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September 16th Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This weekend: Catawba Valley HOG Poker Run for Children's Advocacy Center

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Ron Lofts: Just Ride!, a photo journal

Motor Maids: Women who Love to Ride! by Diane Dixon

Loose Talk with Jon


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 17-24, 2013

Tuesday 77 p-cloudy, Wednesday 77p-cloudy , Thursday 82 p-cloudy, Friday 86 m-sunny, Saturday 82 iso t-storms, Sunday 79 iso t-storms, Monday 79 m-sunny, Tuesday 79 sunny (as per on 09/16/13)


Lovin' Bike Events & Friends who Ride

We took The BIG RIDE Bus out last Friday nite to show some support of a new bike nite forming. Arrived to the usual early pre-event bustle of set-up energy as vendors and the bar itself were preparing with hopes for a crowd. A band was setting up - well, Jeff Gates, the one lone musician whose band had stood him up, was doing all he could (and he does it all really well!) to make something happen. A fill-in drummer showed up (our own Paul Noble!) and they warmed up the mics and instruments. Funnel cakes and hotdogs were ready to serve. The bar was pouring drinks and passing out cold cans. A friendly guy from Florida had his tent and table set up to sell patches. He'd been doing this for 35 years he said - traveling around from bike event to bike event selling patches and vests, stickers and this and that. He used to sell parts and accessories too but settled into this part of his trade in the last 10-15 years. Recently, he said, he'd been to rallies in Maggie Valley and the Outer Banks. Maggie Valley was pretty dead he said but Outer Banks was hoppin'. He was there smiling and glad to be there for whatever and whoever showed up Friday night and then back home to Florida for some down time. He'd been on the road for months. Really nice to meet ya, man!

As for us, The BIG RIDE parked and info table set up we kicked back for awhile, nibbling on pizza and wondering what the evening might bring. Things looked slow. There was the possibility that no one would show. There's always that in the back of your head when you've taken your time and energy to help make something happen. As we say in the event planning seminars we offer, you just do all you can ahead of time to get folks there but in the end it's all unknown.

Nevertheless, as afternoon turned to early evening, there was a rumble just down the road and sure enough, a line of bikes arrived and then another. Individual bikes rolled in and later another roaring group made an appearance. The Nite WAS gonna be something - cool!

Bike Nites are all over the place; some planned and some just happen when folks end up at the same haunt. And sometimes, if you're lucky, you get to be Part of The Roar and rumble around from parking lot to parking lot smack in the middle of a great group of friends. Last Friday night, I enjoyed simply getting the chance to get some hugs and share some life stories and laughs with some friends who arrived at bike nite. So good to see you all!

No riding for us this week. Footloose is getting a new knee tomorrow - well, his old knee is going in for repairs anyway! Send good wishes his way and you'll see him out there again soon as he heals up good.

Enjoy your week!

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We riders are multi-sensory creatures - brilliant and muted colors, changing scents, textures all around us. Our emotional reactions to our surroundings, the memories they churn up. The feel of the road, the heat and cool of air and engine. And the roar and swish as we roll plus the sounds of voices, whistling, and bells we pass by. All these and so much more flood our senses and we keep going back, never a dull moment in the wind!

Ron has chosen this week to tell his story with images rather than words and there's no doubt we can all imagine ourselves smack in the middle of these scenes, riding our senses full to overflowing. Enjoy as Ron and his wife share some of what they've seen...

"When I think of all the traveling I have done in the last four years, I think of those who inspired me the most. They are the amazing women that ride with the Motor Maids" ... (Diane Dixon)

(Motor Maid motorcycles filling the Crown Royal Parking lot)

Motor Maids, Inc. is the longest continuously run women’s motorcycle organization founded in 1940. Since joining the Motor Maids I have traveled all over the country and to Canada. When I first bought my 1200C Sportster in September of 2009, I had only traveled out of South Carolina a few times to see family or take a vacation. These trips were by car or plane. Now, nearly four years later and over 84,000 miles, I must say I simply love to ride my motorcycle.

(Lincoln National Forest)

I joined the Motor Maid organization about three years ago. The love of motorcycle riding was very apparent when I first started to meet these ladies at riding events. My first big event was attending the National Motor Maid convention in Michigan. I had much anticipation waiting for this event as many Motor Maids from all over the United States and Canada would be attending. It was stunning to see so many women riding into convention. To see several hundred ladies on motorcycles is an awesome sight! I had the pleasure of riding with a sister Motor Maid to Michigan and as an added bonus she decided we might as well go to Canada while we were in the North! This was an adventure of a lifetime.

I have traveled round trip from South Carolina to Canada, and round trip from South Carolina to California. The beautiful states and scenery of each place I have traveled through will remain in my memories forever. Each new trip brings its own adventure and I always think of the Motor Maids that have traveled those routes before me and I'm grateful to be a part of such a great women's riding group. They have taught me that no road is too long. No destination is out of reach. Just make your plan, start your motorcycle and ride. For more information about the Motor Maids, go to

Diane Dixon
NC/SC Motor Maids Co-Director

Great Riding Weather plus a Laugh

Our columnist and Greenville-Spartanburg Regional Rep, Lester, shared this link to a funny. You might have seen it already because I believe it's been around Facebook ... but it's still funny.

Looks like great riding weather this week. TCR is sponsor of several great bike nites: Mac's Speed shops on Wednesday and Thursday nights at multiple locations (and that's just in the Charlotte area - there's more in Greenville, SC and Fayetteville, NC!) Also MVP's on Thursday nights, Quaker Steak and Lube of Concord on Wednesday's, Finz on Thursday nights, and Boneyard in Monroe on Friday nights. All of these places try hard to put on a great event week after week. So, it's great riding weather and if you have the time, please get out and visit with one or more of these great places as they are always helping the biking community out in all of our endeavors.


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