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(Photo taken over the group gathered at Tilley's H-D in Salisbury on their way to a memorial in Salisbury. There's more coverage of this event by Footloose.)

September 9th Edition

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Riding BE-cause

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Sandy Reece: Cameron's Ride

Ron Lofts: My Bike's been "Under the Weather"

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Quece: Bike Nite at QS&L Concord

The Big Ride 2 Fund

Loose Talk with Jon: Don Tilley

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 9-16, 2014

Tuesday 83 p-cloudy, Wednesday 85 p-cloudy, Thursday 91 p-cloudy, Friday 87 scattered t-storms, Saturday 81 scattered t-storms, Sunday 74 scattered t-storms, Monday 76 showers, Tuesday 74 pm am clouds (as per on 9/9/14)

New Friends

While trying to figure out what to do with myself without the bus and its contents during the Maggie Valley Summer Rally, I found myself freed up to meet some new folks and how thankful I am that I did! One such new friend is Al Guest and his wife who popped by the beer tent ooo-ing and ahh-ing over my fabulous poodles. In conversation they learned that I wasn't just a proud dog owner but I am just as proud of this publication which they had been receiving already. Once the couple, who lives in Rock Hill, SC, connected the dots, we had even more to discuss than the poodles and their soon-to-be-born pups!

Al is involved in a number of Veterans organizations and I so enjoyed getting to know him and just a tiny taste of what he's up to in our communities. For one thing, he's hooked up with a gigantic national event to give a more real and true welcome home to those who served in Vietnam. With a huge concert, ride, and trip to Vietnam for a select number of Vets, the Ride of the Brotherhood has bitten off an impressive project to ensure that the brothers and sisters of that 60's war feel loved and supported all these years later. An ultimate effort involves building camps for homeless Vets to live together with a strong professional support system. Al, who is deeply involved, introduced me to Ed Lewis, the event manager, and I look forward to hearing much more from both of them about "The Return - Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans." I know you will too!

The Moving Wall to be set up in Fort Mill, SC

Closer to home, Al, a Rolling Thunder member, has big news happening right here in The Carolinas. The Moving Wall, a traveling half-sized replica of the original Vietnam Veterans Memorial, is coming to Fort Mill, SC!

Riders Invited!

On Tuesday the 14th of October, riders will meet in Fort Mill and ride to meet The Moving Wall at an exit up I-85 and escort it back to Cox's Harley-Davidson in Rock Hill for a brief initial welcome celebration. Then the wall moves to downtown Fort Mill where it'll be on display Thursday Oct 16 - Sunday, Oct 19th at Veteran's Park on White Street.

Volunteers Needed!

Al says there are several ways folks can get involved other than in the escort ride. Volunteers are needed to take shifts for security during the nights the wall is set up and there's a great need for help in set up and take down on the 15th and 20th.

If you want to volunteer or get your group involved in the escort ride, please contact Al Guest at 803-322-5190

Thanks for the info, Al! Looking forward to hearing more from you in next week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine!

On another note ....

Because of the above, I'm a little low on sleep but a happy gran'mama of 9 adorable puppies. Hope all's warm and cuddly in your world too!


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Cameron’s Ride  -  August 16, 2014

Today is Friday and I am debating whether to ride to the mountains with friends or participate in Cameron’s Ride.  My dilemma…..the last charity group ride I participated in was led entirely too fast and I was uncomfortable the entire time.  So… to conquer my unrest… I decide to participate in Cameron’s Ride.  The cause was such a worthy memorial to such a precious child.  Cameron Gage Hill was 7 years old when he succumbed to an incurable liver cancer in August 2nd….weeks before the ride in his honor.  But as they say, "The show must go on!”  The organizers made the decision to continue with the ride plans in Cameron’s memory.

A local firefighter, Jake Conner met this young man, Cameron Hill, and they became fast friends!  Cameron had a wish list of things to do while he was medically able.  One request was to be a fireman for a day.  The staff at Fair Grove Fire Department in Thomasville went over and above to make his wish come true…especially Jake Conner.  It was Jake’s idea to organize a motorcycle ride in Cameron’s honor to help his family with medical expenses. 

On a beautiful crisp Saturday morning at 9:00am, the moment came to gear up and ride in Cameron’s memory.  I arrived early so I could ...

August 25, 2014

Well, my attempted trip to Maggie Valley wasn’t nearly as eventful as Jon’s and was only disappointment to have missed it, especially to be able to support Jan and Jon.  RIP to The Big Ride and we are especially glad that Jon got out safely.  Could have been much worse, even though it is a significant loss with the inventory, equipment, and resources that The Big Ride held.  Marcia and I, as well as the other 75,000 readers wish good things for Jan and Jon to be able to recover well. As they say when a window closes a door opens.  It will be interesting to see what door opens to move forward to even better things.

My journey started actually a couple of weeks ago when I was headed home from work and turned the corner and heard all kinds of engine clatter.  I pulled into a vacant lot and shut it off.  Checked the oil, was good and tried again, but I could tell there was no oil getting to the upper engine (I am not a mechanic, but experience can be a tough teacher).  So I called Bill (Orangeburg Cycle), who was in Columbia visiting a friend in the hospital and just as I said my bike quit my phone went dead – no battery left.  I thought at first well I’ll go find a pay phone (oops, showing my age, they don’t exist anymore).  My wife is in Columbia also and I’m trying to figure out what next when one of my retired staff came by and stopped.  They took me home to get my trailer and about the time getting ready to load my bike, Bill shows up with his trailer.  He had come from Columbia to get it.  Turns out that the oil pump gear had come apart into little pieces, which scored the crankshaft.  Yes, that means we replace the crankshaft and all the accompanying bearings and while we have it apart might as well do any other improvements.  The engine only had about 24,000 miles on it as I had replace the original engine after a similar oil pump malfunction on I-26 a couple of years ago.  So after about 3 weeks replacing the crankshaft and bearings we also hear a whine that isn’t good and replace the drive bearing.  While taking out the fuel they also noticed that there was no fuel pressure and replaced the fuel regulator, filter, and sock.  I had been having some trouble with that, at times it would run rough and even quit, but we couldn’t find the trouble.  It was also time for ...

Quaker Steak & Lube's Bike Nites now on Thursdays

(in Concord, that is)

Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord, NC changed their Bike Night to Thursday! I finally got to show off Mom’s new “blinged out” bike and my Saddleman Pet Carrier! I couldn’t wait to see my Carolina Rider friends, Footloose and FancyFree, and their two “Party Animals.”

The Band “Bonfire” was HOT!….and from what I understand…so was The BIG RIDE Bus….Mom said  The BIG RIDE Bus couldn’t make it because it was on fire!  NOT “BONFIRE”….ON FIRE! No way ... really? (I will let Jon share the rest of that awful story!)

Enjoy all the fun photos my mom made at this event. Humans are very entertaining.



Don Tilley - The passing of a Harley Man

I rode with the group from Salisbury to Statesville to the Memorial Service for Mr. Tilley.

Click below to watch the video ....






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