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(Above photo taken of a participant in the Memorial Ride for Robert Timmerman of Abbeville, SC. See more in Brother Bear's event report!)

September 16th Edition

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The Big Ride 2 Fund

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bub: Where you going?

Shaggy: Heeeeyyy Porter!

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Brother Bear: A Memorial Ride in Abbeville, SC

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 16-23, 2014

Tuesday 82 p-cloudy, Wednesday 74 am showers, Thursday 77 m-sunny, Friday 88 m-cloudy, Saturday 80 sunny, Sunday 82 m-sunny, Monday 83 m-sunny, Tuesday 76 m-cloudy (as per on 9/16/14)

What's on today's menu?

It's pretty yummy, as a matter of fact! ...

There are such delicious stories in this week's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine! Bub can recount his adventures so well and make me wanna get out there with those crazy "kids." From what I understand, his riding buddies are all on the upper end of the age scale for riders. And, from what I hear from folks who have ridden (or attempted to ride) with them, they are some daring motorcyclists who absolutely LOVE the ride! Doesn't matter one's age. That's not why I'm bringing it up. It's just that there are so many folks in the world who give up such sports when they reach "a certain age" and these guys aren't anywhere close to considering the possibility of parking their bikes. They're riding MORE!

Our Brother Bear found some great characters and a touching story in his time at a memorial ride in Abbeville, SC. He didn't know anyone there but, as Brother Bear can do, he made quick friends and connected with the deep connections that brought out over 300 bikes to a ride remembering a fallen brother. The Carolina Rider is so grateful to have Brother Bear covering these kinds of personal events - large and small - since they truly are at the heart of the biker community, huh?

And then there's Shaggy. Can't you imagine there were one or two teachers along the way who uttered that phrase at one time or another ... "And then there's John," (I'm guessing would be what they woulda said as his nickname might have come later.) Still, they'd have had to have wondered about his irreverant brilliance a time or two. Had to have called him down for his language "skills" somewhere along the path through his school days. Must've hauled him into the Principal's office for one thing or another. But, I'm guessing, that they like we found his mischievous nature to be more enduring than bothersome. Today Shaggy recounts a recent ride that involved camping, rain, heavy fog, and good friends.

Thanks for reading!

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Where you going? .... Good question, I get it a lot when out riding and stop for eats or gas.  Those of us who ride the 2 wheel beast  know that it’s something that can’t be explained in a couple of minutes.  I usually respond that I don’t know, but I’m enjoying the trip.  A couple of years ago there was an article from the Air Force about missiles and how they can be programmed to hit a certain target.  It explained that a missile is never lost because it knows where it is not. And if it’s not there it must be on target.  I kid you not, that was the official word and I’m a retired AFer and know that is the way some of the electronic geeks speak.  So therefore whenever we are riding and someone asks “where are we?,” I respond that I don’t know, but I’m not lost because I know where I’m not!

But before I get lost ...

Before I get further on and get “lost,” I want to announce that we have a winner in the "name the codgers contest!" After sorting through the stacks of mail [does email have “stacks” ?] we could not find any one name that rang a bell or ever tinkled a little. Kinda put it on the back burner in hopes something else would come through.  Some good contenders were the ROMEOs—retired old men eating out .  SloMo MC.   The OCC—old Carolina codgers.  Several from my buddy Cap’n Rik in Florida: Blowboating bikers---cause I had a sailboat when we lived there, Bub’s Boys was another but I didn’t want me to be in the group's name.  Another one from Shaggy, who also submitted SloMo, Older Than Hell’s Angels. Hey Shag!!! I resemble that!

So last Monday Mickey asked if I’d like to go over to Cycle Gear in Greenville, but of course---as we were riding up Hiwy 11 he said he’d thought of a name for us.  He explained that he knows of no one our age who rides as much and rides the mtn roads like we do, so he said we should be called ...


                Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together, then instantly falls to shit? Originally this trip was supposed to be to Jefferson NC to spend a few days running around the mountains and sleeping in a nice warm cabin. But as the old saying goes “wish in one hand, shit in the other”. On the other hand I wasn’t really all that excited about Jefferson. When we planned this trip my main interest was getting to ride the Blue Ridge parkway and after everyone else went home I was going to trip down to Cherokee for a day or two and see some old friends of mine. But when the man upstairs closes a door he opens a wide window of opportunity.

Hey porter, hey porter, could you tell me the time?

That time was about two in the afternoon on Friday when Wilson called me and said that our reservations had fell through. My response to him was “shit that sucks” but honestly in the back of my mind I was thinking I could leave tonight and spend a few more days in Cherokee. But then the magic words were asked; “I already talked to Josh, how about we all pack a tent and go to The Dragon instead? Do I want to go to the Dragon? Is the pope a Cadillac? Hell yes I want to go to the Dragon! All three of us made this trip last year and I been itching to do it all again. So we all agree to meet at the truck stop where hwy 11 meets i26. The ride up was pretty uneventful. The highlights were missing an exit and loosing Josh at an on ramp. He didn’t get hurt, which thankfully no one did during this trip, his pack had come undone causing him to pull over while effectively scaring the fuck out of Wilson and myself. Wilson pulled over and I followed him, we were just this close to riding the wrong way up the interstate to look for him when those super bright leds came into view.

We finally found the campground at around one or two in the morning and started setting up camp in a heavy fog....


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The last few months I have been covering more biker events in Abbeville, Laurens and Greenwood counties of South Carolina. This has given me more  of an opportunity to talk to the bikers for them to tell about the events that is taking place in Western South Carolina. Over the last few weeks I have been hearing about a biker named John Robert Timmerman, a member of the Hardwood Cruisers of Donalds, South Carolina. Robert, as he went by, was involved in a motorcycle wreck with a deer. After a couple of weeks in the hospital in Greenville SC on July 2  John Robert Timmerman passed away at the age of 44. He resided in Abbeville, South Carolina. John was surrounded by his family and his wife, Pam Timmerman. Robert and Pam had been married for twenty-six years.

I was told the memorial for Mr. Timmerman was going to be held the following Saturday on July 25, at the Shovelheads Bar and Grill in Abbeville, SC. The benefit in the Memory of Robert Timmerman was held to help his wife to pay the hospital bills. I was told there was going to be over three hundred motorcyclists from western South Carolina that was going to be riding into Shovelheads. What I didn’t find out until later there were nearly three hundred bikers that rode behind the hearse that was being pulled by a trike. Robert's funeral was the biggest biker funeral in state of SC at this date that I know of....


Thank you

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you who have written and called and flagged me down to "offer your condolences" on the loss of The BIG RIDE Bus, to scold me for attempting my crazy equipment rescue, and to hear the full story. Your thoughts and kind words have not gone unnoticed and mean a great deal to me. I, like FancyFree, want to thank Danny (The Tarheel Tornado) and Lester for coming up to Maggie Valley that weekend and for Danny's upbeat ideas to share the story as a "wake" and an opportunity for folks to give if they wished. And some of you have indeed given to The BIG RIDE 2 Fund and that just blows me away. Truly....

Thank you for reaching out.

On another subject ... Our friends with the CMOU, (the Carolinas Motorcycle Organizations United Foundation,) are having what they're calling a Biker Drag Fest at the Mooresville Dragway this Saturday. Check out their flyer and go give this organization some support! Here's what my buddy Nobie says about it: "It will be a great time and we are really trying to reach the citizen biker so they can see what the CMOU is about & its fund raising for some great local charities."

For more info, go their website!






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