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October 15th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

Lester from The G-S: Myrtle Beach Fall Rally

Paws for the Wind with Quece: There's an Art to being a Biker Bitch

Ron Lofts: Be Spontaneous - RIDE!

Paul Pics: Smokeout Smiles

Loose Talk with Jon


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A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 15-22, 2013

Tuesday 75 am clouds, Wednesday 76 p-cloudy, Thursday 77 showers, Friday 72 m-sunny, Saturday 69 cloudy, Sunday 70 p-cloudy, Monday 69 m-sunny, Tuesday 69 p-cloudy (as per on 10/15/13)


When to Trailer & Not to Trailer?

Some bikes have a mileage limit. Some do not.

Some butts have a mileage limit. Some do not.

Lester brings up one of the eternal rider variables - to trailer or not to trailer? Some folks trailer everywhere, some ride everywhere all the time, doesn't matter the weather, the distance, or the day of the week. We're individuals, us motorcycle lovers. That's just how it is and always will be.

Nevertheless, I do wonder - what makes the difference in whether you choose to trailer or not? And, if you do trailer, what kind of trailer do you use and what, in your dreams, would you really love to have?

Back in 2004, Footloose and I joined a group of others who were trailering to Sturgis. There were two trucks pulling trailers full of bikes. Our friend James was driving one truck with a trailer of 4 bikes and Footloose was driving ours pulling our trailer of 3 bikes. We set out in the dark and followed at James' Road Runner-like speed. 24 hours later, Footloose and I decided we had to get some sleep as the other truck and trailer kept rolling to The Promised Land. I'll never forget that ugly feeling of trying to stay awake to keep Jon awake and not miss anything either!

We grabbed our own Z's and made our way thru more flatlands and eventually to our home for the week at Glencoe Campground. Our bikes backed out, our 16' enclosed trailer was where we slept. To give it an open-air feeling, we fashioned a screen across the garage-door end, but honestly, that year we didn't need it. It got COLD and we were doing whatever we could to keep the heat in at night! Nevertheless, our trailer was our lifesaver on that trip which we are certain we would have never made just on our bikes in the time we had to make the trip. That's just us. Some folks have no problem hauling ass cross-country in a day, hanging out in Sturgis for a few, and riding back home. We, on the other hand, needed the few days we had in Sturgis to recouperate from our truck ride and return home!

So what are your thoughts on trailering bikes?


Thanks to all who sent me "condolences" on my lack of good long rides lately! Mike on a Bike very kindly invited me to join him and the rest of the Greenville STAR Riders for the Vets Day Parade in Charleston coming up at the beginning of November. Thanks so much, Mike! My schedule is full during that time but I sure appreciate the thought!

In any event, we hear that Jon's bike might finally come home this week. See what magic a little blurb in The Carolina Rider can do?!? We'll be showing off photos next week if she makes it back into the garage as planned.

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Hello all,

I promised a couple of weeks ago that I would tell about the Beach Rally. This was my second trip to the beach this year, both of which were for the Bike Rallies. I rode down for the Spring Rally as well as the Fall Rally. The weather was absolutely beautiful, low 80's with lots of bright sunshine. We left in the middle of the day on Thursday so we didn't see any other bikes until we were on I-95. Then what we saw were bike on trailers and bikes in the back of pickup trucks. Nothing personal guys, but I didn't see anything on trailers that was nice enough to be on trailers. I'm just saying. If you bought them to ride, ride them. Most of us that ride have a deeper respect for the others that ride. Just so you know, most of us that ride, can tell if the bike is a trailer queen or not.

(the photo is clearly not of me ... but one of the flavors of a rally!)

Anyway, the ride down is uneventful; we take some short cuts to avoid major intersections, and to enjoy some country side views along the way. We rode about 265 miles to Garden City where we were staying....


 There is an "art" to riding on the motorcycle. As a true "biker BITCH," one of my pride and joys is my closet! Now that the fall weather is creeping in I am grateful for layers of t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. It is important to not only "feeeeeeeel good" while riding ... but I like to "look Mahhhhhhhhhvelllous" too!

Mondays and Tuesdays are our weekend. It actually makes for great riding on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The roads are traffic free! We were heading toward the Linn Cove Viaduct. The Viaduct is a 1,243 foot concrete segmental bridge which snakes around the slopes of Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. It is Sept. 30 and we are on the hunt for ...


In September we try to go up to Michigan for a local county fair. Yes, we understand that we have the SC State Fair, but even this County fair is "better" in our opinion than the SC State Fair.

For one, they have barns and barns of animals. The 4H has over 4000 kids registered in that county so many of them have projects of raising cattle, hogs, sheep, goats, chickens, horses, etc. Having grown up on farms in Mich, we still enjoy seeing the young people and their projects. Then in addition they have 3 days of harness racing and the Championship Light Heavy Weight (less than 3400 lbs.) horse pulling and the Heavyweight (most weighed in around 5500 lbs.) horse pulling. And, we topped the week with going 950 miles to see a Hannah South Carolina singer, Josh Turner, along with Kix Brooks on Saturday night.

But, I get ahead a bit, .....


If'n The Good Lord Is Willin' ....

I WILL have my bike back this week. It's been a long year. Between the painting and the hole in my oil pan, I have ridden my bike only twice in the past year, each ride about 30 minutes long. I'm being told I will have my bike back this week, yeah!!!

Going to the Combat Vets ride in Shelby at Skooterz on Saturday and taking the bus. If you live in that area or want to get out and ride, please come to the ride and join us!

If you are closer to the Charlotte area, WRFX is putting on a great ride. First place prize is $1,500. We will have The Carolina Rider Tent and a small crew there.

So whatever you do, have a great time and ride safe.

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