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The Little Weather Quickie for the Week of Nov. 1 - 8

Monday 63 p-cloudy, Tuesday 60 m-cloudy, Wednesday 55 showers, Thursday 62 showers, Friday 54 p-cloudy, Saturday 52 p-cloudy, Sunday 59 sunny, Monday 65 sunny (as per www.intellicast.com on Monday 11/01/10)






a few events & destinations that you might like to ride to this week....

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Welcome to November!

I'm writing outdoors today.... at least for awhile. The occasional breezes remind me that Autumn has honestly arrived ... but it's the waterfall of varigated red-orange maple leaves peppering the world around me that really drive the point home. My bike's on a trailer from yesterday's photoshoot and there's not much hope that she and I will have a go today. So my answer to my workday stir-crazies: take it outdoors!

While totally not downing the indoor work option since I'm often an insider ... today I am so grateful to have the option to be "on the outs!" And so I suppose I dedicate today's column to just that: being grateful for today's options.

Welcome November and Happy Autumn everyone! May this new month and season of colors and lowering temp's bring refreshment to your senses...


Calling all Creative Minds

& Willing Souls!

In just the past few weeks, I have had the honor and joy to chat with several riders who wish to share "the stuff of their lives" with you readers of The Carolina Rider Scene and www.thecarolinarider.com. You are all in for some treats as you get to hear fresh and inspiring stories from The Big Ride of Life!

I want to encourage and invite you to become an active part of The Carolina Rider yourself!

Do you take photos when you're out on your bike? At events? Out on our beautiful Carolina highways and byways?

Are you interested and willing to write down your thoughts and experiences, inspiring moments and rider challenges? Do you like to make other people laugh and smile?

Give me a holler and let me help you explore your personal form of creativity and self-expression. Need a little direction? Here are a couple of specific opportunities coming up very shortly that you can participate in.....

  1. Next week's Carolina Rider Scene will be dedicated to all who have served our country in honor of the Veteran's Day Holiday on November 11th. Do you have any stories or photos of motorcycles in the military or enjoyed by vets? Please share!

  2. Toys runs are cranking up! A special Toy Run edition will be provided around Thanksgiving. Send in what you know about toy runs around our Carolinas....photos, stories, event listings.... Feel free to share from previous years as well as currently!

Thank you for FRIENDING me! I've enjoyed "meeting" several of you this past week on Facebook and look forward to friending you too. Sadly, the link in last week's e-news didn't work. Try this one ... and, please hook me up with all of your rider friends!

Have you been Facebooked? FancyFree now has a Facebook account so please do "friend me!"


"Go on now, squeeze out every drop of sweetness on your ride today!"
Fancy Free, Site Editor



Shake, Rattle, and Roll!

I stumbled across this bike at a local bike show this past summer. The cobalt blue and flame paint job caught my eye as the sun hit the paint and danced off the flames. I left a note on the bike for the owner for when he came back to the bike, saying to get in contact with me.

The owner of this bike, Ken Cooley gave me a call and we scheduled a time to meet to do the photo shoot and get the low down on his bike. While talking to Ken I gathered he was an "old school" guy kinda like myself. It seems our taste in bikes and the styles we like run along the same lines. Ape Hanger bars, flamed paint jobs and solo seats, no unnecessary stuff anywhere, just your basic old school look. This is the kind of bike you would see in old Dave Mann centerfolds in Easyrider magazine in days gone by.
Ken's bike features some heavy duty equipment. Ken tells me he was riding one day and a lifter block ripped from the case. It was

time for a complete teardown and rebuild and he decided to go with the best of everything, Delkron engine cases, 93" S&S Sidewinder kit,  S&S E carb, Hyper Charger air cleaner, Rev Tech tranny, Primo belt drive, Crane Hi-4 ignition, crane coils and GMA brakes. The exhaust system on the bike is all handmade and sounds GREAT!  Like I said all heavy duty stuff!
Ken's 75 shovel proves that some things get better with age. The bike has been rebuilt to make it better than when it left Milwaukee 35 years ago and that is a testament to it's owner's love for the old iron. It is good to see these bikes still prowling our roadways. This bike brought a lot of memories back for me from my younger days when Shovelheads ruled the highways.
It was my pleasure meeting Ken and discussing his bike. May him and his roam the roads for a long, long time!  APES FOREVER,  FOREVER APES!
Until next time, RIDE!




Quick little Links, Stats, 'n News to chew on....


November 1st bike trivia.....

On this day in 1956, Elvis bought a new 1957 H-D FLH. He spent the day riding around Memphis w/ actress Natalie Wood!


Where the Leaves are!

SC Fall Foliage Link ... see where the best colors are showing!



Want to take a new rider class? Here are some contacts....

Central Piedmont Community College

Rider's Edge, H-D of Charlotte

Rider's Edge, Cox H-D

Keeping it Simple, Part 2

I get calls all the time from people who ask the simplest questions but they make the most sense. The only dumb questions are the ones never asked until it's too late. Sometimes common sense is not helpful. You need to know ... you have to ask!

Last month I talked about oil.... This month, THE BATTERY

  • As you've probably figured out, your battery takes a lot of abuse. A Harley battery usually does not last as long as your car battery does and most often we forget about the battery until it fails.

  • Older batteries are acid-filled and require distilled water when the levels get low. And while you're checking it, make sure the vent tube is not obstructed. Most newer batteries are AGM (absorption glass mat.) These are sealed and require little or no maintenance.

  • If you don't own a battery tender, go to your local bike shop and pick one up. I keep them in stock and they run about $40 and are well worth the investment. The battery tender is different from a trickle charger because it will not overcharge the battery. The tender usually comes with a pigtail to hook up your battery so all you have to do is plug her up and she will be charged when you are ready to go.

When you tighten up the connections on your battery, use blue loctite on the hardware and that'll keep the connections from loosening up. If you have electrical problems, hard starting, cutting out, etc, - check the battery connections first. If that does not fix it, bring it in to our shop and we'll fix it!

Remember, always take care of your battery!

See ya on the road,


Got a burning question up your pipes? Fire it off to hollywood@thecarolinarider.com


Tuesday is Voting Day

 Tomorrow (or today depending on when you read this) is the day we tell our elected officials how we feel. You see if we don't tell them what WE want they will do what they want.
It seems that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has decided that the best way to prevent motorcycle crashes is to have motorcycle ONLY check points. It seems they believe that if they have a motorcycle only check point that- in and of itself - will help prevent crashes. Several members of Congress sent them a letter, strongly asking them to reconsider their decision and to instead put the money into programs that help reduce crashes. You can read the letter to Secretary LaHood here.
So if you think motorcycle ONLY traffic check points are the best way to help prevent motorcycle crashes then by all means stay at home and don't vote but if you think like I do that there is a better way to spend that money and a better way to help the motorcycle community then do a little research and go vote, let them know how you feel.



Until next week keep the shiny side up!!

Jon "Footloose" Pendleton
Publisher, www.TheCarolinaRider.com




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