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October 22nd Edition

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Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

He's Baaaack!: Shaggy Tells Some Tales

Fighting for Veterans with Justin & Cody: Camp Eagle Rock

Paws for the Wind: Does this Dress Make my Butt Look Big?

Loose Talk with Jon


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LOOK! This ride has a NEW DATE! ...


A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 22-29, 2013

Tuesday 70 m-cloudy, Wednesday 65 m-sunny, Thursday 62 p-cloudy, Friday 55 m-sunny, Saturday 58 p-cloudy, Sunday 65-sunny, Monday 66 m-sunny, Tuesday 69 sunny (as per on 10/22/13)


Your answers to"when to Trailer & Not to Trailer?"

Last week I posed the question, when do we trailer our bikes and when do we not? Not intending to kick up any dust with this sometimes-fueled question, I was pleased with the kind answers I received. Here they are. If you didn't get your own perspective in, I'm happy to publish them as well....

Bill H. of Cana, VA shared: "I have been riding for 45 years, and yes, I have had the bike on a trailer a few times - mostly when it broke down. I currently ride a 2009 Ultra Classic which has over 100,000 miles on it, and a 2003 Softail Deuce, which has 60,000 miles on it. Right after we got the Deuce, we went with friends to Laconia Bike week. They wanted to trailer up so we put the Deuce in their trailer. It just did not seem right to keep a nice Harley cooped up on a trip like that, but we were able to carry a lot of extra stuff that made the week a bit easier. Since then my wife and I have made quite a few long-distance trips without a trailer. We don't even pull a trailer behind the bike - if it won't fit on the bike, we don't need it. This Summer we rode to California, up the entire coast on the Pacific Coast Highway, and back home again.  9600 miles and no trailer. On a bike you get the whole experience -- wind, rain, cold, hot, not to mention all the perfect days too.  Why would one want to miss this by riding in a cage?"

Gary B of Charlotte, NC (who "just returned from a 13,355+ mile / 6 week ride to the Arctic Circle and beyond on a Honda Gold Wing.") replied: "You miss the true adventure and challenge of the elements. Chrome don't get you home and the more chrome the more it is hauled / "trailered" to keep it clean, etc. and so you have a vehicle to bring home more chrome. There are riders and there are show riders. Riders ride and people who show-trailer."


Our friend Mike on a Bike (remember his cross country ride journals?) of Greenville, SC wrote to say: "No Trailer! Buddha said, 'It is better to travel well than arrive.' The ride there is the adventure, the challenge, the later to be told stories, the bragging rights! The destination is just part of the experience."

Rich sent in this response: "I prefer to ride, but when trailering, I  find that everyone is ready to crash when we arrive if we drive there. If you have a newer bike, they are more reliable and less worry about a breakdown before you get back. It burns me when people complain about other people trailering, it's really none of their business. If you do drive the whole way, go ahead and brag. But always riding long distances on your bike if for younger people with no health problems. I'd rather people show up in trailers rather than not go."

Fall in the Air

I expect some riding in my near future. My bike has stopped calling quietly to me and she's shouting pretty loudly as the colors come out on the trees and the Autumn Air beckons me to breathe it in. Quece writes about her recent Fall Color Ride in her column today. And while I was putting together the collage of beautiful photos she shared from their ride in the NC mountains, I noticed that those photos are pretty timeless. Except for the telltale years of cars and bikes in the shots, these pics could be from 40 years ago. The beauty of our beloved Carolinas is truly timeless...

Check out Quece's Fall photos and ride story and also welcome our Shaggy back home too. And, while his name sounds like he might be related to Quece's breed, truth is, besides the fact that he did RIDE bitch as his story tells, he's no more dog than any other human male. Shaggy's been absent from our pages for too many weeks due to "life stuff" and we're glad to see him.

Also back in our pages today are Justin and Cody. Justin contacted me a few weeks back with his usual off-the-charts enthusiasm about another great cause. Today he tells us about Camp Eagle Rock and gives us all a nudge to join the ride for the not-for-profit camp for Veterans THIS SUNDAY. Unfortunately with Jon and I both teaching this weekend, neither one of us will be able to join this ride. Anyone wanna write a story and take some photos to share with our readers?

Next week look for some Daytona memories from Lester and a haunting story from Sandy for Halloween and, as Andy Griffith used to say, who knows what all you might find in the pages of The Carolina Rider!

I'm on Facebook ... "friend me!"

Hey man, remember that time ...

(Grab a bench and a cup o' jo and enjoy some tales from Shaggy's fond memories in the great big ride of life!)

It's three a.m. and here I lay in bed staring at my ceiling fan wobbling around on its axis in all of its cheap apartment ceiling fan fashion. Third shift coupled with insomnia and that odd night off of work make for a hell of an entertaining evening don't it? Kingshit has a flat, tomorrow is Sunday so the garages are closed, and the television only leaves me with two options: a local car dealership's morning ad hour, or an hour seminar about how these new bootleg boner pills will make me the king of the swing. Well I haven't driven a car in months and I'm already packing a brick breaker so I see no entertainment value in either. So what to do now? I could waste more time online in search of porn that isn't coming out of the former Soviet Union; but I believe the ruskies finally won that war folks. So just for the hell of it I decided to flip through my mountainous stacks of past bike show pictures. Man, I could've charged admission and sold popcorn for the show going on in my noggin.


And so, the memories came flooding in for my own wee-hour entertainment ... and now for yours.

One of the most recent was at Antique Bikes on Main in Chesnee SC. I was standing knee deep in water at the swap meet area ....

Hello fellow Carolina Riders! Cody and I have been on a whirlwind of a summer with an appearance in Chicago to hang with the cast of Chicago Fire to help raise awareness of the use of Service Dogs for Warriors who have been diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), with the help of K9's For Warriors, and Wendy Diamond. That was very exciting for the both of us.

Cody and I also had the honor to meet Dave Barr, who, like many of you, is a Veteran. However, he is also a Guinness Book World Record Holder for riding his motorcycle around the world. One more thing, he is also a double leg amputee as well. I was lucky enough to meet David and learn about the Patriot Express tour through Beth Fairchild co-owner of Lucky Street Tattoos in New Bern, NC at the Rockingham Smoke Out while hanging out at The Carolina Rider Bus. Thank You to The Carolina Rider for the meet!

It has been a busy summer for Cody and I and it will not stop coming this fall. I have the Honor to introduce to our readers a new adventure out there for either you if you are active duty, retired or a Veteran or if you know somebody that served this great country. This great organization was brought to my attention by a fellow Veteran and rider Scott Cole who rides with US Veterans MC NC State. It's called Eagle Rock Camp....


Does this dress make my butt look big? I was a little concerned when I picked it out for our ride. But, at the end of the day, it was obviously the right dress! You'll see! Keep reading....

This is my Dad's birthday month!  (don't ask ... I just can't wait till it is mine!) He took me to go visit my boyfriend Brutus. Brutus is black and over 100 pounds, he is a hunk! (You know what they say!!) It just so happens that Brutus helps out at Busted Nuckle in Mooresville where Dad just got his "Birthday Pipes" - some new CFR Slip Ons. (And Mom thought Dad's stereo was too loud!)

After Busted Nuckle, we stopped over at Open Road ...

(I've got lots more to tell and some beUUUUtiful photos of our Fall Color Ride for you so CLICK ON OVER as the thingy tells ya below....)


So "The creek rose...."

Last week I told you I'd have my bike back before I wrote again "If the Good Lord's willin' and The Creek don't rise." Well, the creek rose....

My bike didn't make it all the way home and is still over at Goose's magic shop. I did get to ride it a bit as we figured out its engine needed a little more TLC from the master himself. "It's gonna be all right," I imagined him saying as I tried to keep a brave face amidst the long distance relationship my bike and I have been having this past year. "We'll see each other soon and oh the riding we'll do!," I could hear the bike reassuring me too.

"The Creek Rose" on the WRFX ride as well and that crew decided in light of the dark dreary drippy day that Saturday was, to reschedule their first ever ride for the USO until November 2nd. Same stops and plan, same big prize of $1500 ... just a new date. This makes it possible to get The BIG RIDE Bus at the end stop of that ride and so, as usual, I encourage you to come on out, ride, and stop by and say howdy to me and the rest of The Carolina Rider gang who'll be on site that day!

The BIG RIDE was at Skooterz in Shelby this past Saturday for the Combat Vets ride. The weather didn't keep away a generous handful of riders but it definitely lessened what probably would have been a much bigger event. FancyFree's uncle stopped by along with a dozen or so other folks who rambled over to the vendor area. But despite the low crowd, Paul (of Paul Pics,) FancyFree, and I were happy to hang out at Skooterz parking lot for awhile and we look forward to some more good times at their cool little hangout.

So, get the WRFX ride back on your calendars and keep your fingers crossed for me and my bike......

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