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Where's The Big Ride gonna be this Saturday?

THIS SATURDAY: Spooktacular Sale & Party at H-D of Charlotte

THIS SATURDAY: Make a Wish Raffle Ride, 10/29

THIS SATURDAY: BikerBOOber Fest 10/29


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Free Thinking with Fancy Free

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Ride to Victory PhotoCollage

Lincoln Co. CBA/ABATE Poker Run

Lincoln/Gaston Co. Toy Run

A charity in need of a sponsor




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TCR Calendar Girl

Loose Talk with Jon

Gene Mangrum, Fallen Rider

2012 IMS Show in Charlotte!


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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Oct 24-31, 2011

Monday 72 m-sunny, Tuesday 73 sunny, Wednesday 74 sunny, Thursday 75 iso. t-storms, Friday 58 p-cloudy, Saturday 60 p-cloudy, Sunday 62 m-sunny, Monday 66 cloudy (as per on Monday 10/24/11)






Getting your Haunt On ....

Halloween, Costumes, Sugar Skulls, and Other Crazy Wild Things!


So it's not even Halloween and I've already had a good helping of costume-outrageousness. First I enjoyed a night crawling around NoDa, one of our local Charlotte artsy areas and there's always some kind of costume-wearing around those parts at all times of year. Purple-haired pirates and horned-hat-wearers, skeleton gore and body paint ain't just for October 'round those parts! Plus, right now there was a display in one of the galleries (Pure Vida Worldly Art) of El Dia De Los Muertos traditions...sugar skulls and an altar of remembrance. That's Day of the Dead for those of us who don't remember our junior-high Spanish.....

And speaking of Day of the Dead, I haunted a friend's party over the weekend and was delighted to see some truly gorgeous face-paint in the style of the traditional sugar skull paintings. Odd, I don't really remember this being a theme in past years but I keep running into it!

And then yesterday I witnessed - (as in 'witnessed a crime' perhaps!) - the annual fundraiser put on by Rock Hill Area Extended Biker Sisters: Biker Boyz Gone Wild. Yes, brothers and sisters, the Sisters recruit some manly men to take a walk on the wild side ("shaved her legs and then he was a she...she says, "hey babe, take a walk on the wild side...") and they let it all hang out! That which ain't stuffed is made up or wearing something most un-manly. It's a hoot and a sight for .... well, it's a sight, that's for sure! What a crazy fundraiser put on by some big-hearted, joyful, beautiful folks.....




... an eclectic little section dedicated to eclectic items sent in by our eclectic readers!






ATTN: ALL RIDING GROUPS - here's a charity in need of a sponsor!

Tammy L. wrote me this week with the following.....

"Discovery Home Care youth shelter provides safe shelter among other essential needs to homeless or transient, abused or neglected youth. As a nonprofit we depend on the public for support. As a bike rider myself I know the MC community go above and beyond when it come to community. If any MC groups are interested in supporting Discovery Home Care Emergency Youth Shelter please contact me..."

Tammy B. Legette, Executive Director, Discovery Home Care Inc., Gastonia NC
(704) 854-9351 Office



Your Photo can be in Our Slideshow!

Photos are coming in and we're looking forward to being able to create a special slideshow showcasing YOUR shots ... SEND 'EM IN NOW!

Send in your BEST ride photos. We're going to compile a slideshow accompanied by the Louis Armstrong song "What a Wonderful World." Get your photo in The Carolina Rider slideshow! It will be on our website permanently and featured in The Carolina Rider Scene for several weeks.

Here's what we're looking for....

  • beautiful, touching, inspiring, moving, playful, happy, joy-filled scenes
  • shots must have a motorcycle or part of a motorcycle (or more than one motorcycle) in the shot (a photo that shows a rearview mirror for instance counts as a part of the bike)
  • show us YOUR PERSPECTIVE - what you see and love to see on your rides! - express yourself!
  • the more creative and original you are, the better your chance of getting in the slideshow

if you have questions, contact me

Cue the music ... ENJOY!



Funny holiday, Halloween. I've spent some in costume, some giving out candy, and then there was my very favorite: Fantasy Fest in Key West "dressed" in full body paint (until it got rained off!...and that was even more fun!!)

May you enjoy a very happy week!


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor

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New Photos!


Well I guess I've been a little slack in getting photos from recent events online. But today I'm happy to say that you can now look in our GALLERY for the following...

  1. Toby Keith Ride/Concert
  2. Goose's Chili Cook-off
  3. Biker Boyz Gone Wild

Speaking of the Biker Boyz Gone Wild, this is the 3rd year the Extended Bike Family out of Rock Hill have put this event on. Jules and company are always raising money for someone. The "sisters" as they are called, work tirelessly for others and the "Biker Boyz" bash raises money for seniors who without The Extended Bike Family would have no Christmas. So check out the group and consider giving them a little of your time or money, I'm sure they have a good cause to apply it towards.


Gene Mangrum

Jane Shares a Story about a Fallen Rider

Jane LaVoy sent in a story today about a fallen rider friend. Understandably, as she said, "hard to write" but she wanted to share her perspective and we're always happy when she does....

It was over two years ago when Greg and I attended our first Gum Ball Rally Ride hosted by The Carolina Rider. We pulled in to the parking lot of the Charlotte Knights Stadium along with about 100 other bikers, and an array of vendors. We parked next to a nice deep cherry bike and a guy with a huge smile! He introduced himself as Gene Mangrum "G-Man."

Read more of Jane's story in tribute to her friend G-Man

and here's a memorial video that's been posted online too....


2012 IMS Show in Charlotte

We're happy to announce we'll be at the International Motorcycle Show in Charlotte in February. Here's their latest press release of what to expect. The Smage Brothers are a really cool stunt and tricks act that I can't wait to see myself!

TV STARS SMAGE BROs TO EXCITE FANS NATIONWIDE AT Progressive International Motorcycle Shows
Smage Bros Stunt Show to Add Value to Ticketed Experience in 12 Cities Across the Country

Irvine, Calif. (October 20, 2011) - The Smage Bros Stunt Show is set to bring exhilarating motorcycle action to 12 cities across the country as part of the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows nationwide series. Made world famous by their popularity as Top 10 Finalists on a nationally televised talent competition, the Wisconsin brothers will take motorcycle trials stunt riding to the next level with a brand new, never-before-seen stunt show that will make eyes pop and jaws drop.

Video Link: Watch a YouTube video of the Smage Bros talent audition video.

Professional motorcycle riders Phil and Pat Smage (ages 26 and 21) won America's hearts as fan favorites on reality tv this past summer with their unbelievable gravity-defying performances. In their first public tour since the popular televised talent competition, they will continue to entertain fans across the country at the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows several times a day with their heart-pounding trials stunt show featuring wheelies, aerial acrobatics, and stoppies all while climbing up, balancing on, and jumping over various obstacles, adding even more entertainment value for attendees to the overall show experience.

In addition to their television accomplishments, the Smage Bros are champion motorcyclists. Rider Pat Smage holds four AMA National MotoTrials Championship titles, and his brother Phil Smage is a Wisconsin State Trials Champion, Pitbike Champion and top 10 ranked National Endurocross rider. For fans curious about what it takes to become a trials rider, the Smage Bros will be available after every show to answer questions about the sport, pose for pictures, and sign autographs.

"We are thrilled to join the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows cross country series," said Phil Smage. "This will be the first tour we have ever been a part of and we can't wait to get things started out in San Mateo, California. Entertaining fans on our motorcycles is what we love to do, so to have this opportunity is amazing. We're ready to get crowds pumped from coast to coast!"

In addition to the Smage Bros Stunt Show, Progressive International Motorcycle Shows attendees will enjoy hundreds of the latest sportbikes, dirt bikes, cruisers, scooters, customs, ATVs, an abundance of aftermarket parts and accessories and more all under one roof. From new riders and hard core enthusiasts to women riders and motorcycle fans who aspire to ride someday, this show is the place for motorcycles riders to immerse themselves in bike culture, talk to experts, learn new riding techniques and more. For more information visit

Description: Description: IMS_Logos_0810_Final



Ride Safe and Keep The Shiney Side Up,

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton








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