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(photo by David Phaeler - well, Fran, really as you can see in the rearview! You can read about their Summer travels below!)

September 15th Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bub's CRASH!

BIG RIDE 2 Rides Out!

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David Pfaeler's BIG SUMMER RIDE!

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      On September 26th 2015 the TOMORROW Organization will be hosting and Memorial Motorcycle Ride, Concert and Cornhole tournament to honor the life of Lauryn Brooke Matherly.  The TOMORROW Organization was created to honor Lauryn’s life by helping other teenagers with depression, bullying, abuse and self-worth.  
Lauryn was only thirteen years old when took her own life on June 29th 2015 and sadly we don’t not know why she chose suicide to confront her issues she was facing and we may never know.  Lauryn always put everyone’s needs and concerns before her own and she would have been one of the biggest supporters of this organization.   
The TOMORROW Organization was founded on July 1st 2015 to create suicide awareness and prevention with our teenagers and the community.  TOMORROW Organization is also a youth group that meets with our teens twice a month to help promote the importance of their lives and to be productive in society with community projects and other charities.
Please join us on September 26th to raise awareness and funds for our teens and to honor Lauryn’s life and to help other teens to find their new day.    

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 16-22, 2015

Wednesday 82h & p-cloudy, Thursday 83h & clear, Friday 86h & clear, Saturday 87h & clear, Sunday 89h & clear, Monday 83h & p-cloudy, Tuesday 79h & 60% rain (as per on 09/15/15)

Ride & Explore:

Outdoor Music in The Carolinas

Wow! One evening over the weekend while sitting outside on our patio, a breeze carried in the early breath of Autumn. I could feel its freshness brush past me! A friend grabbed a guitar and picked 'n sang a little, a small fire flickered in our brazier, laughter and relaxation encircled us. Ahh, we were being rewarded for making it through all those days of lava-like heat. The drought still evident, we'd had a few rains in the last week and the trees were sighing along with us too as we let go into the beginnings of Fall.

Did you feel the shift over the weekend? My friend in Wilmington said she did so I know it reached to the coast from here in the Piedmont. Did we have snow in the mountains?! OK, maybe not yet, ... but it sure was chilly this morning, that's for sure! I send out a great big Southern Welcome to the new season on its way!

Makes me wanna find some good outdoor music event, grab some extra layers for the ride home and set off to find BLISS. With that in mind, here's a little list of some outdoor music happenings in The Carolinas. Sure, there are tons and tons more ... including those happening at bike nites that mostly will round up this month; but here are some to inspire you to look around for the kind of jam that turns you on ......

Sept 18 & 25 - Brightleaf Square Concert Series, Durham, NC

Sept 26, Oct 3 & 10 - Vineyard Deck Music Series at South Creek Winery, Nebo, NC

Sept 19 - Creedmore Music Festival, Creedmore, NC

September 25-27 - Festival in the Park, Charlotte, NC

Oct 1 - Thursday Plaza Jam, Rockingham, NC

Through November - Fridays at Cypress Bend Vineyard, Wagram, NC

Oct 1-3 - Albino Skunk Bluegrass Festival, Greenville, SC

Oct 1-2 - Moonshiners Reunion & Mountain Music Festival, Campobello, SC

Oct 3 - Jam Room Music Festival, Columbia, SC

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Editor's Note: Bub had just sent in an account of the CPR's rides in August when I received this ... we decided to delay the other story and share his crash instead; so very happy he's home safe and "just really sore." Here's the latest from him as of yesterday: "The ER x-rayed me and so did my family doc and there are no broken bones.  I have some sore knees and back is sore.  My beautiful bike is twisted and torn, insurance adjuster has been out , took pix and made notes, waiting on that. They’re going to replace all my clothing and helmet. Just waiting to see what they say about the bike.   I rode the Kawasaki Versys about 150 miles yesterday and that felt good."

Thanks, Bub, for your openness in sharing - even your knees! - to make a great point about safety gear when riding.

CPR Down .... and it’s ME!!

Mickey and I were riding over to Lincolnton, NC to have breakfast with the eastern side of the CPRs and then head out to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We’re on US 321 just a few miles south of the Lincolnton exit. A semi was trying to turn to go south and the trailer was blocking the left lane and turn lane.  A pickup was stopped behind the trailer and we pulled up behind him.  Mickey says we got to get off the road as the set up is classic chain reaction. He moves and I’m letting out the clutch and watching the white car behind me.  I hear tires squealing, a loud whoop and the car jumps into the air, I’m thinking gotta move!! That PT Cruiser looks like a Great White Shark!!  But too late, I’m rear-ended, my body tears off the case behind me and I land on the car’s hood and roll off onto the road.

Looks like my right knee took most of the hit, roll a little and end up on my back---and it hurts. Mickey comes up and asks if I’m OK? and not to move. I replied “don’t worry, I’m not moving.”  All I can think about is my back broken!?

  Ambulance pulls up and the EMTs tell me to lie still, load me on a back board, remove my jacket and helmet, and then to the hospital, the ambulance is screaming down the road, lights flashing, siren screaming and I begin to giggle!  The EMT gal gives me a funny look like “WHAT?” Remember when your Mother told you to wear clean underwear cause you never know when you may have to go to a hospital??  Well, my underwear was clean but I’d grabbed a  ragged pair when I dressed that morning and they weren’t purty.  We both giggled over that.

Into the Emergency  Room, straight through, no stopping at the check-in for me!  Then cut off my clothes----X rays, cat scan and nothing is broken----thank YOU!!

At first my back hurt bad ... 1 to 10? .... 11! Afraid my back was really messed up, nurse gave me pain pills and muscle relaxer.  I was finally able to sit up after they kicked in, walked around the room a little and they booted me out!  (joke)
Really good people and they did fantastic work.

Back home about 3 and finally had my first cup of coffee and food.  Oh yes, my helmet got banged up but clothing looks OK, except for the ones the ER cut off. Had on kevlar lined jeans, cycle jacket [ Scorpion, ] and Cycle Gear low boots.

My favorite bike—the VFR Interceptor—is dinged, danged, cracked, messed up---kinda like me. Mickey told me he just got off the road when he heard the crash and then sliding by him was my bike under the bumper of the white car. But lucky for me I wasn’t there with my bike!

I know my knees don’t look nice, but I want to illustrate that if I hadn’t had on kevlar jeans and had come into direct contact with the road, they would have been torn to a bloody mess, AND if I had put on my cycle riding pants with armor over the knees, my knees would have just been sore.

Stay safe my riding friends,


EDITOR'S NOTE: In July 21st's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine I highlighted some emails I'd received about Summer rides folks were planning. Here's a ride story from David Pfaeler who wrote to say he'd be giving an account of his experience from start to finish saying, "It's gonna be a fun wild adventure!"

Day 1

Packed, packed and repacked.  All gear stowed bike checked and ready to roll.  Ten day whirlwind bike trip ready to begin.
First leg begins in Columbia SC and to end somewhere on I-81 north of Natural Bridge VA.  It was a hot humid muggy SC morning.  Sweating bullets while packing and couldn’t wait to get the wind moving as we ride.  Heading up I-77 it was a clear beautiful morning at 7am.  First leg was going to be a long one.  Not sure if anyone else feels this way, but I don’t feel like I’m truly on vacation until I see the rolling hills of VA.

We made excellent time and my girlfriend Fran was a model passenger as always.  She only put her "super grip" to the test twice and only once was my fault.  Charlotte, as expected, was busy with tons of traffic and this caused the first incident at low speed: a driver in a hurry to get an extra car length ahead tried to change lanes quickly without checking his blind spot.  Of course, as any experienced rider, I knew he was going to do it and gave him some space until he realized the error of his ways.  The second time was purely my fault.  Stopping for gas in VA, I chose an exit with a very short ramp and extremely tight exit turn to the main road.  I entered the ramp too fast and had to quickly apply breaks and downshift to make the turn.  I swear there were no signs warning me of this but I could have missed them.  Luckily we were stopping for lunch and gas so it gave us a bit of time to calm our nerves.

Next stop was the Natural Bridge.  We did the tourist thing and enjoyed our time stretching our legs and seeing the site. 
It was now time to finish the day and find a hotel.  We road another hour and a half and ended up at Harrisonburg VA.  On the way there, we watched a tremendous storm in the distance and skirted it with only a sprinkle.  Fran and I were both amazed at the great views and how much we enjoyed the ride.   Had dinner at Panos restaurant, put the bike to bed, and fell fast asleep.  Every hotel we stayed at allowed us to park under the awning in front of the hotel which was very nice.  I had decided that at every stop we would cover the bike to keep potential curious folks from looking at it, sitting on it, or otherwise touching it or the gear we would have to leave on it.  I bought a half cover that worked extremely well.  It was easy to get on and off and protected the bike very well without having to worry about the heat of the engine damaging it.

Day 2

Another beautiful morning as we continued to travel north another 3 hours to Hersey PA. This was just a fun stop for us to drive thru, smell the chocolate in the air and take the free factory tour.

Our main destination was Philadelphia that night.  Hersey was a quick stop but allowed us a rest period and time to taste some wonderful treats.  Continuing to Philly we took back roads and wanted to visit the Amish countryside.  This worked out extremely well for us.  Somehow we got lost traveling through the winding beautiful farm roads which turned out to be a fantastic ride and our own personal tour.  Weather was perfect and we saw so many cornfields just weeks away from harvesting.  Dodging horse drawn buggies and kids riding scooters we found the Plain and Fancy country restaurant for a late lunch.  These types of restaurants give you the option to sit by yourself or be seated with others at a long table.  We opted to be with other folks so we joined a family of 7 already seated and enjoyed the family style meal and getting to know everyone.

This portion of the trip riding through the Amish farm land really made us thankful we were on a motorcycle.  We experienced it in a whole new way!

Before it got too late we rode to the big city of Philadelphia.  Even at 8:30pm traffic was still crazy.  At least it was cooling down some but still was a grueling ride with much stop and go traffic.  Our destination was a high rise apartment complex in the center of city where my daughter and her husband live.

As expected parking is a premium in any big city and most don’t own a vehicle.  Those that do own a car in the city pay dearly for a spot or valet their car.  I opted to valet the bike in the underground garage which was pretty comical.  The fella manning the valet dropped his jaw when he saw me pull into the garage.  He said they don’t valet motorcycles because they don’t know how to ride them and don’t want to be responsible.  I told him there was no way in hell he was going to ride my Harley anyway and to just clear a spot as protected from other vehicles as possible.  It took a bit of convincing, but we found the perfect spot protected by 2 walls.  We tucked her in tight, covered her and had no issues.

Day 3

Today was the day of the family reunion.  We rode to Buck Run, PA and spent the day with family and then road back to Philly.  Weather was great but the roads were brutal.  The roads were not smooth and there was much construction which made for a hectic ride. 
Had a good time but once this day was over we were done riding for a few days and it came at the perfect time.

Day 4-5-6

The next three days were spent sightseeing in Philly with my family and 2 days in NYC.  We did the tourist things and relaxed a bit having several great meals.  Road Amtrak to NYC and experienced all it had to offer.  Of course a highlight for me was the Harley-Davidson dealership visit in the heart of NYC on Broadway.  It was a very cool experience.

Day 7

Ok time to ride south now. We headed to Washington DC on our way across the Chesapeake Bay to our hotel in Easton Maryland.

Next we stopped at Arlington National Cemetery to see the changing of the guard at the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  We were excited to view a special event while we were there:  Unexpectedly they had a wreath-laying ceremony.  I had only seen this on TV but to view it in person was very special.

After Arlington we road thru DC but traffic, construction, and heat were not our friends that day.  We decided to stop in and walk thru the Air and Space Museum, which was great.  Spent a few hours there to cool off and then headed to our hotel a couple hours away.  I had wanted to time our last bit of riding to coincide with the sun setting and going across those long bridges over the bay.  It was a beautiful ride.


Day 8

Outer banks here we come destination Kitty Hawk NC.  Traveling US13 to Virginia Beach we road across and under the entrance to the Atlantic again using many bridges and 2 long tunnels.  This road had the most expensive toll we experienced at $13 but had excellent riding, fun and beautiful view.  Back on solid ground we continued into NC and across to Kitty Hawk.  Right before we got there we pulled into the Outer Banks Harley dealership just in time to change clothes and dodge a torrential downpour that lasted 15 minutes.  We checked into our hotel and decided to try to find the wild horses on Corolla Beach.  We rode up US12 until it turned into sand and stopped.  Four wheel drive only from that point on so we were out of luck.  Talked to nice officer patrolling that area and he said that normally the horses are another 10 miles up the beach and kept from coming south.  It was getting dark so we found a place to grab some seafood and relax a bit.  When we left the restaurant it started to rain on us.  We suited up for the first and only time of the trip and rode back to the hotel in a torrential rain storm.

Day 9

We visited the Kitty Hawk flight museum first thing on our way south out of town which I really enjoyed being an aviation enthusiast.  Our goal for this day was to make it to NC main land.  This required taking 2 ferry rides.  First one was a short 40 minute ride on a fairly small boat with no fee but the last was a 2.5hr ride on a large ferry which cost $10. 
Riding a motorcycle allowed us to get on and off the ferry’s easily and without having to wait in line.  They always put us up front.  We did have reservations for the second ferry but didn’t need them as it wasn’t full.  It was exciting, relaxing and in the beginning a bit nerve wracking as we wanted to make sure the bike was going to be stable on just its kickstand.  It turned out to be uneventful.  We enjoyed the trips on the ferries and talked with some other bikers to pass the time.  We then travelled on to Jacksonville NC and got a good night’s sleep.

Day 10

Purely a travel day, we were ready to get home.  Took about 5 hours to get back to Columbia SC.

Some facts about the trip:

  • 1930 miles, 6 states and DC
  • Traveled by Motorcycle, Uber, Subway, Amtrak, Water Taxi, Ferry and our feet

Items purchased in preparation for trip:

  • Touring ½ Motorcycle Cover
  • Nelson-Rigg GWR-1200 Rear Motorcycle Rack Pack
  • Heavy Duty Motorcycle X-Grip Mount for Garmin nuvi 40LM
  • Universal Mobile Battery charger (for GPS since I had no aux power on my handlebars)
  • Most valuable accessory we took was the stretch cargo net with 6 hooks.  We used this to secure our extra bags and gear on top of the trunk bag.  Having the net made getting to some gear quickly and easily.

Thanks to the other motorcycle friends we met along the way that provided us great info:

  • “Captain” from NYC
  • Mike from Charleston, West VA
  • Tom from Lowesville, NC

Lake Wylie Children's Charity Poker Run

Hope everyone is doing well. I had the opportunity to shoot some photographs of the LWCC poker run this past Sat. They had a great turn out for an overcast, rainy-kinda day. I hear that around 130 bike showed up to raise money for another great cause.

CLICK HERE to see all pictures!

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