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(see more photos from Capital City Bikefest in Event Report by Mike Lopeman below!)

October 11th Edition

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The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 12-18, 2016

Wednesday 75h & m-sunny, Thursday 80h & sunny, Friday 72h & sunny, Saturday 70h & p-cloudy, Sunday 74h & sunny, Monday 80h & sunny, Tuesday 81h & sunny (as per on 10/11/16)

And Fall swept in ...

I bet you're not bitchin' about the heat today. Bet you didn't yesterday either. Well, unless you're reading this from a warmer climate than I! I forget the spread of diversity across The Carolinas. Over this past weekend, I was telling my friend in Wilmington, NC that it was just chilly enough on Saturday that we had turned on a little gas fireplace for some gentle heat while watching a movie ... and she replied that it was "steamy there" and she had just cranked up the a/c!

It's been, as most everyone I have heard from has said, "a BRUTAL Summer!" But, hold open your arms, sisters and brothers and welcome her in. Yes! The fresh breath of Fall swept in over the past week. Cool mornings and evenings where a leather jacket (maybe more!,) is welcomed on a ride 'round The Carolinas plus some glorious sunny days that don't leave you in a puddle of melted goo on the pavement.

We were out on Jon's bike this past Sunday and I kept asking to stop to add another layer in the first legs of our journey. No complaint though. Not at all! It was a sparkling blue day that makes me look forward to more. And there is so much more riding in the near future now that Autumn has kissed the air. In fact, Footloose and I are headed out to meet Bub and The CPR's for lunch tomorrow! Now, there's a sweet treat!

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This year's Capital City Bikefest was again another amazing event with perfect weather and great turn out. Unfortunately I could only attend one day....

There was live music all day from four live bands playing country, rock and roll and even heavy metal. I am not an expert in music but, like must of us, I know what I like and some of the music "not so much." The language in public was not meant for children, and spoke of hate. It was prerecorded music, I only heard it in the a.m. and not later in the day when the crowds got larger.

The expo arena had numerous custom bike shops in competition for trophies and bragging rights. I personally think the best-looking bikes were in the parking lot. Yes, I understand that the custom bikes in the show are symbolic of what the shop they represent can do in the way of modification to your bike. As art work that's another aspect, that's where I can appreciate dynamic colors on non-functioning panels and ornate bling!

As for vendors I did not run into any one special vendor - all mostly the same that you see at all the large events.  I did enjoy the pinup girl competition ... a lot more silicone and period-correct attire. If you did not attend you missed a good time.



A friend from CMOU contacted me about their Bikefest coming up this weekend. Check out the flyer above.

Don't know about CMOU? Here's some info from their website...

The CAROLINA MOTORCYCLE ORGANIZATIONS UNITED (C.M.O.U.) was established in 1996, and is a non-profit coalition of all types of clubs, groups and associations throughout NC & SC. We welcome all types of riders and bikes.

1. Create effective communication between all the area motorcycle clubs, groups, associations, shops and riders
2. Create effective communication within our community, be a positive factor in our community, dispel negative stereotypes and improve the image of motorcycle riders in general.
3. Raise money and contribute to worthy causes that benefit children in need.

This Saturday's event is one way they back up their mission statement line #3. The proceeds go to a selection of charitable organizations who help kids.

This is a great organization that helps promote community in the rider world. Good people. Good mission.

It's gonna be great weather, get out this weekend and make the "Stop the Pain" Charity Bikefest one of your stops ... or, better yet, your plan for the day!

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