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September 10th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This weekend: Bikers for Babies PR at Blue Ridge H-D in Hickory, NC

& Hospice of Cleveland Co Benefit at Skooterz in Shelby, NC

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

When is Riding Season? - more answers!

A Woman Rider's Perspective by Sandy Reece: Divine Intervention

"Flee to the Fort" - an event pre-port by Ron McKinney

Loose Talk with Jon


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This Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive ....

This Above Event is in Charlotte off of Freedom Drive

Event Report: Trojan Pride Ride

by Melissa Meeks

The event was WONDERFUL!!!!.... Better than expected!!!!!

We had 53 riders and raised $500 for the school. (Northwestern High School, Rock Hill, SC.) We had riders from all areas of the community who were there for one reason: To raise funds for education!!

We began our ride at NWHS, rode thru York,SC to Kings Mountain State Park where we stopped for drinks and socializing. We then went thru Clover and returned back to the school. At the school, Marc Hanna, "DJ PACO," was playing some tunes while Michael and Jackie Poole were cooking on the grill. We enjoyed a wonderful lunch, gave out many door prizes and had a wonderful rider donate his winnings from the 50/50 back to the school.

Yes, it was a wonderful day! We are hoping to do another ride in the Spring.

(a group shot from The Trojan Pride Ride, Rock Hill, SC)


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 10-17, 2013

Tuesday 89 sunny, Wednesday 90 m-sunny, Thursday 87 iso t-storms, Friday 85 p-cloudy, Saturday 76 m-sunny, Sunday 78 p-cloudy, Monday 82 p-cloudy, Tuesday 78 m-cloudy (as per on 09/10/13)


Riding around to Fall Festivals!

To get out on a bike and meander through the Carolina countrysides to mosey about an annual festival or show or hometown what-have-ya event is something that I crave ... most especially in Autumn! I just caught myself daydreaming over a listing of area events and that hankerin' just got truly fueled-up....

There's the annual Hog Hollerin' in Spivey's Corner and Mayberry Days in Mount Airey that both shout Ca-ro-li-naaaa! and there are bluegrass festivals and seafood festivals that get my appetite up for banjo and gumbo too. There are all those apple festivals that I know mean Jon's gonna ask for a homemade apple pie made from Carolina fruit soon .. and there's the hot air balloon festival that I've been "planning on" going to since the 1970's but have yet to do.

Speaking of the 70's, this year at one of my favorite annual festivals, the Festival in the Park in Charlotte, there's going to be a reunion of a band I knew and loved way back in the 70's, Halifax, and starring our own Paul Noble (a TCR photographer showcased in last week's ezine.) That just makes for a really delicious mix of nostalgia for this reminscent-rich season of the year!

Yep, wherever your own wistful wanderlust pulls you, the list of festivals is a colorfully-inspiring collection of Carolina-born-'n-bred good stuff (plus some of the usual run-of-the-mill happenings, tastings, and such as well) and I imagine you'll find something to make you too want to rev your engine and hit the backroads. And you know, going to one of these events is pretty cool all by itself ... but riding your bike to one makes it an all-round sensual treat!

Here's one place to look for NC Fests and check out SC Fests too!

More responses about Riding Season ...

I'm still getting (and enjoying) responses to this question! Funny - both of these are from guys who USED TO live in Michigan!

Greg, husband of our own Jane LaVoy, replied: "I moved from Michigan were you had to store your bike from Thanksgiving through March so I'm thrilled when I move to the Charlotte area and I ride your round."

Our columnist and Midlands SC representative of The Carolina Rider, Ron Lofts, sent in this answer: "I live in the ‘lowlands’ of SC, south of Columbia, but a little north of Charleston and for me it is year round. I don't ride in ice, if I can help it, and usually down here that is easy to avoid. I used to live in Michigan and was caught a few times in ice and snow. I moved to Northern Va. and also rode fairly much year round. I usually ride if it is above 40 and not raining. A few years ago I said I would ride as long as the temperature isn't less than my age, but as I aged that meant fewer riding days, would have to be in the mid-60's now. But thanks to my wife making me go to the doctor a few years ago for a physical and he said I had the heart of a 40 year old, I'm back to 40 degrees as my decision point. My ride to work is only 12 miles and when I have to go to Columbia it is only an hour, so even at 40 with good gear I'm comfortable. I haven't found any gloves that work in the rain though. I've tried gortex, and snowmobile gloves, but rain still gets in and then is cold."

Hoka Hey Challenge

Several years ago, I had the fortune of meeting and getting to know a really cool guy who did a Hoka Hey run. His life-transforming ride inspired me and I'm grateful to have had the chance to meet. Like all stories we are priviledged to publish, Mickey's story "Feeling the Ride" is still in our Stories section in case you missed it.

I understand through recent press releases that the Hoka Hey Challenge organization is going through some changes again. Their founder, Jim Redcloud, is stepping down but they have 2014's run slated for July 20th leaving Key West and running to Homer, Alaska (7500 miles.)

Anyone else out there done a Hoka Hey Challenge? Anyone know anyone who has? It's a long-distance endurance challenge and it has proven to be pretty brutal and life-shifting for those who've been involved. I'd love to hear more stories so give me a holler!

Whether you're riding all the way to Alaska or just to the library down the street, have a great ride and enjoy your week.....


I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Well friends, have you ever had the feeling that your plans for the day were changed for a reason?? My husband Mark and I were headed to the lake on a Sunday afternoon for a ride on the pontoon ... but he changed his mind and decided to drive me around the area for those photography "AH-HA" moments. (I have been experimenting with a camera hobby so he is "Driving Ms. Sandy" around in the truck on the rural back roads for those nice photo moments.)

We started our excursion in Winston Salem and headed towards Clemmons. After stopping at a couple of photo spots, he turned off Hwy 158 down Hwy 801 S towards Advance. I immediately spotted an old house ruin in the kudzu so I asked him to turn around and go back. He went down to the next intersection and turned around. As we turned and circled around in a nearby church parking lot in order to get my photo shots from the roadside, we were passed by a single motorcyclist. (It was a beautiful day to be riding!) I was finishing up when my husband said "We gotta go ... car is coming up behind us fast!" We moved on down the road and as we came upon a curve and looked ahead at something very odd, I knew immediately it was the motorcyclist that passed us - it was down!

Why will the combination of motorcycles, history, the NC Department of Cultural Resources, and local Rotary Clubs make for a poker run in late September that is very special and unique? Well, there's lots of poker runs out there as this is a prime time of the year to feel the wind in your face, the smells only a motor rider can appreciate, and the sights of a lovely North Carolina autumn. The Friends of Fort Dobbs, a 501 C3 organization are hosting a poker run on September 28 that should prove to be truly unique.

First there is the site. Fort Dobbs was established in 1756, 257 years ago.  At that time it was the western edge of the European Colonial settlements. The fort was ordered built by The Royal Governor of North Carolina, Arthur Dobbs, to provide safety and security to the settlers. When there were concerns about local trouble the cry was heard, "flee to the fort." And that's the name of this poker run.
Second, because this is a NC historical site, the date of the ride just happens to coincide exactly with a Living History Weekend which will involve re-enactments, tours of the site, and for the action oriented, boom, that would be the live musket and cannon fire. In addition there will be plenty of 18th century camp life.

Third, and important for us motor riders, is food. Good ole North Carolina Bar-B-Que will be on hand cooked and prepared on site by a local artisan. A bit special and unusual for this ride will be the opportunity to camp on the grounds Friday evening prior to the poker run Saturday. So bring your tent. Not everyone will hold a winning hand, but even if you do not there will be a large number of door prizes given away and all you will have to do is purchase a few tickets to get into the drawing. It's one of those "the more tickets you buy the better your odds of winning" things.

The starting point is Fort Dobbs, located at 438 Fort Dobbs Road, Statesville. Both the Statesville Rotary and the Greater Statesville Rotary Clubs are sponsoring this ride along with the Friends of Fort Dobbs, and the International Fellowship of Motorcycling Rotarians. It costs only a twenty to ride and for this experience that's a bargain.

Proceeds will go toward the fort's development. Much has been done to reconstruct the fort and it is very slowly returning to its original configuration. The NC Department of Cultural Resources struggles with funds and the Friends of Fort Dobbs are working to revive this important historical location. As the western frontier moved further west, the fort was forgotten until 1909 and the Daughters of the American Revolution acquired it and later donated the site to the NC Archaeological excavations. Now this is your chance to be a part of history and enjoy a lovely bike ride in the process.

For more information, check out The Carolina Rider EVENT CALENDAR

To register to ride, call 704-873-5882


What's past and what's coming up

The HD fight series was held Saturday night at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte and was a great success. The Carolina Rider is happy and proud to have been a sponsor and I look forward to sponsoring more in the future.

This Friday night is a bike night over off of freedom drive that FancyFree and I plan to attend. Please see the flyer above and come join us. Looks like it's going to be a great time and we would love to say hello!

And finally, motorcycle safety is of great concern to us all because we like to ride but we like to get home safe even better. Thanks to Sandy Reece for a great article above about just that subject and roadside assistance when things do go wrong.

I would like to welcome Central Piedmont Community College as our latest Sponsor for THE Carolina Rider and for their education of riders. They've got a valuable program so when you get a moment, look at their website. And don't forget, it's not just for those who have never been on a bike - If you are an experienced rider, I highly suggest you take a refresher course periodically. I might even see you in one of the classes I teach!

Have a safe and fun week....















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