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(photo from Mike Lopeman's coverage of this year's Capital City Bikefest)

October 6th Edition

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Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Palmer Morris: A Response to Shag's Rant

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Sandhills Mike's photos from Capital City Bikefest

Ron Lofts: Trailering to Michigan & Back

Loose Talk with Jon

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 7-13, 2015

Wednesday 80h & clear, Thursday 80h & clear, Friday 78h & clear, Saturday 72h & clear, Sunday 69h & clear, Monday 72h & clear, Tuesday 76h & clear (as per on 10/16/15)

Say Something!

One of last week's columnists sparked some replies from our readers. Yes! Betcha know which columnist ....

Sure, Shaggy's writing is typically provocative. And this time, we're happy to report, he provoked a couple of guys to SAY SOMETHING about what he wrote. Palmer Morris of Asheville was inspired to write his own thoughts about the thesis of Shag's ranting: "Why Risk It?;" while another verbally-inspired subscriber chose to take exception to the facts of the rant....

David Paige wrote:  Shaggy is wrong! I wish you or someone else could explain to f&!$-stain Shaggy that he needs a big ole glass of shut the h&!# up, and to read and look at the pictures in the story about Bub's accident. As I recall from what I read and the pictures I saw, the white PT Cruiser didn't hit Bub without first itsself being hit from behind by a red Hyundai and knocked into Bub.

Yes, I can b*%$@ too! I've been riding since 1986 and been hit twice by cars. But before f*&! stain Shaggy goes running off at the mouth about looking for a white PT Cruiser with front end damage, he might want to look for a red Hyundai with front end damage. He needs to be careful of what he wishes for too. He may let his shit-spewing mouth overload his humming bird a##.

(Note: the email above is edited because we understand some email filters kicked out last week's edition due to language.)

Here's what we have to say:

Whatever you have to say, please do speak up. This is YOUR WEEKLY MAGAZINE and we're all waiting to hear YOUR VOICE and to hear about YOUR RIDE! Whether it's a passionate response to something you read here or see out there ... or simply a tale about the love of the ride, The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine is where you can share it.

Saddle up - Let's hear it, riders!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"


A Response to Shag's Rant

OK, so this is new for me, not sure how it will go, but been thinking about putting my thoughts down since I read Shag’s Rant about Bub’s accident.  I have been thinking about what Shaggy had to say.  I may not say it the same way, but I get it.  Every time I get in the saddle, it is a risk.  So why does it not affect my riding or maybe it is how does it affect my riding?
I don’t know about it being a fifty - fifty chance of making it home, but I do know it is a risk.  I know I may do everything right, but things go awfully wrong.  I may do things mostly right and it go awfully wrong.  Or I may do it all wrong and get lucky.

What really got me thinking was the part about Bub coming up on the fatal accident.  The article did not say what happened, but it took me back a couple years ago.  I was making an annual Dragon run with a couple of buddies leaving from my home town, Asheville, NC.

We had been through the Dragon, down to Tellico Plains for lunch and were almost across the Cherohala Skyway back to Robbinsville.  We stopped at a pull off to answer the call of nature.  As we were readying to pull back on the road, a group of bikes passed us.  When we caught up to them, noticed they were passing one after the other a slower bike on double yellow.   I was leading so I slowed up thinking something bad is going to come of this.  Well you guessed it, came around a pretty sharp curve and a bike was parked in the middle of the road.  We pulled off and found a nurse, who was the slower biker being passed, trying to help a guy wedged in the fork of a tree.  His Valkyrie was perched in the trees off the side of the mountain.  For those who ride in the mountains you know when you hit a straight stretch after curves in high country you are likely on a ridge.  After a ridge there is likely a sharp curve at the point.  That was the case here, passed on double yellow, then hit the point and went off the road.   First bike fatality I had ever been this close to.  For days all I could think, was this one did not have to happen.

So what is my point, yep it is a risk, but we don’t have to add to the risk by being foolish.  We can pay attention to what is around us, assume we are invisible, and try to be prepared.  After that, well, we ride because we have to, just plain have to.

Ride safe, ride often, just ride….


(Todd and Bill on The Dragon Run 2013)

Thanks to Jane's article in the September 1st edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine for reminding me of the "transport status" on my new Road Glide!  We were headed to Michigan to our farm to do some work (painting the entire downstairs, new drywall and a couple of large rooms that we had prepped earlier.)  I couldn’t quite fit all of the rollers and stuff on the bike so we were left with putting it in the trailer.  And so, thanks to Jane’s article on their trip to Sturgis and the bike being dead when they arrived, I checked on mine and yes, it has a "transport mode."  I’m still getting used to this all these new "things" on this bike.  Oh for the days of just a simple motorcycle ... but the ride is nice on this one.  After I loaded the bike I got out the instruction manual and set the alarm system.  Just to be sure I left the key on the bike as well.

Our farm is in lower Michigan between Kalamazoo and South Bend Indiana.  It is where we plan on retiring – yes who retires to Michigan rather than those from Michigan? ... but it is her family farm for the last 100 or so years (we think 1918 it was purchased by her grandfather.)

The first day, Monday, we prepped for the painting by buying the paint, about 12 gallons in total.  In addition, she purchased a new stove and microwave and more looking at kitchen cupboards and such.  I did get started painting on Monday night and finished nearly all of the sealer coat on the new drywall.  Tuesday was paint in the morning and to the County fair and watch the harness racing and a little fair food and back home to paint.  Wednesday morning early was back to the fair for horse pulling. The National Light Heavy Weight (up to 4500 lbs. as I recall) and they pulled the equivalent of a 40,000 lb. load.  The Heavy Weight horses followed with no weight limit and the winner pulled the full pull of 26 ft. and some inches which is the equivalent of 46,000 lbs.  Some fair food for lunch and a visit to all the animal barns to see the 4H pigs and goats and cows and the horse show then back to painting.  I did get through with the house painting on Wed. night which left Thursday for touch up.  Then Marcia and the contractor got the bright idea that we could paint all of the trim Friday.  So after ordering the kitchen cabinets and counter top and flooring for the rest of the house, we went to painting trim.

After a couple days of painting, we went over to Dowagiac for dinner Thursday night at the Wood Fire grill for some wonderful Australian barramundi (a white fish) with a crab meat stuffing and I had the Steak Felix which was also good.  Then a stop at Caruso’s you can see in the background of the picture above.  Caruso’s has homemade ice cream (they make it there) and make their own chocolates.  Dowagiac is only about 13 miles from the little town of Marcellus where we have the farm.  I had always thought it was named for a Potawatomi Indian chief but in looking it up I see it just means fishing near home water.  Which is true - there are a lot of lakes in the area.  In fact, the town of Marcellus boasts 36 lakes in a 6-mile radius.

The weather was great for riding. The day temperatures were in the mid 70’s and night temperatures got into the mid- to low- 50’s with one night in the 40’s.  This area is all farm country.  The corn is just now ripening and not picked as yet.  Mostly corn and soybeans in the fields.  Many of the trees were just starting to turn (my camera person was injured and we didn’t get many pictures,) ... especially the maples were turning that bright orange on the edges.

Marcia missed a step on Thursday afternoon and twisted her ankle. She thought it would be ok to take the bike over to dinner, but after even the short ride she had some difficulty making the 2 blocks to the restaurant so I had her wait outside to pick her up for the ride home, but it did end our riding for the week.

The trip is around 900 miles and takes us around 14-15 hours one way.  We came home last Sunday and were greeted in Tn. by a couple of elk on the side of the highway in the mountains.  The trailer did well and followed us all the way up and back.  And no problems with the alarm system when we returned either. Thanks again to Jane & Greg's article in The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine for the information on that! It saved us a battery and a lot of hassle.

Toy Runs Lining Up ...

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