... but what I feel most this time of year is the hint of Fall peeking out all around me. Even tho it's still hot, you can sense it creeping in! And this time of year, my favorite FREE RIDES are heading out to local festivals and wandering around at art crawls, street parties and such. Just something nostalgic and freeing about this time of year. The air gets fresher and things taste better. And I kinda like sticking a jacket in my saddle bag for that refreshing ride home after dark..... not long now....!

Hope you get to take a free-spirited free ride sometime this week and weekend....


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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"The Mutt"


Story by Stealth - Pics by Vicki

I was at McCoy's Bike Night, just checking out the bikes in the parking lot. I came across this one. The sheet metal says "Heritage Softail," the front end also says "Heritage Softail" but as I took a closer look there was a swing arm frame and cradled in that frame was a 1965 Sportster engine! This was a different bike and you surely don't see something like this on a regular basis, so I left my card and the owner, Mike Sweeney gave me a call and we set up a time to shoot some pictures of his bike.
Mike is an "old school" guy who likes the older bikes. He says the older bikes have more soul than the newer ones and sometimes I agree with that. Mike told me he wanted something different, so he built the Mutt.  The frame had to have some modifications to accept the Heritage style front end along with mounting the tanks and rear fender. I can tell you a lot of imagination and planning went into this bike. The frame is fitted with a 1978 swing arm.
It's like a breath of fresh air to meet someone who had a vision of what he wanted in a bike and had the determination to make it all come together. That Sportster engine sitting in the frame is one fine piece of classic iron. The embossed primary cover is one bitchin' piece.


(CHECK OUT MORE PHOTOS of The Mutt at the end of the online version of this story...)

Now you may think The Mutt does not get ridden much with its 46 year old engine but Mike says he rides this bike regularly. That engine has been re-built to factory specs and is tight! The Mutt sports a kick starter, no electric starter, and when I was there it fired on the first kick every time. Nothing cooler than a kicker that fires on the first kick!

Like a lot of mutt's,... after being around The Mutt for a little while you kinda get drawn in and fall in love with them. This is one of the more interesting bikes I have come across. It has style and attitude and most of all it is unique!
So, if you are roaming Mckoy's parking lot one Friday night and you see The Mutt, go up and give him a look ... you will glad you did!





You want the Good News or the Bad News First?


OK, I'll start off with the not-so-good stuff first....

You may have noticed that the Orange County Choppers flyer that has been looming big and orange toward the top of The Carolina Rider Scene for the past several weeks is missing today. Yep. Not happening. And we're sorry that's the case. The Carolina Rider, Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, and Jason Taylor The LitiGator were all helping Bojangles Arena to sponsor this event but we just got word over the past week that the event has been cancelled. A dissappointment for some of you...not so much for others as OCC is loved and hated - but I think that's just what they want to be.

Now for something much better ... see the new flyer in residence now at the top of this mini-mag? The Carolina Rider and Harley-Davidson of Charlotte are sponsoring a ride to the Toby Keith show at Verizon Wireless Amphitheater on October 2nd! Cool huh? You can purchase tickets at the dealership (at 9205 E. Independence Blvd. in Matthews, NC) and THE FIRST 100 sold will get specially-designed one-of-a-kind really cool commemorative t-shirts. Honest - I've got more t-shirts than anybody and this shirt will be something to have!

Other good news ... THE FIRST 100 will also receive access to the VIP lounge area at the Amphitheater.

More good news ... From the folks who go on the ride to the show, 8 people will receive upgraded reserved tickets when they arrive at the Amphitheater

Even more good news ... 2 people on the ride will get meet & greet/ back stage passes to meet Toby himself once they arrive at the Amphitheater.

And still more good news.... The Carolina Rider will be giving away some lawn tickets so when you see us around, make sure and register to win!

OK, now doesn't all that GOOD NEWS wipe away all your sorrow from the not-so-good news?


Don't forget that this Saturday is The Charlotte Fire Fighter Poker Run benefitting the Fire Fighters' Burned Children Fund, Inc and The Forever Blue Foundation.

Come help good causes and join a great group ride experience too! Wonderful sponsors and locations to enjoy as well as the fun folks of The Carolina Rider set up with The Big Ride Bus at the ride start and finish. Ride begins in Lake Wylie, SC at Mad Dog Custom Cycles and ends in Matthews, NC at H-D of Charlotte.

Hey, look at the weather report for Saturday - 85 mostly sunny! So you see, you gotta come for the ride.... See you there!


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton




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