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Roadside Assistance - 4 tales along the road


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of September 25-October 2, 2012

Tuesday 78 m-sunny, Wednesday 84 p-cloudy, Thursday 86 p-cloudy, Friday 82 p-cloudy, Saturday 79 p-cloudy, Sunday 76 p-cloudy, Monday 75 iso t-storms, Tuesday 74 showers (as per on Tuesday 9/25/12)






Look what YOU are creating! ...

So, I asked last week if you've ever found yourself on the side of the road with your bike unable to go any further ... and I heard back from two more riders with tales of "break downs." So with the other 2 unsolicited stories and photos that came my way in recent weeks, we now have below (and online!) "Roadside Assistance - 4 tales of help along the way" and it's possible we may have more to share as time goes on ... if you are moved to send in your tale too!

With that - and other nuggets that have found their way to my desk, I find myself struck by the way "everday rider/readers" are helping to create this little rag called The Carolina Rider. This week I received some photos from an event that occured earlier in the month in Morehead City, NC PLUS a wonderfully-detailed account of the first Families Helping Families Benefit in Columbia, SC. That's covering a LOT of miles across the Carolinas, huh?!!

Non-Profit and For-Profit Benefit from the Power of The Carolina Rider

So I invite you to browse thru Readerville below today .. .and see how you and your events play a BIG part here - and learn how you can get your not-for-profit info, pics, stories, and flyers published and gain valuable marketing support online and on-site through The Carolina Rider and this weekly e-Magazine, The Carolina Rider Scene.

And I invite you to browse through the great Sponsors of The Carolina Rider in the flyers above and all of the links to the right. Those of you with for-profit businesses who want to access The Carolina Rider market power, should give Jon a shout and learn how, like our newest Sponsors, (Horsefeathers Roadhouse, McKenny-Salinas Cycles, Area 51 Cycles, and The Bike Exchange,) we can benefit each other in this "great ride!"

The Carolina Rider - from the mountains to the coast, and the sandhills to the low country ... we're here for you ... and YOU help create these publications for riders just like you!


Hey, Outer Banks!

Speaking of lots of miles - as you've heard, The BIG RIDE bus will be leaving the Charlotte area this week pointed toward The Outer Banks. I'm excited to see the wild ponies and enjoy the salt air, to connect with new friends and to take in some good times with old buds too. Hey Outer Banks Riders! ... I can't wait to meet ya!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Here's another pic from the the Families Helping Families PR on 9/15. Smiling volunteers ...and, hey, .... isn't that our good friend and TCR Sponsor Tommy Fowler of Peake Fowler Law Firm at the table to the right?!

We are all glad that The Carolina Rider could play a part in helping get the word out about your event!

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These folks made sure their not-for-profit event was on The Carolina Rider EVENTS CALENDAR and after the event was over, sent in some photos to share with us all!


Do you have a not-for-profit motorcycle event you'd like to publicize to 56,000 riders in The Carolinas? At the very least, make sure your event is on the EVENTS CALENDAR and later share your STORY and PHOTOS ... and if you would like more assistance in getting the word out, ASK US what it means to have The Carolina Rider as your marketing partner FOR FREE!









Coincidentally, two guys from totally different areas recently wrote me in the same week with stories of bike trouble on the road. Made me think perhaps there are others of you who have tales of breakdowns and flats and how you managed to get back on the road - perhaps all on your own or maybe connecting with help along the way? And so I sent out the question and a couple more added their experiences rounding out this foursome - a first edition of "Roadside Assistance."

Note: there's more ONLINE so please click the links to read on!

Have you had engine trouble or run out of gas, a leaky tire or blow out, an unfortunate need for roadside assistance? Share your tale with The Carolina Rider Scene!


4 Tales of Help along the Way ...

#1 is by Leger Meyland ....

Four of us (two couples) headed out Aug. 21 for a bit of overnight riding. We had originally intended to go to Asheville on Fri. night (we knew we were going to get a late start from Greensboro after finishing up some workweek loose ends) and then Maggie Valley on Saturday. However, the weather didn't look good for a weekend in the mountains so we decided to head east and end up wherever we ended up. From Greensboro we took NC 158 - a two lane blacktop that runs across the upper tier of counties all the way to the coast. We spent Fri. night in Roanoke Rapids - all was well. Saturday we drove thru eastern NC lunching in Columbia (a very good lunch I might add). We turned onto NC 94 and went south across Tyrrell Co. and then drove across Lake Mattamuskeet. Our companions had never been down east were happy to drive across such a large lake. We turned west once over the lake, cruised by Squanquarter and then went up and over the intercoastal waterway. It was then that I notice our friends slow and pull off the road.....KEEP READING THE REST OF THE TALE ONLINE

"Photo shows us 2 couples on a 2011 trip to Washington state on to Glacier National Park etc. We're at St. Mary's Lake in east Glacier. On left are Ben & Patti Curry, to right: Helen Campbell and Leger Meyland. Sorry no pics from our eastern NC trip. We were just riding where our noses pointed us."


#2 is by Roger from SC ...

What a sight that must have been. It sure was a tenuous experience! I rode eight miles on a flat rear tire with my feet as outriggers! Yeah, I could have messed up the rim. But I had to do it. So I made it off the exit eight miles don the road. I called the lady that mentioned the bike shop in Lake City. I got the phone number of the place and called. It was my only shot at the time. Luckily for me - someone answered the phone at the cycle shop. He took my number, name and location and said he would call back. After a short while and a couple calls from the shop, I received another call and found I was in luck!

They offered to send a guy out with a truck and trailer to pick me up! I was told that they were working late at the shop that day doing end of month inventory stuff. Boy was I lucky for that! Otherwise they would have been closed long ago that Saturday.....KEEP READING THE REST OF THE TALE ONLINE



#3 is from Mike Edwards of Columbia, SC ...

2 friends and I rode to Sturgis this past August. A total of 4500miles round trip. We went from Columbia to Milwaukee to visit the H-D museum. Leaving Milwaukee we made it to Mitchell,SD when one of the bikes threw a front wheel bearing. Not wanting to ride any further my friend pulled out his HOG card and called for assistance. They said they would send a rollback and tow his bike, a CVO Ultra Classic, back to Sioux Falls 69 miles away. For this 69 mile tow he was charged $450.00. The driver did knock off $100.00 since he was a HOG member but still $350.00 for 69 miles. Next year I'm not riding a bike...I'm taking a tow truck. The one silver lining was the great service he got at J&L Harley-Davidson in Sioux Falls. They took him right in and within a couple hours we were back on the road.

LEFT: in the parking lot at J&L waiting.... That's my black Electra-Glide Classic; the same bike I laid down last Aug in Nashville during a rainstorm. Was headed to Sturgis then also. We made it back rubber side down this time.

MIDDLE: Me at the HD Museum

RIGHT: our campsite


#4 is from Jim Fletcher of Greenville, TN

Last year, some friends and I were riding down to Charleston. I had an adjustable pushrod let go in the extreme heat of the stop and go traffic in Mount Pleasant. I was riding a 2008 Ultra Classic converted to a trike (Roadsmith) and pulling a trailer. Some firemen came by and boy were they helpful. They phoned a wrecker for me and in no time a roll-back showed up. They loaded us up and drove us to Low Country HD in North Charleston. It was near the end of the shift and everyone was busy. The service manager took my ride in and personally made the repairs and I was back on the road in short order. The repair bill was actually less than the wrecker bill. If you want to be treated first class, go to the Carolinas! If you're down around Charleston, go by visit Low Country, they'll treat you well.

(Photo: The guy on the left of the truck is the operator, I'm the sad one on the truck.  By the way, I traded that one in on a new 2012 HD Tri Glide, hope this one doesn't give out.)




Nobody wants to hear more election stuff!

The television advertisements are enough to drive you crazy. The ridiculous yard signs are multiplying as if they were rabbits. I am not going to get into a political debate but I am going to stress the importance of one very important non-partisan race.

The last page of the voting ballot has the two candidates for the North Carolina Supreme Court. Newby is on the Supreme Court and Ervin is on the Court of Appeals and running for Newby's seat on the Supreme Court. I encourage you to VOTE FOR ERVIN for the following reasons...

  1. Workers Rights: Newby, more than any other justice, has opposed claims by workers seeking compensation for their work injuries. In every workers compensation case that has gone to the Supreme Court that has not had a unanimous decision,  Newby has voted in favor of the employer and against the worker. Every time. He is wrong. Ervin is better for Injured Workers and NC citizen rights. Ervin has voted in favor of injured workers in some cases.
  1. Criminal Justice: In all of the criminal cases that reached the Supreme Court and they had a split decision, Newby found for the State and against the accused individual. In 6 of those cases he was the only dissenter, meaning all of the other justices thought the state was wrong. Even the United States Supreme Court has ruled against him in an interrogation case. If you were wrongly accused of a crime, like the Duke Lacrosse players, you would be in trouble with Judge Newby. He is wrong. Ervin is better for citizens accused of a crime. Ervin has voted in some cases in favor of criminally accused.
  1. Consumer Rights: Newby has consistently rejected claims by consumers. This includes mortgage cases and a patients attempt to prove that a hospitals charges were excessive. That's right, he protects the businesses and not the people threatened by the business. This is wrong. Ervin is better for consumers. Ervin has voted in favor of consumers in some cases.

Honestly the list goes on, but if you don't care or don't get it at this point I am wasting my time. I fight for the rights of all people. I don't ask what political party you are in or what church you may belong to. I don't care. My job and my passion is to fight for your rights. I like to think that the truth will prevail and the constitution will be honored. I will vote for Judge Ervin because I think he gives my clients the best opportunity for a fair  fight at the court house. I hope you get my point and vote for Judge Ervin as well.

Stay vertical,










as I said ... FALL is in the air!!!

Did I tell you that we are headed to the NC State HOG Rally in the Outer Banks??? Yes, I'm sure I did more than once. Well, we are sooooo looking forward to this trip. We are taking the bus and trailering the bikes.... I know , I know, I should be shot for using a trailer but, it's work, I mean I have to take to bus.... Did I tell you we will be riding in the Outer Banks??? Sounds like so much fun. I will give you a full report complete with pictures when I return.


Welcome 2 New Sponsors!

I would like to welcome two new sponsors to The Carolina Rider:

Area 51 Cycles in Gastonia


Horesefeathers Roadhouse in Sherrill's Ford.

Area 51 is a great little V-Twin shop in Gastonia run by AJ. He's a great guy who is all about the bikes. Stop in and tell him The Carolina Rider sent you in and also be on the lookout for upcoming specials.

A couple of friends and myself were lucky enough to stop in at Horsefeathers Roadhouse the other Friday and have a little food and drink. Great food, good people, .. and Annie, the manager is just the best. For us, and perhaps also for you, Horsefeathers is just far enough off the beaten trail to be a great ride. Go ahead and head over there 'n tell 'em we said hi as well.

Here's to safe rides for all of us!

Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro




Cox H-D






Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


SkyLine Inn

Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte




SkyLine Inn


Ride Like A Pro

Cox H-D














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