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(photo from back in August on one of Bub & the CPR's rides)

October 13th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause ~ Charitable & Educational Events in the Carolinas

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Toy Runs?

Ron Lofts: Images from SC Flooding

Your Myrtle Beach Discount Card

Bub: Reminiscing about August Rides

Loose Talk with Jon

Autumn in Maggie Valley

Leaf Color Images: For a look at how colorful the area is right now, check out this Cataloochee Cam, or this recent photo

October 2 - 3, Maggie Valley Oktoberfest; Open to the public with admission $3.00 for adults; children under 12 free. Open Friday, & Saturday from 11:00am to 11:00pm. Bier Anyone! Attend Maggie Valley’s Oktoberfest, a quality festival keeping with the most important German traditions--lots of Bier, a large variety of Great Food, including some customary German flavors such as Bratwursts, Bavarian Soft Pretzels & regional favorites like BBQ & Craft Beer; Live Music, Vendors, Children’s Stage & Kid’s Area, Contests, Games, Dancing, More!

October 8 - 10, Maggie Valley October Quilt Show  (at Maggie Valley Town Hall) - Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. daily. For more information please contact Cathy at 828.926.3169.

October 17 - 18, Maggie Valley Fall Arts & Crafts Festival; Join artisans & craftsmen for this long-running event which boosts unique & exclusive hand-made items from all across the Southeast. Chainsaw demonstrations and a variety of foods are also onsite. Free Parking and Free Admission! For more information, Contact: Teresa Smith at 800-624-4431; or visit

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CLICK ABOVE to buy your money-saving "Carolina Rider" discount card for Myrtle Beach businesses!


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 13-20, 2015

Wednesday 74h & clear, Thursday 70h & clear, Friday 74h & clear, Saturday 65h & clear, Sunday 58h & clear, Monday 61h & clear, Tuesday 64h & clear (as per on 10/13/15)

As I was looking over the Events in the Valley (on Maggie Valley's website,) I saw that Maggie's got some events coming up that are definite signs of Autumn ... Oktoberfest, a quilt show, and their Annual Arts & Crafts Festival. It's that time of year.

I wonder what the Fall color is looking like in the Carolina Mountains?

Anyone up in the higher altitudes wanna give the rest of us a report?

A couple months back I heard that it was going to be a spectacular year for leaf colors .. something to do with the drought? Is this true?

This is surely a grand time to hop on a bike and take a mountain ride. Bub and his CPR riding pals do it all year long and today's report from him is actually a report from back in August. Still, I'm sure we'll soon see some Fall pics from that bunch of avid riders.

Whether you ride for an hour to clear the cobwebs, set out for a long day out on the road, or make it an overnight trip, drink in the cooler temps, fresher air, and change of light. And say, if you decide on an overnight, head up to the Parkway and stay with Mike and Lynn Thrift at Skyline Village Inn. Remember, they added some dual sport bikes this year and have the inside info on some great rides up their way. They'll take good care of you!

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Saturday I was able to go help some people in Sumter that had been flooded.  The water had come up when the dam at Swan Lake gave-way.  The husband/father in the home has ALS and had to be taken out by boat to a waiting ambulance about a block away.  They had to cut away the porch railing where the ramp went out the front door to get him into the boat.  She said while they were lifting him into the boat, a water moccasin swam by under the stretcher.  Their son also has a disability I understand so the mother/wife here has her hands full.

We removed all of the flooring and drywall up about 4 foot.  Along with the flooring was the kitchen cabinets and bathrooms.  WOW, how unfortunate, and they didn’t have insurance.  We spent about 10 hours there Saturday and people were so nice.   Little Caesar’s came by with pizza and cookies.  Later the Salvation Army truck came by with ravioli dinner, and then about 1:30 someone came by from Kentucky Colonel with snack pack and a couple 12 packs of Orange Crush.  How unfortunate though to see everything you own and half of your house piled out in your front lawn.  They were able to salvage some of the appliances.

The encouraging news is that some of the people in her church are contractors and they were there also Sat. afternoon and already looking at starting to rebuild for them.  And there are so many more people that are not so lucky as her, as if she could be considered lucky. But by the end of the day she found some encouragement from her church members.  All her family was safe and she was starting to rebuild. And so nice of the people to provide food for the day.

In the house next door was a group also and on the other side a couple was working on their house so we sent some people over to help them as well.

As for our house we were blessed with no issues.  And in my work where I have 25 homes for people with intellectual disabilities we did not have any problems.  Some staffing issues where people couldn’t get out and some staff worked from Saturday night to Tuesday.  But they said that they would rather be with their ‘girls’ or ‘guys’ than at home worrying about them – good people.
Unfortunate that it takes a tragedy to bring out the good in so many people, but glad that it does.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is an older story from Bub. It "got shelved" when his crash took the headlines. We're happy to pull it back out .. especially since he's got another video to share and a happier story! Note how he ended the article - ATGATT! An acronym he's living and breathing even more passionately than when he wrote this one.

August 30, 2015

The month of August is almost gone and a hot one it was. The CPRs managed to get a few rides in even though John and Sven were tearing up the roads in the Southwest.  Their adventures consisted of flat tire, (John,) broken alternator belt, (John,) and rain.  Which is a "likely" story ... We know it never rains in the Southwest.

Back here closer to home, all we had to bear was heat, mosquitoes, numerous flying bugs that managed to smear themselves on windshields, visors and cameras lens.  We checked out several new roads, asphalt and dirt, and have put them into our "Must Ride Again List."  Pepper Creek Rd [ dirt ] which runs from north of Marion NC to the Blue Ridge Pkwy and the Stony Fork Rd [ dirt ] which we rode from Banardsville NC to the Blue Ridge.  Stony Fork is the more challenging while Pepper Creek is a good "shortcut" to Spruce Pine NC and to Christa's.  Also rode some excellent paved roads, Charley made up a route going up the Blue Ridge to a wild road that heads west toward Weaverville and then up 25 and 19 to Banardsville NC  and back down on the Stony Fork road I mentioned, to the Blue Ridge. We rode past Mt Mitchell, ... and did I say August was hot?  Not there it wasn't, ---62 degrees!!  We rode the Blue Ridge a few miles and then looked for and found the S Toe River Rd which winds up and down the mountains until it ends at NC 80 just north of the Blue Ridge near the golf course there. You golfers probably know exactly where we where at. Personally I don't play golf ... I'm not old enough.  Another interesting fact ... do you know how they rescue stranded boaters on the Toe River??  Why they use a "tow" boat of course. (I know Shaggy!, groaner.)

While on this ride I used my new camera, a Garmin Virb XE. It records speed, altitude, location, etc. This info is displayed on the playback video. I've included this link for a video of Stony Fork Rd  If you look in the upper right corner you’ll see a map and where I’m at on it. And to add to the CPR weird findings, on this ride, we came upon a Greyhound bus!

Another ride we had fun on was after our visit to Christa's and we needed some exercise.  Just to the west of NC 181 is a series of dirt roads that wind down the mountain.  As you are going south from Jonas Ridge look for Ginger Cakes Road on the right ... yep, Ginger Cakes!!  Anyway look for Table Rock Rd that Y's off of Ginger Cakes and this becomes dirt, which is in good condition as locals use it to go to the Table Rock picnic and camping area ... which is where we were going.  We'd never been there and I wanted to check it out.  We went, it was nice and then to head home.

We came to an intersection of dirt roads and we didn't know which road to take.  We stopped, looked at the GPS, pondered upon what we knew and determined we were lost!  Even GPS was lost!  About this time, John started humming the old Kingston Trio song, "The Boston MTA," about a guy who got on the subway, the fares changed while he was on, he had no extra money and he couldn't get off ... "oh he never returned, he never returned" and his fate is still unknown.  He may ride forever 'neath the streets on Boston, you know "he never returned."  Now seizing upon that, I started singing "they never returned, oh they never returned, CPRs may ride forever on the trails of Pisgah [ forest ], but you know they never returned."  I'm still working on it and hope I don't get busted for copyright infringement!

One more thing, this past week none of the others could ride so I went solo. I was running  SC 178 south of Rosman NC, came upon a couple on their cruisers.  Passed the lady bringing up the rear and the lead waved me on by.  A few miles later where 178 joins SC 11 I stopped at the gas station there.  They soon joined me. I thanked them for the pass and we talked, learned that he was from a town in Ohio which is 20 or so miles from my home town, gave them my TCR card and he mentioned that he was going to Charlotte that evening for the Flat Track races.  His grandson runs flat track and he spends the season going from track to track to cheer and help out. WOW, what a way to spend a summer.

Enjoy the pictures and video
Remember ATGATT!


Helping out

As most of you saw in a special email sent out this week, TCR supported a good friend doing some good work. Jason E. Taylor, "The Litigator," one of The Carolina Rider Weekly Magazine's long-supportive Sponsors, asked if we would send out a special e-blast for his lawfirm's effort to help the flood victims of SC. We were most happy to help.

But I wanted to take just a second to let you know what a special friend to the biking community Jason Taylor is.
At almost every turn he is ready with his time, money, and energies to help bikers. I know most of you see his ads and his presence at charitable causes, but you might not really focus on it. Please, the next time you see Jason out and about, be sure and tell him thank you!!

One of the great things about being a rider is getting to know the caring in motorcycle groups and clubs - not just among the groups themselves but outward into the world. BODA's column with the series on the history of the Concerned Bikers Association tells us the efforts CBA members have taken on everyone's behalf. Today's column by Ron is an example of one individual rider's outreach in his own community.

I hope to see you on  the road soon.

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