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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Oct. 4 - Oct. 11

Tuesday 69 sunny, Wednesday 71 sunny, Thursday 77 sunny, Friday 76 sunny, Saturday 76 sunny, Sunday 76 sunny, Monday 77 sunny (as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 10/04/10)









Bike Nites with some Carolina Rider Sponsors...

Bike Nites at

Quaker Steak and Lube in Concord, NC ... Wednesdays

McKoy's in Charlotte, NC ... Fridays

(see The Carolina Rider Events CALENDAR for many more events plus full details)...

Please look and add your own events when they come up! There's always much to choose from around our Carolinas ...




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a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

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The Simplest Things Matter

I get calls all the time from people who ask the simplest questions but they make the most sense.  The only dumb questions are the ones never asked until it's too late.   Sometimes common sense is not helpful.  You need to know ... you have to ask!

Let's start with the oil....

  • Always check the oil when it's warm.  Oil will stay in the bottom of the oil tank and the crank case until the oil pump moves it around.

  • On a motorcycle with a straight dipstick, (like a sportster or a softtail,) check the oil with the bike sitting straight up.    And if the dipstick has a pivot point or moves such as a dresser or a dyna, check the oil level with the motorcycle on the kickstand. 

  • Also, if a motorcycle has been sitting for a long time and it's an older motorcycle (pre-93,) it breathes through the crank case and it will spit oil out of the crank case breather ... which means: if you let your bike sit all winter and you go to crank it, put an oil pan under it before you crank it because it will leave a puddle of oil.  This is common! 

Hope everyone has a good month.  See ya in November before the CBA swap meet!,


Got a burning question up your pipes? Fire it off to hollywood@thecarolinarider.com





Have I got a story to tell you! ....

Actually, I have several new stories to tell you about and they're all found on the homepage of The Carolina Rider dot com this week.

One story starts with a riddle but, if the picture doesn't already give it away, read on and learn what pirate we have in our midst!

One story congratulates a winner but celebrates a friendship. Read about Barbara and Tanya, the co-winners of Quaker Steak and Lube's Harley-Davidson Sportster 48. And check out next week's Carolina Rider Scene to hear about, Cheri, the latest bike winner at QS&L!

One story tells you about some great camping equipment that works great for a motorcycle camping adventure! Learn more aboutHog Haven Camping Gear

And one story tells you where to stay when you need to head to the hills. Read about our friends atSkyline Village Inn!





Mmmmmm....now doesn't that just crank your engine and make you wanna hit The Parkway?





This month

So much going on this time of year and the call of the road is strong! This week's weather forecast is amazing....mid to higher 70's and SUNNY all through the week. A rider's dream!

A glance at The Carolina Rider CALENDAR tells ya the hot months have passed and folks are organizing rides left and right. Annual rides and poker runs, foliage rides and fund raisers. They're happening. Group riding is a special event. Perhaps not what you choose all the time but surely something to include on your to do list. As Jon shares in his column below, they can be good places to reunite with folks you don't get to see often and opportunities to meet new people you'll want to know. So check the calendar, go on an organized ride!

Matter of fact, don't forget that this is the month for the annual Ride to Victory. I've been on several of these benefits for the Victory Junction Gang Camp. This one looks to be a good one with the cool musician/songwriter's jam at the ending point. You might not know that when he's not running a car around a racetrack, Kyle Petty sings and plays guitar and he's connected to a number of old time country musicians. I understand that this year's Ride to Victory party will involve a bunch of guys who have written for all the greats and it'll be held at Patti and Kyle's farm called Adaumont. And if that doesn't tweak your interest, you'll truly want to be part of the parade that rides through the camp. The kids and their families and the camp staff are SO POSITIVE it'll leave a smile plastered on your face for many miles to go!

I gotta also plug another event going on this month. It might not have anything to do with motorcycles but you can certainly ride to it. Some new friends of ours have just been chosen by Creative Loafing's 4th Annual Homebrew Local Music Compiliation. Cheers for The Wiggle Wagons! They'll be playing at a FREE SHOW at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte on Friday October 15 so perhaps you might make that a stop as well as McKoys that night? Wiggle Wagons play around 10:30-ish.

A lot goin' on. A lot of stories to tell. Life is full. Life is good!

"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor


Maybe it is at a local bike night, maybe it is at a local bike show, maybe it is just riding and running into other bikers and their bikes, but we all run into a bike that sticks in our minds. In this case that is what happened when I first saw the "Peckerhead."
I ran into this bike at a local bike show last summer and this bike just stuck in my brain. It is clean, very tight and everything is super sanitary. I talked to the owner, Woodie Sweat, that day but I did not get the whole story, so when I ran into Woodie and the "Peckerhead" at the Easyriders show here in Charlotte this past January, I made it a point to set up a time to talk with him and get the low down on his bike.
Woodie strikes me as a no nonsense kind of guy. He tells me when he was a kid in school he took a lot of abuse being named Woodie, the kids would come up with all kind of "Woodie Woodpecker" jokes directed at him. That is where the name of the bike comes from in remembrance of all the "Peckerheads" he went to school with. 
Woodie told me he had been wanting a "bobber" for sometime. He said he has had the "long" bikes but this is more fun to ride.  The "Peckerhead is not all about looks. It will move with the power coming from a 120" Ultima" engine and a 6 speed Ultima tranny putting the power to the black top, all of this is cradled in a Kraft Tech rigid frame.
The "Peckerhead" is a story of an underdog winning in the end.  You see when Woodie entered "The Peckerhead" in the Easyriders show here in Charlotte, well it was a little overwhelming. Woodie watched as one bitchin' bike after another rolled in.  He had no idea how the show would turn out but he did not feel he had a chance to win any award. Any of us who have entered bikes shows knows that each show is different and sometimes you win and, well, sometimes you don't. The Easyriders Bike Show Tour brings out the best of the best and it is a major accomplishment to win an award.
As Woodie observed all the "High Dollar" bikes rolling in he wondered how his "budget bike" would stack up? I have always said that it is not about "how much money you spend but rather it is about how you spend the money you have!"  Take a good look at "The Peckerhead" and I think you will agree the money was spent very wisely.
So the end of the Easyriders show here in Charlotte comes to a close and guess who walks away with the "Editors Choice" award? You got it,  Woodie and "The Peckerhead!"  This got Woodie and "The Peckerhead" an invitation to compete in the Easyriders National Invitational Bike Show in Columbus Ohio.  Woodie and "The Peckerhead" arrived at the show and the same feelings began to surface but then Woodie began to have faith in "the Peckerhead" and said "We can do this!"
When it was all said and done Woodie and "The Peckerhead" walked away with a 2nd place award at the Columbus show! Pretty damned good for a "budget bike."  As we all know you can never under estimate a underdog, they have a way of rising to the occasion and that is what "The Peckerhead" did. The bike and Woodie went up against the best and competed with the "High Dollar" bikes and came out standing proud!
I wonder if if any of Woodie's classmates are laughing now ?

Check out pictures of Peckerhead!

Until next time, RIDE!

Got a hot custom you'd like Stealth to see? Email him! stealth@thecarolinarider.com


Saturday's Make-A-Wish Ride

Saturday was a great day. I meet some really neat people and got a chance to see and spend some long-overdue time with good friends that I have not seen in a while. To all of you, hello!

 The Carolina Rider dot com had the privilege of being a sponsor of the Make-A-Wish event. The ride, which started at H-D of Charlotte, went to Forty Rod, Stooges, Whiskey Warehouse, and then to McKoys. There were about 100 motorcycles total. About half of them went on their own but the other half all rode together as one big group lead by Mr. Ryan Register, one of the owners of Mckoys restaurant. The ride was great, the stops were all ready for us and at the end of the ride lots of prizes were given out. It was a great day for a ride. It was a great cause. It was a great group of people!

See the photos!

They raised about $3,500 dollars. Next year, be sure and don't miss this ride!!

BTW, to my Fishhead brother Jamie who has totally forgotten how to throw darts: practice, practice!!

Until next week keep the shiny side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


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Cox H-D


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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


McKoys SmokeHouse





SkyLine Inn




Mad Dog Custom Cycles


Ride Like A Pro



Cox H-D


Superior Ins




Harley-Davdison of Charlotte


McKoys SmokeHouse





SkyLine Inn
















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