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One SCREAMIN' Ride from this past weekend's CVO Bike Show at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte

for more great photos taken by Stealth at this event, check out our GALLERY!

In This Week's Issue:

Lil' Weather

Some Events

Bike Nites

Other Events

Free Thinking with Fancy Free

Introducing: Hollywood's Helplines

Kibbles 'n Bits

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Sept. 27 - Oct. 4

Tuesday 78 sunny, Wednesday 72 p-cloudy, Thursday 75 few showers, Friday 76 p-cloudy, Saturday 73 sunny, Sunday 68 m-sunny, Monday 68 p-cloudy(as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 9/27/10)






Bike Nites with some Carolina Rider Sponsors...

Bike Nites at

Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord, NC ... Wednesdays

QS&L is giving away another cool bike! Make sure to come & register Wednesday September 29 for the give-away on Sept. 29th!

McKoy's in Charlotte, NC ... Fridays

(see The Carolina Rider Events CALENDAR for many more events plus full details)...

Please look and add your own events when they come up! There's always much to choose from around our Carolinas ...




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a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

New space-saving feature....click on LINK above to find this listing!


Weather forecast: REFRESHMENT

Today is a rainy Monday...if you go by The Carpenters' song, that's usually a blue combination... but after the heat of the last couple months, I'm betting we're all cheerfully greeting today's precipitation. I know I am! Have you seen the weather forecast? Somehow we skipped right past the 80's and jumped from the Summer 90's straight into Fall's 70's without any gradual stepdown. That's the forecast all week long that leads downward still with high 60's predicted for Sunday and next Monday. OK, ...I'm in!



Autumn Riding means....

... adding some sleeves-for-sunset to my saddlebags when I set out during the warmth of the day

... an upsurge in runs & rides on the The Carolina Rider CALENDAR

... community and arts festivals, carnivals, and fairs in most every hometown, historic, and natural area

... less chance of my boots melting into the asphalt at long stoplights, more chances of cold ears & chilly knuckles

... colored leaves, pumpkins on porches, the scent of outdoor fire circles, crisp air brightening my spirit


A Gift for You!

Print this out and pin it up on your calendar for October 23rd!

I'll be in Greenville for this show along with our Carolina Beauty Spokesgals Erin and Michelle and we look forward to you coming by our tent to say howdy. This is the first year for the Easyriders show to be in SC and it's a one-day deal 3 months ahead of Charlotte's January show. I've been to other shows in this venue and it's worth checking out. Hopefully we'll have a sweet Carolina Autumn day for your ride to the show.

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor



The Carolina Rider warmly welcomes Hollywood to our pages!

Not a new face to the Carolina riding community, everybody knows Hollywood and Hollywood knows bikes. And if he doesn't, this genuine guy won't hesitate to tell ya so.

Each month, Hollywood will be answering a question of interest to most all Carolina riders about most all things motorcycle and every once and awhile he'll pull a fun story from his helmet to share as well.

Got a burning question up your pipes? Fire it off to hollywood@thecarolinarider.com

Look for Hollywood coming soon in The Carolina Rider Scene and online on www.thecarolinarider under REVIEWS! And, of course, you can most always find him tellin' it like it is in McAdenville, NC at Hollywood Cycles....


Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on....

We can all use some positive thoughts.....

Numerous studies show or attempt to show that positive thinking can improve one's overall mental and physical health....even turning serious health conditions and terminal illnesses around completely. As with everything else in today's world, it's debatable - everybody's got an opinion and even wants it to be heard and challenged. But whether or not thinking more positively and living more affirmatively is scientifically real or not IT CAN'T HURT! We can all lean a bit more toward the positive and perhaps find a bit more to smile about in a world that's trying its best to make all our faces scrunch up into eternal frowns....

... So here are some things to smile about ...

The National Highway & Traffic Safety Administration reports that motorcyclist fatalities dropped 16% in 2009! "The death of any motorcyclist is one too many, so this news that fatalities are down is encouraging," said Ed Moreland, American Motorcylist Association (AMA) senior vice president for government relations. "While we are pleased that the number of motorcycling fatalities dropped dramatically in 2009, a one-year drop isn't a trend. We need to determine why, and ensure that the decline continues." The NHTSA further states that all traffic deaths involving a vehicle dropped 9.7% in '09 as well .. so whatever the reason, it seems the roads were a bit safer last year and we hope remain that way!




Speed Bump Girl ... This isn't a "funny" since it's a serious speed topic, but it is a different and fairly pretty alternative to the usually less-appealing speed zones.. Check out THIS VIDEO of Vancouver's new attempt at slowing folks in a school zone. Rather than a bump or hump in the road, it's a 3-D painting that's to get you to slow and stop as needed....






And thanks to Steve S for sending us this little hee haw ...



Partners on The Ride

I am fortunate to meet all of you....from you guys who take a class with me ... to those of you I get to hang out with at a bike nite or out on a ride ... to the many great folks I am involved with in benefit ride planning ... to you who own businesses that become Sponsors of The Carolina Rider ...... and also to those of you who entrust me and Satisfaction Marketing with your business and non-profit growth and community connections ... and to everyone and anyone I get to talk about one of my passions, motorcycles and those who love them!

Recently, I have had the pleasure to connect with Vince and his ChromeTV vision. Vince has been actively working on his dream of television show production for some time now and I'm sure you've seen him out there with his camera and crews at one or more motorcycle event. But great as he is, Vince isn't who catches my eye....That hot redhead with him....well, that's ChromeTV's hostess-with-the-mostest Lisa Z who, as you heard and saw in last week's Carolina Rider Scene newsletter, we are pleased to now have as a part of our writing staff here!


ChromeTV airs on Thursday mornings at 1:30am so set your DVR or you can check out the full episode on www.chrometvshow.com. You'll soon be seeing ChromeTV videos on The Carolina Rider dot com.

Glad to share the ride with ChromeTV. Awfully glad to share the ride of life with all of you along my path.

By the way, a special note to those of you who were in Rider's Edge with me this past weekend. Sorry I had to leave class early this weekend. (I taught with a chest cold and by Sunday lost my voice completely) It was hard to let go of you and sure nice to meet you. I hope you take the skills and knowledge you were given and enjoy a long safe riding life!

Until next week keep the shiny side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com

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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins





Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


McKoys SmokeHouse





SkyLine Inn

Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins







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