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September 24th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This weekend: BFBF Tim Diffin Memorial Run and

Catawba Valley HOG Poker Run for Children's Advocacy Center (rescheduled)

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

PoniPrincess: CJ Sauer & Southside Customs + update on CAC Ride

Introducing a New Columnist: Quesadilla & "Paws for the Wind!"

Uncle Roy: "Goin' South," a poetic Reno Slade adventure

The Riding Life with Sandy Reece: Biker's Bash & Rural Roads

Loose Talk with Jon


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This weekend ...

Also this weekend

This Ride was RESCHEDULED (from last week) ...

Coming up ...


A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of September 24- October 1, 2013

Tuesday 78 m-sunny, Wednesday 75 few showers, Thursday 77 p-cloudy, Friday 77 p-cloudy, Saturday 77 m-sunny, Sunday 78 p-cloudy, Monday 76 p-cloudy, Tuesday 76 showers (as per on 09/24/13)


Got Songs?

This song was played in a nostalgic line-up on an eclectic radio station I was listening to recently. It says it's from 1972 and I remember lots of songs from that era but not that one. Never heard it (or the group for that matter.) Have you?

Motorcycle Mama by Sailcat

Got me thinking .... what other songs are there out there about riding other than the obvious ones we hear all the time?

So here's your challenge: LET'S DIG UP SOME SONGS! Send me names/artists and links to online performances if available of songs that talk about motorcycles, riding, riders, the ride. Let's see what we come up with - maybe some more uncommon tunes like Motorcycle Mama by another uncommon group like Sailcat!

Actually ... this is a two-part challenge. Here's the second part:

Call to Musicians!

Want to be on a CD celebrating the 5th Anniversary of The Carolina Rider to be released next year? Write something! The CD intends to have all original material written about the theme of "The Ride" and "riding in The Carolinas" and "being a rider" and maybe even "The Carolina Rider!" We'd love to hear from both bands/ensembles of all sizes and solo singer-songwriters as well. Maybe you've already written just the perfect tune and lyrics. Maybe you need to find your muse and write it now. Whatever the case, get crackin', songsters!

Deadline for Demo Entries is January 1st, 2014

But please contact me as soon as possible stating your intention to enter. You will be responsible for providing your own initial rough demo recording for our committee to review which will be followed by a live demo if requested.

Special prizes from our Sponsors to all who enter qualifying songs, professional recording studio production, opportunities to perform at select bike events in 2014 and some professional marketing guidance for your musical efforts as well as being part of this unique CD creation. CD's will be available to the public in August 2014 (at our 5th anniversary celebration!)


I don't have tunes on my bike - no radio, stereo, cd, or iTunes. But I've got tunes in my head all the time and more often than not I'm singing them when I'm riding. At first I'd sing really loudly as my way to help calm down when I was nervous on the bike as a new rider. Today it's just from the sheer joy of The Ride.

May you too find a good song for your next ride!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

CJ Sauer & Southside Customs

Since moving to Rock Hill last November, I have been intently studying the Carolina biker scene. I have been to bike nights, ridden flat roads and curvy roads. I have been to bike shows and rallies all throughout the piedmont and mountains. I have celebrated the success of some events and the heartbreak of others. I have come to the conclusions that for bikers to be happy, just give them a few minor ingredients and the fun and good times will spontaneously erupt. Good food with a well stocked bar, a reliable person to turn a wrench when needed, and, when the mood strikes, a place to get a beautiful tattoo. And all of that within walking distance.

Recently I came across just such a place. In Shelby, NC, which seems to be the epicenter of North and South Carolina, there is a marvelous bar and restaurant, custom garage, retail biker clothing and tattoo parlor all rolled into one building. Skooters Saloon, Southside Customs, and Eternal Arts Tattoos.

I had the chance to catch up with CJ Sauer, head honcho of it all, and fell in love with his business theory and customer service. Please click below and READ MORE of what I learned ... and check out the flyer above for the Combat Vets ride that ends at Skooterz. The Carolina Rider's BIG RIDE Bus will be there and we hope you will be too!



The weather has been so awesome lately for riding. Cooler temperatures, lower humidity, and Friday night's full Harvest moon make it awesome to be a biker. BUT that changed Saturday September 21 when the Catawba Valley HOG chapter wanted to have their poker ride but the rains fell instead. They are trying to raise money and awareness for the Children's Advocacy Center, and they will, just not on the date originally planned.

The new date is Saturday September 28, 2013. Same everything else but they had to call in their rain date since September 21 turned out to be a rainy mess. Tommy and his crew weren't "skeert" by any means to ride in it themselves but they were mindful of the desperately-needed and desired turnout for the event and everyone's safety.

So, final word: The Catawba Valley HOG chapter poker ride originally scheduled for Saturday September 21 has been changed to THIS Saturday, September 28. Be there - please!


My full name is Quesadilla but I go by "Quece" pronounced KC (not queasy!) I will be 13 years old on December 13, 2013 and I am hoping for a party. I have always loved riding in convertibles, and going with my humans everywhere. Oh yeah, I am a dog. I am a full bred female fawn color long hair Chihuahua red. ("Red" meaning I have a pink nose, not black.)

There have been several occasions before 2009 that I would be stuffed in a jacket or put in doggie pouch to be transported via motorcycle ... but I finally put my paw down and demanded respect. (Actually, I just pouted, ignored the humans, and gave my best puppy dog eyes every time I saw them get their riding boots out!) I gave my humans grief whenever they went riding without me. One day the guy human said, "if you can figure a way to get Quece on the bike, she can ride." Woo hoo!

EDITOR'S NOTE: As can happen with some of our beloved Uncle Roy creations, this particular bit of writing is a bit more "adult" so we're giving you a pre-read "head's up" before you venture further beyond this initial stanza and deeper into what Reno has to say this time ... ADULT CONTENT WARNING!


A "poetic" Reno Slade Adventure

by: Uncle Roy

Now, Panhead Ned is my best biker bro, and he’s older than his years.
Still, he has a feel for the long road, with its glories and its fears.
He ain’t nothing special, as to looks, pretty much like you or me.
‘A course, he is a damn good wrench; since he rides a battered old fifty-three.
We first rode together when Bikerdom was young, in a world more simple and free.


Biker's Bash & Rural Back Roads - Farmington, NC

(Some of the backroads beauties you'll enjoy in the Farmington-Clemmons area where Bikers Bash is held!)

Well, if you haven't heard by now about the NC Biker's Bash coming to the Clemmons-Farmington, NC area, now you know!   Friday, Sept 27 and Saturday, Sept 28. For more info

I want to tell you about all the NICE rural back roads to ride while you are in the area ...

There are plenty of Interstates and Highways to get you directly there. But why not enjoy some curves and scenery enroute to change the routine highway riding. Just a few to name: Farmington Road, Cana Road, Courtney-Huntsville Road, Shallowford Road, Old Stage Road, Watkins Road, and Shacktown Road.  Huntsville area is high in history from the Civil War era and the Revolutionary War era. Cana area has its original General Store-Post Office still standing and is listed on the NC Historic Landmark. And if you believe in Ghost stories, the Dalton-Hunt house can be seen from the roadside on Farmington Road (NO Trespassing Posted)

Teaserstay tuned for my article next month on Ghost stories!

Also, while you are in the area on Friday and Saturday, please enjoy the local restaurants. I highly recommend several little eateries: Battlebranch Cafe at intersection of Farmington Rd/Shallowford Rd/Courtney-Huntsville Rd (careful here – tight intersection and entrance to parking is in the curve,) C's BBQ on Hwy 601 near Cana Road, Miller's Restaurant at 710 Wilkesboro St, Mocksville off Hwy 601 , and The Feedbag Restaurant & General Store at the intersection of Hwy 801 and Farmington Road. For shopping, chain food restaurants, and fuel stops, you are not far from Mocksville area – Hwy 601 has plenty to offer.

Enjoy the Farmington Dragway and the Biker's Bash this coming weekend! Also enjoy the area and all it has to offer!

Stay safe! 


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