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(photo by Mike Lopeman from Bull City Rumble 2016)

September 20th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree: Haulin' Responses!

EVENT REPORT by Sandhills Mike: Bull City Rumble 2016

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Rebel Randi: Road Journal Entry #7

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 21-27, 2016

Wednesday 79h & 60% scattered t-storms, Thursday 80h & 40% pm t-storms, Friday 85h & p-cloudy, Saturday 90h & sunny, Sunday 82h & p-cloudy, Monday 80h & m-cloudy, Tuesday 80h & p-cloudy (as per on 9/20/16)

Hauls on Motorcycles

A couple weeks ago, I shared some of these and over the Labor Day holiday received a few more. Check 'em out!

Bub shared 2 memories: "The loaded bike (above left) is the same one you've seen in my stories.  The picture was taken at Happy Camp, CA.  Margie and I have carried things on a bike that we should not have.  When we married I didn’t have a car so everything had to be carried on the bike.  I was stationed at Biloxi, MS for our first year and when we bought groceries Margie would carry them in 2 paper bags to our apartment. The building had a large parking lot but the entrance was small. She would tell me to go to the ramp, but I liked jumping the curb.  Several times I ended up retrieving foodstuff while trying to dodge Margie’s tiny fists --- good memories."

AND also from Bub .. "Here (above right) is a picture of my Yahama on our first camping trip. She [the bike] told me that the next time I’d better cut back or it might break her back!  Yes, I did learn to do more with less and only carried a fraction of that load on subsequent camping trips."

Tommy B shared: "I don't have any pics of it ( wish I had thought of it at the time) but a buddy of mine and I where killing a Saturday wandering the road a few years back. We find ourselves in York, SC up next to the lake at a bike shop that was holding a fundraiser. Donald asked them about tires for his V Star. They offered him such a deal on front and rear that he jumped on it. Then realized that we were on our bikes and they didn't do tire mounting at that time. So we made the trip back to Chesnee with both tires strapped to the back of his bike with three bungees. Oh, and it was not a straight shot back neither. We still meandered around until about two in the morning before heading to the barn!"

Gabe B. shared: "Just last week I went for a ride and passed a guy on a bike going pretty slow for the speed limit so I slowed down to pass him and see if everything was ok.  To my surprise, he had a case of beer sitting in his lap and resting on the gas tank, not strapped down at all!!!!!!  I laughed and smiled and gave him a thumbs up.  Wish i could have had a picture of that."

More Haulin'

Below are the ones we published in previous editions, ... just in case you missed 'em ....

Mark G. sent this photo in with the caption, "Pinehurst Country Club. I had this rack on my DL650 v-strom too, but I can't find the picture right now. Ride safe..."

And from Shaggy:

Laundry Day ...

and ...

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EVENT REPORT: Bull City Rumble 2016

Although the recent hurricane did make it's presence known, it did not deter the loyal or the curious.

This year's Bull City Rumble in Durham, NC was a welcome and well- received event.

The weather on the day of the event couldn't have been better. Relatively cool, low humidity and temperatures in the low to mid 80's.

Many people came from long distances just for this event. I talked to couples as far away as Boone and Willington.

This year was a real European invasion , with not only the standard Triumph's and BSA but a noticeable increase in Ducati and Aprilia some as old as 1964.

I have noticed a new player in the American section - a really old looking bike that is actually modern by most standards.

Assembled in Goshen, Indiana, Janus American Motorcycles have two models of basically the same machine. I, for one, am quite taken with the idea of a simpler, much lighter low-maintenance machine that's fun to ride, reasonably priced.

Overall a good time for all.

Sandhills Mike

Thanks for letting us know!

We heard from a number of you over the last couple weeks ... some who didn't see my message a few weeks back that we would not be publishing the week of Labor Day, and some who were concerned that they didn't receive a Weekly Magazine last week either.

Thanks so much for staying on top of delivery of your weekly magazine! All's well here at The Carolina Rider. We enjoyed a peaceful Labor Day holiday long weekend and were rarin' to go last week with the stories you see in this week's edition. But a construction truck and majorly-impaired follow-up by the folks who needed to make things right fouled those plans up big time! With a large development going in near our office, we've had some ups and downs over the past year ... but nothing like what happened this go-round. A large truck accidentally yanked down the power and phone/internet poles coming into our area. Duke Energy was on it in a flash and had things back up and firing the same day but AT&T took all of 6 days to renew service. Yeah, I know....

In any event, we tried to get around our loss of service but after countless wifi assists and hotspot tries, it was clear we had to give in to the inevitable and not publish last week. Again, thanks for all the nice emails and for your supportive readership. We're here now!

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