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October 29th Edition

In This Issue:


Riding BE-cause - a Focus on Not-for-Profit Events & Efforts

Lil' Weather

Free Thinking with FancyFree

A Haunted Tale from Sandy Reece: The Ghosts of Julia & Will

Lester from the G-S: Biketoberfest 2013!

Paws for the Wind: Skyline Village Inn

Loose Talk with Jon


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LOOK! This ride has a NEW DATE! ...


A good ways down the road ...

The Little Weather Quickie for the Greater Charlotte Area

for Week of October 29-November 5, 2013

Tuesday 72 m-sunny, Wednesday 76 p-cloudy, Thursday 73 cloudy, Friday 68 rain/thunder, Saturday 68 sunny, Sunday 59 sunny, Monday 60 p-cloudy, Tuesday 62 m-cloudy (as per on 10/29/13)


Happy Howl-oween!

I've been holding Sandy's story for weeks and finally it's Halloween week and I can roll it out complete with her spooky shots! What a great ghost story to chew on for this haunted holiday. I absolutely love her Batman painted mask aside her bike (named Batman!) Thanks for sharing your rides with us, Sandy! I know I wanna go find this morbidly intriguing house in Yadkin County......

As I've told Lester, all his story did was make me yearn for a return to Daytona. I've loved the times I've spent there - beginning with a ride around The Loop on our way down to The Keys for even more riding fun - and continuing with several trips down for Spring Bike Weeks. Never been to the fall event but I do have several favorite food and drink haunts - how about you?

Do you have favorite places to roll into when you're at bike week in Daytona? How about Myrtle Beach?

Let me know!

Quece has really been having some fun lately, huh? She and her two-legged family on two wheels have been RI-DING! I, for one, am loving hearing about their rambling rides and personal favorites and truly thrilled to have Quece as a regular columnist! Today she's telling us about our friends of Skyline Village Inn. She and her Mom and Dad used the killer coupon we've been running for months and TREATed themselves to a couple great nights at the Inn along with some TRICKed-out riding. She's gonna be busy at the holiday toy runs as usual. I wonder if we can get her to come out for paw-tographs at The BIG RIDE with us??

Another reply to the Trailering question...

Don E of St. Augustine, FL wrote: "I am 74 & my bike has never been on a trailer. However,  I only go on any trip properly prepared & the proper amount of estimated time. This is the reason I've never been to Sturgis as I couldn't put together the proper amount of $$$$ & time at the proper date ! The ride to the destination is ¾ of the trip. When you're telling about your trip to any bike gathering the 1st thing anybody says "did you ride all the way up (down) there?" Then you must admit you tailored. How Embarrassing ! ! !"

Opinions are still coming in - keep em comin' ... just play nice, sisters and brothers!......

Look for the Halloween-related Words

in Today's Edition

and Win a TCR Long-Sleeved T-shirt!

As you read this edition of The Carolina Rider Scene and the linked online stories, count the words throughout the stories that directly relate to the Halloween theme and TELL ME what you find. If you get the number we have chosen as correct (because I'm sure you can be a ghoul and twist the words to make them work for you if you want,) we'll send you one of our beautiful long-sleeved logo shirts (they come in L, XL, and XXL. Check em out in our SHOP!) Come on, make a stab at it!

The weather's got some perfect days to escape with your two-wheeled friends ... enjoy!

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The Ghosts of Julia and Will

When my brother and sister-in-law first moved to the Yadkinville area, I thought the rural back roads were awesome for motorcycle touring. My husband and I ventured to the nearest Barnes & Noble's bookstore to find some local books on the area. One book on the shelf caught my eye: "Death in North Carolina's Piedmont - Tales of Murder, Suicide and Causes Unknown." Not that I love to read about gory stories but local stories intrigue me. As I was flipping through the pages, I came upon the story on the Dalton-Hunt house in Yadkinville. I showed it to my husband and said "This house is in the area where my brother lives." So we purchased the book and I read it from cover-to-cover quickly and immediately had more questions. I called my sister-in-law to inquire about the house. She laughed and said, "You know it's a haunted house?" Really? Now I really want to see this house!

My first ride-by is blocked by very tall corn stalks. The current owners had corn crops that particular year. I could barely see the roof of the house. The "No-Trespassing" sign posted kept me from getting a closer view. Not wanting to get shot from trespassing, I elected to wait another time for photos until after the crops were leveled. Fast forward to early fall this year, I was out riding the rural back roads in Yadkinville looking for some nice photo ops. I came upon the house again. This year they planted soy beans. SCORE! I can see the house from the road now in a nice wide angle view! (See photos in the online story!) Why does this beautiful home look so sad? ...

Biketoberfest 2013

Daytona October 17-20

Well, Biketoberfest 2013 has officially come and gone. It was a first for me. Actually, there were a lot of firsts in this trip. It was a trip to remember, a trip that will trump all previous trips. Unless I do Sturgis one day, it may be the trip of a lifetime.

It started out fairly normal, Chester, Daryl and myself met in Duncan and headed out last Wednesday afternoon. The ladies were behind us (somewhere) in the cage. The plan was to go to Savannah and spend the night, and ride the rest of the way on Thursday morning. We all booked our motels separately so as you would know it, I'm staying in a different hotel than Chester and Daryl. We caught that mistake early enough so I was at least able to change my motel to the same exit. At first we were 15 miles apart. We got to our hotels at about dark. Got checked in and decided to chill for a little while, waiting on the ladies to catch up.

We had just stopped to eat at a Subway about 1 hour before so Daryl wasn't hungry, yet. We went to a local watering hole to chill. The ladies rolled into town so we split for the night. It was still early so I went back to my motel to get something cold to drink. There was a small watering hole named Lucky’s Tavern ...



Skyline Village Inn is Pet Friendly!

(And Motorcycle Friendly too, of Course!)

So Dad's birthday is the 18th and Mom and I got a reservation for The Skyline Village Inn using the "special" posted on The Carolina Rider website offering "book one night get one free!" The pet fee is only $20 and we couldn't wait to check it out now that the leaves are almost at peak. We got up early on Wednesday morning and headed straight to the Inn, it is in Spruce Pines, near Little Switzerland off of the Blue Ridge Parkway marker 331.

It is a unique stone and brick, rectangular, 3 story building tucked into a mountain side - really tucked into a mountain side. Across the street is a scenic overlook that used to have a gas station and was part of the moonshining underground. But the building is gone and all you can see is a view that goes on forever.

Mike and Joe came out to meet us from the first floor and got us all checked in.  We drove the bikes around the building up the steep hill and pulled right up to the third floor walk in.  I couldn’t wait to check out the room.   As soon as I got through the door there was this old lady sitting in her stockings with a bottle of Moonshine!...

And don't forget to use this awoooo-some coupon soon!

Toy Runs

It's almost time for Toy Runs in North and South Carolina. As it is, The Carolina Rider has two "for sure" on our calendar and a couple others getting pinned down. We'll be at the Charlotte CBA Toys for Tots Ride on Sunday, December 1st and the Gaston County Toy Run on Saturday, December 7th. These two are usually on the same weekend but this year they get separated due to how the days fall on the calendar for the first Sunday and the first Saturday.

What about South Carolina Toy Runs?

We'd really love to get down to a ride in South Carolina this year but have yet to hear from any of you. Anyone out there want us down south?? We'd like to make it happen if the days work out right!

WRFX Ride THIS Saturday

This Saturday is the rescheduled date for WRFX's ride. Will you be there? They're still hanging that big prize out to tempt you ... somebody's gonna take home $1500!

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