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(The MetLife girls and Snoopy around The Carolina Rider bike!)

October 7th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Letter to the Editor: Does your Rider Group Need a Cause to Adopt?

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Bub: The CPR's Ride Out West!

TCR Classifieds: 2012 Switchback & Homestead Trailer for sale

Ron Lofts: Riding around Aiken, SC

Loose Talk with Jon: Charlotte Area Shriners Charity Ride 2014

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Here's a Cause to Adopt!

"How you can Help an SC Lady & her effort to help our Troops in Afghanistan"

A Letter from Sue Dry

If you're like me, you may or may not know what an FOB or Forward Operating Base is. Wikipedia describes an FOB as "any secured forward military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support tactical operations. In its basic form an FOB can consist of a ring of barbed wire around a fortified entry point up to an advanced FOB which includes earthen dams, concrete barriers, gates, and other force protection infrastructures."

Well, I know a dear lady named Daphne in York County, SC, who is well acquainted with FOB's in Afghanistan. She has been supporting troops there for years. I've learned so much from her about what these young men and women go through serving in such a dangerous part of the world. In the most remote FOB groups, supplies may or may not reach them before they run out of basic necessities. They do without hot water, hot meals, and clean clothes. At times, baby wipes are the only means they have to get clean. They wear socks and underwear until they have to throw them away.

Precious people like Daphne try to fill the void by shipping supplies such as snack foods that can be taken on patrol, crock pots, electric grills, socks, underwear, gloves scarves, hand and foot warmers and toiletries. Anything to make their lives easier.  Daphne also includes materials that offer support and encouragement - cards, letters, Bibles, and magazines - anything that connects them with home.  Sadly, some of these troops are from poor families that don't have the resources to send them care packages so Daphne's help is vital to them.

Daphne has a long-running relationship with a wonderful man named Billy who is stationed in Kabul training Afghan security forces. He keeps in touch with her and lets her know what their needs are.  He also makes sure each and every soldier gets something from her donations. Last week, their base was hit and tragically three soldiers were lost so their situation has become more critical.  The PX is basically out of everything including soap. I've read letters they've written to Daphne and it's just heart breaking and freighting to realize what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Our support means the world to them; helps them know that their service is not in vain, that their country is grateful for what they do, that someone is here for them.

Some of you who have worked in the military may have had your own "Daphne" who was there for you. You may know how important it was to feel remembered and appreciated. Our soldiers are Daphne's life. For a senior citizen on a fixed income, this isn't always easy but she makes it work because she has a great love and passion for her soldiers. They truly have her heart. I am writing this article because she has touched my heart with her work and story and I know she needs help to do what she does for them.  My hope is that other hearts will be touched reading this and that she can find some other support to acquire the supplies she gathers.  She has a full Needs List that she is constantly working to fulfill and I'm including a copy here.
Individuals or Riding Groups who wish to help Daphne help the troops, can contact her directly at You might also just want to write her to thank her for all she's doing ... to encourage the encourager!

With much thanks,
Sue Dry


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 7-14, 2014

Tuesday 77 clear, Wednesday 84 clear, Thursday 80 clear, Friday 85 p-cloudy, Saturday 83 chance of t-storm, Sunday 74 chance of t-storm, Monday 79 fog, Tuesday 80 p-cloudy (as per on 10/07/14)

Are you Part of a Riding Group?

If so, here are a couple opportunities for your group ...

And you know, The Carolinas are simply crawling with all manner of such organizations. Call 'em what you want - club, group, friends, church, charitable effort, buddies, or what-have-ya, - whether there are patches and vests worn or not, whether there's a formal name or casual association, if you're a "joiner," you have lots to choose from!

The Carolina Rider has attempted several times to get a good full listing of riding organizations in NC and SC but everyone was out doing what they do best - riding! - and didn't have time to respond to our requests for info. No worries! We're just happy to get to see you all out and about in The Carolinas and glad to count many of you as friends and much-appreciated partners in countless charitable, educational, and fun efforts throughout our beloved states. As we say time and again, thank you all for all that you do in our communities.

Opportunity #1

In today's edition of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine, there's a special Letter to the Editor from Sue Dry. Sue wrote to encourage someone out there to help out a good cause and the dear lady who's doing it all on her own right now. A solo "senior citizen" with little financial support to offer, Sue's friend Daphne has a giant love for those who serve in our armed forces. She's a South Carolinian who's taken on an immense effort all by herself to attempt to provide greatly needed personal supplies to some troops. She's done a lot with the small resources she has. She could do a lot more with more help ... and Sue came to me to ask if she could share this with our readership in hopes that someone might jump in to help Daphne with her cause. To me, it looks like a perfect kind of thing some riding group might take on. Please read Sue's letter and contact Daphne as indicated. If you do get involved, please let us know. We'd love to hear how riders have pitched in!

Opportunity #2

A couple weeks back, Al Guest shared his effort to help bring The Wall that Heals to Fort Mill, SC. He also encouraged riding groups to get involved in the ride to escort it in. Please check out that info and give Al a shout!

And don't forget ...

The Carolina Rider Helps out Not-for-Profit Charitable and Educational Motorcycle Events!

Every week we have a few flyers in our Riding BE-cause section from groups/efforts who have involved The Carolina Rider as Marketing Sponsor of their event. And every single day we have many more requests from others who want to be published in this section. Why not? The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine goes out to over 75,000 riders every Tuesday! That's just one good reason to have us involved in whatever not-for-profit charitable or educational motorcycle event you're into. Want to know how to get us involved? CLICK HERE! And remember, get us on board at the beginning of your ride planning (rather than a week or two before) so we can do what we do best - spread the word and get folks involved!

Finally, just a thought ...

This photo is from Bub's ride out West with the CPR's. You know that Bub's his nickname; that his official name is indeed Golden. So it's cool to have a town named after yourself. But there's something else I find interesting here. Anybody else find it odd that a town named after our Bub would show a speed limit this slow??!!

"Bub speed" ahead!,

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

"OH NO! This can’t be real! My wallet is gone!!

I’m two thousand miles from home, what am I going to do??"

On Sep. 2nd the Carolina Pro Riders, aka CPR, left home on a journey to the “golden” west.  Colorado, Utah and New Mexico and those states in between.

  Mickey and Charley  had been planning a trip since last Fall and had wanted me to join in.  I had declined because their first plan was to go to southern California, of which I had no desire to see.  All Winter and Spring they kept at me about going.  I told them I was going to report them for harassing the elderly.  Then about late July or early August they began to talk about only going to the states mentioned above.  That got me interested. As they began to develop a trip I would throw my 2 cents in about where to go and what roads to take.  They told me if I wasn’t going then don’t bother to tell them where to go.  Well, I replied, what if I was going?  Then welcome aboard and let’s get this trip planned out.  Next step was convincing Margie that they needed me to keep them in line, and being the kind, generous person she is, she said, “go”!  Of course she knew I’d pout the whole time they were gone.

(The middle pic is of the Carolina Pro Riders + 1 ... a new friend the CPR's met along the way)

Mickey and I met Charley at the Waffle House on Rt. 19 west of Asheville NC at 7:30 on Sep.2nd to begin our adventure.  We jumped onto I- 40 and set the GPS for Colorado.  I was riding my Interceptor. Mickey his GS1200 and Charley on his Vstrom.  My bike in spite of having the smaller engine consumed the most gas so about every 160-180 miles it was time to ...



2012 HD FLD Switchback for sale

29000 miles.  Two year extended warranty left on bike.  Serviced every 5000 miles by HD mechanic.  12 inch 1.25 inch handlebars with wiring inside.  HD signature seat.  Sissy bar with luggage rack.  Power Commander.  Chrome primary cover.  Screaming Eagle muffler. Engine guard with foot pegs.  Willie G. Skull trim.  The extended warranty is effective until 12-31-16.  Will sell for $11,000.00.  Joe Champion,, 704-419-9705

Hercules Homestead Trailer for sale, $2995

White, Double Axel, Capable for hauling 7500 lbs. 8.5' Wide by 16.5' Long. 2 doors - Ramp loading door plus side access!

Currently set up to haul 4 motorcycles complete with wheel chocks and tie-downs. This trailer took bikes to Sturgis a few years back and we camped inside the trailer ... so this might be your answer for Sturgis 75th Anniversary coming up! 704-236-9222

The sun is shining!  After a week of riding in the rain, Saturday we went out anyway.  It was still cloudy, but at least not raining.  We do need the rain, but it was nice to get a respite.  The day was overcast with spots of sun occasionally and moderate temperatures.  Marcia was debating on chaps and leather coat, but decided on a sweater and jacket and no chaps. I was able to wear just a light jacket.

The bike was finally running well with no problems over the last few weeks in going back and forth to work and the frequent trip to Columbia for various meetings.  We were headed to Aiken SC to the High Country Olive Oil place to get some flavored oils and balsamic vinegar for salad and seasoning.  Also to stop by the Aiken Brewing Company for lunch and some homemade root beer. 
The farmers have mostly picked the corn fields.  The cotton fields are blossoming.  The aroma is wonderful riding through the country.  Maybe you’ve ‘sampled’ the ‘cotton’ candles or lotions.  Well, the air in the country driving through the fields is just like that, fragrant and sweet.  They still have a ways to go before harvesting, but the cotton bolls are popping and releasing their fragrance.  In addition, the peanut farmers have started turning or picking peanuts.  They have a very earthy aroma that you can also tell when riding through the countryside.  That is one of the wonderful things of riding, you get the country aroma’s. Not all are good when you go by the hog farms or chicken farms, but how wonderful in the spring when the wisteria and magnolia is ripe.  And it is great in the fall when the cotton fields are ripening.  Now I’m told that the difference in the peanuts between picking them and leaving them in the field for a few weeks is that those that they pick the same day are to be used for roasting or boiling and those they leave in the field to dry are to be used for peanut butter or other things.  I’m not a peanut farmer and grew up in hog country where corn and wheat and such were grown so I don’t know and am only going on what I’m being told, so if any of you know, drop me an email and correct me.

To get to Aiken from Cope we go through Springfield (I’ve written of this before) with the oldest flea market in SC. The sign says in the south, but I’m not sure on that.  Either way, if you are going to the Springfield Flea Market you better get there early as ...


Charlotte Area Shriners Fall Charity Ride

As you hopefully know by now, The Carolina Rider is proud to help out not-for-profit motorcycle events and organizations. It's one of the many rewarding things about publishing this magazine - the ability to share our experience and marketing abilities with folks who do so much good in communities all over NC and SC. Sometimes it's just that we simply provide our online Events Calendar for events to be posted on. Sometimes we partner up as marketing sponsors and publish the not-for-profit event flyers in this weekly magazine; sometimes for weeks. And sometimes we get substantially involved from vision and planning to post-production and every step of the way in between.

Well, that's how it all came to be with the Charlotte Area Shriners Fall Charity Ride. We had the honor of helping create the ride and post-run event, flyers, stops, and flow of things. While we can't always do this for many charities, we do love to be as deeply involved as we can. It's a pleasure to offer guidance that comes from many years of creating and promoting successful events of all kinds and truly great to get to know everyone involved from start to finish and in between.

This was a first time event for the Charlotte Area Shriners. They set their sights on doing something different and then MetLife came to town and they too wanted to make a big splash in the community and liked the idea of partnering up with The Shriners to make something new and give back to their new hometown. It was a lot of work, I can tell you that. But good, successful events always are.

Heavily promoted through flyers, posters, and media including WRFX, Kat Kountry, Fox Sports, and Wilson's morning show as well as whoever MetLife and The Shriners could reach out to ... plus, of course, The Carolina Rider, the promotion paid off. Many of you know that most first time rides draw at the most 30-50 bikes if they are lucky. This one brought out 150 bikes!

Sponsors of the event - The Carolina Rider, The Charlotte Oasis Shriners, The Law Offices of Jason E. Taylor, and MetLife Premier Client Group of The Carolinas - wish to thank all who came out as well as the 5 stops Zee's Tavern, Iron Horse Motorcycles, Ben's V-Twins, and Harley-Davidson of Charlotte for their participation.

The day ended at Harley-Davidson of Charlotte, a hoppin' dealership where a lot of rides and events happen throughout the year. This dealership always rolls out the red carpet, figuratively speaking ... but this time, they literally DID roll out red carpet! The Shriners ride coincided sweetly with the demo event of Harley-Davidson's Live Wire electric motorcycles so there was indeed a red carpet leading into the space where folks could view, listen to, learn about, and even ride one and people were pouring in all weekend for that - not just on Saturday but Friday and Sunday too. I'm going to tell you more about Live Wire next week but suffice it to say that having this ride end where it did certainly gave it a spirit of great fun with a band, Radio Jacks, entertaining big time, and gleaming Harleys flanking the red carpet that ushered folks to vendors and Live Wire.

MetLife gave away a $400 gift card that was won by Karen Henning. The Shriners gave away 1st -3rd place prizes from their drawings. And appx $20,000 was raised to help children!

As I said, it is gratifying to be able to give back in some small way by being support at any level for not-for-profit motorcycle events and whoever is involved with them. We had a great time and appreciate the opportunity.

Look for more photos from Saturday's event in our GALLERY

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