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Look for more pics of Miss October by Footloose Fotos in our Carolina Beauties GALLERY now!

October 1st Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

This weekend: Special Olympics Poker Run, Durham

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Who's got the BIGGEST Toy Runs?

Golden Opportunities: Riding Around

PoniPrincess: WRFX Ride for the USO

Time to Buy your Long-sleeved TCR Riderwear!

Paws for the Wind!: Making up for Lost Riding Time

From the G-S with Lester: Murphy's Law Prevails Again!

Loose Talk with Jon


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This weekend ...



A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 1-8, 2013

Tuesday 82 sunny, Wednesday 85 m-sunny, Thursday 83 m-cloudy, Friday 85 p-cloudy, Saturday 81 p-cloudy, Sunday 81 p-cloudy, Monday 74 t-showers, Tuesday 74 showers (as per on 10/1/13)


News Flash:

Golden took a ride and DIDN'T stop by Strawberry Hill for ice cream!

News Flash:

Orangeburg Ron poses as a shirt model for TCR Riderwear!

News Flash:

PoniPrincess found out that someone on the WRFX ride is gonna win $1500!

News Flash:

Lester stops at every Harley shop he passes & makes his friends do the same!

News Flash:

Quece never leaves her $#!+ behind!

Just thought I'd have a little fun with the remarkable content in today's edition! I never cease to be amazed at the diversity and depth of information, creativity, inspiration, and just plain good ol' rider fun that comes across my desk on its way to you. Every week I sit in front of my computer, jaw hanging in awe of the passion shared by our contributors and the time they take to get some words and pictures out to you. You all are spectacular!

As you know, our creative team now includes a four-legger (and I'm not just speaking of Uncle Roy or Shaggy here!) and she (Quece) is back to say more this week. PoniPrincess looked into the new ride that WRFX has planned and talked with Jeff Kent for all the details on the Oct 19th event. Golden and Mickey once again triumphed over GSP and closed roads to have the time of their lives twisting around the NC backroads. Lester tried to get to the big purse Red Cross Poker Run in Greenville, SC for two weeks but Ol' Man Murphy had other ideas this time. And, I borrowed a couple of Ron Lofts' photos (that he sent in for a future story,) to remind you that it's long-sleeve season and you need to get your TCR Riderwear today!

Please do check out our Sponsor ads and give them your support. They make it possible for you to receive this publication for FREE every week and to have a constantly-available-and-growing website for your access and resource too! We are heading into our fifth anniversary year (2014) and are ever aware and grateful for you, our readership and for our Sponsors.

QUESTION: Who's got the BIGGEST Toy Runs?

Below is a little reminder for all of you who are involved in Toy Runs anywhere in NC or SC to LET US KNOW! With a quick glance at our Events Calendar just now, I notice that there are very few currently listed. IT'S TIME, brothers and sisters! December weekends are filling up fast. Plus, The Carolina Rider would love to be involved in one or two that we haven't had the pleasure of yet. How about something in South Carolina? Lester mentions in his column today that the Marine Toys for Tots run in the Greenville-Spartanburg area is the biggest in his neck of the woods. What's the biggest one in your area?

I hope you enjoyed this past weekend because I sure did! It was a weekend full of relaxed fun and play and I guess that's spilling over into my Monday/Tuesday as I throw in the "news flashes" above. Any way you look at it tho, I'm having fun here. What an amazing ride.....

Happy October!

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Riding along where? ... Who knows? Does it matter? NO!

It's early September and Summer finally found it's way to South Carolina. Rain is not in the forecast .... WHAT? after months upon months of rainy days and cool; even cold temps, we can not find a mention of rain in the weather reports.

We gotta ride. And we do! Charley can't join Mickey and me as he’s showing his SO the wonders of the Ozarks in Branson MO. So, we soldier on the best we can. And we did good!

I have a route in my Garmin Zumo that starts in Saluda NC and runs around some nice mountain roads over to Gerton NC on 74A just above Lake Lure...


WRFX Promotes Ride to Benefit USO

by PoniPrincess

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Big Hairy Fox and The Carolina Rider along with a generous supply of other supporters are partnering for this October 19th ride. See flyer above and read PoniPrincess's article below to learn more then make sure you're part of what the station hopes will be an annual event!

Oh the wonderful changes of weather that the fall brings! And with those better temperatures the pretty fall colors begin to shine gloriously forth and more organized motorcycle rides begin to show up. The dogwoods in my back yard have produced their red berries and their leaves are showing their early fall burnt umber. I don’t know how nature takes kelly green and makes it turn to burnished red and yellow gold and brilliant orange. Amazing alchemy for sure.

Talk about alchemy…my friends, The Carolina Rider has joined forces with our favorite radio station WRFX The Fox to put together a great ride coming up Saturday, October 19. You will be able to enjoy an awesome day full of bikers, food, and great riding all to benefit a fantastic military cause. Be sure to join Jeff, program director, and Morgan, mid-day hostess, as they present The Fall Tour Ride in the greater Charlotte area to benefit the USO. Learn more! ...



Making up for Lost Riding Time

by Quesadilla

EDITOR'S NOTE: Quece's back! We introduced this new furry columnist last week and are excited that's she's back telling us all some more about her family and herself and and their riding adventures. Quece is a responsible kind of gal and she's asked that she take some time first to tell us some do's and don't about dogs and motorcycles before she gets to yipping about all the rides and fun she's had on two wheels. Thanks Quece!

Mom and Dad have been making up for lost riding time since "the accident" back in August of 2012. Yeah, it was bad ... Dad's bike got hit from behind and in front, between two "cages." I was in my carrier and saw the whole thing! As scary as it all was, Dad in ICU and me at the Animal Emergency Clinic, bottom line is ... we survived.

I won't go into all the details of the accident but I want to share some very important information about being prepared for your pet ...


Hello all, it's Saturday, Sept. 29, 1:00 pm. The weather is absolutely beautiful. It's about 72 degrees with nothing but sunshine everywhere you look. The yard work is caught up, house is fairly clean, mainly because of a birthday party held here the night before. All the dishes from the party were washed, one son working, the other going to his girlfriends. A PERFECT DAY TO RIDE !!!!!

It was decided to ride with some old friends, old friends that are new to the motorcycle scene. They are a little older than myself, but are enjoying their newly acquired Harley Davidson Electra Glide Trike. As a matter of fact, Frank and Sue (not their real names) are really getting into the riding scene. Now they stop at every Harley shop they pass. They used to anyway with my requesting them to stop, lol. Now they stop even when I'm not with them!

Frank and Sue are riding with us (the wife and I) so we have our bikes out of the garage and we are waiting for Frank and Sue to show up. No problem, they are supposed to be here at 1:00. They call saying that they are running a few minutes late, no problem. Right now Frank and Sue are keeping their bike at my house till Frank can build a place to park his bike at his house. Friday night at the party, Frank decides to go to the garage and fire up his Harley, to make certain that everything is ok. I really thinks he just likes to hear it run, lol. We talked Friday night about going over to Greenville Harley Davidson to cover the Red Cross Poker Run....



A Request for Help

I'm sure you saw the request for info on Personal Attorneys. I am constantly being asked why do I need an Atty and who is the best Atty to use. I'm looking for people to interview who have used a Personal Injury attorney and would like to share those experiences, good or bad, for an upcoming article I'm writing. I plan on putting together a compressive article on the research I find and need your help. So, if you have had any experiences please drop me a line.

In the meantime, enjoy this great weather and have a good week!


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