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October 8th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Uncle Roy: "Reno Hears a Ribit"

Time to Buy your Long-sleeved TCR Riderwear!

Sandy: Bikers for Boobs Photo Journal

Who's got the BIGGEST Toy Runs?

Ron Lofts: Be Spontaneous - RIDE!

Loose Talk with Jon


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A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 8-15, 2013

Tuesday 64 showers/wind, Wednesday 66 pm showers, Thursday 71 m-cloudy, Friday 79 p-cloudy, Saturday 77 p-cloudy, Sunday 73 m--cloudy, Monday 72 p-cloudy, Tuesday 75 p-cloudy (as per on 10/8/13)


I can smell the salt air. I can feel it too! I can even smell the pluff mud Ron talks about in his column today. Mmmm... a spontaneous "let's get out of here" ride to the beach! Oh how I WISH I could pull off one of those right about now. Don't you? "Don't hate me because I did," Ron might say to our envey-fueled rolled eyes. And so we can't. We can't throw off on their spontaneity just because we aren't having any of our own, now, can we?

Nope. I am truly and honestly thrilled for those of you who CAN and ARE heading out on your bikes to hither and yon. Problem is, right now, Footloose and FancyFree are a little less than our names. We're a bit hog-tied (to play on some words.) Now, truth be told, I can hop on my bike and take me a ride. And I will. But, in addition to that, what I'm yearnin' for is a longer 2-person ride somewhere without much plan involved and filled with a whole lotta chilled-out riding and stopping and enjoying the scene.

It's been just about a year since we've had that luxury. No way, really? Yep. Jon's bike went in the shop for painting around Thanksgiving last year and didn't come back out for 6 months. Then on its first ride out sportin' it's shiny new TCR logo'd paint job, he hit that damn tie strap that sent him and his ride sliding to the curb. He's been parked since then waiting on his beloved to return from Goose who's doing his magic to bring the tattered engine back to life. So, as it sits, we're a one-bike home right now and there's no riding him bitch on my bike, that's for sure!

Write Something! ... Share YOUR photos!

And so, it is with great mixed feelings that I enjoy reading about what you all are up to. So keep sharing! Write something for us or send in some photos like the fine photos that Sandy shot for us at the Bikers for Boobs ride in Asheboro. Uncle Roy's been out on some long-range riding for several weeks off and on and, for him, it cranked up his creative itch and out came today's Reno Slade Adventure. Next week we get to hear about our favorite canine contributor when Quece returns to tell us about her tail-waggin time on the Blue Ridge Parkway and I'm pretty sure we'll soon be hearing about all the sweet Autumn riding that PoniPrincess and her Frog have been enjoying in upstate South Carolina. You know Golden and friends have more road-curvy tales from their ice-cream topped rides through in the hills and Lester's exploring in the big G-S too.

Yep, it's a rider's world out there for sure ... enjoy!

And how 'bout go take a ride for Footloose and me and let us know what we're missing?


Got a LEAF RIDE Story or Photo Journal?

After a warm past week, a big shift in the air floated in overnight and it's definitely feeling like Fall around my area. How about yours?

QUESTION: Where are the most colorful leaves right now?

Let us know! Send us a leaf ride story or share a photo journal of Autumn in The Carolinas 2013!

Hope your week is filled with color ......


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Reno Hears a "Ribit"

A Reno Slade Adventure

   It is an unfathomable paradox: humans thrive on physical activity, yet the nature of the vast majority of humans is to employ extreme tactics to avoid any physical effort - with the possible exception of copulation - whenever and however they can. History and experience clearly exhibit that all of what we call "progress," is born of a desire to get work done, without doing any work. While mechanized labor makes it possible to shop at Wal-Mart, and ride Harleys, we err when we forget that in life there is no free lunch. Since sitting on one's ass is almost universally preferable to sweating, grunting, and panting; when the opportunity to become largely sedentary - and still eat - became possible, mankind jumped on it like a pit-bull on a pork chop. America, that at one time lauded the merits of hard work, toughness, and rugged individualism, now accomplishes a large part of her work by pushing a button, "clicking" a "mouse," or "touching" a screen. Even the most mundane of tasks are now routinely accomplished using some specialized machine or other.

It doesn't require a "Nostra-Dumb-Ass" to predict that when an entire society kicks back, at least some degree of negative consequences is sure to result. When we factor in all the contemporary "sit-down" temptations, beginning with TV and culminating with the invention of the internet; the increased population of Wal-Martians was inevitable. If the reader is financially viable, and has no experience of Wal-Mart, or Dollar General, etc. and doesn't understand the term; "Wal-Martian," hop in your Lexus, or Mercedes, ask someone for directions, and take a ride to your local "Wally-World!" Of course you'll want to keep your cage doors locked, and try not to look anyone directly in the eye; but your consciousness - regarding economic diversity at least - will be expanded. Trust me.

Now, I've been a biker for most of my life, and as such I try to set an example, ...


STILL ASKIN': Who's got the BIGGEST Toy Runs?

Below is a little reminder for all of you who are involved in Toy Runs anywhere in NC or SC to LET US KNOW NOW! December weekends fill up fast and in addition to riders needing to get YOUR RIDE on their personal schedule, The Carolina Rider would love to be involved in one or two that we haven't had the pleasure of yet. What's the biggest one in your area?

It is Friday afternoon, sun shining and I've been working all week. It is one of those "office" jobs that provides limited outside activity. So I called home and talked with Marcia. "How would you like to go to the beach for dinner?" "When?," she said. "Now, I'm on my way, I'll be there in about 20 minutes, take our beach mat and we'll get Subway when we get there."

She didn't have to ask what vehicle we were taking because she knew it was the bike! ...


The Carolina Rider sponsors Rides!

As you may notice here in our weekly ezine, we publish flyers for some not-for-profit educational and charitable events. While we do our damndest to get all NC and SC events and their flyers in our Events Calendar, not all flyers make it into The Carolina Rider Scene.

Why? What's a guy (or gal) got to do to get an event flyer in this publication that reaches over 75,000 riders every week? As you can see in our own informational flyer (click HERE to see it,) we offer a lot to not-for-profit efforts who seek us out as part of their event promotion & marketing effort. If asked, we request that our logo be placed in an events promotional materials - flyers, banners, handouts, t-shirts, website - showing that we are part of the event's marketing sponsors. While there is no money exchanged for this service, we are a true and dedicated partner to those events that bear our name and, as you see week in and week out, we continue to run flyers until the event happens.

There's more we can do for events such as bringing The BIG RIDE Bus. The Bus can't make it to many events but, again, if we're asked to participate, we ask that we be made a sponsor and we have lots to give as such. At some events we've provided sound equipment, music, and announcements. At toy runs, we've provided hot chocolate and cookies and even dressed-up characters. And at some events, we show up with a team of good-looking gals to help promote the day!

On Saturday October 19th, we're sponsoring two events. Since they're happening the same day, we can't get to both but we've been promoting both of them for weeks....


The Tour benefitting the USO is being put on by WRFX and we're happy to be marketing sponsor. The flyer is above and PoniPrincess wrote about it in a recent edition. We'll share a follow-up story and photos after the event because the radio station intends to make this an annual event and an after-story will help you know what to look for next year if you happen to miss it this year. But DON'T MISS IT! There's a huge prize up for grabs. Somebody's going away with $1500. One of several good reasons to get there!

Combat Vets Ride

The Combat Vets Association is having a ride on the same day and we'll be set up at Skooterz in Shelby, NC with The BIG RIDE for that one. They've got a ride planned and we'll be at the start and end for the party and ceremony. We're looking forward to being part of this with CVMA and the folks at Skooterz and expect a big time since this is the 6th year they're doing this one and we know this is a well participated ride!

We know that you like us can't be at all rides at the same time but we do hope you'll join us at one of the other. Even if we aren't there, we're part of both of these and encourage you to do what you can to get to one or the other or, if you've figured out how, to both!

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