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(Photo from Project LiveWire Experience by Suitcase Event Photography. See more below!)

October 14th Edition

In This Issue:

Riding BE-cause

Letter to the Editor: Does your Rider Group Need a Cause to Adopt?

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Mike Lopeman: EVENT REPORT - Capital City Bikefest

TCR Classifieds: 2012 Switchback & Homestead Trailer for sale

Ron Lofts: Some Parkway Riding

Loose Talk with Jon: H-D's Electric Motorcycle!

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Here's a Cause to Adopt!

"How you can Help an SC Lady & her effort to help our Troops in Afghanistan"

A Letter from Sue Dry

If you're like me, you may or may not know what an FOB or Forward Operating Base is. Wikipedia describes an FOB as "any secured forward military position, commonly a military base, that is used to support tactical operations. In its basic form an FOB can consist of a ring of barbed wire around a fortified entry point up to an advanced FOB which includes earthen dams, concrete barriers, gates, and other force protection infrastructures."

Well, I know a dear lady named Daphne in York County, SC, who is well acquainted with FOB's in Afghanistan. She has been supporting troops there for years. I've learned so much from her about what these young men and women go through serving in such a dangerous part of the world. In the most remote FOB groups, supplies may or may not reach them before they run out of basic necessities. They do without hot water, hot meals, and clean clothes. At times, baby wipes are the only means they have to get clean. They wear socks and underwear until they have to throw them away.

Precious people like Daphne try to fill the void by shipping supplies such as snack foods that can be taken on patrol, crock pots, electric grills, socks, underwear, gloves scarves, hand and foot warmers and toiletries. Anything to make their lives easier.  Daphne also includes materials that offer support and encouragement - cards, letters, Bibles, and magazines - anything that connects them with home.  Sadly, some of these troops are from poor families that don't have the resources to send them care packages so Daphne's help is vital to them.

Daphne has a long-running relationship with a wonderful man named Billy who is stationed in Kabul training Afghan security forces. He keeps in touch with her and lets her know what their needs are.  He also makes sure each and every soldier gets something from her donations. Last week, their base was hit and tragically three soldiers were lost so their situation has become more critical.  The PX is basically out of everything including soap. I've read letters they've written to Daphne and it's just heart breaking and freighting to realize what they deal with on a day-to-day basis. Our support means the world to them; helps them know that their service is not in vain, that their country is grateful for what they do, that someone is here for them.

Some of you who have worked in the military may have had your own "Daphne" who was there for you. You may know how important it was to feel remembered and appreciated. Our soldiers are Daphne's life. For a senior citizen on a fixed income, this isn't always easy but she makes it work because she has a great love and passion for her soldiers. They truly have her heart. I am writing this article because she has touched my heart with her work and story and I know she needs help to do what she does for them.  My hope is that other hearts will be touched reading this and that she can find some other support to acquire the supplies she gathers.  She has a full Needs List that she is constantly working to fulfill and I'm including a copy here.
Individuals or Riding Groups who wish to help Daphne help the troops, can contact her directly at You might also just want to write her to thank her for all she's doing ... to encourage the encourager!

With much thanks,
Sue Dry


The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 14-21, 2014

Tuesday 78 t-storm, Wednesday 71 clear, Thursday 70 p-cloudy, Friday 73 clear, Saturday 76 clear, Sunday 70 clear, Monday 73 p-cloudy, Tuesday 74 p-cloudy (as per on 10/14/14)

We're here to help!

There is no way it's almost TOY RUN TIME! Honestly, we just put away last year's holiday stuff (on the bus just before it burned!) Nevertheless, we are starting to receive TOY RUN flyers and requests for The Carolina Rider to make an appearance and spread some hot chocolate and cheer. As far as the cheer goes, we're all into that. But the hot chocolate experience is still up in the air in the absence of our "Ride." Nevertheless, don't count us out yet... there are elves at work!

As the flyers are flowing in, it has come to my attention that there are some folks who still aren't aware of how The Carolina Rider can support not-for-profit motorcycle events of all kinds. So, I'd like to take a few lines to help clarify things:

We are grateful to have the paying support of for-profit businesses to make it possible to provide free advertisement for not-for-profit efforts in the motorcycle world. For-profit businesses pay us to advertise. Their flyers are found at the top of these weekly magazines and there are additional links to them in the column to the right and lots of ads on our website.

Not-for-profit efforts don't have to put up money for providing similar marketing sponsorship. We are happy to be part of the sponsors of events and activities at no cost. As sponsors, however, we do wish to have our logo included on all event materials and advertisement. It's a win-win deal ... we provide valuable marketing for free and you provide us the same! We provide you a logo that says Marketing Support by The Carolina Rider which shows we've got your back. You add it to your banners, t-shirts, flyers, website, etc. Your flyer can get out to over 75,000 riders each week for many weeks! Mutual benefit, no dollars out of pocket.

Got something coming up? Check HERE for more info about how The Carolina Rider helps out not-for-profit charitable and educational motorcycle events and organizations. We're here to help you as you're helping the community.

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2012 HD FLD Switchback for sale

29000 miles.  Two year extended warranty left on bike.  Serviced every 5000 miles by HD mechanic.  12 inch 1.25 inch handlebars with wiring inside.  HD signature seat.  Sissy bar with luggage rack.  Power Commander.  Chrome primary cover.  Screaming Eagle muffler. Engine guard with foot pegs.  Willie G. Skull trim.  The extended warranty is effective until 12-31-16.  Will sell for $11,000.00.  Joe Champion,, 704-419-9705

Hercules Homestead Trailer for sale, $2850

White, Double Axel, Capable for hauling 7500 lbs. 8.5' Wide by 16.5' Long. 2 doors - Ramp loading door plus side access!

Currently set up to haul 4 motorcycles complete with wheel chocks and tie-downs. This trailer took bikes to Sturgis a few years back and we camped inside the trailer ... so this might be your answer for Sturgis 75th Anniversary coming up! 704-236-9222

"The frost is on the pumpkin and the hay is in the barn." - That is what I thought of when we were going down this road and saw the pumpkin display and then passed the barn full of hay.  It was a nice fall day that Saturday with highs only in the 50’s.  We camped at Mills River Campground between Hendersonville and Asheville and fall was in the air.

Marcia takes these pictures while riding - most of them anyway.  You can see her in the mirror often and this day it was cold without her gloves.  It was in the 40’s when we left and stayed in the 50’s for most of the day, especially on the parkway.  We headed out from the campground about 9 in the morning up Brevard Road to the entrance to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The sun was out and it was a crisp morning.  It was a little cooler than Marcia likes, but she never said anything about being cold.  I did notice at times she would kind of tuck behind me close.

We could see a few trees that were just starting to turn amongst the green mountain sides.  We headed to the Folk Art Center on the Parkway near East Asheville.  Of the nearly 20 years we lived in Black Mountain, I had never been there.  Marcia had stopped there a few times, but I had missed it.  The Center really does have some wonderful work of local artisans from woodworking, glass work, carving, my favorite the burl bowls, quilting and more.  We could have spent a lot of money, one of the good reasons to stop at those places on the bike, can’t carry much.  I guess we’ll have to go back in the car for all of the Christmas shopping we wanted to do while there.

We went on up the Parkway to ...

Harley Davidson's LiveWire event came to Charlotte. LiveWire is the latest creation of Harley-Davidson motor company in their ongoing quest to create new and relevant products for an ever growing and expanding motorcycle market.

There was a lot of hype around this all electric motorcycle. It was such a demand that you had to pre-register for a slot in order to ride the LiveWire. The LiveWire experience was here for three days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with four or five bikes leaving every 20 minutes.

There was a symphony of events going on you had to sign up, sign releases, watch a video, and be given instructions on how to start this brand-new all electric motorcycle. They even had one of the LiveWire bikes on a stationary jumpstart machine that anybody could ride to get the experience of what was going on.

One of the neat features of the LiveWire was the way the gears were cut made it sound like a jet engine, the faster it went the higher pitch the whine. Riding the motorcycle was truly a unique experience. It would do 0 to 60 in a little over four seconds and you had to be ready as it's torque was phenomenal.

Harley is doing an 18 month tour with LiveWire in order to get the feedback from the people who ride it so that when they go into production they will take all of that information into account so that the product they put on the street finally in about two years will be the best that it can possibly be.

As of the writing of this article, there was no indication of when it would be produced and at what price point. All that being said, if you can afford one they would be an awful lot of fun when they actually get to the market!

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