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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of October 16-23, 2012

Tuesday 70 sunny, Wednesday 72 m-sunny, Thursday 72 m-cloudy, Friday 72 iso t-storms, Saturday 69 m-sunny, Sunday 71 m-cloudy, Monday 75 sunny, Tuesday 74 sunny (as per on Tuesday 10/16/12)





Autumn Leaves

(just for fun, I'm adding links to a couple song videos - the first, above, is by Eva Cassidy who sadly left our world early taking her magnificent voice but leaving some awesome recordings that I highly recommend! The second, below, you'll undoubtedly know from the band Queen. Enjoy if you like!)

So I was up in Black Mountain this past weekend. Had heard mixed leaf reviews before my trip and wasn't surprised to see that we're still weeks from peak color. Nevertheless, the reds were starting to pop. When I returned to the Charlotte/Upper SC area, I found even more reds - radiant lollypop reds when the sun fires them up! They're the prelude to the Autumn show that we are indeed fortunate to enjoy here in The Carolinas.

It's sincerely a spectacular time to ride our states, to throw on a jacket and scarf and rumble through leaf-strewn roads soaking in the color and crispness that can bring our spirits back to life and ready us for less-hospitable ride days ahead. Immerse yourselves in Fall's vibrace and, as Freddie and the other guys of Queen call out, "Get on your bikes and RIDE!"


In her column today, Sandy Reece echoes words from my column last week and urges us to please continue to educate drivers of all kinds in awareness of motorcylists on the roads. Yep! Can't hear that message enough - just wish it was a major part of driver education for all vehicles.

One of our readers wrote in about a ride he's planning for next year to the Arctic Circle. Check out his plans and request in Readerville below. And ... I'm wondering: WHAT BIG RIDE TRIPS ARE YOU PLANNING? Please share! And if you have some tips on valuable supplies for long rides and cold weather rides too .. how 'bout send them in too.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU.


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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Terrie C sent in this info-filled article ...

... that encourages participation in the upcoming benefit as well as in any opportunity you might have to take an Accident Scene Management class ....

Almost a year ago, on October 16, 2011 Dave Wheaton, Assistant Lead Road Captain for Charlotte HOG chapter 3456, lead a group of HOG members to the Victory Junction Ride and then on out to the camp. On the return, Dave and Anjanette were coming down NC 80, then known as the Devils Staircase (now called the Devils Whip). Dave and his wife Anjanette had been riding with a group of friends but all decided to take different routes down the mountain to head home, leaving Dave and Anjanette together to head home together. Dave was leading and for reasons we'll never know, he lost control and ended up in the guard rail at one of the curves. Anjanette was first on the scene but did not see the accident. She and another person were able to revive Dave, Anjanette using rescue breathing she has recently learned in an Accident Scene Management Class. Dave was airlifted to Asheville where he spent weeks in intensive care. Dave had fractured 5 cervical and thoracic vertebrae which caused injury to the spinal column. Surgery was performed to fuse the fractured vertebrae.

When it was safe to transport him, Dave was taken to the Shepherd Spine Center in Atlanta. With the exception of a month that he and Anjanette were able to spend in their home in Charlotte, they have been living in Atlanta where Dave receives daily physical and occupational therapy. Their bikes and cars were sold so they could buy a wheel chair accessible van. Although Dave has made a lot of progress and is able to get around in a motorized wheel chair, he still has a long recovery ahead of him. The HOG Chapter has held one fund raiser immediately after the accident but it only made a dent in their expenses. Now we need your help by joining us in our spaghetti supper fund raiser on Saturday October 27, 2012. Tickets are available at Harley Davidson of Charlotte, at the clothing counter.....



Northern Lights

Anyone Interested in Riding to The Arctic Circle?

Anyone Ever Done this Ride?

This comes from Gary B ....

"I am planning on traveling to the Arctic Circle in August on a Honda GL1800 and if I can negotiate the Dalton Highway (The Haul Road) to Deadhorse, AK.  I will take the Van Tour through the Prudhoe Bay Refinery to the Arctic Ocean.  If weather is such that it makes sense to take the Dempster (The Ice Road well not exactly) to Inuvik - I will consider. 

I am planning on 5+/- weeks going up through the Dakotas from North Carolina and hopefully returning the longer route from Calgary to Sault Ste. Marie to complete all the Trans Canadian Highway as I have been to St. John's, NFLD and Vancouver, BC on my old Goldwing.  I have family in Michigan - if all goes well I will get new tires in MI and see my Spartans play.

I am hoping for another Goldwing Rider as 400 to 700+ miles a day on pavement is comfortable but negotiating the gravel of the Dalton or Dempster is something I am not sure of and would anticipate 25+/- mph speeds and 200 mile per day rides with a chance to see the Northern Lights (VStroms, KTM's, etc. and not the Wing are built for this type of riding).

I have been planning the trip and hope to see unique sites along the way that you cannot easily see otherwise.  Zoos for example vary and some are better than others but would not be on my list.  The Sturgis Bike Week and the chop stick factory in Fort Nelson would be (I have toured 614 Factories). I hope to camp most of the time and share the cost of a hotel at times when it makes sense.  I enjoy eating local (Moose, Elk, Birch Syrup and Partridge Berry or Bake Apple Berry Pancakes, Halibut Cheeks / Beer Bits, Squaw Candy, etc.).  I anticipate the trip costing $1,000 +/- a week.

I welcome your insight, advice and finding another Goldwing rider."


Have info, advice, or interests you'd like to share with Gary and our readers? Want to reach Gary to let him know you're interested in going along for this amazing ride? Have your own amazing ride adventure in the planning stages that you'd like to propose to other readers of The Carolina Rider Scene?

Write us now!










I'm all over the place today ...

First, in keeping with last weeks theme, I'd like to ask you to please consider patronizing two more of our sponsors as you plan your Fall riding: Tom Johnson Camping and Ricky Hendrick Performance Honda. Both are great businesses and valued supporters of The Carolina Rider. They help keep this publication alive! Check out all of our Sponsors in the links column to the right and give 'em your business when you can. Thanks much.


On a fun note ... I got this email and video link today - "I get your ezine regularly, and remember a short article about a bike/deer incident you had.  If this lady had her way, we wouldn't have to worry about such things." - click here to watch and ENJOY!

And finally, on a whole other line of discussion ....

A friend recently sent me a list of taxes we pay. Regardless of whether you are Democrat or Republican, rich or poor, man or woman, black or white, biker or not, we are paying a lot of taxes. Just for fun, a list of all the taxes we pay here in the U.S.:

So, we are taxed when we make money, spend money, save money, invest money -- and die. I'm afraid that some smart politican will get the BIG idea to tax bikers with a "fresh air" tax..... !


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiny Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton



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