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Make a Wish Raffle Ride, 10/29

BikerBOOber Fest 10/29


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Oct 17-24, 2011

Monday 84 p-cloudy, Tuesday 79 pm-showers, Wednesday 67 scattered t-storms, Thursday 61 sunny, Friday 62 sunny, Saturday 65 sunny, Sunday 68 sunny, Monday 70 sunny (as per on Monday 10/17/11)







Take the Class

& Keep your Relationship Happy!

At some time or other, you've heard me or Footloose say something about rider training. We both believe strongly in it...believe that the MSF and Rider's Edge courses are well worth the money and time one spends on them ....believe that EVERY rider should take the course and then go for the Experienced Rider refreshers frequently.

Sure, there are tons of riders who have been on two wheels as long as they've been on two legs. Perhaps you are one of those. I wasn't. Jon was. BOTH of us gained a LOT from taking a class. I had never been on a motorcycle before I met him and had little experience on two wheels of any kind including bicycles. Yes, I had a bicycle as a kid but didn't ride much and was never very daring. So when the motorcycle came into my life, I felt I needed some extra help making friends with it ...thus, my choice for taking the MSF course. And what a really really good choice it was! I had no intention of riding my own when I took the class. Just wanted to get comfortable being on and around the things. But something got in my blood during that weekend in class and I felt a strong call of the road "on my own!"

As the class ended, I was revved but not ready to go it on my own, however; and so I turned to my rider instructor husband for additional training and guidance. Not everyone has the advantage of having a personal instructor at their call. I was (and am!) truly lucky to have him....and yet, it was a bit of a double-edged sword. He's an awesome instructor. The best as far as I have seen. He's an awesome husband. Also the best as far as I can see! But when you mixed together his role as husband with his role as teacher, it made for a more challenging experience!

And so today I took a little walk down memory lane as I read thru Motorman's lastest Tips and Tricks article.....

"... a man and a woman pulled into the parking lot and asked what I was doing. I said, 'I'm getting a little practice on the course to keep my skills sharp.'
The man who I'd guess was in his mid-30's stated, 'Practice, that's what my wife needs' as he pointed to the woman on a 250 Rebel. His wife had a wide eyed look of fear on her face as she sat on the little bike with what looked like a death grip on the handlebars. Her shoulders were shrugged up to her ears and both arms were fully extended as if she was trying to get as far away from the handlebars as possible.
He then said, 'She has to go to the MSF class next week to get her license and she's worried about failing.' She quickly nodded her head in agreement with her husband. She then said, 'That's why we pulled into the parking lot, he wants to scream at me some more while I try to learn how to ride this thing.' The husband laughed and just said, 'She drives me crazy when she doesn't listen to me.'
I told them both I know a little bit about teaching riding skills and would they mind if I gave her a few tips. 'I need all the help I can get,' the woman said, 'Just don't yell at me like he does.' I promised not to yell."

READ THE REST of Motorman's Tips and Tricks as he shares some great guidance for new riders......and for couples who choose to help each other ride!





... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!


ATTN: ALL RIDING GROUPS - here's a charity in need of a sponsor!

Tammy L. wrote me this week with the following.....

"Discovery Home Care youth shelter provides safe shelter among other essential needs to homeless or transient, abused or neglected youth. As a nonprofit we depend on the public for support. As a bike rider myself I know the MC community go above and beyond when it come to community. If any MC groups are interested in supporting Discovery Home Care Emergency Youth Shelter please contact me..."

Tammy B. Legette, Executive Director, Discovery Home Care Inc., Gastonia NC
(704) 854-9351 Office


The Sisters.....

Fonda of The Extended Biker Sisters sent in this photo as a follow-up to last week's info...

"Here is a picture of some of us sisters at our big event on September 17th. This was at Lando Beach Tavern. We had a luau. All our bar stops were decorated in the Hawaiian theme. We had over 80 bikes with us that Saturday. We ended it down at Lake Wateree with BBQ, and all the fixings, camped out over night, had a DJ."


Planning way ahead.......

Mickey wrote this week to share that "BFBF has change the date for the 2012 rally to May18th-20th due to Mother's Day." See flyer below and adjust your plans and registrations accordingly.....



Looking for Photos

We're working on a new slideshow project highlighting YOUR ride photos. I've already received some lovely shots this week and look forward to more!....

Send in your BEST ride photos. We're going to compile a slideshow accompanied by the Louis Armstrong song "What a Wonderful World." Get your photo in The Carolina Rider slideshow! It will be on our website permanently and featured in The Carolina Rider Scene for several weeks.

Here's what we're looking for....

  • beautiful, touching, inspiring, moving, playful, happy, joy-filled scenes
  • shots must have a motorcycle or part of a motorcycle (or more than one motorcycle) in the shot (a photo that shows a rearview mirror for instance counts as a part of the bike)
  • show us YOUR PERSPECTIVE - what you see and love to see on your rides! - express yourself!
  • the more creative and original you are, the better your chance of getting in the slideshow

if you have questions, contact me

Cue the music ... ENJOY!

And so to follow up on my words above about learning to ride.....

This month I celebrate my 8th year as a rider. According to my card, I graduated from my MSF course 10/26/03. Today, Jon and I ride together much more smoothly...but occasionally, if I drop back too far behind, he'll still give me "the hand" that says I need to close the gap and keep up!

I do urge everyone to take a rider class and stay fresh in your awareness. Well worth it......


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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There's a LOT going on this weekend! From an "apple festival ride" in VA to benefit rides all over The Carolinas and the night club ride in Charlotte, The Carolina Rider CALENDAR has a diverse mix of opportunities for you and your friends to choose from! Saturday is especially full. Of course, the events are spread out all over both states plus a couple in outlying states. Nevertheless, you can't just sit around saying there's nothing to do!

After riding hard on Saturday, settle onto a barstool Sunday for Biker Boyz Gone Wild. I hear it's an outrageous and silly good time you'll want to witness for yourself!

Here's what else is on the CALENDAR ....

2 benefit rides in Asheboro - Mollie Salley Kinney and Jacob's Ride

Cruise in for Coats in Gastonia

Benefit ride in Monroe

Vets ride in Wilmington

Dice Run in Creedmoor

Children's Ride in Concord

Ride out with the Girls out in Columbia

Benefit in Rock Hill

BFBF Ride in Fayetteville

Lexington ABATE Ride in Columbia

Twin Peaks Night Ride in Charlotte

If you participate in one of these rides, how about taking a photo or two and sending them to me to share with our readers? And ride promoters, riding groups, and charities, remember that The Carolina Rider is happy to promote what you've got going on and sharing your stories and photos.





... for some Toy Run Fun!


As I said last week, it's almost time for Toy Runs. We are taking reservations for The Big Ride Bus and its Elves to provide hot chocolate and cookies at Toy Runs in The Greater Charlotte Area, Upstate SC, The Greater Columbia Area, and other areas as we can arrange. The calendar is filling up and we don't want to miss your special event. Email me today and get The Big Ride at your cold weather event this year!

I hope you have a good week and enjoy the ride.


Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton






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SkyLine Inn




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Mad Dog Custom Cycles

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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte







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Harley-Davdison of Charlotte









SkyLine Inn





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Mad Dog Custom Cycles


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Cox H-D





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